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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 112

Episode 112


After the mini game ended.

Myeongamseong and other guardian saints have given me new protection.

[The blessing ‘Blessing of the Ancient Guardians’ is renewed when the conditions are met.]

[Restriction has been modified to level 60.]


I felt a subtle warmth settle on my shoulders and a protective shield forming again. .

Now that I can handle magical power, I can clearly feel how strong a defense device this is.

‘Actually, it’s about level 10 for the player.’

By NPC standards, it was a powerful effect that surpassed one level of achievement.

To that extent, these guardian stars granted me great power.


When I raised my head, I saw the light and darkness smiling meaningfully at me.

“How is it? “Is everything going well with what we promised?”

“Oh, that’s…”

I couldn’t answer that question quickly.

To the five guardians, I promised to ‘rebuild Everlast.’

It was their destiny to protect the old kingdom, and they were trying to achieve that destiny by using me as their representative.

And I was not interested in the imperial throne and accepted it in order to survive with their help.

‘The ancient guardians and their representatives.’

That’s how our relationship was formed.

But I couldn’t help but question whether this was working well.

‘What did I do to prevent war and make Everlast’s name known?’

Sorry, but I haven’t done anything right yet.

As a clear example, the sealed effect of this protection had not yet been unlocked.

< Blessing of the Ancient Guardians >

– Additional effect: Currently sealed. If

I had performed my mission properly, the seal would have already been released and I would be enjoying the additional effects.

“That’s contrast. “I’m not trying to make excuses…”

So I scratched my head and tried to explain in my own way.

“No, there is no need to feel burdened. “We don’t want to interrogate you.”


Unexpectedly, the brightness was smiling at me.

“Uh… don’t feel pressured?”

“okay. “Do we look like debtors?”

At those words, I turned my eyes and looked at the other guardian stars.

After the Sword Saint returned to the form of a sword, the guardian saints became five again.

They were just smiling softly at me, and no one was urging me on.

Rather, their eyes were warm enough to be a bit embarrassing.

‘what? ‘What about those daddy smiles?’

At that time, Myeonghamseong opened his mouth again.

“It seems to us that you are slowly realizing your destiny. “In fact, much faster than I expected.”


This time, I understood clearly.

‘This has something to do with the Destiny Codex!’

So I also quietly nodded.

Anyway, the patron saints of Everlast won’t be able to tell me anything directly about the codex.

But this alone was enough.

‘That I am on the right path.’

Just confirming that was a huge achievement for me.

And if you think about it….

‘The destiny quests presented by the Destiny Codex.’

That could have been a signpost to the conclusion the Guardians hoped for.

Ultimately, what they want is to unite the continent in the name of Everlast through me.

As it happened, I was soon scheduled to have a showdown with 2nd Prince Lapishan.

Lapishan, Giloshan’s second older brother and the best swordsman among the three brothers, was leading his army and running toward the revolutionary army.

‘If this isn’t the beginning of war, what can it be?’

Therefore, I had to successfully block Second Prince Lapishan.

< Everyone has a plausible plan >

[Destiny Quest] 2nd Prince Lapishan and Roxanne Sciorra are approaching with their legions to threaten the revolutionary army. Stop them and turn back the advance of the imperial army.

Goal: Stop the war and win the battle against 2nd Prince Lapishan.

Expected reward: 1 Grade B Destiny Card guaranteed draw ticket and Golden Maze Key.

After this quest is properly completed, I will definitely find a new direction.

‘Not the Empire’s b*stard 3rd prince, Gilroshan…’

Player Kim Gyeong-sam’s path.

I had a feeling that now was the time to get it back.

“Vicar, if you have any questions, please come visit this sacred place at any time.”

“Because we can communicate directly with you here.”

I slightly bowed my head and expressed my gratitude to the guardians for their kindness, then turned away from them.

Now it was time to head west, where Lapishan was approaching.

* * *

“Guilloshan, your dragon scales are coming off!”

It was while Piyong was in Hael’s arms that he began to shed his skin.

Even on the way back to Auracus, I would ask him to hunt down small monsters.

‘…You reached all levels 6 by catching that red slime?’

So now, Piyong’s entire body was turning white and skin was forming.

This was the first escape.

[Your dragon ‘Piyong’ is about to undergo a big change.]

[The process of shedding begins! It can be dangerous!]

The system message was not empty talk.

Shedding can be a truly dangerous process for a young dragon.

When a hatchling sheds its skin, it is like creating a completely new body internally and then discarding the old one by pushing it outward.

However, if you are a young hatchling experiencing this for the first time…


It was difficult to properly control one’s situation, and if one were to consume too much stamina, one might not be able to get out of one’s skin.

That’s why they said it could be dangerous.

‘…But that’s just normal hatchlings.’

In preparation for this situation, I had already fed Piyong plenty of pyrostone.

Pyrostone enhances the hatchling’s physical resilience.

