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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 181

Episode 181:


: The tryouts are just one day away.

“Are you ready to leave? “Lord Seide?”

That’s why Genere had been wandering around in front of our tent since early morning.


And the expedition team waiting for me behind it.

The warriors of the Snow Lake tribe, who had arrived in five or six wagons and carriages, were casting curious glances at me.

Also, in those eyes, I could see a glimpse of excitement about a trip that had been a long time coming.


“Lord Kermal, it seems it is time for us to leave, so please gather the merchants.”

As I looked back and spoke, Kermal Carmodo nodded.

“Yes, Lord Seid.”

The Blue Flame Knights were still pretending to be at the top of the empire.

Baron Carmodo, the leader of the knights, naturally acted as a merchant and treated me as a guard wizard.

The knights that the empire is proud of….

“Hey guys! “Everyone, take out your bags!”

“Oh my gosh, I got scolded for being sore. “It’s almost like there are boils all over my buttocks.”

“Hey, what time does it take to get to Makcardi? “Let’s go quickly!”

They became clumsy bundle merchants and began preparing for their journey.

‘…Why have all these kids’ acting skills improved so much?’

Well anyway.

The capital of the five beast tribes was a fortress city called ‘Macardi’.

The direct jurisdiction of the warchief, located about a day’s ride north from Port Eru.

The House of Representatives selection contest was scheduled to take place right there.

It also meant that all of the best young warriors of the Beast Race would gather in one place.

Although it was not as big as the Revolutionary Army’s Aurax or the Empire’s Kertion, Makadi was also one of the formidable large cities.

But tomorrow, warriors from five tribes spread across the country were scheduled to flock in at once.

‘So the city will probably be on the verge of collapse.’

An excessive influx of people can cause various problems.

This is especially true for the five tribe members who are burning up their rivalry ahead of the selection competition.

Therefore, strict control was required throughout Makadi city during the selection period.

There was a need to rein in the beast race, which ran wild like an unbridled maniac and easily revealed its fangs like a wild animal.

Oh, who will hold the reins?

‘Of course he is the warchief.’

…’Modrin’ of the mountain goat tribe.

She is the current chieftain of the Five Beast Tribes and one of the greatest hunters in their history.

< Modrin >

[Character] As a hunter of the mountain goat tribe, she rose to the position of warchief and raised the five beast tribes into one of the powers that divide the continent.

When it comes to hunting and war, he is the greatest expert that no one on the continent can match.


‘He was also an unfortunate person who died heroically along with the high-ranking warriors of the beast tribe as the continental war progressed.’

Having played the original, I remembered it exactly.

In fact, Modrin’s death was also due to her son.

When the Continental War broke out, her son, who was a member of the House of Representatives and a warrior, died miserably.

Mordrin, whose eyes were rolled back with anger and despair, died unexpectedly while leading the warriors at the forefront, despite being the warchief.

‘…But what was his name?

Oh, I guess it was some kind of Kir?

That moment when I was embarrassed because I couldn’t remember a person who was quite important.


At that moment, the name popped out.

These were words that came out from the Snow Lake tribe expedition team that set out for Makadi.

“I guess the one who will take first place in this selection is Eikir, right?”

“Well, that’s what everyone said.”

“Honestly, where does the Warchief’s blood go? Do you think you will take the position of warchief again someday?”

“…Those damn mountain goats.”

The young warriors of the Snow Tiger tribe driving the carriage were shaking their heads.

‘Yes, it was Eikir.’

I scratched my cheek.

I felt a little uneasy because there were things I couldn’t remember for some reason from last time.

Anyway, this is the result of Eikir dying in vain in the continental war.

The five wild beast tribes lose their leader and are driven to the edge of a cliff.

If the player helps the beast tribe, they will at least maintain their existence…

If not, they will be exterminated.

This was the end of the continent’s third great power, the beast race.

The continental war that started with the Magic Empire was nothing short of a catastrophe with such disastrous results.

‘Well, anyway, Aikir is also participating in this House of Representatives selection contest.’

As the young warriors of the Snow Lake tribe predicted, the first place in this selection will be Eikir.

Eikir, who inherited the bloodline of Warchief Modrin, was exceptionally skilled, but

The number of members of the House of Representatives is 50.

The 5 Beast Tribes are also made up of five tribes.

Assuming each tribe took exactly ten seats, it was just fine.

‘But if you’re going to distribute seats so equitably, is there a need for a selection contest?’

…The House of Representatives contest exists to encourage competition among young warriors.

Therefore, naturally, the five tribes compete for the fifty seats.

The number of participating teams is approximately 300, and the seat of the House of Representatives is given to one team leader.

Here, three people formed a team, so it was a huge tournament with as many as 900 warriors participating.

