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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 13

Episode 13:

The Knight Commander’s Sword

An excuse for the Psycho Emperor not to disturb me.

First of all, it was necessary.

How should I go about it?

After thinking about it, I opened my mouth.

“Tell His Majesty the Marquis that I have become a ‘prophet.’”

Then a deep feeling of anxiety passed over the Marquis’ face.

“…Are you sure you mean the ‘prophet disease’? Isn’t that really true? “You actually got prophet syndrome…”

I laughed.

“well. What do you think? “Is it real?”

In fact, this was a defensive tactic that the Marquis tried to use when asked about his shoulder.

< Prophet Syndrome >

[Event] Strange blessings began to be given to people who were not familiar with magic. Those who have experienced a special shock have a unique ability to temporarily predict the future.

However, this was not a blessing, but a curse and a disease. The physical and mental health of the prophets began to gradually deteriorate, as if they were paying the price for their abilities. Now you must find a way to save the dying.

‘It may not be known to other camps, but it was already a fairly well-known problem in the Empire.’

So the Marquis also looked very anxious.

The NPC for whom this event was triggered slowly died from the moment it was triggered, but was able to make a very accurate prophecy.

Thanks to that, it was the perfect excuse for me right now.

As the third prince, he was able to plausibly explain a situation in which he was using information that he could never know.


‘This isn’t enough to tie up the crazy emperor.’

To a crazy person, you have to throw bait that will attract the crazy person.

I said this to the Marquis:

“And say that the 3rd Prince went to rob the ‘safe’ for His Majesty.”

“…yes? “A safe?”

“That’s right. Among the imperial objects possessed by the leader of the revolutionary army, there is an ancient magic ring called ‘Tears of Dawn’.”

“Hmm, I think I heard it somewhere.”

“Your Majesty the Emperor will surely know. “It’s something that was lost in previous generations.”

I laughed quietly.

Is it just knowing?

Emperor Bareshan, whose personality later becomes more dogged, even starts a war to retrieve the ring.

So, if I take the medicine like this, the effect will be excellent.

“Well, to sum it up, the Marquis can tell His Majesty that I have fallen ill with the prophet’s disease and left for Aurax, boasting that I would steal the tears of dawn. Then nothing will happen.”

“I’m sure you think this is nonsense, right?”

“I guess so. But you won’t bother chasing me and disturbing me. As you know, I am a child given away. “You might be thinking, let’s just leave it alone for now.”

I grinned, but the Marquis of Reuth looked pitiful.

And he looked like he was going crazy because he was worried whether I really had the prophet’s disease or not.

But I didn’t answer properly.

It was better to leave things like the truth vague.

“All right. “Then I will do as you say, sir.”

The Marquis bowed his head and said that.

“Preparations for the 3rd prince’s teleport are complete.”

At that moment, the priests were ready to enter Aurax.

Kals and Tyrvaen were waiting for me, ready to enter the gate.


I looked at the Marquis for a moment before turning around.

Honestly, it was unexpected.

‘Of course I thought you would ask about my secret.’

Elon Royt did not ask how I learned the manatee technique.

He didn’t even ask how he knew his weaknesses.

Not a single word was mentioned about Carls.

‘Rather, when he brought up the story of the emperor, he pointed out parts that I had not thought of.’

This was definitely considered.

In that case, it would be good to respond favorably from here.

“That shoulder will be difficult to heal in Chromatic Spire. Instead, go visit the Agora dwarves in the central desert.”

Then Elon Royte was shocked and asked me back.

“Are you really suffering from the prophet’s disease?”

I stopped laughing at the worried voice.

They say it will help my shoulder get better, but I’m more curious about that.

“Agora dwarf. “Remember.”

But it wasn’t a perfect solution. Then you will probably have to come see me again.

Now it’s time to move on to Aurax.

I turned around.

“Let’s go, priests.”

The Vengeance Priests gathered inside the huge teleportation magic circle, and I stood with Kals and Tyrvaen.

“Honestly, I’m a little nervous, sir.”

Carls swallowed.

“I don’t know if this is really a good thing.”

Tyrvaen also looked very nervous.

I laughed quietly.

“Let’s not be too scared. Because then nothing can happen.”

Elon Royt was outside the magic circle with his knights.

He was making a very complex expression towards me, and it was a bit unfamiliar.

‘Are you worried about me?’

No, you’re probably worried about Carls.

At that time, the Marquis opened his mouth.

“…I feel like I didn’t know much about him all this time.”

Unexpectedly, he was speaking towards me.

“I understand that the ‘disease’ only informs the person about the future and does not change the person’s disposition. So, it must have been my own will that made that choice. As you said yourself… only you can decide the path you will take.”

Then Carls felt his body tremble slightly.

It seemed like he was thinking back to when we were reunited.

“Please have a nice trip. “I still don’t know much about him, but…”

The Marquis’ eyes sparkled as if he was interested.

“Now I’m quite curious. “I need to know what kind of person you are.”

I scratched my head, feeling strange for some reason.

Just a few hours ago, he was showing clear hostility towards me.

But now, his eyes were as concerned as if he was looking at Carls.