Therefore, this prey not only ensured safety during the molting process, but was also able to influence the dragon’s physique later on.

For that reason, I have been taking care of Piyong by feeding him Pyrostone for the past few days, and I am confident that there will be no major problems.


Finally, it was time to bear some small results.

Originally, a hatchling that shed its first skin would be about 1 meter in size.

‘And you can call me an Elder Hatchling.’

However, since Piyong was a black dragon species with a jagged size, it was not possible to make any hasty predictions.

That’s why I was very careful in finding food for him.

How big can this Elder Hatchling be?


Now Piyong was twisting the small dragon body around in my palm and pushing out the skin.

“I am shaking, Lord Sillion.”

“Pi Yong is a well-mannered hatchling, so he will do well.”

“It looks very difficult.”

Each of my companions said something, but I was feeling an indescribable feeling.

So I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut and watch.


To be honest, the process of Piyong shedding his skin wasn’t much different from what we saw in the game.

But this was really an escape from the one I raised by feeding him with my own hands.

As I watched the process in person, I felt a surge of pride in my heart.

After this process is completed, it will become a full-fledged child dragon.


‘Why does it seem to be taking so much longer than what I saw in the game?’

Sure enough, a system message suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

[Moulting is being delayed for unknown reasons.]

The reason for the delay is unknown?

‘no. The reason is obvious.’

There were two reasons why the hatchling was delayed in shedding its first skin.

Firstly, because the condition is so bad that it is difficult to remove the skin.

And the second is….

‘On the other hand, because it was so rich in nutrients, the size it needed to escape from the skin became too large.’

So which one is Piyong?

The answer was so obvious.


The moment when the baby dragon’s skin was completely torn away.

[Your dragon ‘Piyong’ has completely shed its skin!]



Piyong, who revealed his new appearance, spread his wings wide and cried loudly.

I couldn’t help but cheer at that unbelievable appearance.

“Hey! Piyong! Are you really? Is this a black dragon? Oh my baby! Great! “It’s a problem!”

The same thing happened to my companions with their mouths wide open.

“Hey you! Is this physically possible? “It seems like it’s suddenly tripled?”

“Dragons are truly amazing creatures… I can’t believe they can grow so big in an instant…”

Kals and Hael were muttering absentmindedly.

Since the two people didn’t know much about young hatchlings, they were just surprised that Piyong had grown so suddenly.

“…Oh my god, this is a black dragon species that has completed its first molt?”

Tyrvaen, who had knowledge of magical animals, was in a state of shock on a completely different level.

“Give it to me!”

She picked up Piyong as if she was taking it from me, sat her on her lap, and started looking around.

We measured the length of the head and tail, and spread the wings from side to side to measure the width.

And the more it happened, the more new surprises were added to the little witch’s expression.

‘It’s worth it.’

Now, Piyong’s body was almost 1.5 meters long, and its wings spread out were 2 meters wide.

Considering that a semi-adult dragon that has completed its second molt is about 2 meters in size, Piyong was an unusually large hatchling.

…even if it’s a black dragon.

“Nonsense. “This is much bigger than most reds, isn’t it?”

Eventually, Tyrvaen began to deny reality.

“Disciple! Is Piyong really black? “Could it be that it was just a red dragon species that was a little on the black side?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at those words.

“Master, even if I wash my eyes and look for them, I don’t think there is any red.”

“Well, it might be different when you see it in the sunlight.”

“And the Red Dragon species has golden claws, right? But Piyong is white. “Very bright white.”


“Stop your nonsense.”

“No, otherwise how could it be this big! “Black dragon!”

The little witch’s voice was a mixture of joy and wonder.

That’s how proud I was of Piyong’s growth.

It was the same for everyone.

Not only Carls, but even Hael, who had only just met him, was smiling like a gourd.

The young dragon’s growth brought wonder and joy to everyone.

“What are you talking about? Of course Piyong is this big…”

I grinned as I picked Piyong up from Tirvaen again.

“I raised him well. Right, Piyong?”


Piyong has grown so much that it is no longer easy to hold him in his arms, and has become an Elder Hatchling in name and reality.

‘I’ll be able to take care of quite a few minor mobs from now on.’

And his true growth as a dragon has only just begun.

Soon, when he reaches level 11, he will be able to remove the hatchling label and use ‘Dragon Riding’ as a full-fledged Quasi-Holy Dragon.

From then on….

‘You will be able to hatch new dragon eggs.’

The two dragon orchids we still have will also see the light of day.

A dragon rider with a total of three dragons…

It was truly a thrilling scene to even imagine.

“let’s go!”

* * *

…and three days later.

I was facing him.

‘Rapishan Elo di Balt.’

The Empire’s second prince and Gilroshan’s second older brother was casting a heavy gaze towards me.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you suggested. Draw your sword, Gilroshan.”


“As a subject and prince of the Empire, I, Lapishan, challenge the vanguard of the seditious rebel forces to a duel.”

That’s how our fight began.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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