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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 140

Episode 140:

The person I want to meet

As I took out all the knights captured by the revolutionary army, the number of people in my party increased to 25.

This was the number excluding Senis Edrin, who was hiding in the shadows, and Piyong, who was flying in the sky in a hidden state.

So, no matter how much we diverted the attention of the city guard, it was not at all easy for us to escape Aurax safely.

Particularly problematic was the southern gate of Auracus, which had a fairly thick perimeter.

If a large number of people, such as 25, passed through the gate at once, they were bound to attract the attention of the guards.

But I had a cheat of my own.

When I reached the castle gate, I hid my companions and went out to the meeting place.

And then he quietly made a gesture towards the guy who was looking around.

“here! Thompson!”

This is exactly what Thompson, a novice conman, was asked to do.

Right now, I used the bubble cloak to shrink down into a girl, but…


Thompson, who had previously disguised himself as Eve, easily recognized me and approached me.

As soon as he arrived, he started making a fuss.

“The entire army has now been put on alert due to intelligence that my lord has been kidnapped by the imperial army!”

I chuckled.

“On the contrary, I kidnapped the imperial army, so you don’t have to worry. “I guess there was no follow-up?”

“There wasn’t one!”

However, just in case, I had spread out my clan members here and there around this meeting place.

The surveillance results were reported from those who were watching this place.

-No deterioration.

-I don’t see any other trends.

-I don’t think anyone is suspicious! Gilroshan!


Until the final check by Piyong, who was watching the ground from above in a hidden state.

“…Okay, I guess there won’t be any problem.”

I nodded quietly and held out my hand to Thompson.

Then Thompson handed me a small key.

< Key to the Secret Passage >

[Special Item] This is the key that opens the door to the secret passage installed on the south side of the Aurax Castle Wall.

This was a key hidden in the drawer of the leader NPC in charge of the southern area.

I had told Thompson to steal this for me.

“You didn’t get caught, right?”

“Of course!”

“Are you also an expert?”

“Ugh, what if the person who made me wash my hands asks me to do this?”

“Hmm. “That’s right.”

I felt a little sorry that Thompson had to go back to his job for a while because of me.

But Thompson was giving me a strangely sad look.


You wouldn’t even be able to see my face properly because of the cloak’s hood.

The guy’s eyes were truly dripping with regret.

“I didn’t know you would leave so suddenly!”

“I know. But since the situation has come to this, there is nothing we can do.”

“So when will you be back?”

“What are you talking about? “You can’t return to Aurax now!”

“yes? So is this the end? Then please take me with you. “I will do anything!”

It seemed like it was really going to grab my ankle, so I couldn’t help but laugh haha.

“It’s okay, man. “You have a job to do here and you’re joining, you can do it later.”

“uh? “Is there anything I can do for you?”


I took out the communication magic scroll from my pocket and handed it to Thompson.

And I briefly explained what needed to be done.

Monitoring the movements of the revolutionary army and maintaining communication with the cooperative forces.

And above all….

“If Erek Kaid changes his attitude and decides to go to war with the Empire, you must contact me immediately. got it?”

“…that war!”

It was no wonder that Thompson was so surprised.

Until now, the revolutionary army has made various provocations against the empire.

An attempt to start an all-out war was something that had never happened in the entire history of this continent.

‘Above all, it is the role of the highest commander to bring up war stories in the revolutionary camp.’

…Jerez Magria, the 3rd leader of the revolutionary army.

The mention of war meant that her appearance was imminent, so special attention had to be paid.

“got it? “Is this an important mission?”

“Yes, I understand!”

“Okay then, let’s get in touch.”

I said hello to Thompson and turned around.

Now it was time to enter the secret passage outside of Auracus.

* * *

Slap, slap, slap.

Shallow water was flowing beneath my feet.

I was leading my group through a secret passageway quickly.

The passage under the castle walls doubled as an emergency escape route and a waterway, so it continued all the way to the riverine terrain south of Auracus.

I was quickening my steps to get out of this dark, damp passage as quickly as possible.


“Please, please go a little slower.”

“Yes, disciple. “Is there any need to go quickly?”

Kals and Tyrvaen spoke in unison and slowed me down.

The reason was because of the knights of the empire following me.

They had not yet fully recovered their mana hearts, and they needed to allocate their stamina in preparation for the upcoming forced march.

“OK got it. “Then let’s slow down a little.”

Then the sound of the knights sighing in relief was heard from behind.

‘It must have been hard.’

Of the 21 knights, 12 have now pledged to follow me.

They were calling themselves the ‘Blue Flame Knights’.

Blue flame.

It means blue flame.

‘It’s not that bad, but…’

To be honest, it was a bit cringe-inducing.

As I slowed down my walking pace, I asked the drivers about the name.

“Hey Lord Tanik. There are many other good names, but why is it like that? “In the Empire, ‘blue’ and ‘flame’ don’t have such good meanings, do they?”

According to the customs of the Baltic Magic Empire, blue symbolized ‘upside down’ and flame meant ‘annihilation’.

So no matter how you think about it, it wasn’t read in a very good sense.

But Osorma Tanik grinned at me.

“As you know, isn’t His Majesty’s unique emblem the ‘red wave’? So we turned it upside down. “It’s simple, right?”

“…The emperor’s emblem written backwards?”

I was at a loss for words.

These crazy people….

“You say things like that without fear? That’s the same as saying you want to become a traitor to the empire, right? No matter how fearless they are, how dare these so-called knights of the empire…?”