This feels really weird.

“Anyway, when you return, please be sure to visit the Marquis. We will prepare a place where you can get to know Haeha well. By sharpening the sword and preparing the shield.”

Those words sent a chill down my spine.

“…Let’s fight one more time?”

“Yes, isn’t it obvious? “For a prosecutor, there is no more honest conversation than sparring, sir.”


Shouldn’t we pursue silence in sparring?

The Marquis grinned as he watched me swallow dry saliva.

“And please take care of me.”

The father’s gaze briefly glances at his son.

My son had no idea, but it was a rather vague look.

“All right.”

I nodded quietly and the magic began.

[Movement Magic: Mass Teleport]


The enormous magic power resonated and began to rotate beneath my feet.

It felt like someone was gently tickling the soles of my feet.

This was a magical mystery that I could not understand at all.

A deep radiance erupted, the images of the Marquis and the knights blurred, and the space they were in seemed to be moving away somewhere.

“This is a teleportation spell with a fairly solid structure. “It feels like a prison.”

I could briefly hear Tyrvaen muttering within the magic.

But what did you just say?

“We have arrived, Third Prince.”

Varmilo was nodding.

I opened my eyes wide.

A gray cityscape unfolded behind the priests’ backs.

That was very familiar to me.


The central base city of the revolutionary army.

Finally arrived here.

[Quest ‘Survival’ is completed.]

[Quest completion reward is given.]

‘And the quest is complete!’

I cried out in joy.

By escaping the imperial territory, I was able to complete the first main quest.

Avoiding the assassination crisis you face and escaping from a dangerous place.

Because that was the goal of this quest ‘Survival’.

‘What will be the reward for completion?’

Gilroshan’s survival and escape from the Empire were content that did not exist at all in the original game.

So, it was unknown to me what the reward would be this time.

[Quest completion reward]

– 30 gold coins

– Novice traveler’s equipment set

– Convenience magic ‘Inventory’ can be used

– 1 D-grade fate card guaranteed draw ticket

[The reward provided can be checked in the inventory.]

“Oh… .”

30 gold coins was a bit much, but the starter set and inventory were obvious rewards.

In the original game, it was no different from a reward you got as soon as you started.

But the last one was different.

‘This is fun. Has the guaranteed lottery ticket appeared?’

Although it was a trivial D-class card confirmation ticket, it was quite a generous reward at the beginning of the scenario.

In fact, from my perspective, I would say it was a great reward.

‘I’m in F grade now! ‘I am worthless!’


Is there a way for a person to become this humble?

Anyway, no matter what grade D comes out, it will definitely be of great help.

In order to deal with the Marquis of Royt, I had already reached level 9.

You will soon be level 10.

‘That means it’s time for the second card draw.’

Of course, it was impossible to know which card would appear.

However, if you have one more D-level card, you have a huge advantage.

This was because experience points could be added to the card.

‘Chop everything up! In particular, the F class goes straight to the compost bin!’

Please come back just once, Grand Mage!

It’s not a trap this time!

Just when I was grinning.

“Arrest everyone immediately!”


Suddenly chaos unfolded with a loud shout.

Agents appeared from nowhere and attacked us who had just arrived at Auracus.

I immediately recognized the black leather armor they were wearing.

‘Titan Special Lease!’

In terms of the empire, they are elite soldiers equivalent to imperial knights.

So, these were NPCs that I couldn’t resist at all.

There were three or so guys of Carls’ level attacking me, but as a level 9, I was helpless.

“My dear!”

When I was caught, Kalls and Tyrvaen screamed in panic.

What I meant was that I had just entered Auracus and I had to suffer like this.

But they had something to say in advance.

‘No matter what happens at first, don’t make any moves.’

In particular, fighting was absolutely prohibited.

This was not imperial territory, and there was no noble authority to rescue us even if we made a mistake.

A city of outlaws crying out for revolution.

That was this ‘Aurax’.

“Well done, Third Prince.”

In the end, that was what Varmilo Dimarque was saying to me as I was thrown to the ground with my shoulders crushed.

“Not resisting was a very good choice. Cancer, that’s how it should be.”

Kals and Tyrvaen, who were also suppressed, gnashed their teeth and cursed, but the old man did not even blink.

He’s just giving me a meaningful look.


He was saying something with his mouth as I was being dragged along. I barely noticed.

‘Please don’t think of fooling the archbishop?’


To be honest, the black old man’s snout was frowned upon, but his message was meaningful.

For the archbishop who served the god of vengeance most closely, it made no sense to impersonate him.

* * *

10 minutes later.

I was tied to a wooden chair in a small alcove.

Thanks to this, I can escape death at least once, right?

‘It seems like being locked up and tied up has become a daily routine.’

Ha, very unpleasantly so.

After a while.


The old door opened and someone of small stature slowly entered the room.

I immediately recognized that face.

“Archbishop Handel.”

He was the one who had been brought up by a sword master earlier while asking about his well-being.

The one-armed middle-aged woman smiled brightly at me.

“We sincerely welcome you to Aurax, Third Prince Gilroshan.”

…Hey, aren’t those words meant to be grouped together?

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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