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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 121

Episode 121


‘What is this?’

Roxanne Sciorra frowned as she glanced at the plan presented by Lapishan.

Having already been through so many wars, she couldn’t help but feel very uncertain.

“Sir, are you really telling me to carry out this operation as is?”

“of course. Is there any problem?”


Rafishan responded like that with a very confident look in his eyes.

However, he could not completely fool the experienced witch’s sharp eyes.

‘Second Prince Lapishan is a man with a strong reputation among field soldiers…’

In fact, the offensive strategy he brought was overly cautious and defensive.

It was such a timid operation that one thought it would be better not to attack at all.

‘As if something were to happen, they would immediately withdraw the soldiers…’

So Roxanne was secretly doubting.

I heard that 3rd Prince Giloshan visited a few hours ago.

The two men clashed swords for a while, but soon held a private meeting.

From then on, 2nd Prince Lapishan was clearly hiding something.

‘…is hiding something big.’

If it were someone else, they would have overlooked the fact that the 2nd prince had planned this strategy that way.

Chromatic Spire Lord Roxanne Sciorra was not like that.

She was a witch with ‘eyes of wisdom’ that could see the future.

Therefore, Lapishan could sense that something strange had happened.

‘what? ‘What is it?’

Until just a day ago, there was nothing special about the second prince’s future.

‘Meeting a miserable end as one of the imperial grandsons who did not ascend to the throne.’

Although the detailed process leading up to the end was not fully visible.

‘Anyway, in the end, I am destined to die alone and lonely.’

That was the second prince’s future seen in the eyes of this foresight.


But that wasn’t the case now.

The future has changed.

‘Let’s check it again.’

Roxanne immediately activated her eyes of foresight.


In an instant, the time of all existence surrounding her was scattered in all directions, but was soon organized into a new form, pouring out countless amounts of information.

In this way, the future of objects and characters is revealed at a glance.


Among them, Roxanne frowned.

‘It’s definitely changed.’

First of all, Lapishan’s miserable end was completely invisible.

Just in the thick fog, a huge silhouette could be seen guarding the prince.

‘Is it an animal? It’s so big?’

What on earth is that?

Roxanne had to work hard to catch the clue.

Yeji’s eyes overheated and gave her a terrible headache, but the silhouette was gradually becoming clearer.

And the moment when I finally realized the huge outline.


Roxanne’s mouth fell open.

‘Dragon! ‘It’s a dragon!’

A dragon shadow of magnificent size was guarding Lapishan’s side.

It was a dragon that could only be described as vast.

At this distance, you had to raise your head for a long time to be able to see the shadow of the head.

But that alone was enough to guess.

‘The 2nd prince will meet that giant dragon in the future and have a friendly relationship!’

So, is this the reappearance of the Dragon Rider who disappeared 10 years ago?

In the face of this surprising discovery, the witch had to struggle to keep her composure.

Because new questions were waiting for her.

‘What kind of dragon is that?’

As the head of the Chrysanthemum Spire, the highest magical organization in the empire, Roxanne was friendly with several dragons.

However, I did not know of a dragon of such gigantic size.

As dragons grow older, they grow bigger…

but at the same time, they also cut off their ties with humans.

‘Even if they are at the senior level and have completed their third molt, they do not want to interact with human wizards.’

Therefore, the dragons she was friendly with were the same size as the dragons.

But the dragon in the fog was bigger than any dragon Roxanne knew.

So all I had to do was guess.

Judging by its size, it is at least a senior-level red dragon…

‘…maybe it is an elder-level dragon that has completed its fourth molt.’

I felt like my bones were being extinguished.

If a dragon of this size tried to influence the human world, it would be like an irresistible natural disaster.

‘Perhaps the emperor himself should step forward…’

This meant that a dragon of such enormous size had appeared.

Also, although the detailed process was unknown, the fact that the prince of the empire came into contact with the dragon and received its protection was an incredible event in itself.

So, Roxanne maintained her ‘eyes of wisdom’ to the limit and tried to dig up as much information as possible.

And the next moment.


She succeeded in uncovering a great deal of information.

In the future seen through the fog, the 2nd Prince was saying something to the shadow of a huge dragon…

Roxanne immediately noticed the shape of his mouth moving.

‘Biohaa? ‘Bijora?’

The prince was clearly calling that dragon by that name.

Then that must be the name of that dragon!

‘Just a little more clearly…!’

It seemed like if I focused a little more on the shape of my mouth, something would become clearer.

But Roxanne’s foresight ended right there.


Roxanne let out an exclamation of pain and regret.

But the magic is over, the future has disappeared, and everything has returned to reality.

Lapishan was looking at her with strange eyes.

“Why are you screaming all of a sudden? Sir Siora?”

“Oh no. Lowering. “We will carry out the operation as is.”

