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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 146

Episode 146:

Speed up.

Now, let’s recap.

It is true that Gerard Gunther and Tae Geon-chang were hostile and fought to the point of killing each other.

‘But that’s what the two of them experienced in their previous lives…’

They came back in time and noticed that they had completely changed.

Two people who knew each other very well and were able to understand each other as fellow returnees.

‘So you had no choice but to be led by fate?’

It was obvious, but it was understandable.

For that reason, Gerard and Tae Geon-chang left their past resentment behind and acted together.

Discovering the Destiny Codex was the result of that joint effort.

I was curious about that very point.

“How did you find the Destiny Codex? “That would have been a part that didn’t appear at all in your future information.”

Gérard’s ghost nodded slowly.

《Yes, that is an accurate point. However, if I were to explain the process from the beginning, it would be too complicated, so to put it simply… We were looking for ‘abnormal phenomena’ that were happening on the continent.》


What is that again?

Are you saying he went all over the continent to take psychic pictures?

“You have a lot of time on your hands, please tell me in detail.”

Then the ghost laughed quietly.

《Think about it. What if our existence is a trick of some absolute being? I thought there must be some reason and they wouldn’t leave us alone. He will undoubtedly attempt to convey his will. What is it like? Isn’t that quite predictable?》

Read the will of the Absolute?

After thinking for a moment, I nodded.

“There may be a possibility.”

If, as they assume, the ‘absolute being’ who drew me and other players into this world really exists…

‘He clearly has some intention and will try to tell it to the players in some way.’

That’s what Tae Geon-chang and Gerard guessed.

So what is the method of the message?

“If he is sending a message, it will have to be in a form that Gun and I can only recognize. It is a message that we from the future cannot help but recognize right away. What is that?》

A message that regressors can’t help but notice right away?


Only then did I understand Gerard’s story and slowly nodded.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Since you are from the future, you will be able to immediately notice if there is a discrepancy with future information. And could that be the signal sent by the ‘Absolute One’? “Is that what you thought?”

《…That’s it. That is the ‘abnormal phenomenon’ we were looking for.”

In other words, what if events on the continent do not proceed as Gérard and Tae Geon-chang know?

It was at that point that it could be seen that the ‘absolute being’ intervened.


I was lost in thought for a moment with my arms crossed.

My mind was very complicated, but it was also quite interesting.

‘Returner, reincarnated person, possessed person.’

Even the Absolute.

Every time I thought back and forth between these absurd keywords, various assumptions appeared and disappeared in my head.

‘So you were looking for abnormalities?’

It’s fun.


After long thought, this is the conclusion I came to.

“I think you and Tae Geon-chang’s guess was unreasonable. There were too many logical loopholes in my opinion. “Did you really think it could be solved that way?”

me and eve

The two of us were getting to know this world through the games we played in our respective worlds.

However, even in the face of the same quest, we each used our own methods and had to directly experience and overcome many variables.

The reason was that the information we each knew was slightly different and some of it had already changed.

‘This would have been the same even for a regressor.’

Gerard and Tae Geon-chang also obviously had some differences from what they originally knew.

Moreover, the butterfly effect caused by those from the future inevitably damaged the future.

As variables continue to be added again and again….

“Perhaps an unexpected moment has come.”

A moment that cannot be dealt with only with information about the future.

Even the aftereffects of using that information to change the future.

Those two people probably couldn’t have accounted for it.

“…Am I right?”

Then Gerard’s ghost was silent for a moment.

Are they angry because I denied their achievements?

‘Or are you looking for something to refute my story?’

But surprisingly, he soon nodded slowly.

“That’s right, we failed. It was quite plausible, but in the end, our guess was a guess.》

He obediently admitted his failure.

Gerard quietly clasped his hands together and sighed.

《And as a result, I become a ghost who can’t do anything and am trapped here. After losing my gunchang so helplessly…》 A

numb feeling of sadness felt through the waves of my mind.


I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.

‘I didn’t intend to talk about Tae Geon-chang’s death.’

It looks like I touched a sore spot.

