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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 151

Episode 151:

Magical bloodline


The headquarters of the revolutionary army.

Two people sitting across from each other were rummaging through folders.

“…That sound again.”

The person who was laughing was Erek Kaid, the deputy commander of the revolutionary army.

“It looks like Therian Wyler isn’t tired of this nonsense.”

He threw down the letter from the Duchy of Wyler and shook his head.

Then this time Gilad Gordin glanced over the letter and clicked his tongue.

“The only thing I can say about this is that it tastes a little off. “You think you can appease us with these conditions?”

The title of the letter the two looked at was as follows:

‘Request for summary execution of Eve Wyler.’

And the conditions that follow are….

‘We will transfer the mining rights to three mines located in the western part of the continent for 5 years and provide tax exemption for trade ships of the revolutionary army for 10 years.’

So, it was a request to please participate in killing Eve Wyler.

Erek Kaid neatly ignored it.

“There’s no need to reply.”

Even though it was a fairly unconventional condition, Archduke Wyler’s story was ignored without any need for consideration.

In fact, it was quite natural.

‘…Because the principality is collapsing.’

Ironically, this absurd proposal sent by Archduke Wyler was proof of that.

No matter how much the revolutionary army hid it, it had unreliable intelligence and military power that could not eliminate even a young girl with its own hands.

And even the idiotic judgment to dispose of mining projects and trade barriers in order to eliminate his political opponents.

This single file proved brilliantly that the country was in ruin.

‘Above all, Jerez himself has instructed us that there is no need to have relations with the principality.’

Of course, the letter sent from the Duchy of Wyler had no choice but to disappear into the fire.

“Our dispatched special forces members are monitoring Little Princess Wyler’s resistance activities.”

Gilad twitched the corners of his mouth, his eyes shining with seriousness for the first time in a long time.

Erec tilted his head at those words.

“You’re monitoring Eve’s activities? “Is that also an order from the commander-in-chief?”

“That’s not it. But when I reported it to him, he seemed very interested.”

“…Jerez was interested? Hmm….”

Vice President Kaid was frowning in surprise.

Jerez Magria, the leader of the revolutionary army, was a person called the Iron Lady who did not even blink at anything.

To add a little bit of a lie, she would have been a carefree person even if Aurax had evaporated overnight.

“Did Captain Gordin, Jerez, really react that way? “What did you say?”

“Jerez said, ‘It will be very interesting because now the child’s fate has begun to change.’”

“…fate has begun to move? “What do you mean by that?”

In fact, Chief Magria’s instructions to the two men in the first place were very simple.

‘Unconditionally secure new recruits for Gilroshan Balt.’

Either shackle or appease.

The story was to keep the 3rd prince in the revolutionary army at all costs.

At the same time, there was another request for Prince Giloshan.

“The Empire’s 1st Prince Lukashan has sent an official message. “In the name of the crown prince.”


“They told me to repatriate the 3rd prince to the empire right away. Otherwise, they say they will take coercive action soon.”

Gilad’s expression couldn’t help but harden at Deputy Commander Kaid’s words.

The crown prince is the second-in-command of the empire, both in name and reality.

If the current emperor, Bareshan, suddenly dies…

‘Because the first prince, Lukashan, will become the ruler of the empire!’

So, what he conveyed was in fact the message of the empire.

“Did Prince Lukashan really tell you to give up Giloshan? “Suddenly?”

“That’s right.”

“What kind of guts do you have? After letting it all out like that in the last battle…!”

As General Gordin pointed out, the empire was completely defeated by the revolutionary army in the last Battle of Halhendra Plains.

As a result of Giloshan controlling the battlefield using the god Aolem, he had no choice but to surrender the knights as prisoners and retreat.

So clearly, the victor was the revolutionary army and the empire had to enter the post-war negotiations as the loser.

However, Lukashan was threatening to give up Giloshan to the revolutionary army.

“Why are you acting so hostile? “A man as old as the Crown Prince doesn’t even know about war treaties?”

Gilad cynically mocks Prince Lukashan.

But he soon had to keep his mouth shut.

“Captain Gordin it is not that simple. “The crown prince’s message is truly bizarre.”


“The Empire said it would return all prisoners currently being held by us. And they told us to decide whether to execute the other prisoners we were holding or not.”


“So, it means that as long as I get Third Prince Gilroshan, I won’t worry about anything else.”

“…he was crazy.”

“Yes that’s right.”

And the two fell into silence.

In fact, Erek and Gilad were each thinking similar thoughts right now.

‘Jeres-nim told us to capture Gilroshan unconditionally.’

‘Prince Lukashan is making a fuss demanding the return of Giloshan right now.’

It’s as if two people made it the same way.

‘Sangjeonbyeokhae-ro. ‘Because the infamous empire’s b*stard is being treated like this.’


“…The problem is that Gilroshan escaped our grasp like a loach.”

Vice President Kaid was smiling empty-handedly.

“That’s right. “I knew that, but he was really smart.”

Captain Gordin was giggling and laughing.

Surprisingly, on the very day that Erek Kaid was about to decide Giloshan’s fate, the third prince Giloshan leisurely escaped from Aurax.

Easily break through the city guard’s siege.

After successfully tricking Rheniad Kallik, one of the three commanders, to his face.

Therefore, it was a situation where neither Magria leader nor Prince Lukashan could achieve their goals.

Erek Kaid sighed.

“Are Captain Gordin Giloshan’s movements being traced?”

Gilad nodded to that question.

“Of course it is in progress. It won’t be easy since Gilroshan goes into the Poisonous Jungle, but you will eventually catch him. “Because trustworthy agents were brought in.”