“…Good. “Please stop and go out.”

“I understand, sir.”

Roxanne thought as she left the barracks, leaving Lapishan’s gaze behind.

‘Viroha? It was definitely that kind of name.’

The names of the dragons were in themselves words with different meanings, but they were also words of magic with considerable power.

So just knowing some of the names of that giant dragon was a huge achievement.

‘It would have been nice to know a little more clearly, but for now, this is a huge achievement.’

Roxanne once again engraved what she had found into her mind.

“Okay then…”

She immediately fell into a new thought.

‘If the 2nd Prince really carries a dragon on his back, a lot of things will change.’


‘…The matter regarding the crown prince may also surface again.’

The emperor of the empire may change in the future.

Well then.

‘What should I do?

What can I do here to achieve a higher position than the owner of the Five-Colored Spire?


Roxanne, who was walking with deep concerns, soon remembered a brilliant idea and smiled.

‘Yes, that’s right. ‘That future hasn’t been completed yet, right?’

So, there was no law that required the prince to take the dragon.

“…Does that mean I can make that huge dragon my own?”

If only it were so!

Roxanne would not be satisfied with being the owner of the spire; she could have become the owner of this empire and continent.

‘…I will become the first emperor of a new empire.’

The joyful imagination that filled the witch’s mind flowed outward as a smile.

‘Well then, first of all, we need to find out clearly what changes have occurred in Prince Lapishan.’

So now, I had to collect information while carrying out this war as the prince wanted.

If you observe through foresight, opportunities will definitely come.

‘Good, very good.’

The thought of becoming the master of a dragon was something that made me smile.


Roxanne disappeared into her barracks with a satisfied smile…


A shadow hiding in a corner of the imperial army camp began to slowly move somewhere.

* * *

I had left Senis with Roxanne Sciorra and had just returned to the revolutionary army’s camp.

Lapishan’s behavior was quite predictable, but the story of the old witch, who must have had dozens of snakes inside her, was a bit different.

The owner of the five-colored spire clearly had other thoughts.

‘It’s clear that if you trust Yejian, he’s going to make a fuss, so you have to take precautions in advance.’

Even if she was a 9-star witch, surveillance was not that difficult inside the crowded camp as long as she maintained a safe distance.

In particular, Senis Edrin was a specialist in shadow maneuvering, so he could be trusted.

But Carls seemed very uneasy about that.



“That’s not something I’m worried about.”

“It’s not?”

“Is Sir Edrin doing well?”

I burst out laughing at those words.

“Why are you laughing!”

“You’re funny, man!”

Carls scratched the side of his head in embarrassment.

“No, something unexpected could happen, right? “If you go on a mission alone…”

I smiled and asked back.

“Sir Edrin is a master of shadow maneuvering among special knights? “You said that, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Carls, be honest. What was your relationship with Senis Edrin before? “What exactly did you two do?”


“Hey, just speak obediently. “That way, I can be careful about what I say in front of Master, right?”

“Why is Lord Sui appearing there!”

“Oh then don’t come out? I don’t know what it is, but you don’t mind if I tell you everything, right? uh?”

It was an unspoken threat, but Carls responded with a sigh.

“When I was a trainee engineer, Senis asked me to meet him separately after work, but I declined.”

“huh? “What did you mean by asking me to meet you separately after work?”

“Of course, that means I refused to date. “At that time, I had no interest in things like dating.”


Have you ever seen such a well-fed flower!

Although Cenis Edrin could not be said to be a striking beauty.

Still, she was a woman who exuded a healthy charm with her arms and legs stretched out and firm curves, like a warrior.

But you broke it?

“Ha, I was so lucky that I wore a belly band! Are you still a man? ok?”

“No, I just told you! “I wasn’t interested in dating!”

“Oh, so you’ve developed an interest that you didn’t have in Master?”


“You idiot! “No need to clear your throat!”

Oh, my stomach hurts.

“The empire and the continent are in danger right now, so where are you dating? “So cocky.”

“A good day will come for me too. Cheer up.”

“Shut up. “Before I pile up a dozen bamboo spears in my inventory and walk around.”

While we were joking and talking, we were entering the revolutionary army’s camp.

They popped right out.

“…Shan Alredro!”

As if waiting for me to return, the leaders of the revolutionary army approached me with a large group.

Everyone looked very nervous.

“Aeolem has just finished preparing for his descent. The ‘Great Altar of Vengeance’ has been completed.”

Old Man Varmilo’s eyes were shining more seriously than ever.

“Okay then, let’s get started right away.”

I nodded slowly.

And while looking at the altar, I suddenly felt a slight ominous feeling and scratched the back of my head.

‘Perhaps you won’t receive a marriage proposal like that this time?’

Still, he is a male god…

‘…I guess not? I guess not?’

But I couldn’t figure out why it was so ominous.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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