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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 178

Episode 178:

An unexpected choice

It was the very next day that Cheon Rin-eung was born.

“Kkeit! “Kkeeeeeee!”

“Uh oh oh!”

The newly born young falcon surprised its babysitter by flapping its wings as if it was about to fly away.

“What should I do now? master?”

Fabian, who was very nervous, ran to me holding the baby Cheonli-eung with trembling hands and asked.

“What should I do? I need to give you food. “Go out and buy something to eat.”

I smiled and Fabian scratched the side of his head, seeming to relax a little.

“okay. Then, what should I feed and how? It seemed like Manuel was feeding Dongryong something complicated earlier…”

“Hey man. “It’s not ‘Dongryongi’, it’s ‘Terkiod’.”

“For some reason, that doesn’t sit well with my mouth.”


Even if you gave it a nice name, it was useless because no one would call it.

I sighed and answered.

“Since it’s not a dragon, you don’t have to worry too much about its food. Just catch some bugs, feed them, and when their wings spread, let them go hunting.”

“Oh, is that enough?”

“huh. There seems to be some suitable game on the west side of the harbor here, so we can go there.”

“yes! “I understand, master!”

Fabian disappears excitedly.

Actually, I was excited because I confirmed that I had nothing to do compared to Manuel, who was in charge of Terchiod.

In the case of hatchlings, preparing and feeding food from hatching until they shed their skin twice is a very important task.

But Cheon Li-eung was not like that.

It’s a bit tricky to hatch the egg while maintaining its temperature, but…

‘Once the egg hatches, it grows on its own, right?’

So, unlike his brothers who were in charge of hatchlings, Fabian just had to feed bugs and get rid of them.

‘I’ll have to give you flight training, but you’ll learn that on your own at the hunting ground.’

In conclusion, there was no need to worry as long as there was a good hunting ground.

And my companions were able to roam around this area of Eru Port as they pleased.

Of course, quite legally.

“Lord Schaffenseyde!”

It was thanks to Genere, who came with his men in the morning.

“Well, if you have this, you won’t have any trouble passing for a while.”

< Temporary Pass >

Temporary passage of ‘Schafen Seid’ was approved by ‘Gener’, general manager of Eru Port.

‘As expected, there is a problem.’

I quietly bowed my head and expressed my gratitude.

“Thank you.”

“Hehehe, this is nothing special. “If everything I asked you to do this time goes well, I will do whatever it takes to connect you with the Northern Alliance embassy in the capital.”

“…Oh, then I can get a new ID card.”

“No problem. So, please be kind to me.”

I gave a cursory nod to Gener, who was smiling very exaggeratedly.

‘What is true power?…’

Gener was able to exert quite a strong influence as the general manager of Eru Port.

Considering the importance of port facilities in the city, Genere could already be seen as a person of considerable power.

Everything was just as I thought.

‘But you’re saying we can’t stop here, right?’

…A guy who has eaten meat said he knows how to eat it.

Because I already know the taste of power.

‘You could say that Genere covets the position of warchief even more.’

That’s why he was doing his best to prepare for the upcoming House of Representatives selection contest.

As an elder-level warrior aiming for the position of warchief, how to prepare for the House of Representatives selection competition, an event for young warriors…

It was like this.

“I’d like to say hello. “These three people are the ‘young seolhos’ that I originally selected.”

“…This is Roho.”


“This is Ka Ka Kadira…”

The three people who came with Gener were candidates for the House of Representatives from the Snow Lake tribe.

If I hadn’t shown up, these young people would have competed in the election to represent the port city of Eru.

In other words, they are representative players.

‘Let’s just stay still…’

I was lost in thought as I looked at their flushed faces.

The number of members of the Beast Tribe’s House of Representatives was probably 50, right?’

So, these three people are ambitious people who want to be in the top 50 among all the young people of the 5 Beast Tribes…

‘It also means that they are young talented people who satisfied the eyes of that strict politician Gener.’

But now their pride and ambition had been cruelly shattered.


So the eyes were flashing with an unusual force.

Because of me.

Guennere was hoping for a clear victory in the race for the House of Representatives.

That’s why he was trying to use me as a great warrior, which caused a rift between them.

…Remove the stone that rolled away.

It could not be anything other than a proverb that most accurately expresses the current situation.

The tryouts are only a week away, so I don’t understand why they’re suddenly trying to bring in a stranger and add him to the team.

‘I think so too.’

Of course, there is no way you will lose your seat as a member of the House of Representatives to a stranger.

A great warrior is literally just a warrior who fights instead, and only one person can be hired per team.


‘Still, it’s natural that when one person comes in, one person has to leave, right?’

Even so, the warlike beast warrior loses his chance to fight.

‘…I’m going to be pissed.’

In other words, this could be said to be a matter of pride for the warrior.

That’s why his eyes were flashing dangerously.

‘But since it’s something the tribe’s elders tell you to do, you won’t be able to fight back, right?’

The three people had just come along, crying and eating mustard.

