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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 174

Episode 174

: Source of Magical Power


“Why are you doing that? What’s on my face? “Don’t you think it looks more beautiful when you die and come back to life?”

“Where are you hurting? “Did you hurt your head?”

“no? “I’m feeling finer than ever?”

“No, I don’t think so. You are not the Hael I knew…”

As I shook my head blankly, Hael chuckled.

“A lot has happened since you threw me out.”

That’s how the story started.

The stories that Hael told were so amazing that even I could not believe them.

I had to struggle quite a bit to organize it in my head.

“So… you’re saying that you’ve met another personality that was sleeping inside you? “Do you mean that?”

“Another personality? Hmm, that’s not an accurate expression. It was definitely me. But let’s say ‘me’ on the other side.”

“…you on the other side?”

“Yes, it was a different personality, but I could definitely feel that it was ‘me’.”

I had to keep my mouth shut in that confident voice.

The sight of Hael telling me about what he had experienced was truly unfamiliar.

‘This is embarrassing.’

I was always shy and hesitant…

My original self-confident self was nowhere to be found.

“It means that they went from being so separate to coming together as one. how is it? Master, don’t you like it? “I like it now.”

He had a very confident yet relaxed look in his eyes.

It almost seemed like I had become a completely different person.

‘No. Is it correct to say that part of me has become a different person because I have merged with my hidden personality?’

But since it was said that it was Hael himself, it seems a bit strange to say that he became someone else…

‘Then why was that personality hidden? ‘He has such a majestic personality?’

I was very curious about that.

However, Hael said that this was something that Hael himself knew nothing about.

“It’s not like I have new memory information that I didn’t have before. “Maybe the creator who created me would know, right?”

The reason why separate personalities were planted in a single homunculus.


As someone who wasn’t her creator, I couldn’t guess the reason.

‘In the end, I have to go to the Kaibar Plateau and solve the fate quest myself.’

In any case, what Hael experienced was even more bizarre than I had originally expected.

And there was a strange point.

‘Encountering an unfamiliar personality hidden within oneself…’

I know someone who had a similar experience.

‘…that’s me.’

That was just a little while ago.

I had a drinking contest to subdue the unicorns and eventually lost consciousness and collapsed.

I met Gilroshan in my dream.

He was someone I thought would have disappeared completely when I took over this body…

but in fact, he remained deep in the world of consciousness and then reappeared.

And he claimed that I was his ‘piece’.

‘I am a piece of Gilroshan?’

Of course, I didn’t believe it, but Gilroshan handed over his memories.

The process of memory absorption is still ongoing.

It was a very meaningful passage.

‘It’s similar…’

I met Gilroshan and Hael met his ‘opposite personality’.

And until it merges.

I was a player and Hael was an NPC, so although the details were very different, there were definitely similarities.

Hael did not stop there and told another surprising story.

“Sentences appeared before my eyes.”

“Sentences? which?”

“Hmm, it’s not accurate because everything is gone now…”


“What did they say? Progress of the update Character changes? I remember it was roughly like that. “I don’t know what that means.”


oh my god.

What Hael saw must have been a system message.

It seemed like it was only for a moment, but the system message seemed to be visualized to Hael as well.

Messages are the exclusive property of the player.

‘So, of course NPCs shouldn’t be able to see it?’

Why was it printed to Hael?

Did I make some kind of error?

‘…No, that can’t be possible!’

That moment when I was confused.

Hael dealt a final blow to me with strange words.



“I feel strange. “I have no idea why.”


Hael sits on the bed, looks outside the cabin, and smiles quietly.

“Obviously, I’m the only one who has changed, but I feel like the world has completely changed.”

The world has changed?


Then Hael answered.

“I would say that now I feel like this is not reality, but like a toy that I can make however I want.”

…Reality feels like a toy.

I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut because it sounded like something a player would say.

And came to a conclusion.

‘As expected, I need to get to Kaibar Plateau as quickly as possible.’

And I had to thoroughly uncover everything related to Hael.

* * *

The party, which did not seem like a party on the deck of pirates and knights, ended roughly.

I was sitting in the cabin looking at ‘it’.

…This is the ichthyosaur type mana stone that I acquired.

< Heoratora's Mana Stone >

[Material] Contains the power of an ichthyosaur that has grown in strength by feasting on its own species in the deep sea for decades. If you absorb it too hastily, you may die from a runaway of magical energy.

‘This is my first time seeing something this big.’

This mana stone was as large as the head of an adult.

In the original game, it was only about the size of a melon at most…

‘If it has grown to this size, how many of its compatriots has it eaten?’

Once again, I became sick of that cruel habit.

Anyway, I placed my hand on the huge stone that was emitting a bluish light.

And slowly, magical power began to be injected.

‘Now, let’s take a look.’


As the item information warned, such a large amount of concentrated magic power definitely needed to be handled with care.

