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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 141

Episode 141:

Speed up.

Following my command, the knights began to move bustlingly.

“Group A starts from the west! Group B begins the search from the east!”

“Group C, follow me! “We watch our step through the swamp!”

Osorma Salet Kermal dispersed, taking charge of different directions.

And it was the same with the nine disobedient knights.


They, including Rodrigo, obediently joined the search party and disappeared into the jungle.

Strangely enough, no one complained or complained.

“…It’s obvious, sir.”

Carls could easily read the knights’ intentions.

“The jungle is complicated, so the idea is to avoid sight and find an opportunity to escape.”

It was a funny story I heard.

“That’s fun. Are you thinking of escaping from this jungle?”

“Yes, maybe they will find an opportunity and try to harm you.”

Carls, who has been a guard for a long time, is flashing a fierce look in his eyes.

But I chuckled.

‘Escape and attack…’

I don’t know if the 9 knights really have that in mind, but it would be difficult to achieve either in this poisonous jungle.

Janet, the leader of the cooperative, mentioned this when talking to me about this jungle.

-There is a rumor that there is a ghost in that poisonous jungle area, but no one knows for sure what it is?

…Ghost of the Jungle.

‘They are the guardians of this area left behind by Gerard Gunther.’

Those beings are involved in all the fighting that takes place within this jungle.

Their purpose is one.

‘Making sure the fight never ends.’

Even if 10 people fight together, at some point when they come to their senses, there are 11 of them.

Even if those 11 people fight, when they come to their senses again, there are 12 of them.

‘…Even though there are already 9 dead bodies at our feet.’

In other words, once a battle breaks out, the ghosts of this jungle join in the fight endlessly in numbers until everyone is dead.

So, even if 9 knights attacked at the same time, I was confident that I could block them without moving a single finger.

No matter how many attackers attack you, as long as you hide yourself, the ghosts of the jungle will fill in the numbers and fight for you.

‘…Then the confused attackers will all die fighting among themselves?’

Coincidentally, I had the ‘Cold Blooded’ skill that the god Aolem had given me some time ago.

< Cold Blood >

[Special Technique] Instantly reverses the body’s energy and drops it into the negative area.

Although some of the body’s functions are reduced, it provides survivability and hiding effects in extreme situations.

It’s the perfect skill, right?

So, in this jungle, even if there were 90 people instead of 9, we could easily deal with them.

Now, will those disobedient knights come to me with their swords drawn to take revenge on me?

“Are you sure about me?”

Carls, who prided himself on knowing knights well as a knight, was making a very loud statement, but honestly, he didn’t know yet.

The main characteristics of the NPC named Rodrigo Esta are ‘passion’, ‘knight’, and ‘justice’.

‘…So, no matter how much you hate me, I don’t think you’ll ever stab me in the back.’

Of course, the outcome remained to be seen.

…back to the point.

This ‘Descendants of the Revolutionary Sword’ event was an extension of the fate quest given earlier.

That’s exactly what it meant when a new event was forced to start as a completion reward.

‘After all, it’s an event related to Gerard Gunther, who is recorded as a player, right?’

It was not unreasonable to assume that there would be a hidden clue to the new destiny quest.

Even if that wasn’t the case, this event was an event that gave quite a big reward in itself.

‘Once Gérard’s mansion is opened, the time attack begins.’

The player then had to run around the mansion and collect as many rewards as possible.

In other words, the key was to move along the most efficient route within the time limit.

‘…as if moving through a maze of golden keys.’

Now that I think about it, I already have two of those keys, but I haven’t used them yet.

‘Now that we have Hael with the True Demon Eye, we can appraise items with hidden properties.’

If so, I’ll have to go in soon.

‘Okay, let’s just hit level 40 and go in.’

The Golden Key Maze did not spit out new items depending on the player’s level.

However, as the player’s level increases, there are times when new items are needed…

‘When you reach level 40, it would be a good idea to renew your item supply.’

Anyway, I’ll think about the maze of the golden key later…

There were three things in total that I was aiming for in Gerard’s mansion right now.

‘First of all, the Gaias Sword Technique.’

It was the very swordsmanship that gave Gerard Gunther the title of ‘the greatest sword master.’

< Gaias Swordsmanship >

[Comprehensive Skills] [S Class] This is an arcane swordsmanship that retains the breath of Gerard Gunther, who founded the revolutionary army. We pursue the extreme practice of swordsmanship that takes shape and form from Mother Nature.

Special: 15% increase effect when battle occurs in a place other than the city center.

As it happened, I had S-level sword skills and quick sword skills, but I didn’t have the proper soft sword skills.

If you obtain this Gaias sword technique, all three types of sword skills will be level S.

As Gaias swordsmanship is the legacy of the legendary sword master, it was naturally classified as S-class swordsmanship.

‘But because it is such a great reward, it is hidden deepest among the mansion’s treasures.’

If the player does not escape Gerard’s mansion within the time limit, the player will be crushed alive by the collapsing mansion.

Of course it was game over and meant death for me.

