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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 105

Episode 105

: Trial of Death

As I left Eve’s room, I had to look back several times.

“Guilloshan? Are you okay?”

“…yes I’m fine.”

But my expression probably wasn’t that good.

“Goodbye Gilroshan.”

As Hael and I looked on, the guy was waving his hand with a calm expression.

“Thank you.”

Eve Yrgal Avelyn…

Damn it. Now I don’t even know what to call him.

Anyway, this book called ‘Destiny Codex’ that guy gave me.

This was an item that was difficult to understand no matter how much I looked at it.

The Destiny Codex was not a magic book that taught skills, nor was it a miscellaneous item that recorded the game’s story.

‘It’s an item you’ve never heard of in the original game.’

So, the explanation was also unfamiliar and perplexing, something I had never seen before.

< Destiny Codex >

[Unidentified Item] Also known as ‘Book of Destiny’. It contains the history and future of the power that brought ‘you’ here using a tangled dimensional rift.

You can check new content by consuming fate cards.

The information you can check now is as follows.

[The maximum number of players who can enter this world is ‘5’.]

[The total number of players who have entered so far is ‘5’.]

[There are ‘3 players who have died’ and ‘2 players have survived. ‘.]

[The list of survivors is ‘Eve Rottweiler’ and ‘Gilroshan Elo de Balt’.] [The

common target of players who arrived in this world is ‘■■■■’.]

[This is information that has not been made public yet. ]

[This is information that has not yet been made public.]


‘Some things are partially hidden and some are completely undisclosed.’

But this list of information itself proved a tremendous fact.

…the presence of players.

It was a fact that could no longer be doubted or denied.

I looked through it and fell into deep thought.

‘These are all facts that the players in front of me learned the hard way, one by one, as they consumed fate cards.’

This ‘Destiny Codex’ was something like a legacy for players.

It was also a trace of those who explored this world before I came.


I was the last player among them.

The number of people allowed to enter is 5, but all 5 have already entered…

‘Because 3 of them have already died.’

It was a simple calculation that Eve and I were the only ones left.

Here, a question naturally arose.

‘Who were the previous players?’

I think you can check this in the codex?

The information I wanted was in the recorded information.

As I scanned the list, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

“…’Gérard’ and ‘Tae Geon-chang’?”

[The list of deaths is ‘Sarkas,’ ‘Gerard Gunther,’ and ‘Tae Geon-chang.’]

As Eve said earlier, the player named ‘Sarkas’ was a character I did not know at all.

It was an NPC with no presence to the point where it could be called a novice in vulgar language.

But that wasn’t the case at all with the other two people.

These were names that a player who played this game properly would never know.

< Gérard Gunther >

[Character] Also known as ‘Revolutionary Sword’. He was the founder and first leader of the revolutionary army. He is a swordsman who used only one sword throughout his life, and he is also an eternal fighter who constantly fought for the freedom of the people of the continent.

‘Gérard Gunther’ was known as the greatest sword master.

Considering that the current leader ‘Jerez Magria’ is the third and there were vacancies in between.

‘…He died about 50 years ago.’

In other words, this meant that he was a character who did not appear in this game and only existed in the setting.

However, Gerard was the greatest swordmaster in history and a great man who pioneered the western part of the continent and separated the revolutionary forces from the empire to achieve independence.

‘Yes, there was even a side quest to research that achievement.’

So, although Gerard does not appear in the game directly, I clearly remembered his existence and the huge footprint he left behind.


‘Taegeonchang comes out of here?’

Isn’t this supposed to be like this?

< Taegeonchang (太健彰) >

[Character] Also known as ‘Musin’. As an immigrant from the Eastern Continent, he was also the leader of the ‘Black Wave’, the largest mercenary group on the continent. He disappeared after losing the third war against the Empire.

Tae Geon-chang was a survivor of the Baeksun clan and also a user of the manatee sword technique that I use now.

He was a man who was called a ‘God of War’, a great man who achieved formidable achievements comparable to Gerard and disappeared into the back alley of history.

The problem here was the relationship between those two people.

Knowing that, I couldn’t help but feel truly distant.

‘Those two were players?’

I couldn’t believe it at all.

I checked several times to see if I was remembering incorrectly.

‘No, I’m sure.’

The more I did, the more confident I became.

Gerard Gunter and Tae Geon-chang.

The two were contemporaries.

‘…and it was Marshal Cheolcheon.’

The two men who met on the battlefield recognized each other as strong rivals and were known to have fought tirelessly.


‘Gerard Gunther is known to have died after a confrontation with Tae Geon-chang.’

If so, it means that the player killed the player.

Continental history books described the confrontation as merely an accidental incident, but Gerard eventually died.

That fact doesn’t change.

‘There’s no way the two of them didn’t know they were players.’

Just like Eve and I recognized each other.

Gerard and Tae Geon-chang must have clearly known that the opponent was a player.

‘And yet, they fought to the death and one person even died?’

I couldn’t understand it.