“It’s a poisonous jungle…”

The deputy commander knew the legend about the haunted mansion there.

‘Did Gilroshan go in to investigate something about the mansion?’

Erek Kaid was lost in thought for a moment.

‘Probably not.’

He soon shook off his thoughts about the haunted mansion and concluded the conversation.

“Then please report it as soon as it is traced. “I think I’ll probably be able to see the commander in person then.”

“…Yes, I think so. “I don’t know why, but Lord Heres is very interested in the Third Prince’s actions.”

The moment when the leader of the revolutionary army breaks out of his long seclusion.

You will also find out the reason for that interest.

‘And the third prince’s fate will also be decided.’

Another name for the leader of Jerez Magria is ‘The Incarnation of Disaster’.

No matter how smart the Third Prince was, he wouldn’t be able to stand up to her, who was far beyond the human level.

‘Either you become his toy or you get discarded…’

In the end, something will come to an end.

* * *

“Your nose suddenly itches?”

“May I scratch it for you, master?”

“…Hey, what’s wrong with you? Seriously! awfully! “Don’t call me master!”

Hael didn’t grow as much as I thought.

Maybe that’s why she was clinging to me and fidgeting.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t grow at all.

First of all, I am sharing my experience as a member of my party and clan.

Also, the knights of the Blue Flame Knights decided to support her.

Clearly, considerable growth has been achieved.

But Hael was not satisfied with that.

“A group of orcs are approaching from 11 o’clock. “What should I do?”

“Please don’t eat it, just get rid of it.”

“I wanted to eat chicken.”


As Vinokharas stepped forward, part of the forest exploded and the approaching monsters disintegrated.


And at that sight, Hael could only gape.

To that extent, the dragon was so powerful that it could not be compared to itself.

‘Are you going to be jealous?’

But contrary to my worries, Hael was not jealous of the dragon.

His face just became more and more serious.

His face showed his sincerity in wanting to do his part in some way.

So when we got out of the jungle, I told her briefly.

“Don’t be too hasty. “I will give you a chance.”

“A chance?”

“Yes, a chance for you to step up.”


Hael’s eyes slowly widen.

I burst out laughing at that innocent reaction.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s as good as Piyong. First of all, the species are different, right? right?”


“Instead, there will be a role that only you can play. And you take charge of it. I understand?”

Then Hael’s face finally becomes brighter.

“yes! “I understand, master!”


Before entering the unicorn forest, I need to first do something about that damn master.

When the poisonous jungle ended, a barren plain appeared.

It was literally an empty plain where nothing existed.

But this was the ‘Forest of Unicorns.’

The homes of difficult and troublesome unicorns were hidden in this field.

I was planning to make each of Hael and the Blue Flame Knights their own means of transportation here.

And for myself….

‘Now let’s develop our magic properly.’

All preparations had been completed.

I had two magic secrets that I obtained from Palamir’s secret warehouse and Gerard’s mansion.

Now it was time to move on to the next level of magic.

‘The probability of success is approximately 75%.’

If successful, my magic skill ‘Young Magic’ will be upgraded to one level.

From intermediate level to advanced level.

‘And if you succeed in one attempt…’

One more step!

It was planned to go up one step from the advanced level to the ‘pure’ level.

< Pure Spiritual Magic >

[Comprehensive Technology] [EX Level] An ultra-ancient fundamental magic system where magical power first began to stir. The complete restoration of this pure mechanics is truly miraculous.

Possessed skill: Mystic Area.

Special: When combined with another magic skill, the fundamental structure of the skill can be modified and incorporated into the spiritual magic system.

Transcendent level comprehensive technology was in itself very rare.

‘Of course, it can’t be said to be full power immediately because you have to gain experience points again…’

It was clearly true that this was also a power that was as difficult to obtain as an EX-class fate card.

And this ‘spirit magic’ I had was a quite unique skill.

‘It’s a very special magic system.’

I was now understanding the structure of this magic, not as a gamer but as a magician.

In fact, ‘spirit magic’ itself had a weak output and was a magic system with no special advantages except for fantasy magic.

‘It’s a power I wouldn’t have learned if it weren’t for the way to restore mana hearts.’

So until now, I have focused my energies on the Mystic Area and have not touched other magic within the spiritual magic system.

But things were going to be different from now on.

‘I am growing my spiritual magic, obtaining a new magic system, and transplanting it here.’

The plan was to secure magic skills in earnest by combining different magic systems.

And here in the Unicorn Forest, there was a complete set of magic skills that I could use.

Among them, this is what I am aiming for in particular.

‘…Megitronic Discourse of the School of Machine Magic.’

It was best to obtain that magic secret book.

Now, if there is a guy who treats me like a magic eunuch.

‘I have to make that guy’s mana heart magnificent.’

Ultimately, my goal is one person.

It was Emperor Bareshan.

I took a deep breath and stretched out my hand toward the plain.

And he said it simply.

“I, ‘Gilloshan Elo de Balt,’ command in the name of ‘Kisiris.’”


The moment I borrowed the name of the goddess.


The entire plain in front of them was shaken and turned upside down.

The true space hidden under the protection of Goddess Kissiris was revealed.

[I discovered the hidden area ‘Unicorn Forest’!]

And then I kept my mouth shut.


A pure white handsome man with hair as brilliant as Carl’s.

A man lying in a flower field was staring at me, as if he were from a storybook.

“What are you?”

“As you can see, he’s human.”

“Is it possible that you opened the door just now? A man or something?”

It was truly a shockingly crooked way of speaking.

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