Since I didn’t know the exact circumstances of their deaths, I couldn’t offer them anything to comfort them.

Gerard’s ghost smiled faintly at me.

《Speak slowly. And get as much as possible from me. Although I don’t have a lot of time, I will arrange it so that I don’t run out of time.》

* * *

I had many conversations with Gerard’s ghost over the course of three days.

What happened on the continent 50 years ago?

What a bunch of robbers Tae Geon-chang and her mercenary group ‘Black Wave’ were.

What did he do to establish a huge force called the Revolutionary Army?

The ghost chattered non-stop as if it had preserved the stamina of the legendary Sword Master.

In fact, it was a bundle of stories that might be boring to some, but I actually enjoyed it.

‘No matter how many times I listen to it, I never get tired of it.’

As an extreme gamer in < The World Forsaken by God >, the stories before the game scenario were very interesting.

However, Gerard did not talk about Tae Geon-chang’s end.

As soon as the story seemed to flow in that direction, it would quickly move on to another topic.

Anyway, I learned a lot of information through Gerard’s ghost.

The most important story among them was this.

‘Some transcendent being has drawn us into this world and is demanding something…’

While tracking this process, the Destiny Codex appeared.

《And there is something the imperial family of the empire is hiding. They are hiding something from generation to generation as if they are protecting a secret.》

What is the imperial family hiding?

However, Gerard and Tae Geon-chang were unable to find out any further details.

There were clear limits to the access to the royal family’s secrets by non-Imperial people.

In the end, it was all left to me.

‘But one thing is certain.’

The point was that this game and system were inextricably intertwined with the players.

This was evident from the fact that Gerard’s ghost had stopped the event itself.

He was clearly controlling, at least partially, the system of < New Verse >.

“How is this possible?”

But the ghost smiled meaningfully.

“As I already said, I don’t know what the ‘system’ you are talking about is. I just ‘frozen’ this space that I dominate for a moment.》


It was like this, so there was nothing more to find out.

In fact, there were other people who suffered because of Gerard.


“You’re safe! Fortunately, the.”

“This mansion has become a maze! “No matter how far you walk, it’s the same place!”

The nine knights were completely trashed after wandering around the corridors for three days.

Surprisingly, these guys weren’t ghosts.

Gerard confirmed it.

《I have gathered all the guardian spirits that follow me. So, these are all knights who follow you. You seem quite loyal, right?》

Damn. Was it something like that?

I sighed.

‘I can’t even breathe because of the smell of sweat.’

Now that I knew the whole story of the incident, I couldn’t just leave him to die.

Because I was the one who dragged these guys here.


I roughly cleared my throat and looked around at the knights.

And then the grand feast began.

“I would like to ask those who volunteered to follow me into this temple. “What did you learn here?”

In fact, since I didn’t have much to say, my intention was to fill it with a snout.

Fortunately, from the moment the knights met me, they looked like they had met their savior.

It was because I was almost out of my mind after wandering around the mansion for three days.

Rodrigo Iesta, who was the most grumpy of all the dogs, stepped forward.

“Do you mean that you intentionally gave us a trial?”

Heavy yet challenging eyes.

‘Hey guy…’

Are you doing this to start a fight again?

Just when I thought that if things continued like this, I would have to do something different.

“thank you. “If it’s a test, I’ll take it as much as I want.”

Out of nowhere, Rodrigo got down on one knee and bowed his head to me.


Because of that, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

‘what? ‘What sudden change of heart occurred?’

This was extremely embarrassing to me, who had treated Rodrigo like a disobedient bronze wild horse.

But the guy had his head down and was swearing loyalty to me in a serious voice.

“If this test can atone for the disloyalty I committed earlier, I will gladly accept it. “I will accept it even if it means dying during the test.”


“So give me a chance. Even just once.”


“Yes sir.”

What is that, this wild horse?

However, it was impossible to pour cold water on the knights who all kneeled down after Rodrigo.

I don’t know what it was, but it seemed like everyone had made a very serious decision.

So I decided to use the cheat key.

This is what I came up with….

