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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 186

Episode 186


[Win the first match and advance to the next match.]

[The opponent has not yet been decided.]

I quietly smiled at the message of victory.

‘After all, Shaq Lovren did it.’

Just looking at the combat power I checked earlier, Shaq Lovren had a fighting power on par with that of Nut.

So it wasn’t that difficult to subdue the other two.

This will be especially true if you get help from Kadira, an excellent ranger.

‘I don’t know how Shark grew so quickly…’

Well, I’m comfortable.

Anyway, that was the moment when Team Nute surrendered.


The scenery surrounding me changed with a twist.

Through the beast race’s magic, the space world that had been separated was merged again and returned to its original place.

And beast tribe medical staff came out from all directions and rushed at Nut.

“Healing liquor! hurry!”

“Bring me the Bo-suture tassel too! hurry!”

They were making a fuss to give first aid to Nut, who had collapsed and was bleeding profusely.

This guy was one of the best prospects among the entire 5 Beast Tribes.

“Get the blood first!”

“No, supply magical power first! Most!”

They seemed desperate to save their lives somehow.

But there was no need to make such a fuss.

“uh? “This bleeding…”

“I think it’s already stopped?”

“The severed arm was right next to me. “I think you can put it on right away?”

…Because I have already taken all the measures.

“That guy did it.”


“That guy. “This is the great warrior of the Snow Lake tribe.”

Nut, who was lying on the ground, focused on me.

Thanks to that, people’s eyes were all on me.

“Oh, the great warrior of the Snow Lake tribe….”

“Schafen Seid?”

Those were the words muttered by those among the medical staff who looked over the list of participants.

Well, I didn’t do it to make a name for myself.

“…Thank you, Seid.”

The young warrior of the field mouse tribe bowed his head to me with a deeply impressed expression.

‘I don’t feel bad.’

I shrugged and turned away.

“Take care of that arm. “Because I don’t want to hold any unnecessary grudges.”

After confirming that Nute was receiving first aid from the medical staff, I erased one candidate from my mind.

‘…there’s no Kali.’

The God of Erasure was not a god who would stand by and watch as the human body he resided in became completely incapacitated.

‘He’s the god who will jump out right away, restore Nut’s body, and attack me directly.’

But there was no change.

If so, it means that Nut is not a human who serves Kali.

There were now two candidates remaining.

Ukoha of the Desert Snake Tribe.

‘And Eikir of the mountain goat tribe.’

Of the two, the one with a higher probability is…

‘I guess it’s Eikir?’

For some reason, I had that feeling.

Of course, you should check it.

‘It just feels like that.’

Facing Eikir in the final round of the selection competition.

In the end, he will face Kali, who protrudes from inside the b*stard.

It was very vague, but I had that feeling.

* * *

Warchief Mordrin crossed his arms and frowned.

“Hmm, Team Nute was defeated.”

Then, one of the five people sitting in a row to her left and right reacted very violently.

“what? “Our Nute lost?”

He was the chieftain of the field mouse tribe.

If the ‘warchief’ is the leader of the alliance that rules over all five beast tribes.

The ‘small chief’ was the head representing each of the five tribes.

Although they had a slightly lower rank than a warchief, they were still able to exercise absolute ruling power within their tribe.

Upon hearing the news that Nut had been defeated, the small chieftain of the field mouse tribe looked in disbelief.

“That can’t be possible! Nonsense! “It’s a lie!”

But Modrin laughed.

“Have you ever seen me lie? “Sigrus?”

And there was no need to lie.

The warchief was in charge of the selection procession, but it was the beast spirit who conducted it.

No matter how much Modrin tried, he couldn’t overturn the result.

Meanwhile, the beast spirits continued to relay the results of the confrontation through mental waves.

Modrin quietly muttered.

“Hmm, Nut was hurt pretty badly? I could have lost my life. Fortunately, he didn’t die.”

The warchief laughed curiously in the face of the unexpected result.

“what? oh my god! Unbelievable! Nut! “Oh my Nut is hurt!”

However, the small chief of the field mouse tribe turned white and hurriedly got up and ran outside.

He couldn’t just sit still after hearing the news that his favorite young warrior had been seriously injured.

“…Impatient Sigrus.”

Modrin clicked his tongue.

“I will go and see at least the confrontation scene.”

Well, as someone who loved Nut, it was somewhat harsh to see him suffer.

But other small chieftains were not like that.

“Oh, have the beast spirits already sent the records?”

“Seeing as they collected and sent the records so quickly, I guess the spirits were quite impressed, right?”

“You mean Nut, the field mouse tribe, was destroyed? Are you really curious? “Mordrin, show us!”

“I agree. “Show me right away.”

The remaining small chieftains worked hard to recruit the large chieftain.

“okay. “Wait a moment.”

Using a spell, she slowly began to replay the scene.

The record, which was not very long, captured the confrontation between the field mouse tribe and the snow tiger tribe from the perspective of a third party, the beast spirits.

Both teams moved very slowly.

The battlefield, which was copied from part of Makadi, was quite large.

Because of this, it was impossible to predict where the opponent would be moving at all.

But the silence was broken before long.

-stop. The enemy is approaching.

The moment the guy who was guarding the rear of the Snow Lake tribe said that.

-I think it’s time to show up. I’m going to take a detour to the right, so time it right and hit me.

At that moment, Nut from the field mouse tribe also began to separate from his group and act.