To put it very simply, it was like a water balloon.

‘But it’s not enough to fill the inside, so it’s like a water balloon that keeps compressing and adding water.’

So, it was natural that if the surface was touched incorrectly, an irreparable catastrophe would occur.

In fact, even in the original work of < Sin.Ver.se >, this mana stone was usually absorbed through a reprocessing process.

‘Whether it is melted or boiled, it is mixed with other ingredients to indirectly change it into a form that can be absorbed.’

It was processed into liquid or vapor form.

But now I was taking a different approach.

‘If you reprocess, the purity and amount of magical energy absorbed decreases, and above all, it takes a long time, right?’

So the idea was to absorb it right away without reprocessing it.

This was not a reckless challenge.

Rather, it was attempted after thoroughly examining the possibility based on Gilroshan’s knowledge.

… Scholars have slightly different opinions on the best way to post-process the mana stones left behind by ichthyosaurs, but there is still a common denominator.

It decomposes slowly and then absorbs quickly without stopping…

– Elgric Semeyer, looking at all the knowledge about the ichthyosaur-type monsters of the present era.

The point is simple.

‘It slowly decomposes the Mana Stone into small chunks and absorbs it as soon as the decomposition is complete.’

I also felt like I knew why this trick was created.

‘Okay, divide it while preserving as much of the magical power structure as possible…’

Are you saying the absorption process itself should be done in an instant?

‘It makes sense.’

It was a bit fragmentary, but now that I had quite a bit of knowledge about magic, I was able to see it through without difficulty.

Therefore, I was very carefully channeling my magic power and understanding the structure of the Mana Stone.

“As slowly as possible…”

For now, let’s figure out the size and structure of the Mana Stone itself without disassembling it.

And I was trying to estimate how much of this I could absorb without stopping.

About an hour had passed.


I was able to come to a conclusion.

‘If I cut it into roughly 10 pieces, I can absorb it quickly without delay.’

Then it was time to cut it out.

‘Okay, let’s exert the greatest concentration of our lives from now on.’

It was a time when I had to squeeze out all my concentration.

What if I complete this course properly now?

‘Probably, your magical power will be comparable to that of an 8-star.’

This Mana Stone was a crystal of pure magical power created by that gigantic ichthyosaur over several decades.

And since I was ingesting it in its high-density state without any additional processing…

‘If you have insight into the science of magic, you will be able to reach the 7th and 8th stars in an instant.’

But I still lacked understanding of magic.

So, this could be seen as nothing more than having great magical power.

‘In other words, you can say that he still has a child’s head, but his strength is only getting stronger.’

But for me this was a starting point.

The starting point of the still dormant mejitronic magic.

[The comprehensive skill ‘Mejitronic Magic’ is acquired in an ‘incomplete state’ due to the current lack of magical power threshold.]

From the moment I absorb the mana stone and greatly expand the magical power threshold, Mejitronic magic will begin to operate. .

‘Unique skill trees and attribute effects will appear.’

This mejitronic magic had the power to wield the ‘magic armored division’ that existed on the ancient continent.

I planned to use this magic as a stepping stone to target the empire and the emperor.

‘What if everything turns out the way I think…?’

Meeting Emperor Bareshan will not be a distant future.

Decomposition has begun.


Sharpen the magic flowing beneath your hands as much as you can.

Slowly cut the mana stone, recalling the structure you had figured out in advance.

I bit my lip and concentrated on my work.


Even though I wasn’t using my muscles, sweat was forming on my forehead.

‘Above all, we must be careful not to damage the magical structure as much as possible.’

If you cut it with the magic power of your right hand, it will be moved to your left hand and preserved.

Since both sides had different magical strengths and different uses, maintaining it itself was not easy.

‘Not only is it not easy, I feel like I’m going to have a headache.’

Still, after the third cut, I got the hang of it to some extent.

From the fifth piece onwards, I was able to handle the Mana Stone with quite a bit of stability.

So I cut and cut again.

Finally, to the tenth and final time.

“Phew. “I’ve done everything…”


“reel? what? this?”

I froze like an idiot for a moment.

The pieces of the Mana Stone are in front of me right now.

“Isn’t that strange? “Why are there 11 of these?”

Apparently it was cut 10 times?

“…Oh, that’s right.”

If you cut it once, it becomes 2 pieces.

So, it was natural that if you cut it 10 times, it would become 11 pieces.

It seems that the level of intelligence has declined because we only focus on size and shape.

“…Anyway, absorption begins.”

I thought as I quickly swallowed the split mana stones.

‘Hmm, I already have one left. Should I try using this a little differently?’

Just when I was having that thought.


Suddenly, the cabin door burst open and the little Red Dragon flew in.

Does this smell like magical power?

Or were you just visiting your father?

Anyway, the guy’s name was decided at the same time.

“…Yes, Terkiod.”

The term meant ‘ruler of luck.’

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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