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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 103

Episode 103

Death Test

‘Okay, first, let’s go and renew the ancient guardians’ blessings…’

Let’s ask Changgeomseong about the problem of frontier swordsmanship.

The ‘patron saint of spears and swords’ surely knows something.

I planned it that way.

In order to proceed with this quest ‘Dimensional Protection’, there was one thing to know first.

This was the location of the ‘offerings’ to be made to the five guardian saints.

That damn offering was an item that was quite difficult to obtain.

< Mysterious Star Fragment >

[Special Item] This is a special piece that preserves the mystery of a planet that disappeared a long time ago. Since it is flying at a fairly high altitude, very accurate shooting skills are required to obtain it.

In other words, it was a material item, but it was an item that floated high in the sky.

‘It’s not some kind of migratory bird.’

So even I couldn’t know the exact location.

In order to find it quickly, help from NPCs was definitely needed.

Fortunately, I happened to know of a very reliable information network.

‘Red Eye.’

It was an intelligence unit of the main revolutionary army.

I was planning to ask Vice President Kaid to let me use that information network.

‘I’ll also check on Eve and the Duchy of Wyler.’

For that reason, I was on my way to the headquarters of the revolutionary army, accompanied by Hael.

…Ah Kals and Tirvaen?

The two had gone to the back alleys of Aurax to perform another mission.

I asked the two people to find the ‘hyupsadan’, a group of shamans in the back alleys, and conduct an investigation.

The idea was to find out about that suspicious special agent.

‘…left-handed Jackson.’

There was definitely something strange about him.

Thanks to this, Carls was a little excited.

I wasn’t excited about the opportunity to flirt with Tyrvaen.

“How is he doing?”

“well. “If only I had improved my hand habits, I think I would have adapted well to the city guard service, right?”

‘Thompson Delvaux’, a novice conman I used to go with.

I instructed Carls to meet Thompson first.

There was a high chance that this matter would be easily solved if we found that guy and got help.

‘Although the Hyeopsadan is a back alley group, it is at odds with the black society and has a friendly relationship with the city guard.’

Therefore, Thompson, who escaped from the Black Society and joined the city guard, could have been given considerable preferential treatment by the cooperative and given work.

Then, it didn’t seem that difficult to do background research and find out information about that guy named Jackson.

Actually, the problem was on my side.

In this situation, a dangerous assumption naturally arose.

‘What if other than Jackson, there are other guys in the Titan Special Lease Team with different intentions…?’

In that case, my heading to the headquarters now could itself have been dangerous.

So at first, I thought I should hide Hael and go alone.

“That Gilroshan? “Is that a young black dragon that you are carrying under your coat?”


You see this?


Piyong seemed to be happy when Hael noticed his presence and jumped out of his pocket.

“Hey, come in! “Dangerously!”

“Ahh! So cute! “It’s hard on my heart…!”

I just couldn’t confirm it because Hael hasn’t been included in the clan yet.

The Demon Eye she has now is greater than I expected.

I checked it and changed my mind.

‘Okay, I’ll have to take him with me.’

With this level of detection power, it was equivalent to the ‘True Demon Eye’, the highest level among demon eyes.

And the True Demon’s Eye was working in conjunction with extra-sense, one of the White Fairy’s characteristics.


You will be able to clearly detect an assassin approaching with a weapon hidden in his chest.

Thanks to this, I couldn’t help but feel happy.

‘As expected, taking on Hael was a good choice.’

The only problem is that I hate wearing clothes.

So all I could do was keep fussing and saying I wanted to take my clothes off…

“Hael, come here for a moment.”

Just before leaving for the back alley, I had a small talk with Tyrvaen, and then I went in.

“Am I serious? “Would something so scary happen if I didn’t have these clothes?”

“Yes, that’s right?”

“all right! Then I will never take it off! “No matter what!”

I couldn’t help but be puzzled by this sudden change in reaction.

“…Master, what on earth did you say to the child? “You didn’t say anything bad, right?”

Then the little witch grinned.

“what! “They say that if you expose your bare skin to sunlight for a long time, you can become a black elf.”

“…yes? Black elf?”

How can a person change so drastically with just a lie like that?

However, the effect that Tyrvaen was aiming for was more significant than I thought.

“If you become a black elf like that, doesn’t that mean you might lose your current name? ‘Hael’ is literally a ‘white’ elf.”

“You just need to change your name, right?”

“You dull b*stard! The name you gave that child has become more precious than I thought. In other words, it has become something that cannot be changed or taken away.”


So, Hael just didn’t want to lose the name I gave her, so she declared that she would never take off those uncomfortable clothes.

“Ha, that’s…”

Tyrvaen chuckled as he looked at my embarrassed expression.

“You must be regretting that if I had known this damn thing would be like this, I would have been a little more sincere. But it’s too late. “The carriage has left.”

“…It’s nothing like that. Hey Carls! “Take Master and go quickly.”

It was just heartbreaking because I felt like I was in that situation again.

‘I don’t have anything precious, so all I have is a name that I roughly gave myself.’

I scratched my head as I walked through the city with Hael.

“…Is there anything you want?”


“Why are you doing that? Brooches, earrings… But don’t get me wrong. “I’m just saying it because I can see it.”

But even when I say this, it sounds a bit strange.

However, Hael’s reaction, which had only been two days since coming into the world, was even stranger.

“brooch? earring? what is that? Are you eating it?”

“No, I’m not eating it…”

“Ah, what those human women are wearing in their ears are earrings? “I think it’s some kind of shackle that goes through your earlobe.”

“uh? Those aren’t shackles…”

“Aha! So it looks like it’s a punishment? “What crime have all those people committed?”