‘…But among them, there are only three teams that can defeat the Aikir team of the mountain goat tribe.’

However, as the bracket was organized exquisitely, we never had to meet them.

As a result, everyone became members of the House of Representatives.

‘Well, that’s why they all died in the Continental War…’

This is a story from a future that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, they were all just young warriors full of blood.


And I expected that among the team members there would be a human who serves the god Kali.

In the original work of < Sin.Ver.se >, Kali did not reside in a specific NPC.

‘If it had resided in a specific NPC, I wouldn’t be going through this trouble.’

Kali hides her existence among nameless, unspecified NPCs.

He hid himself completely and waited for the player to search him.

Thanks to this, it was a cumbersome and annoying quest to solve, but…

‘Kali is such an important god and a very important person in the progress of the story.

It was also a quest that gave enormous experience rewards.

Therefore, I had told Vinokharas to closely detect Kali’s divine power.

“Hmm, I guess I’ll be able to enter Makadi around tomorrow morning.”

As the stage for the selection competition was getting closer, it was time to put all of our effort into the search.

However, the work encountered an unexpected ambush.


Piyong slowly approached me and opened his mouth.


“I’ve been putting a lot of effort into detecting Kali’s divine power for a few days now, right? “By detecting unique patterns of divine power and tracing back the connection point with the heavenly world.”

“Are you doing well?”

“thank you. But that doesn’t work.”

“Detection is not working? “Why?”


The dragon girl took a moment to choose her words.

“Whenever those warriors of the Snow Lake tribe come close to me, the detection wavelength is distorted, as if they are being hit by some kind of jammer.”


“That’s right, three guys came to attack your father a few days ago, right? Even then, strange distortions occurred, so I thought there was something strange…”

That was the story of when the Gener manager brought Rojo Argi Kadira.

“Right now, there are about a dozen people gathered together, so we can’t even get started. If this continues, it will be impossible for me to find Kali, right?”

It’s strange.

Detection magic doesn’t work properly when Snow Tiger tribe members are nearby?


I scratched my beard and thought for a moment.

And I was able to find my own reason.

“Ah, is it because they are the Snow Tiger tribe of Port Eru? “Because they serve ‘Michala’?”

Yeah, that could be it.

This was a magical problem.

In fact, speaking of the original < Sin.Verse > game….

‘The strategy of finding Kali using dragon magic is impossible.’

In the game, dragons, although powerful, were just pets anyway.

Therefore, it was not possible to carry out the complex command to detect and find Kali’s divine power.

‘But the Piyong of this world is truly a great magical creature…’

He was able to help me in various ways using his powerful magical abilities.

But it was not omnipotent.

Like now.

“Pi Yong, it seems like a disturbance in divine power is occurring right now.”


“In the beast race, the sailors at the port usually worship a god called ‘Michala’… This Michala is the goddess who presides over ‘imagination’, right?”

“A goddess of imagination…?”

“Yes, that’s why the detection ability is distorted. Do you understand?”

“iced coffee! huh! okay!”

…As expected, my daughter is smart.

‘The divine power of imagination.’

It had the function of distorting part of the essence and mixing the wrong wavelengths little by little.

That is why Vinokharas was unintentionally interfering with the detection power he had developed to capture Kali’s divine power.

In other words, everyone is emitting natural jamming waves without realizing it.

“So the detection magic didn’t work properly?”

“That’s right, it would be a bit difficult to avoid Michala’s power. “I think we need to do something different.”

“Hmm. Okay, Dad. “I’ll think about it!”

“Yes, please.”

Meanwhile, the carriage left the boring forest road and began to approach the open plain.

Right at the end of the road, a huge castle wall began to appear.

I was thrilled by that sight.

‘…the citadel city of Makcardi.’

The majesty of the castle walls that were actually revealed was enormous.

Makadi’s huge walls stretched endlessly to the left and right as if they were going to replace the horizon.

In addition, tall watchtowers were erected at regular intervals, like giants stretching their massive arms toward the sky.

It was a castle wall that boasted a magnificent force, as if it could trap anything in the world and crush it under its feet.

It was more than the Great Wall of China in the real world, but not less.

‘But even this great building was completely destroyed by the emperor’s hands…’

That’s when I frowned and thought.

“Lord Seid.”

Gener approached me and said:

“This took a little while, but we have finally finalized the composition of our team.”

“…Is that so?”

The story was that they had selected a player to replace Rojo Argi, who had been beaten and collapsed by me a few days ago.

“Hey, come here!”

Gener gestured toward one of the young warriors of the Snow Lake tribe.

And then a huge mixed-blood orc approached.



When I recognized that face, I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

‘Why is he here?’

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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