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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 12

Episode 12:

The Knight Commander’s Sword



It was so difficult that a silence that felt like a thousand years was hovering over us.

‘Do you want me to introduce myself?’

It was a strange request.

If you are the Marquis of Royt, who already has continental fame as a sword master, you will have no problem introducing him to anyone.

But the case of these priests was different.

Revolutionary troops are basically wanted men of the empire.

As they are all treated as criminals, it would be a bit difficult to introduce them by giving and receiving in a friendly manner… ‘

No, let’s just put it all aside and say that they are assassins!’

Would you please introduce such people calmly?

This was really funny.

However, the Marquis of Reut was staring at Varmilo with shameless eyes.

“…Excuse me. “This wasn’t a place for us to be in.”

“Hmm, I guess I should go check out the teleportation magic. ha ha ha.”

Both Barmilo and Irgal mumbled awkwardly and tried to leave.

Then the Marquis narrowed his eyes.


In most cases, the revolutionary army never loses its tail against the imperial army.

This was because, for troops of the same level, the elite revolutionary army was usually slightly stronger than the standardized imperial army.

But now, it was a situation where battle could not be assumed at all due to military strength.

This was because the opponent in front of him was the opponent.

‘Even though he was absurdly robbed by me, a sword master is a sword master.’

So, Varmilo Dimarck tried to save himself even if his pride was somewhat hurt.

In this situation, where it was impossible to simply announce the official rank or cause a dispute, the best solution was, of course, to follow the 36th precept.

But the Marquis of Reuth did not just sit there and watch.

“Okay, if you don’t want to be clear with me, I can’t help it. “Let’s ask for something like this instead.”


“Could you convey my greetings to Archbishop Handel at the church over there?”


“Please tell me that I will soon go and collect the right arm that I left behind. Are you able to organize this? “Just to say hello.”


As Barmilo tried to turn around, his back froze and I almost covered my mouth.

‘Hey, this Kalttorai old man!’

You promised to guarantee my safety if I won, but then you cruelly attacked me with your snout?

The person named ‘Archbishop Handel’, whom Elon Reut just mentioned, is the highest priest of the Church of Aeolem, who commands the plural priesthood.

In other words, he is a direct superior to Varmilo DeMarque.

But he was a person with a pretty painful story.

‘In the past, he was very close to the 9-star level, but he lost an arm during a battle with imperial knights and retired from the front lines.’

It was a very unfortunate loss for the revolutionary army.

It was one of the majors listed by the young Marquis.

In other words, Elon Reut pulled out one of his old memories like a dagger and thrust it into Varmilo Demarque.

“Oh, don’t misunderstand. Anyway, just to say hello. “There is no other meaning.”

Where in the world can you say hello to going to cut off your arm!

“…Yes, I understand.”

Varmilo turned around again and looked very angry.

“I will be sure to convey your regards, Marquis. The Archbishop will also be curious about the Marquis’s well-being. “I will tell you that your amazing and great swordsmanship… has not rusted at all.”

“Hmm, even if you can’t introduce yourself, you know how to be pretty cool.”

It seems like sparks are flying out of the eyes of the two people.

Caught between them, I sighed.

‘What kind of introduction is this?’

There was absolutely no need for that.

The Marquis of Reut had already figured out which church they belonged to, but he wasted no time asking them to introduce them to me.

As expected from a veteran, he was a sly man.


A groan came from Varmilo, who was glaring at the Marquis.

Even though I was very annoyed, I guess it would have been difficult to withstand the Sword Master’s momentum any longer.

The old man, who was clenching his molars, eventually turned to look at me with a white face.

“Now, I’ll give you 10 minutes. The teleportation gate will open soon, so Third Prince, prepare to move to Aurax!”

After making such a threat, he turned around and walked away with Irgal.

This time, the Marquis of Reut did not catch Varmillo either.

Rather, he made a gesture to the knights around him and everyone around him was bitten.

The situation that felt like a sheet of thin ice has passed, and now only the Marquis and I are left.

Elon Royte, who had just finished talking, had a very complicated expression.

