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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 170

Episode 170:


“We maneuver while being careful of falling horses!”

“Work with the unicorns!”


The Blue Flame Knights kicked off the surface of the water like it was the ground and rushed forward.

In the sea, big and small waves were crashing as if they would swallow them up, but they could not hinder the unicorns’ running.

Because the unicorns were literally treading water.

They so easily rode over the waves as if they were just bumps on the ground.

“What the hell!”

Therefore, there was bound to be an outburst of astonishment among the pirates.

They were completely confused.

“Where did those words come out of nowhere!”

“But are we really running on the sea right now?”

“Three worlds…! Are they all wizards? “There’s something wrong with my eyes, right?”

Voices that say they can’t be trusted.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Well, it was understandable to be surprised.

‘I didn’t see a horse’s tail until just now, but it will look like it suddenly popped out of nowhere.’

They couldn’t even recognize the unicorns, even though they were looking at them this close.

Even the most ignorant pirates would not know the existence of unicorns.

‘No, you can’t even imagine it?’

…Well, that could be possible.

This situation itself was something that surpassed the pirates’ cognitive abilities.


But I had my arms crossed and the corners of my eyes were slightly frowning.

This is because the Blue Flame Knights’ sortie was only the starting point of this raid.

‘Now, let’s give an estimate.’

What if it was a giant ichthyosaur this size?

First of all, the recommended hunting level is around 50.

‘It also has to be equipped with an all-weather setting for solo kills, right?’

At a minimum, you had to have an S-class long-distance attacker card and the best defense and movement skills to match it.

Only at this level could it be said that it was worth hunting such a very large sea dragon on its own.

But now my level was only 35.

‘It’s also level 35, with magic attack power not yet developed.’

If you are not as capable as I am now, you must form a regular party and take on the challenge.

Tank dealer healer.

It was a raid monster that could only aim for capture if it had a trio of skilled players.

But I didn’t even have that kind of support.

‘If you just set up an S-class saint and run a raid while receiving a lot of heals from behind, it can’t be that reassuring.’

But unfortunately, there are only two players in this world right now, including me.

The other person, not me, was wandering around alone in the Duchy of Wyler, a thousand miles away.

‘…And that b*stard isn’t even a saint.’

Therefore, I had to attack that giant ichthyosaur while leaving the party completely behind.

Fortunately, I had many hands to lend.

Although Kals and Tyrvaen were absent, I had the Blue Flame Knights and Hael.

‘It goes without saying that it’s Vinokaras.’

Contrary to my expectations, Piyong was already drooling, saying he wanted to tear off the squid legs.

So, I planned to use them to cook ichthyosaurs.

‘The story about the recommended hunting level being 50…?’

This means that you will receive an enormous amount of hunting experience.

That’s why I boldly challenged that ichthyosaur.


Kermal Carmodo, who was watching the Blue Flame Knights run with me, opened his mouth.

“Now let’s do evasive maneuvers. There may be a shock wave, so you need to be prepared.”

I nodded.

The knights who had just sortied did not set out to attack the ichthyosaurs directly.

‘Rather, I went out to avoid it.’

The Blue Flame Knights will induce the attack of that giant squid and avoid it at all costs.

It was a maneuver aimed at directing the movement of the giant tentacles as they wandered nearby, like a swarm of flies clinging to a cow’s eyeballs.

‘…Why is such a maneuver necessary?’

That was because of the Harenx garrison that was currently concentrated around here.

The port city’s defense ships came out on warships and surrounded the ichthyosaurs, but they had to attack them from a distance.

‘If there are too many eyes watching, I can’t move as much as I want, right?’

I had no intention of revealing who I was or what I was trying to do.

So, we had to push them out first.

“Execute evasive maneuver.”

Kermal Carmodo spoke briefly, holding a whistle in his mouth.

And the next moment.


The shrill scream of a whistle pierced the crashing waves and spread across the surface of the sea.

The distance between the knights who ran far away was considerable, but that whistle was an item called the ‘Knight Commander’s Whistle’, which could transmit a signal by borrowing the commander’s magic power… “Hold on tight, sir.

The Blue Flame Knights understood Kermal’s instructions and began evasive maneuvers as promised.

The unicorns approaching the ichthyosaur’s legs spread out all at once.

A subtle flow of magical power flowed from the knights, making movements that attracted the ichthyosaurs.

The ichthyosaurs responded immediately.


That giant squid seemed very happy about the prey that suddenly appeared right in front of it.

And immediately he moved his legs and tried to grab them.

“It floats and falls!”

The pirates watching from the deck were frightened.

“You have to avoid the bridge! Just by brushing against it, you can say it’s fish food!”

There are ten tentacles, each as large as a bell tower.

They began pouring down as if from above…

bombing was taking place above the sea level.


The spray created when the giant tentacle collided with the water surface almost instantly turned into thick sea fog.


The surface of the sea violently shook up and down due to the shock wave that followed.

That was the beginning.

As those shock waves continued ten, twenty, thirty times…


“It’s turning over!”

“catch! Grab something!”