A ranger from the Snow Lake tribe was seen placing his hand on the ground.

-…Two people are moving!

Kadira demonstrated a detection ability that was as amazing as its reputation.

He had begun to closely track the movements of the vole tribe members who were far away.

But Nut is one step ahead of her.

-Yeah, I can feel it. This way.

He had already secured a route to detour and target the opponent’s flank.

The small chieftains who had been watching up to that point spoke one word at a time.

“Everyone is great…?”

“I don’t think even a decent number of veteran warriors would be able to fight such a high-level skirmish.”

“Elder Gener boasted that he had recruited a great warrior. Was that true?”

“It’s quite exciting.”

It was truly a clash between detection abilities beyond the human realm and animal-like sixth sense.

The time when the eyes of the small chieftains sparkled.


In the record, a bombing occurred out of nowhere, raising up clouds of dust.


The chieftains frowned, unable to properly understand the situation even though they were clearly watching.

However, the warriors in the records moved urgently.

-Wizard! Something is moving again!

-9 o’clock! 16 meters! It’s getting closer! 14 meters! 12 meters!

…next moment.


An explosion erupted again, followed by a sharp scream.


It was Nut.

I dodged the wizard’s first attack, but I could not dodge the second attack.

He fell miserably, like a doll whose strings had been cut, with fresh blood pouring out.


“oh my god!”

“…just twice?”

The surprised chieftains could not easily keep their mouths shut.

“Did everyone just see it? saw?”

“That’s the wizard of the North?”

“No, it’s very different from the wizards I know, isn’t it? “Since when did we start calling ‘bomb throwers’ ‘wizards’?”

“You’re crazy…”

The chiefs figured out how Nut, the ace of the field rat tribe, was neutralized.

Naturally they soon became curious about the wizard who had performed the miracle.

“My name is ‘Schafen Seid,’ a second-level wizard from the Northern Alliance.”

“A second-level wizard? So at most it’s around 6 stars, right? “I’ve never seen such a strong 6-star wizard before?”

“It’s the same. “It’s so strong.”

“Maybe because he was a criminal wizard, he didn’t pass the Magic Tower’s promotion review?”

While the four small chieftains were talking about various things.

“Then how were the other two organized?”

Warchief Mordrin continued to watch the records.

And it was confirmed that one mixed-blood orc was able to easily subdue the field rat tribe members.

“…Where on earth did these monsters come from?”

I felt so devastated that I had no choice but to mutter that.


A quarter orc registered on the participant list with a name that is a bit unusual for a beast race.

Surprisingly, he succeeded in subduing the two vole tribe members by breaking all their limbs.




It was something that was accomplished without much effort.

While the small chieftains were in an argument over the enormous attack power of the foreign wizard.

After thinking for a moment, Modrin made a decision.

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to meet them sometime.”

It was a simple idea, as the chieftain, to meet the strong candidates for the championship.

* * *


Genere, holding a glass of wine, was smiling with a refreshing expression on his face.

“That was amazing! Sayde Ball! “Nute from the field mouse tribe is a strong candidate to be the next scout leader!”


“Oh, of course Shark was great too! “How can you kill two people at once?”


“Well, there isn’t much to say about Khadi. Good job though! “Well done!”

“…Thank you, Elder.”

The three of us ended up in the downtown area of Makadi after being caught by Genere, who made a fuss about buying us drinks.

Genere, who had watched me and Shark subdue the field rat tribe from the beginning, was very satisfied.

“I will compensate Lord Seid so that he will not be offended! Look forward to it! “Hehehehe!”

He must have remembered that he had hired me for 700 gold, and he continued to ramble on about it, spouting off useless nonsense.

Meanwhile, there were beast people around me who recognized me and were whispering.

“Hey look over there!”


“They are the snow tigers of Port Eru. “Didn’t you watch the first game at dawn?”

“Ah, you completely destroyed the Nute team of the field mouse tribe that participated in the southern region?”

“I heard that the person wearing that cloak is the great warrior of the Snow Lake tribe.”

“…They say it’s a monster.”

“I heard it too. “He’s absolutely crazy.”

This unprecedented praise was pouring in.

I shook my head.

‘Oh, it’s noisy.’

I wish I could go back to the Warrior’s Tower and get some sleep.

How on earth am I going to end this useless drinking party?

‘Or is there any way to at least use it?’

That’s when I was thinking that.

“I’m tired so I’ll just go in now. “Elder.”

…oh my god.

The player was taken away by Shark.

“uh? “You’re going?”

Gener did not respond yet, but the quarter orc got up and disappeared.

Hey, this is hitting the mark.

‘If this happens, I can’t escape, right?’

I thought I’d just talk about the down payment and give him some scolding.

‘Oh yeah. ‘You can talk about that because Shaq isn’t there, right?’

I took the opportunity and opened my mouth to Gener.

“Shark, that guy has a strangely different way of speaking.”

“Oh yeah. “That’s right.”

“I don’t even use the beast tribe dialect. “I’m half-Orc…”

“That’s right. “It’s definitely noticeable.”

Of course, there were plenty of sub-races and mixed-bloods in the beast race, so there was nothing particularly strange about it.

But it was enough to catch something.

“Now that we’re in the same boat, I’m saying this because I want to make sure.”

I looked straight at Gener and asked.

“Where are you from? That guy?”


Gener was silent for a moment.

And then a somewhat unexpected story began.

A guide to top-level extras

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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