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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 193

Episode 193

: Three-way battle

The reason I told them to summon the snow tiger was simple.

‘Because I promised to meet with Eikir as soon as possible and have a confrontation.’

So, Eikir’s side summoned a number of mountain goats and was subtly giving signals.

-Schafen Seid I am here. Come this way.

‘…This is what it means.’

So what if we respond by summoning the snow tiger, the exclusive patent of the snow tiger tribe?

Without wasting time, Eikir and I would be able to meet in no time.

Of course, it might look strange from the outside.

‘We’re targeting that too.’

From the moment I saw that there was snow terrain, I was very happy to plan this.

“Oh, that’s…”


However, the Snow Tiger tribe members I had with me clearly looked embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to use the snow tiger summoning technique. “I couldn’t learn because of personal reasons.”

Shark answers while scratching his head.

I continued to interrogate him while tilting my head.

“What does that mean? “Even a small tiger is fine, so try summoning it.”

“…impossible, no matter the size. As I said, I never learned that skill.”

“I’m from the snow tiger tribe, so I can’t act like a snow tiger? Does that make sense?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s right.”

“I really don’t understand… They say that everyone from the Beast Tribe’s Snow Tiger tribe knows how to use it.”


Shaq purses his lips as if he has nothing more to say.

Seeing that, I smiled to myself and turned around.

‘Although Shaq is from the Beast Tribe, he has always lived in the revolutionary army camp.’

So it was natural that he didn’t know how to use the Snow Tiger Summoning Art.

Even though I knew that, I still asked.

Because that was a natural behavior for a foreign wizard who did not know the inside story of Shark.

But thanks to that, there was someone whose expression became even more determined.



She looked even more embarrassed than Shark.

The reason was as follows.

“I learned tiger summoning, but… I’m not that skilled. Originally, our team had a separate person in charge of snowflake summoning. “You don’t know.”

A voice creeping in.

I tilted my head and asked back.

“There was a separate person in charge of the snow tiger summoning technique? “Who is that?”

Of course, I knew, but I was just pretending not to know.

The female warrior answered, trying hard to hide her distorted expression.

“…It was Argi onii-sama.”

Roho and Argi were defeated by me.

Of the two, Argi, who was particularly quiet, was skilled at summoning.

Anyway, the person is not here now.

I answered casually.

“That’s a shame.”

“Yes, so I also have some tiger summoning skills…”

“But try it.”


“Aren’t you saying that you can summon it because you learned it? “Whether it’s a young tiger or an adult tiger, call it out first.”


Kadira’s expression changed strangely again.

It was probably only a negligible combat power anyway, so they thought I was suspicious because I kept asking for it.

-Aren’t you going to rig the match?

You may be thinking that way because you know me as a mean and conniving evil wizard.

“…It would be better to follow the words of leader Khadira.”

Unexpectedly, it was Shaq who came to my aid.

Kadira frowned.

“Shark, you too…?”

“It looks like the wizard has a way to use the tiger, so we’ll follow along. As it has been until now.”


Kadira seemed at a loss for words at those words.

As Shaq pointed out, the two of them moved purely according to my instructions in the previous two games.

As a result, they achieved an overwhelming victory over teams that were considered strong.

‘It means I did a hard carry.’

So what I was saying was that there was no need to raise questions now.

‘I didn’t expect Shaq to support my opinion.’

What’s wrong with this guy who can’t even talk?


Kadira sighed deeply.

“It’s really embarrassing.”

She eventually had no choice but to put both hands on the snow.

And then he slowly began to infuse his magic power.

‘A unique power possessed within the body as a member of the Snow Lake tribe.’

It was a process of integrating it with the natural environment of this place.


the white snow began to move like waves.

Something made of magical power was writhing and rising from the snow field that was thinly covering the ground.

A mass of magical power immediately took shape, opened its mouth, and roared softly.


‘Snow Tiger.’

It was a snow tiger.

A silver tiger, like the trademark of the Snow Lake tribe, revealed itself.

It was a natural fact that he wouldn’t attack me since he was our guardian, but…

‘But a tiger is a tiger.’

The eyes of a wild beast seen up close were terrifying in themselves.

But Kadira was trying to look away from it.

“…I’m going to die of embarrassment.”

As I confessed first, I wasn’t very proud of Snow Tiger’s condition.

I laughed softly.

“Yeah, it’s a bit small to use as a weapon. “It looks suitable as a pet, but…”

“Don’t make fun of it.”

“But it’s not a cat, is it?”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“What is this guy’s name?”

“…I’m not going to tell you.”

Kadira grumbled.

Ukoha of the Desert Snake Tribe summoned a basilisk that looked almost like a house.

Of course, that also meant that Ukoha was an excellent summoner.

‘Still, it’s normal for a well-trained summoner to summon a guardian of that size.’

In particular, the Snow Tiger was a summon that typically boasted a larger body than the Desert Basilisk.

However, the snow tiger that Kadira had summoned just looked like a tiger of a reasonable size.

‘I don’t think it would be that awkward even if I were trapped in a zoo.’