“ha ha ha. Well, it might sound like that. But anyway, isn’t that what our situation is like now? To put it bluntly, I am committing treason against Your Majesty.”

The current situation of the Blue Flame Knights…

As Osorma said, they were in a situation where they were practically committing treason.

All of them swore allegiance to Emperor Bareshan, received knighthood from him, and held the sword, so they had to follow the emperor’s will unconditionally until the day they died.

Emperor’s will.

It was so obvious.

‘Of course they are bringing me to the empire.’

However, the Blue Flame Knights did not follow suit and instead pledged loyalty to me.

Like simple, ignorant warriors, they entrusted their future to me without any hesitation.

‘Even though I said the emperor’s position should be given to a dog.’

So, this was literally a situation that could only be called treason.

However, the knights, led by Osorma, looked cheerful, as if they were enjoying themselves.

“Sir, have you forgotten how we became prisoners?”

“ha ha ha! Disobeying our orders is always like eating bread!”

“And the lower part is like drinking beer!”

…It was indeed a joke like that of crazy people who were beaten by Lapishan and then beaten by Aolem.

My heart becomes serious for no reason.

‘Is it really okay to hang out with these crazy people from now on?’

Of course, there were some knights who did not join the Blue Flame Knights.


9 knights including Rodrigo Iesta.

They were walking in silence, their mouths closed, at the very rear of our line.

Perhaps because they had spent a few days in the POW camp, they had become much more docile.

Although they did not actively follow my orders like the Blue Flame Knights, they did not hesitate to do what I told them to do.

“They probably all want to join the lowly knights, so they are just waiting for the right time and excuse.”

These were the words of Kermal Carmodo, who had sneaked up on me at some point.

I burst out laughing at the old knight’s words.

“is it so? Then, Lord Carmodo, go and scout him. “You’re a knight commander by name, right?”

Then Kermal chuckled.

This old man was a veteran of the highest level among the 12 knights and claimed to be the leader of the Blue Flame Knights.

So what I was saying was to try to accommodate the 9 people who didn’t listen.


“It seems to me that you don’t need them right now.”


“No, rather, they need you. Well, actually, we are like that too.”

The old knight smiled leisurely and hit the nail on the head.

I nodded to myself.

‘but. It’s good for me to have the knights, but it’s okay to not have them…’

The knights had pledged their loyalty to me by pledging their lives.

Even though we had escaped Auracus, this was still enemy territory.

They were still unable to heal their Mana Heart.

‘It’s probably as scary as the Thomson gazelles that fell into the lion cage.’

So, it was obvious that if I just held out my hand, he would join the Blue Flame Knights.

If that’s the case….

‘I need to do my best and then reach out my hand.’

I also have pride, but I had no intention of accepting them coldly.

In particular, their representative, Rodrigo Iesta, was a guy who verbally abused me as soon as he met me.

‘What did you say then?’

Oh yeah.

‘You said you wanted to blow my head off right away, right?’

After the fight with him, I heard roughly the story that happened in the past from Carls.

‘My sister was involved with me and I couldn’t stand it?’

It was an angry sound.

…What’s wrong with me!

‘Still, you’re a member of the royal family, but is it really that upsetting that you got involved with me?’

So, this side also has no intention of opening its heart.

I burned up my hostility toward Rodrigo Iesta and thought about how to deal with them.

Meanwhile, the end of the secret passage was revealed.

Carls quickly stepped forward and said.

“Sir, we will go out first and ensure safety. “At first glance, I heard that there are many monsters living near the river.”

It was a true story.

The end of this passage was one of the areas where quite a lot of small monsters appeared, and if you were not careful, you could be subject to a surprise attack.

But I was relaxed.

“No, you don’t have to.”

Because the hunt was already underway.

[Your dragon ‘Piyong’ has defeated ‘Little Mandragora’!]

[Your dragon ‘Piyong’ has defeated ‘Contaminated Ramiras’!]

Piyong flew through the sky in an instant and arrived where I was.

The guy started hunting excitedly, as if he was venting his anger about being stuck in the city for the past few days.

As I exited, I nodded in satisfaction.

‘Yes, Piyong. ‘Accumulate a lot of experience in advance while going to the jungle!’

We will escape as soon as the event is over!

* * *

We headed south quickly along the river.

After two full days of marching and hunting camping.

“Now, this is the poisonous jungle area that Janet was talking about.”

“Oh oh. “My disciple, this is a really cool jungle!”

We arrived at our destination.

A system message appeared as if to prove that I had come to the right place.

[You have arrived at the area where the special event ‘Descendants of the Revolutionary Sword’ is taking place.]

[Find the clues and move on.]

…They do not give any hints and vaguely ask you to look for clues.

But I knew very well what the ‘clue’ was.

“Everyone pay attention.”

I opened my mouth to my clan and the Blue Flame Knights.

“We are starting a search operation now.”

Then, Director Carmodo bowed his head.

“Please excuse me.” “What can we search for?”

Goal of search.

That is…

“…a piece of ordinary scale armor covered in rust. “I have to find it.”

“Is this normal armor? “Then it won’t be easy to find, right?”

“No, it’s made from woven dragon scales, so it’s sure to stand out.”


It was the scale armor of ‘Gérard Gunther’, who is said to be the greatest sword master.

I had to find the armor here first.

The broken armor will open the way for me.

‘Road to Gérard Gunther’s old mansion.’

…Perhaps there were traces of Gerard as a player there.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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