Even if we cooperate as much as possible in this tough world, it won’t be enough!

‘Are you needlessly scooping cassock bread?’

And among the men who have each reached the top positions?

…There is something.

There must be a secret I can’t guess.

‘Is this information not in the codex?’

I searched the codex to see if there was any information related to that final confrontation, but…

[This information has not yet been made public.]

It seemed like there wasn’t any at the moment.

Of course, Gerard and Tae Geon-chang, who were parties to the incident, were not involved.

This meant that neither Sarkas nor Eve had ever viewed this information.

‘Then what do I need to do to view it?’

I put my search terms into the Destiny Codex as if I were dealing with the system.

Then the codex spit out a new message.

[Information on player ‘Gerard Gunther’ and player ‘Taegunchang’ has been collected.]

[3 EX-level fate cards are required to view.]

…Huh? How many pieces?

“For some reason, I suddenly miss our Changryeol hyung?”

An older brother named Oh Chang-ryeol lived in the room next to our goshiwon, and I felt like his face just came to mind.

I sighed.

‘It won’t be easy to access the information you want.’

Now I was desperate to get the fate card, but it was still difficult to get the card, so I felt a little lost.

But it wasn’t that there was no way.

Rather, it was a situation where both the problem and the solution were given.

This information is already recorded in the codex.

‘…There are so many.’

The content that the players in front of me had viewed had already accumulated to a large level.

Of course, most of them were old records related to events in the distant past, so there was a lot of content I already knew or was of no use to me.


I was able to find some interesting information among them.

‘There are hidden pieces that were only mentioned in the original work but were not actually implemented in the game.’

It was these things.

[‘Frozen Death Knights’ exist in the perennial iceberg at the northernmost tip of the Central Continent. Compete with him….]

[The ‘poisonous dragon’s trench’ exists on the cliff terrain of the western coast. A poisonous dragon that threatens the safety of the continent….]

[Deep underground in the Central Red Mountains, there exists a ‘Primal Dwarf Palace’….] [


Secrets hidden throughout the continent can be found in the Destiny Codex. It was completely recorded.

This information was recorded by other players but not used properly.

If I had conquered it, I would have definitely been able to get a lot of fate cards.

‘Why did they leave it alone? ‘Because it’s difficult to attack?’

If not…

‘Could it have been left for me?’

Just as I did not know about the end of Gerard Gunther and Tae Geon-chang, this was also something I had no way of knowing.

After revising some of my future plans, I was lost in thought for a moment.

The last conversation I had with Eve.

This was the question I asked her.

-Hey, why are you giving this to me?

As always, he was suspicious of her intentions.

I had to know why this Destiny Codex, which was like an extract of a hidden piece, was being handed over.

But the answer that came back was depressingly simple.

-Because I trust you now.

…You trust me?

-Of course I knew you were a better player than me, but until the end, I wasn’t sure if you were someone I could trust.

Eve said that with a calm smile.

-But now I can trust it. Just as Sarkas handed this over to me before embarking on a dangerous quest, I will trust you and hand it over to you before returning to the Wyler Principality.

‘You can trust me…’

It was probably because of the way I showed myself in the ruined city of Foravert.

That’s why I received the codex but was still confused.

What does this guy think I’m going to do with this?

What do you expect me to do with that faith on my shoulders?

Eve spoke simply and clearly to me who frowned.

-Unravel the secret. This strange book and the world where God left.


-And secrets about us.

‘Secrets about the god-forsaken world and the players.’

As the last player, I had an obligation to reveal why we had ended up in this world.

* * *

The result of using the A-level guaranteed draw ticket given by Eve was ‘Advanced Elementalist’.

I kept the card in my inventory for now.

‘Now that there are more things to use up the card, the calculations have to be more rigorous.’

Well, anyway, it felt quite good to have an A-class card.

And another achievement that is not an achievement.

‘Eve didn’t seem to know anything about the corps commander’s slave camp.’

So, that guy didn’t know anything about the situation of Hael, who was created as a homunculus.

So, where do you think you saw Hael’s face?

Is there an elf resembling Hael wandering around the Principality of Wyler?

‘…I feel uncomfortable for no reason.’

As a test, I thought about putting the A-class card from earlier in the codex and receiving related information.

‘No, you can ask Harmun at the Demon Temple anyway.’

So, I decided to leave it as a question for now.

There’s enough information to find out from the Demon God, but there’s no need to spend the card, right?

There was now only one business left for the revolutionary army headquarters.

‘Let’s meet Deputy Commander Kaid and ask him to use Red Eye.’

I used that information network to find out where the ‘mysterious star fragment’ was.

I had to take that item and give it to the five guardian stars.

But I couldn’t use Red Eye.

“It’s impossible. Right now, all the capabilities of our intelligence network are focused on the front lines.”

‘Red Eye is concentrating on the front line?’

That meant watching over the empire.



Erek Kaid’s eyes, looking at me quietly, were somehow cold.

And then an embarrassing story began.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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