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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 167

Chapter 167:

Toward the Beast Tribe

I walked quickly through the middle of Harenx, which was in disarray.

Beside me, Vinocaras was chattering.

“Dad, what is an ichthyosaur? Is it a dragon that looks like a fish? Or is it a fish that looks like a dragon?”

The same question as asking whether a platypus is a raccoon or a duck.

“…you’ll know when you see.”

Then Vinocaras’ eyes began to sparkle.

“I’m curious… will it be delicious?”

I burst out laughing.

‘Actually, it looks a bit creepy.’

Still, even though its name is a dragon, it won’t back down just because it’s scary.


It is literally a monster that is a mixture of a fish and a dragon.

The sea off Harenx here was a sea with a cold cold current flowing through it.

In this sea, violent currents are created by powerful magical waves emitted from the deep sea.

Ichthyosaur monsters mainly inhabited this area because they preferred such an environment.

‘…and their main prey is their own kind.’

In other words, ichthyosaurs grew by devouring identical ichthyosaurs.

Considering that no matter how vicious monsters are, fratricide rarely occurs… I

could not help but view the ichthyosaurs’ predation on their own species as a very terrible and strange thing.

But the reason was enough.

‘They are trying to steal the mana stones that each person has.’

Just as an oriental dragon holds a female dragon under its chin…

the sea dragon gathered the abundant magical power of the sea, made it into a single bundle, and stored it inside itself.

It is the ‘Mana Stone’.

It could be said to be a crystal of magical power similar to the mana heart possessed by humans and dragons.

However, the Mana Heart is an organ close to an ‘engine’ that rotates magical power.

It was correct to view the mana stones possessed by ichthyosaurs as ‘tanks’.

‘It’s a fuel tank, but it’s a fuel tank with no limits.’

As is typical of ichthyosaurs, which continue to grow throughout their lives, their reservoir of magical power was also able to grow endlessly.

Thanks to this, the mana stones of the ichthyosaurs that survived for a long time contained truly enormous magical power.

So it was worth fighting to steal each other’s mana stones.

‘As long as you eat it, regardless of whether it’s your compatriot or anything else, you can grow endlessly. ‘They’re really easy to live with.’

But the problem lies next.

The result of eating and being eaten like that.

‘The entity that ate all the races around me and became the king of the sea…?’

What will happen then?

I have nothing to eat?

…The entity soon invades the human city as if it were a natural thing.

This is because this city is full of prey with magical powers.

Otherwise, it has grown to an enormous size by absorbing all of its other kin like a black hole… The

lone ichthyosaur species instinctively tries to absorb things with magical power in order to maintain its enormous size.

‘So it’s only natural that they land in an extremely vicious state.’

Originally, ichthyosaurs were monsters with some basic intelligence.

But when you’re hungry, all of this is ignored.

‘In order to eat things that contain magic, they will try to swallow everything, including humans.’

And now the port city of Harenks was exposed to just such a danger.

“All personnel who have not been conscripted must move to the shelter! “Everyone follow the leader!”

“Ichthyosaurs! “Currently approaching!”

“Damn it! Of the confiscated ships, dispatch the fastest ones first! “Tie your feet at least a little!”

…This whole port city is going to have to stand up and fight.

‘It means that it is an ichthyosaur of truly enormous size.’

If it were an ichthyosaur of a reasonable size, Harenx’s garrison could handle it on its own, but now the entire port city was ready for war.

This was proof that the approaching ichthyosaur was of enormous size, and it also meant that it was a dangerous entity.

But what if you say it the other way around?

‘It also means that the level of magical power he possesses is top-notch, right?’

So I decided to dip my toes in the middle of all the hustle and bustle for a bit.

Should we say that it is both a business and a business?

‘Resolving the paralyzed city’s situation and securing the sea route…’

…making that incredible magical power Naedan mine.

It was a good thing.

‘But anyway, it’s time to solve the magic problem.’

Ever since I left the Unicorn Forest, I have been feeling the lack of magical energy firsthand.

If you think about it with common sense, it was natural.

‘If you’re going to use a new technique, you need to replenish your strength accordingly.’

My new magic.


I had learned this magic a long time ago.

But unfortunately it wasn’t in perfect condition yet.

To be precise, mejitronic magic was blocked by the system.

[Currently, the magic power limit is insufficient, so the comprehensive skill ‘Mejitronic Magic’ is learned in an ‘incomplete state’.] [Try

increasing the magic power limit by raising your intelligence stat!]

A while ago, Carls taught me Frontier Sword Art. Just like when I first taught.

Magitronic magic was also acquired as an ‘incomplete technology’.

A system message catches your eye.

‘The limit value of magical power is insufficient….’

In other words, the maximum capacity of my magical power is insufficient, so the Magitronic is also incomplete.

As the system message says, this number is linked to the Intelligence stat.

If you invest the bonus stat given each time you level up in intelligence, the ‘magic power threshold’ increases in proportion to the increased value.

Therefore, if you wanted to use magic smoothly as a wizard, it was natural to invest in your intelligence stat in advance.