“…Your Majesty, since you have won victory over me, I will not stop your will as I promised.”

“Thank you so much.”

I sighed.

Why does it feel like we stabbed each other once or twice even though we didn’t get stabbed?

If I hadn’t won the duel with the Marquis, we would all have become raw meat at the butcher shop.

“I honestly don’t know how much you know about me.”

Elon Royte opened his mouth.

“I still love this country very much. So even if I don’t get an answer, I have no choice but to ask you.”


Eyes that looked exactly like Carl’s were staring intently at me.

It was as if my soul, which suddenly resided in Gilroshan’s body, was being unearthed one by one.

“Please tell me. “What are you planning to do after entering enemy territory?”

I suppressed my heart pounding and grinned.

“Is that your first question? Why are you going to Aurax? Is this it?”

“Yes sir.”

Yes, you might be curious.

What on earth is the third prince of the empire going to do in Aurax, the revolutionary city?

The Marquis was very serious.

“Sir, I had several secret missions there when I was young. It was 30 years ago now. So it is a place I know quite well. “Auraks is basically a very dangerous place.”

…Oh, what a boring sermon.

This is what ‘latte is all about’.

“So, with Certion, the city where our empire’s imperial palace is located…”

I’m sorry, but I had no intention of putting up with this at all.

“You could say it is a city that is the complete opposite of Yeye Kertion. “I know, Marquis.”

“yes? “You know Aurax?”

“Yeah, I know.”

I started talking to the marquis who was confused and lost his words.

“The messily constructed castle is infested with petty thieves. There are dangerous goods lying around in the market that cannot be taken out in Kertion. “As if that were not enough, it is a city of chaos where even life and death are bought and sold on the black market.”

I’m also a latte drinker.

“There are six armed groups in Aurax, including two churches. And there is a leader of the revolutionary army who unites them all.”


“Let’s see.” “I think his name is…”

At that moment, the Marquis of Reut raised his hand in awe.

“Stop it! “It’s not a clean enough name for His Majesty the Prince to mention!”

I obediently kept my mouth shut in response to his cries.

The leader of the revolutionary army was such a dangerous figure that in the empire, just mentioning his name was a serious crime.

Some NPCs even went so far as to say that a curse would follow them.

Anyway, this was my conclusion.

“Marquis, I know enough about Aurax.”

Why are you going there?

“And I know that Aurax has a ‘only chance.’”

When I mentioned ‘the only opportunity’, the Marquis’ eyes widened greatly.

“…no way? “Are you talking about the evil dragon’s nest?”

I nodded slowly.

“Yes, that’s right. ‘The only opportunity’ for humans to use dragons. “I’m going to try it.”


I smiled quietly as I watched the Marquis’ expression become serious.

“Perhaps this will be an opportunity for the pig prince, who has nothing, to turn everything upside down in one fell swoop.”

In the blue mountains surrounding Aurax, there is a dungeon called ‘Dead Dragon’s Lair’.

It was a terrifying setting where violent dragons occasionally kidnapped rival hatchlings and abandoned them.

‘And if you pass the special quest given here.’

You can literally wield a dragon.

Of course, it was not a simple process.

“There are a lot of people who challenge there every year. However, those who succeed and become dragon riders are extremely rare. The last person to succeed was….”

“There was ‘Farrell Karas’ 19 years ago.”

“Yes, 17 years ago.”

Ah, I guess so at this point. I misunderstood the time zone.

In any case, this means that it is not an impossible task as some people sometimes succeed.

‘Actually, it’s a quest that’s quite possible for players.’

Even though it was a bit intense, it wasn’t a quest designed to fail and quit.

From my perspective, it was a dungeon that I could clear as long as I was well prepared.

However, the Marquis, who did not know my true feelings, was very pessimistic.

“Since Farrell Karas went missing in the Far East 10 years ago, there are currently no Dragon Riders on the continent. “But are you saying that you will challenge that?”

A strong suspicion appears in the blue eyes.

He seemed more hopeful about taking on the challenge of becoming a sword master.

