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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 106

Episode 106:

Trial of Death

The story of Vice Commander Kaid began with a story about the treatment of Corps Commander Palamir.

The man, who is currently imprisoned in the headquarters prison, has been referred to a military court on charges of violating military law and abusing his authority, and is said to be executed soon.

But there was a twist.

“On the surface, it is.”

…On the surface, yes?

“Vice President, what exactly are you saying?”

“Yes, actually, we will not execute him but deport him to another country. “I think I will probably go to the castle of Alakia in the southeast.”

…Wow, this is ridiculous.

The Holy Kingdom of Alakia mentioned was an area under the direct jurisdiction of Alakia, the goddess of mercy.

As it was an area ruled by the Goddess of Mercy, it was also a peaceful zone, far from fighting or punishment.

So in conclusion, the story was that Palamir would only lose his position as corps commander, but would survive safely.


As the person who caught him, I couldn’t help but furrow my brows.

‘what? ‘I just caught it and it started acting strangely, right?’

This was a completely different development from the original game.

If the original scenario had unfolded, Palamir would have been executed immediately.

Surprisingly, God Soft was a production company that did not develop sweet potatoes in this area.

I don’t know what happened.

‘…I’ll have to check.’

Deciding to figure out the situation, I asked the vice president a question while pretending to be serious.

“I don’t understand. Why do you do it that way? If you execute, you do it. If you don’t execute, you don’t do it. “What do you gain by doing that?”

Then Erek Kaid looked at me quietly for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“In peacetime, that would certainly have been the case, but now things have gone awry. The situation has become one where the role of a corps commander is necessary, but there is no way to just execute him in a situation where there is no successor. Even if they are criminals.”

What does this mean again?

‘The role of the corps commander is necessary?’

That was a story about having to move that corps.

‘But the 1st Corps, which is a reserve force, is mobilized only when an all-out war breaks out, right?’

Unless there is a direct confrontation with the Empire, the 1st Corps will not be mobilized.

…Oh really?

That moment when I stopped breathing due to some unknown anxiety.

“The Baltic States are on the move.”

The old wizard’s heavy voice shocked my expectations.

The empire is now moving its military!

“Suddenly, what…”

I was caught in confusion.

I felt completely caught off guard.

Meanwhile, Erek Kaid was explaining the situation in a bitter voice.

“Now, the prince’s brothers, ‘2nd Prince Lapishan’ and the Five-Colored Spire Lord ‘Roxanne Sciorra’ are moving to the border area, conscripting nearby knights and soldiers and uniting them as one.”


“As far as we know, 3 knight corps and 5 soldier corps have been merged to form a large corps. This is the largest Imperial army assembled in the last five years. Normally, for a corps of this level….”

“…a ‘Soma Tower’ consisting of at least 5 8-star wizards and 30 7-star wizards is formed to follow behind the corps. shit.”

“As expected, you know.”

“Yes, even if you look like this, you are still a prince.”

I sighed as I touched my forehead, and Vice President Kaid smiled bitterly.

“To be honest, I was a little suspicious of the prince.”


“I think the prince is using his special agent qualifications to catch Legion Commander Palamir’s tail and create a gap in which our Legion’s command system is neutralized to aid the invasion of the Empire.”

It was a plausible story.

In fact, there was a scenario in the imperial camp where a force infiltrated the border guards of the revolutionary army, brought down the leader through political maneuvering, and launched attacks at the right time.

‘Should I say this is what held me back? Or should I just assume it wasn’t my luck?’

In fact, this was a gaze that I had no choice but to endure because I was fundamentally the prince of the empire.

So, even if you are a special agent and are solving cases of the revolutionary army, you are bound to be under suspicion in critical situations.

‘But why is Bareshan suddenly making such a sudden move?’

Originally, the movement of Lapishan and Roxanne’s armies occurred after a rift in the imperial alliance occurred.

But the event was still only just beginning.

‘It’s ominous.’

Could it be that that sudden rush has something to do with me?


I kept my mouth shut and looked at the vice president.

I felt like I was sitting on a cushion because I thought that Erek Kaid might still be suspicious of me.

But fortunately, the old wizard smiled quietly.

“I guess that wasn’t the case. Rather, it seemed like the corps commander was only interested in things he had secretly accumulated.”

At the same time, the deputy commander’s gaze rested on the Heviod I was wearing for a moment.


I couldn’t help but flinch.

‘what? ‘Did you really know about the existence of the secret warehouse?’

On the contrary, it seemed like the old wizard was using that to test me.

If I had tampered with the corps’ facilities or command authority, they would have immediately executed me.

But I wasn’t interested in that in the first place, I just needed a way to arm my clan.

Thanks to that, I was safe, but…

‘Wow, it gives me goosebumps.’

This situation also does not appear at all in the original work.

This also happened because I was the ‘3rd prince of the empire.’

‘Still, I don’t think I have a complete understanding of Palamir’s slave camp.’

Of course, I had no intention of giving her away just because Hael’s existence was discovered.