The pirate ship on the sea began to rock like crazy.

As the ichthyosaurs struck the surface of the sea, indescribable turbulence came.

As a result, the pirate ship was hit with such a strong shock that it would not be able to stand, but would be swept away immediately if it did not hold on to something around it.


“help me! help me!”

“Everyone, come to your senses and hold on tight! “You idiot pirates!”

The waves had already invaded the deck and wet everyone’s waists.

The pirate ship we were on was swaying as if it might sink into the sea at any moment.

Thanks to this, all of the Red Lightning Pirates were already half submerged in the water and drinking sea water.

Nevertheless, the pirate ship managed to hold on.

At first glance, it could be said that it was thanks to temporary captain Parol’s magical command ability.

“Everyone turn to the port side! Accelerate as much as possible!”

“starboard! Turn to starboard this time! “What are you doing without reducing output!”

It was a storm that seemed to be a combination of several major storms, but Parol was protecting the ship by frantically harassing the helmsman and the chief engineer.

I chuckled as I watched him.

‘It’s pretty good. ‘You’re very enthusiastic, aren’t you?’

But to tell the truth, this pirate ship was originally an unsinkable ship.

‘…Because there is a ghost on the ship.’

On this steamship, the squadron captains of the Red Lightning Pirates were wandering around as ghosts.

Thanks to this, there was no fear of the ship sinking due to a storm unless it was damaged.

That’s why there was no need to go to such lengths…

‘Let’s just leave it alone.’

Doing something like that would be a way to keep my sanity in this storm.

Anyway, there was a turbulent tempest on the sea that seemed to have gone completely crazy.

This was something that all nearby ships surrounding the Ichthyosaur had to endure as well.

And it was getting worse.


-Oh, I’m having a hard time too!

“If you stop here, you’ll be drowned!”

-How did I meet these crazy people…!

The Unicorns and the Blue Flame Knights accelerated even further.

This is because the ichthyosaurs were being stimulated more and more severely.


…Ichthyosaurs are probably going crazy.

‘I was approaching the human city in search of food when snacks suddenly appeared, right?’

So I wanted to eat it quickly, but it wasn’t working out at all.

Even though I’m really hungry, I can’t grab the few snacks I see in front of me.

“It’s going crazy.”

It was causing an uproar as if it was going to crush the entire sea.

As a result, the waves on the sea surface grew so big that they could swallow up all the ships.

Here, the Harenx Guard ships had no choice but to make a choice.

Director Carmodo reported it.

“Sir, the other ships are retreating. “Everyone is retreating towards the port.”

The picture was being created exactly as I wanted.

‘good. it’s okay.’

I nodded.

“Now then, let’s move on to the next step.”

After clearing up the surroundings, it was now time to attack the ichthyosaurs in earnest.

* * *


Hael held on tightly to the ship’s railing with trembling hands.

As someone experiencing the sea for the first time, it was not easy to endure the shaking beneath her feet and the waves crashing in like monsters.

So my legs were shaking, but…

‘I still have to hold on!’

I was somehow gritting my teeth and holding on.

It was right then.

“Hael, get ready too.”

Gilroshan’s order was given.

What actions he would take from now on had already been roughly communicated.

Now all that was left to do was put it into action.

But I couldn’t.

“My legs can’t move….” Perhaps

because of excessive tension, my body wasn’t listening.

If things continued like this, let alone the operation, it would only cause trouble to Giloshan.

‘Why am I again…’

That moment when she bit her lip and fell into a familiar feeling of self-destruction.

“I’m going to give you a big role this time.”


Before she knew it, Gilroshan was approaching her, spreading his cloak and wrapping it around her body.

Now he wasn’t smiling or comforting her, just had a calm expression on his face.

‘It’s warm…’

A strange, indescribable warmth began to spread to Hael.

Strangely enough, I felt like I was slowly regaining stability.

“…My role?”

“okay. “That’s the most important part.”

As she asked blankly, Gilroshan nodded quietly and turned his gaze to the outside of the pirate ship.

And then he opened his mouth.

“Vinokaras is ready?”

A dragon with an unfamiliar voice responded.

-I’m always ready, Dad.

“Okay, great daughter.”

Gilroshan smiled quietly.

He walked toward the outside of the pirate ship while holding Hael’s waist.

And the next moment.


“what! “That!”

“A new new ichthyosaur!”

All the pirates on board the ship fell backwards.

However, Gilroshan grinned and threw himself outside.


The magnificent wings grabbed the wind left and right and pushed it down, raising the huge body upward.

It was the main body of Vinocaras.

Gilroshan took Hael and rode on the dragon’s back, and they were slowly ascending.


He called softly to the elf in his arms.

“This is my plan.”


Vinokharas was hovering in the sky, clearly overlooking the ichthyosaur form.

Gilroshan was looking down through the wind.

“I’m going to drop you on that guy’s eyeball. “Like a bomb.”


“Can you do it?”

Of course, the answer was fixed.

“…yes. “I will do it even if it kills me.”

Gilroshan chuckled.

“Don’t die. I won’t let you do that.”

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