But I laughed quietly.

“Farrell did it too, so why can’t I do it?”

“Lowering! It’s not something you should attack with that kind of greed. Farrell Karas was no ordinary human!”

“But humans were humans.”

“Think common sense. “Not only is the possibility extremely low, but it’s also extremely dangerous, right?”

“That’s right. But didn’t it make absolutely no sense, based on common sense, for me to beat the Marquis? Of course, it was a little less dangerous than the dead dragon rare.”


When I responded like that, Elon Royt tried to reply again, but soon gave up.

“What a nest of evil dragons in the world.”

He was quietly looking away as if there was something in the air.

Earlier, he was staring into my eyes because he wanted to pry at me, but now his face was lost in his own thoughts.

It felt like I could hear the voice of my heart coming from those handsome features.

-This is definitely not the 3rd prince I knew. I’m not that b*stard rotting in the imperial palace.

-How on earth do you know about Carls?

-Where did you learn that swordsmanship?

-Was there a way for the 3rd prince to acquire information about Aurax?

Various questions were flowing beneath his cold expression.

But I couldn’t let myself think.

I wasn’t that friendly.


I opened my mouth, breaking the silence.

“I am not waiting for your permission now. I only gave you the answer because you were curious as a subject, but I have decided on the path I will take. “Right?”

Then Elon Royte nodded heavily.

“Yes sir. I know it well. “Because you won.”

I am different from Gilroshan.

Although he may be wearing the shell of an NPC, he is actually a completely different human being.

I was a traveler and conqueror of this world.

He was also a player.

So, I will take a completely different and opposite path from Gilroshan.

“Now ask the second question. “What else are you curious about?”

When asked the first question about what I would do after entering enemy territory, I answered, ‘I will attack the evil dragon’s nest.’

Now was the second question.

I mentally anticipated some questions and had the perfect defense plan in place.

‘How did he know about his hidden son? Who did he learn the Manatee Sword Technique from? How did he attack himself… You’re probably curious about these things, right?’

I thought about it in advance while I was washing up with Carls.

But the Marquis completely exceeded my expectations.

“What do you want me to report to your Majesty the Emperor?”

He suddenly asked a question I wasn’t expecting at all.


I asked back with a dumb expression, but the Marquis was very calm.

“This is the content of the report I will submit to your Majesty the Emperor once you pass to Auracus. “You can’t tell Your Majesty the truth, right?”

“Oh, is that right? “You can’t tell the truth…?”

“That’s right. “That is my second question.”

My mind went blank.

A question you never even thought of came up, right?

But it was a very important point.

‘That’s right, if I don’t convince that psycho properly, I’ll definitely be tracked down.’

This was because Gilroshan’s father was one of the most crazy people in < New Verse >.

< Vareshan Kalo di Balt >

[Character] The 44th emperor of the Baltic Magic Empire. A fearsome emperor with both a cruel and ruthless personality and genius talent. He leaves behind his name as the ‘Evil Emperor’ who sparks a continental war.

…It’s a mountain beyond a mountain.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
[God Dog]: I’m looking for someone to attempt life for a second time. At the joke-like chatting, I ended up responding with a joke. [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Second time, let’s go go go go. [God Dog]: Are you confident? It’s not going to be easy, you know? [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Don’t I just have to do the same thing over again in this shitty game? Hehehehe. But the result of this… “The third prince of the Magic Kingdom, Guillaume!” “……Who?” I became the third prince inside of that game. An eerily shining cold steel blade touched my neck. This, though unbelievable, had become my reality. “Now, third prince. Any last words?” “……What is this b*tchy situation?” “Haha, b*tchy? Those definitely sound like the words of a wastrel. Goodbye. Third Prince.” The miserable end of an extra NPC. Just as the blade was about to fall on my neck…! [Gameplay has started.] [Player ‘Kim Kyung Sam’ will lay as the ‘Wastrel Third Prince’!] The game I grinded my life into had become my reality. But… ‘I will not die.’ ‘And I will not be defeated.’ Because I know this game from the beginning to the end.


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