Therefore, I had to plan a route that would allow me to obtain other valuable rewards as much as possible along the way to retrieve the Gaias Sword Art.

But if you do that, you’ll miss out on too many things.

So, I had to achieve the second goal first.

‘…the seal of the black mark.’

< Seal of the Black Panther >

[Decoration] A symbol of the ‘Black Panther’ clan, who made a name for themselves on the continent with their movements so fast that the eye could not follow them. The effect can be activated by engraving it on the body.

Special: Doubles the effectiveness of all movement skills.

I planned to get this seal first and run.

Then, it’s a close call, but you can buy a little more time…

‘That’s how you can run toward the next goal.’

That was the magic power that was to be fed to Piyong.

< Essence of the Ancient Dragon >

[Potion] Purification of magical power originating from an ancient dragon species from long ago. It promotes the metabolism of young dragons, allowing them to achieve explosive growth.

Special: Only hatchling-level dragons that have not gone through the secondary molt can consume it.

‘Should I say it’s a kind of level candy-like effect?’

In fact, this was a matter of consuming the magic power of a powerful ancient dragon, so from Piyong’s perspective, it was a task that had a much greater effect than simply leveling up.

In this way, Piyong’s level immediately reaches the limit and he immediately enters the second molt…

‘Now he has escaped from being a hatchling and has attained the status of a full-fledged dragon.’

It was thrilling just to think about it.

Just as tadpoles and frogs seem like completely different creatures, there was a huge difference between hatchlings and dragons.

It was already scheduled to grow at least twice its size.

‘Now I can finally go dragon riding.’

…And even Polymorph.

Of course, among dragons, he is still at the level of a ‘junior dragon’ who has just reached adulthood, so of course he is immature.

Still, now Piyong would be able to clearly play his role as a member of the group.

‘…I’m looking forward to it.’

And I wanted to reap just one more reward if I could.

This was exactly what it was.

< Epigrapha of Heaven and Earth >

[Epigrapha] Papers and commentary on pure mechanics analyzed by scholars of different races.

When absorbed, the magic level can be randomly increased.

‘It’s an item with the same purpose as the Yin-Yang Liquor that’s currently in my inventory.’

I had previously acquired an item called ‘Yin-Yang Liquor’ while raiding Corps Commander Palamir’s secret warehouse.

It was a buff item that could raise the level of my ‘Intermediate Spiritual Magic’.

When spiritual magic rises to the ‘advanced’ level, my magic is designated as S grade, both in name and reality.

‘From then on, you will be able to exert power on a completely different level.’

Right now, the only thing I can use is the Mystic Area to create illusions… but

from S rank onwards, I can use more proper magic.

So, I didn’t use ‘Yin-Yang’s Sulmun’ right away.

This was because if the Yin-Yang spell was used alone, there was a possibility that the level of magic would drop backwards.

But what if I secure the ‘Epigraph of Heaven and Earth’ at Gérard’s mansion?

‘…You will be able to use two secret techniques by combining them.’

Then, the chance of your skill grade dropping completely disappears and your magic can go up to S grade without the risk of missing out.

But the problem was the possibility of securing it.

‘The epitaph of heaven and earth is as deep in the mansion as Gaia’s sword.’

So it was difficult for me to be sure whether I could secure it safely.


If I were in a situation where I was sitting in front of the monitor holding the keyboard and mouse, I would have been in the mindset of getting the game over a couple of times.

‘Because that’s not the case now.’

< The God-forsaken World > has become a reality for me, and now I have to approach everything with caution.

‘Gaias Swordsmanship, Black Mark’s Seal, Ancient Dragon’s Essence…’

and, if possible, even ‘The Epitaph of Heaven and Earth’.

These were the rewards I was aiming for at Gerard’s mansion.

‘…Will we be able to get it out safely?’

It was while I was lost in those thoughts that a signal flare went off in the jungle far away.

pop! pop!


The sound of firecrackers exploding could be heard coming from the direction where Salet Firddin was leading the knight.

This meant that the target of the search, Gerard Gunther’s scale armor, was found right there.

“let’s go!”

I started walking in that direction.

“Sir, that direction is also the direction Sir Rodrigo Iesta went.”

Carls, who was following me, had his eyes flashing menacingly.

The guy seemed convinced that Rodrigo would definitely attack me.

I chuckled.

“Yeah, that could be possible.”

“Please remember that Sir Iesta is a persistent person. And…”


Carls thought for a moment and cautiously opened his mouth.

“Sir Iesta seems to have recovered quite a bit of his mana heart over the past few days.”


Recovered Mana Heart?

“It may not be half, but I think it will be up to 30%.”

That meant that Rodrigo was a stronger knight than I thought.

But even so, you can’t compare it to me, who can use the ghosts of the jungle.

“My lord, what will you do if Lord Iesta has a bad mind?”

“hmm? “What if Rodrigo draws his sword on me again?”


Of course that is.

“I have to take out the trash now, right?”


“It’s past time for true education, right?”

I jumped into the jungle, pulling out the Heavy Ode.

Gerard Gunther’s scale armor was hanging right there.

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