And as soon as it saw me, it started shooting lasers.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

Why did he suddenly come out of nowhere and interfere with the Beast Tribe’s affairs?


The three people were fighting silently towards me.

But I chuckled.

Did you say Rojo Argi Kadira?

‘Yes, the eyes are nice.’

I now had no reason to be afraid of guys of this level.

I can’t say it’s perfect yet, but for now I have three S-level sword skills.

After solving the problem of magic immunity in my mana heart with spiritual magic, I now have a new magic magic megitronic…

‘I can easily deal with the House of Representative candidates from the 5 Beast Tribes.’

Moreover, the NPCs of the 5 Beast Tribes were vulnerable to psychological attacks using illusions, which I like to use.

So, there was absolutely no reason for me to flinch from those dazzling eye attacks.

‘But that’s what it is.’

It seemed like there was a need to suppress the momentum a bit.

And Genere wanted that too.

“Before a full-scale team reorganization, I would like Lord Seid to give these guys some lessons.”


“Yes, it’s about checking your level as a warrior and considering how best to organize your team.”


The words were flashy, but the point was very simple.

‘Prove your abilities as a wizard, right?’

That was natural.

Will my skills as a warrior be helpful to the team or not?

First of all, if we consider that, there would be a justification for destroying this team and rebuilding it.

“How is it? “Please compete with the youngest ‘Khadira’.”

Gener grinned wickedly.

“For your information, our Kadira is an excellent hunter who specializes in using bows and swords.”

So that means he’s a long-distance striker, right?

“Perhaps, since the roles overlap with that of Lord Seid, who is a wizard, it would be a good idea to test your skills and switch roles…”

At his words, I quietly looked at the female warrior called ‘Kadira’.

Roho and Argi were male warriors armed with swords and spears, and they showed signs of being quite skilled.

Kadira, the only female warrior among the three, still had a fluffy feeling on her face.


And for some reason, he seemed very nervous.


I felt puzzled for a moment, but soon figured out the reason.

Among the books Giloshan read was this passage:

…The warriors of the Five Beast Tribes, who still retain the customs of the ancient society, try not to think much of the wizards of the North, but are deeply afraid of them.

That’s because there is a widespread false rumor that northern wizards are demons and that they are evil beings who eat the flesh of beautiful women and drink their blood… -Reim Mergit about all kinds of barbarism outside the empire


‘So, you think I might be a black devil with my face hidden like this, don’t you?’

That’s why the female warrior harbors fear.

The male warriors seemed to be showing even more hostility.

‘…That’s funny.’

Shall we play something?

I chuckled and grabbed the hood of my bubble cape.

And that moment when you pull back and take off the hood.

I started the skill.

[Illusion Magic: Mystic Area]

Using my magic, I created an image that was much more vicious than what was in their heads.



“It’s a monster!”

The three surprised people each let out different exclamations.

I must have been imagining the black appearance of a devil, so when I saw my face, I looked like I was going to fall back in shock.

Among them, Kadira’s reaction was especially true.

“This is crazy…”

The inner voice slowly leaked out to the point where I had to hastily cover my mouth.

I smiled and put the hood back on, but the female warrior couldn’t take her eyes off me.

“Khadira! “You must never lose!”

“…Be careful, Kadira. “Don’t lose your warrior mindset.”

The male warriors came to their senses belatedly and started talking one by one.

“Uh oh…”

But Kadira was completely frozen.

It wasn’t just the warriors who were surprised.

“I’m quite surprised, Lord Seid.”

General Manager Genere was also twitching his eyes with a bewildered expression.

But even for a moment.

“Anyway, when would it be a good time to compete with Kadira?”

The guy’s eyes twinkled as he reminded me of his intentions.

It didn’t matter if it was your face, of course, it just meant that you should quickly prove your skills.

“Do you need some time to prepare? Should we do it tomorrow?”

I shook my head.

“no. “There is no need to waste time.”

Then I turned my head and looked at my opponent.

“Let’s do it right now. Just attack them all at once.”

The person I wanted was not Kadira.

“Are you going to attack us all at once? “What is that?”

“…Are you sure you’re talking to the two of us? Are you going to fight us two-on-one? Is that it?”

“that’s right.”



These are Roho and Argi.

I was showing my ambition to compete with two male warriors at once.

‘Why do we have to do that?’

It was to test the extent of my own strength since I had acquired new powers.

“Are you sure you want to do that? Are you confident?

Gener gives a worried look.

‘…Are you confident?’

Let’s see.

What if I am in my current state?


After opening my status for a moment and reviewing it, I had no choice but to come to this conclusion.

“Honestly, I’m not confident. “Let’s give it a try.”

When I answered that way, Gener nodded with an impressed expression.

“Oh oh… I see. This is the posture of a great warrior.”

I burst out laughing at those words.

In fact, he omitted part of what I said.

‘Yeah, I’m not confident.’

…I’m not sure I’ll lose.

A fight where there is absolutely no way to lose.

‘I think I’ll win with three, not two.’

That’s how much I had grown to the point where I could completely defeat Roho and Argi.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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