There was no intention of exposing her to the forefront as she was not yet ready to face the world.

Now let’s think again.

‘Rapishan is leading an army, and the revolutionary army must gather an army to fight against it…’

So the army commander, Palamir, was also in a situation where his life was preserved.

To put it simply, it was a very twisted situation.

Vice President Kaid explained while smoothing out his forehead, which had increased wrinkles.

“Instead of avoiding execution, Palamir decided to carry out the work of convening the legion behind the scenes until just before exile.”

“So there’s a deal.”

“Yes, from his perspective, it was a stroke of luck.”

And on my part, it was bad luck.

…’War Search Party’, one of the two faction scenarios I activated.

This scenario was a story line about preventing war on the continent, receiving rewards from the five guardian stars, and gradually increasing my power.

‘But if a war with the empire breaks out this quickly…’

Suppressing the war itself was bound to become difficult.

That wasn’t right.

‘I haven’t even taken out the linked quests properly yet, but this is happening?’

If I did that, I felt like the guardians of Everlast wouldn’t leave me alone.

Above all, my position, caught between the empire and the revolutionary army, has become difficult and very dangerous.

Then there was only one conclusion.

‘…Of course, we must move first to prevent the situation.’

Also taking what I need to take along the way.

‘Palamir, who had lived a life of survival, is also put on the express train to the underworld again…’

This was roughly the extent of it.

But this time, there was no way to think of it.

No matter how well I know about this world, the current situation is an unexpected situation that did not appear in the original work.

So it felt like it was absolutely impossible to deal with everything neatly.

‘Do I have no choice but to give up something?’

The moment I was thinking about that.


One exquisite method came to mind.

It was an idea that originated from the persistent courtship of the goddess that he experienced at the Church of Kisiris a while back.

‘Goddess Kissiris found me very interesting.’


‘…I might try using the power of another god this time.’

After thinking about it, I opened my mouth to Erek Kaid.

“Vice President, please quickly obtain the ‘Mysterious Star Fragment’. “No matter what it takes.”

“…a piece of a mysterious star? Well, I did get some for my research purposes.”

“Then please give it to me. “I will use it wherever it is good.”

“Huh, what are you saying all of a sudden, prince?”

“I will tell you how to prevent an all-out war with the Empire. “Then it’s worth a lot, right?”


I began explaining my plan to Erek Kaid, who looked like he couldn’t believe it.

Of course, the content about Everlast’s ancient guardians and their protection had to be interpreted with appropriate variation.

When my story ended, Erec was nodding his head with an expression of admiration.

“Hehe, the Third Prince was a more fearsome person than I thought. “I never thought such a merciless heart would come out….”

“Yes, I’m usually a bit merciless, but I don’t know why I’m doing this here by dabbling in gacha.”


“…No, it was just nonsense. Anyway, let’s try this.”

“great. Then, we will discuss with the leadership and prepare. “I was also worried about letting go of the corps commander, but it’s a good thing.”

The moment when a plot that did not exist in the scenario was hatched.

An unexpected message appeared before my eyes.

[The fate quest ‘Everyone has a plausible plan’ is given!]


What is this? What quest?

My eyes widened at the title of the quest I had never seen before.

“hmm? “Why are you doing this?”

Vice President Kaid, who had no way of knowing the existence of the message I was seeing, looked puzzled.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Then, please prepare well.”

I quickly corrected my expression and left to check it out.

‘It’s a destiny quest? what’s this?’

< Everyone has a plausible plan >

[Destiny Quest] 2nd Prince Lapishan and Roxanne Sciorra are approaching with their legions to threaten the revolutionary army. Stop them and turn back the advance of the imperial army.

Goal: Stop the war and win the battle against 2nd Prince Lapishan.

Expected reward: 1 Grade B Destiny Card guaranteed draw ticket and Golden Maze Key.

…Destiny Quest?

This type of quest did not exist in < The God-Forsaken World >.

There were general quests, scenario quests, and chain quests.

So, a type of quest that I knew nothing about suddenly appeared.

But the reason was easy to guess.

‘Maybe it’s because of the Destiny Codex?’

When I received this book from Eve, something seemed to have changed in the system.

If you think about it carefully, it wasn’t something that was completely incomprehensible.

‘okay. As Eve said, this world is not completely the same as the game I played…’

Just as our games were subtly different, there was a possibility that other players enjoyed a different system than me.

In that case, it was not unreasonable for a new system to be applied to me, who inherited the codex they left behind.

Because, as Eve said, I was the ‘last player’.

‘Maybe it’s a combination of their system and mine.’

Anyway, a B-level confirmation ticket and a golden key appeared as quest rewards…

This was truly surprising.

‘Quests that give such generous rewards are really rare.’

Therefore, I was feeling both anticipation and fear at the same time regarding the fate quest element.

It was because a very obvious proposition occurred to me.

‘To get a big reward, you have to climb a big mountain.’

That proposition was the most basic rule of this “God-forsaken world.”

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