But I didn’t invest that much of a bonus into intelligence.

‘Because it can be covered in other ways.’

Inherit a magic power source from an NPC.

Absorb the crystals left behind by spirit creatures.

‘…Or equip a high-level wizard card.’

My theory was that since the threshold of magical power could be raised in quite a variety of ways, there was no need to invest excessively in bonuses to the intelligence stat.

And as if to prove my thoughts, an opportunity came.

‘Ichthyosaur Mana Stone….’

It’s a really great source of magical energy, right?

So I was thinking of a way to get out to sea.

To be more precise, how to find a useful ship in this chaotic port city and participate in the subjugation of ichthyosaurs.

It was ‘money’.

“Everyone follow me quietly.”

After giving instructions to the Blue Flame Knights, I began to search deep into Harenx Port City.

Of course, it couldn’t be said to be a smooth process.

“there! “What are you guys?”

“Everyone stop! “Didn’t you hear that this is an emergency situation?”

The Harenks garrison was holding us back.

But I dealt with it in a very simple way.

“Oh my, Nari! We are merchants who have to set sail in a hurry! “I can’t be stranded here!”

He decided to wear a cape of foam and use the genius theater actor card to trick the NPCs in the garrison.

“Oh, are they merchants from another city? Still not possible! “It’s dangerous!”

Of course, given the circumstances, my words alone were not persuasive.

‘So, in times like this, you need to sprinkle some seasoning.’

Just like this.

“That teacher? “This is very small, but at least pay for the beer.”

“Yes? “What is this?”

“What else do you know…”

“Uh-huh! People like us shouldn’t receive things like this! “Put it away!”

“Hey, you guys are working hard day and night for Harenks Port, but sometimes you have to let go, right? “Isn’t that right?”

“Well, if someone really says that…”

“Please think of it as a small act of sincerity from our merchants who use the port!”

He went around throwing out jingling pouches one by one to the guards blocking his way.

Thanks to this, the Blue Flame Knights and I were able to arrive at the dock smoothly.

“Didn’t you spend too much?”

Salet Firddin, who was watching what I was doing, was worried.

But I chuckled.

“Those pockets were all fake.”


“It’s a fake made with magic. “Why would I waste money on something useless?”

It was a momentary trick using the spiritual magic ‘Mystic Area’ technique.

In fact, they were all empty pockets.

[Illusion magic ‘Mystic Area’ is lifted.]

“Now that I have taken away the magic, those guys will realize that they were tricked.”

“So you’re sure they’ll come after us?”

“I guess so. But since the situation is so hectic, I don’t think they will be able to chase after me right away…”

Actually, it didn’t really matter if they chased after me right away.

We were planning to leave this dock right away.

I raised my hand and pointed to one side of the dock.

“Do you all see the red steamer moored over there? Let’s go over there. Oh, and everyone prepare for battle. “Because we might end up fighting right away.”


The knights’ expressions suddenly changed when they heard the words ‘prepare for battle’.

“Is it a battle?”

“Where is the enemy?”

“What kind of enemy are you?”

As befits knights who do not shy away from fighting, they show excitement rather than fear.

I grinned.

“The owner of that ship is not taking it easy. “It could be dangerous.”


Then the expressions of the knights changed again.

“Sir, you are not planning to rob that ship, are you?”

“Robbery is not a good thing! “You must maintain your dignity as a member of the royal family!”

At those words, I burst out laughing hahaha.

“How can that be! Then who drives the boat? “Do any of us know how to operate a steamboat?”

Of course there wasn’t.

So, it was something I shouldn’t have been in trouble with the captain.


“It means that we should never be looked down on. “They are quite ‘problematic’ people.”

“Is it problematic?”

Meanwhile, a red steamer approached.

I could also see sailors coming and going diligently surrounding the ship.

I laughed quietly after seeing that.

‘Yeah, it’s those guys too.’

This Harencs port city clearly belonged to the revolutionary army.

Therefore, it was safe to say that all ships anchored in this port belonged to the revolutionary army, except for a few trading ships.

But this red steamer had nothing to do with it.

‘Red Lightning Pirates.’

Rather, they were a small force that sometimes formed hostile relationships with the revolutionary army.

However, it had a strange symbiotic relationship with the port city of Harenx.

‘He probably received a request for help in the ichthyosaur subjugation operation.’

Of course, in this case, the Red Lightning Pirates do not move actively.

They were just going to pretend that they would not offend the garrison.

But I was planning to use their ships to approach the ichthyosaurs.

And just like that, I gulped down the Mana Stone.

“…It was good.”

However, the crew of the Red Lightning Pirates did not like it.

“Yes? “What kind of people are they?”

“hey! This is a restricted area! “Get the hell out of here!”

He showed caution towards me and the Blue Flame Knights, who were approaching us in droves.

It’s important from now on.

The moment when you need to take control.

I gave brief orders to my knights.

“Screw everything.”

From now on, I needed to show some of my dignity through overwhelming force.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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