…I said something for no reason.

Although Hael certainly had amazing sensing abilities and extraordinary reasoning skills, they had not yet reached the realm of common sense.

I walked slowly and smiled.

‘Okay, from now on, just walk around with me and let me know slowly.’

If you do it well, you will be fine.

It was around the time I was thinking that that we arrived at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army.

“Piyong, go inside for a moment.”

I hid the hatchling in my arms and gave Hael a quick glance.

The meaning was this.

‘Hael, if something strange happens, it will move right away. got it?’

I had no choice but to communicate with her through eyes like this, as she was not yet a member of my clan.

But Hael surprised me by nodding that he understood.

-I’ll tell you right away, Gilroshan.

…You know how to use communication magic.

‘Tch, your magic is better than mine.’

As I reached the main gate of the main altar, there were people blocking me.

The two Titan special agents blocked the entrance.

“Shan Aledro.”

“I’d like to talk to you about what happened yesterday.”

They were glaring at me with such heavy gaze.

“Yes, hello everyone? Did you have any good dreams last night? “What a wonderful morning!”

First of all, since Jackson wasn’t around, I tried to get past them smoothly by casting bullshit.

However, the special forces members put on their thick shoulders, blocked the road, and flashed harsh eyes.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not morning right now.”

“Aha, it was lunch time? “Did you taste it?”

“And we didn’t have such good dreams because of someone.”

“…Hmm, maybe the bed was a little cold?”

“Our captain would like to hear more details about what happened yesterday. So, please accompany me.”

It was not a request, but a unilateral notification.

In other words, shut up and follow.

But at that time, I was briefly looking back at Hael.


I was checking to see if any of those who stopped me had sinister intentions.

But fortunately, Hael shook his head slightly.

-I don’t think there’s anything special, Gilroshan.

This means that although they are a bit pushy, they have no malicious intent.

I also felt the same way.

‘The Magic Judge’s trait of detecting hostility does not work at all.’

Okay then.

“…If you are really curious, please tell the special commander to come directly. Doesn’t he also have two legs from the waist down?”

This means that you can go a little harder.

“What what?”

I grinned at the frowning special agents.

“Tell Captain Gilad Gordin to come to the Deputy Commander’s office. “Can you speak in ancient language?”


There was no need to fight them, but there was no need to back down either.

If it were me in the past, I would have tried to smooth things over by shaking my head, but not anymore.

“Okay then, I’m busy so I’ll stop.”


I moved forward, gently pushing away the two people blocking my path.

The special forces members who were caught off guard and pushed by me all widened their eyes.

“What the hell!”

“Why are you getting out of the way! “We have to stop it!”

“no! That’s not it…!”

They probably remember crushing me when I had just arrived at Auracus.

At that time, it was the Titan Special Forces who tied up me and Karls Tyrvaen and dragged us away.

‘So he must have thought that he could be subdued by force.’

But the person I was then and the person I am now were completely different people.

At that time, he was only a newbie-level player equipped with an F-class slave gladiator…

‘Now, he is a rookie-level player equipped with an S-class high-ranking magic judge.’

At the same time, he was also a swordsman who had acquired quite useful skills.

Thanks to this, I was able to push them away without much difficulty.

‘It’s not a bunch like yesterday, it’s about two people.’

[Blessing Magic: Land of Judgment]

[Supporting Skill: Frontier Armoring]

I created an area dominated by my magical power and used the body strengthening technique included in the Frontier Swordsmanship to push them away.

“Uh huh, maybe you should do more exercises? How much is 3 hits for two people?”



Same as yesterday and today.

I didn’t use a single offensive technique, so no one got hurt.

Obviously, if either party had pulled out a sword, a fight would have broken out immediately.

‘…The one who starts a fight first always loses, so that didn’t happen.’

It’s still the same now.

The Titan special forces couldn’t arrest me or beat me.

So I smiled brightly.

“Ah, because you spoke so harshly about that fantasy magic yesterday! “I was just playing around.”


“What did I want to burn? Who did you want to roast? “Isn’t that right?”


He smiled brightly at the members of the special team who were shaking and convulsing.

They looked suspiciously at Hael, who was following me with his hood down.

‘…That doesn’t mean there’s any way.’

In the first place, they didn’t even know what I had brought out.

So even if I had to lift the hood and check for Hael, it was inevitable.

“…Our captain will be looking for Aledro.”

“Keep in mind that he is not a very soft person!”

The two members threaten me as I move away from the headquarters.

But I laughed inside.

Titan Special Captain?

‘I want to meet that guy quickly.’

< Gilad Gordin >

[Character] Commander-in-chief of the ‘Titan Special Lease’, a unit directly under the leadership of the revolutionary forces. As a nine-star gladiator, he is a hero with a bold personality who often offers to be his sworn brother to anyone he likes.

Captain Gordin is a very easy-to-handle type of man.

Moreover, he was an NPC of the same gladiator type as me, so if I wanted help, I would have received it, and it would not have been any harm.

‘The only flaw is that they are so incompetent at managing the organization that they let a guy like Jackson run around.’

With that in mind, I entered deeper into the main complex.

And the moment I entered the separate room managed by the Vice President.

“Ah Gilroshan!”

“Oh, you opened your face a little?”

I ran into that guy.

Eve Wyler was talking about something with Kaid’s deputy leader, Deacon Lafer.

She was smiling at me.

But the moment I saw Hael with his hood slightly lowered.


Her expression began to turn confused.

“What is it? Who was it?”

To my dismay, Eve was scratching her cheek while looking at Hael.

“Where have I seen this face before?”

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