I swallowed down the words that would have made Kadira furious if I said them out loud.

“…Use Tiger Fear.”

I sent a chin gesture.

Kadira’s expression distorted again.

“Why are you piercing me?” He

asked, “Why do I have to make a tiger roar when I can get close to him as quietly as possible and attack him without losing his hat?”

But persuasion this time wasn’t that difficult.

Coo coo coo coo coo…!

The sound of the hooves of mountain goats that could be heard far away was slowly getting louder.

Kadira shouted with an expression of confusion.

“Baby, cry!”

…A cat?

* * *


The snow tiger on the screen howled fiercely.

The same was true for the loud presence of the mountain goats summoned by the Aikir team.

The snow tiger summoned by the Seid team was roaring fiercely as if it wanted to let the whole world know that it was here.

“…what? “Why is it like that?”

Those who were watching the three games from outside through the eyes of the beast spirit all felt something strange.

“Why such a strategy…?”

“Both teams are doing strange things.”

Covert maneuver.

Concealment and cover.

This was one of the most basic skills for warriors.

So, seeing a situation that did not make common sense, I had no choice but to raise questions.

The same was true for Modrin.

‘what? ‘Something’s going strangely.’

She was feeling suspicious as the best warrior and master of strategy and tactics in the beast race.

And on the other hand….

‘How dare you tamper with this sacred fight?’


I felt so angry that my clenched molars were about to break.

And the warchief was embarrassed.

‘Why am I like this? This shouldn’t be happening….’

His anger was so excessive that even Modrin himself felt strange.

It was a feeling of unknown origin.

‘Nothing is certain.’

The two teams haven’t even met yet.

I just took out the Guardian as if making a preliminary move to hit.

It was safe to think that it was a battle of momentum before a full-scale confrontation.

“Big hmm.”

But Modrin had to struggle to suppress his extreme anger.

‘I don’t know why I’m so angry.’

…Actually, it was God’s feeling.

Although it was still hidden deep in the human unconscious, it could not be expressed properly in language.

-fight. A proper fight…

It was the result of Kali’s consciousness, which quietly raised her head, gradually starting to influence the warchief.

The god of erasure, the strongest of the divine world.

He was able to create huge ripples in the human mind just by revealing a little of his consciousness like this.

However, Modrin was a warchief and a warrior trained to the limit.


While taking a deep breath.

‘Get rid of unnecessary emotions. Control of the shaking mind and body is entirely mine.’


the power of God, which I did not even know existed within, was driven out.

This was possible because she was a warrior of the highest rank who could control her mind and body to the limit.


Modrin calmed his suddenly excited heart.

“Come on, meet me…”

She started to focus on the game again.

However, if something goes wrong in that fight again, Kali’s consciousness will fluctuate again.

At that time, there was a high possibility that the spirit of the warchief would not be able to withstand it.

Although no one except Gilroshan knew…

in fact, an imminent crisis was just around the corner.


“Oh oh…!”

Fortunately, Kali’s consciousness did not come back to life in anger.

As many humans and one god wanted, the two teams in the stadium faced each other head on.


This was because a fierce fight began with a loud explosion.

The mountain goats that charge at you with ferocious force and the snow tigers that fight bravely despite their small size.

The tribe members who fight as guardians and the terrain that explodes constantly.

“okay! “This is a fight!”

“Win! “Snow tigers!”

“What are you doing! “Punch that cat away!”

The audience watching the game began shouting like crazy in excitement.

Of course, there was another highlight of this fight.

…Eikir and Schaffen Seid.

Those watching the two could not keep their mouths shut.

“oh my god. “Which side will win?”


The two people are engaged in a battle of the Middle Ages, so much so that not everyone watching can be sure.

They seemed to be constantly fighting and trying to inflict fatal wounds on each other.

But the circumstances were a little different.

* * *

Sushi Sisik!

Eikir was gritting his teeth and swinging his spear.

I swung the Hebiod and knocked it out.

And then it lunged straight into the guy’s chest.

The next moment, what I fired was not a blade, but a fist.

[Attack Technique: Regime Fasting]


The energy of the Manewoo Sword Technique that he had been using the entire time was instantly wrapped around his fist and poured out.


Eikir, who had been thrown far away by the blast, opened his eyes wide.

“What are you? “Is a wizard this good at fighting skills? Is he really a wizard from the North?”

I frowned.

“…Hey, don’t say useless lines and just attack me.”


Eikir gets up while gritting his teeth.

Actually, I didn’t know I would suddenly become this strong.

‘I haven’t even touched my swordsmanship skills.’

…Another insurance I prepared after explaining the plan to Eikir.

It was to raise the power of the Mana Heart I had to a higher level.

[Uses ‘Epigraph of Heaven and Earth’.]

[The grade of the comprehensive skill ‘Young Magic’ changes.]

Epitaph of Heaven and Earth.

‘It’s a buff item that I haven’t used since I got it from Gerard’s mansion.’

I had succeeded in upgrading my mana heart to the next level using that secret technique.

A guide to top-level extras

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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