“You guys decide the next test.”

The so-called ‘Now put your palm here! A tactic that says, ‘You decide how many hits you get!’

‘If you leave it like this, it will take care of itself.’

I don’t know what he’s thinking though.

And fortunately, my strategy worked naturally.

“I understand, sir. In that case, we…”

Rodrigo Iesta exchanged glances with the other knights and then said this.

“From now on, we will definitely save your life at least once and return to the empire. As a ‘true knight.’”


Only then did I vaguely understand the intentions of these articles.

‘Are you asking for a chance to restore the reputation that was lost due to their actions?’

These were the thoughts of fools who only care about honor.

“good. “Not bad.”

I nodded and turned around.

With this, the errands at the mansion were largely over.

“It’s been a while, but I’m not sure if things are going to be okay outside.”

Gérard’s ghost was even worried on my behalf.

But I wasn’t really worried.

“I heard you collected all the guardian spirits?”

In that case, there was no need to worry about the Kals Tyrbaen combination being broken in this poisonous jungle hunting ground.

Moreover, even though they couldn’t handle magical power, there were a bunch of imperial knights, so most monsters wouldn’t be able to get close to them.

‘Instead, they’ll be worrying.’

They told us to hold on for five minutes, but three days had passed, so there must have been chaos outside.

‘First of all, I have to pray to my teacher.’

Unfortunately, this mansion was completely separate and world-like, so I had no way of contacting the outside world.

Actually, I wanted to stay here a little longer and listen to Gerard’s stories.

It wasn’t just because of the old stories this ghost was telling.

‘Where can I build up my sword skills so quickly?’

Gerard’s ghost personally taught me his Gaias swordsmanship.

As a result….

[The master of the technique directly passes on the enlightenment, and the understanding of ‘Gaias Swordsmanship’ increases significantly.] [The

current achievement level of Gaias Swordsmanship is ‘4 stars’ and the proficiency level is ‘52.5%’! ]

Gaias swordsmanship had achieved a similar level of achievement as manatee swordsmanship in just three days.

Thanks to this, I was feeling happy inside.

‘Are you sure it’s best to learn swordsmanship from a master?’

The strongest sword master on the continent.

Therefore, it was possible to achieve this level of proficiency in an instant.

But Gerard’s ghost told another interesting story.

《Tae Geon-chang’s swordsmanship will seem very difficult. But don’t give up and keep pushing forward. She has hidden her followers all over the continent, so if you find them one by one, it will definitely be of great help.》

Comments on the later people of Haewoo Sword Technique.

I nodded slowly.

‘It was like that too.’

I remembered that I had been taught the manatee sword technique by Gilad Gordin the other day.

His existence could also be said to be part of the legacy left behind by Tae Geon-chang.

Gerard, as the person who had fought against the swordman countless times, also gave a few hints.

《Her swordsmanship has tricks that even I cannot imitate. If you master it, you will become a body that cannot be defeated by anyone.》

A body that cannot be defeated.

It was a grandiose and arrogant statement.

‘What kind of great supernormal ability is hidden behind this?’

However, Gerard’s ghost just laughed and did not give a clear answer.

‘So you’re saying I should find out this much myself?’

The ghost was smiling quietly at me as I frowned.

《Goodbye now, partner. Please, you will have to speed up. What I’m saying is, don’t give any opportunity to those who come after you.》

Those who come after me?

“What do you mean by that? Gerard! Wait a minute!”

I tried to call him out.

But the ghost didn’t even give me time to say goodbye.

The corners of his mouth were slightly curled as he disappeared like smoke.

“Now I can rest in peace.”

And just like that, the ghost of Gérard Gunther disappeared forever.


I quickly started running.

I didn’t even have time to gather my regrets.

[Event ‘Descendants of the Revolutionary Army’ has resumed!]

[There are 2 minutes and 22 seconds remaining.]

Time Attack, which had been postponed until now, has resumed!

After sending the 9 knights out the exit, I raced towards the third goal.

‘The essence of the ancient dragon!’

It was an item that had to be obtained to help Piyong escape.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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