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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 20

Episode 20

Reasonable Doubt

The first treasure chest had 50 gold coins hanging on it and was located 7 squares in front of the starting point.

Since this round started with the dealer, the purple dice were in her hand.

“let’s begin.”

I nodded.

‘The snow coming out this time is 2.’

With my thoughts, the dice left Hyran’s palm and rolled on the floor.

[I got 2.] As expected

, there were two eyes.

Now on the next turn, Hyran just needs to roll a 5.

Then, the 50 gold coins will be passed on to her.

But you probably won’t want to do that.

‘If you want to catch a tiger fish, you have to give it hope.’

Hailan will definitely try to hand over the 50 gold coins from that first treasure chest to me.

They’ll also throw you the second or fourth ‘Shield of Balance’.

In that way, I will try to take control of this game by taming my desires as my own.


it crackles.

‘I’m sorry, but you are the black cow.’

While thinking to myself, I threw the dice in my hand onto the table.

The moment the dice stopped spinning.


Hailan made a strange sound.

[I got a 6.]

He looked visibly embarrassed.

I laughed to myself at that sight.

When a professional shows his/her emotions to this extent, does he/she use it?

‘Of course I should have been surprised.’

Originally, the number on the die that was supposed to come out this time was 4.

Psychologically, it was a number that felt perfect for taking the first treasure chest.

However, the number that actually popped up was 6, so it must have been very embarrassing.

“Hmm? Why is that? Are you sick?”

When I asked a question while blinking my eyes naturally, she cleared her throat.

“no. “Stop because the room is dry.”

I almost burst out laughing.

This is a fun woman.

My throat is sore that I say ‘Uhm’?

“Yes. “Because it’s dry, my throat feels a bit sore and I make nonsense.”

I smiled and handed him the dice.

“Now throw it.”


I avoid eye contact, as if I know it’s embarrassing.

Hyran threw the dice.

[I got 3.]

Then she nodded with a look that seemed to show some understanding.

“Then I will send you three spaces forward.”

Hailan’s horse gallantly moved forward and stopped with 2 spaces left on the board with 50 gold coins.

It was also the board right before my words.

‘I’m glad there are no horse catching rules.’

There would have been more things to think about if there had been a rule, like in Yutnori, to send a horse back to the starting point if it catches up with it.

The dice were back in my hand.


I looked at the board while feeling the texture inside my fist.

First of all, there was a treasure chest with 50 gold coins right in front of it.

But I wasn’t planning on eating this.


[A 4 came out.]

The die I threw revealed a 4.

‘I guess this came out as expected, right?’

So Hailan didn’t react much.

You might be thinking that the number 6 that popped up earlier was a coincidence.

I’m sure it will.

But that was definitely not a coincidence.

In fact, I could throw the dice however I wanted.

‘You can make the same number keep coming out.’

It was my intention to throw a 6 at the start.

Rolling a 4 right now doesn’t deviate from my intention, so I just let the dice follow the pattern.

This was impossible simply by knowing the pattern of the dice.

‘In addition, I need to be able to manipulate patterns.’

Interfering with the pattern of the dice to make numbers appear as you wish.

It was simpler than I thought.


“Oh, what a shame. “1 should have appeared.”

I grumbled as I watched my horse pass the first treasure chest.

Then Hyran smiled.

“You can take it next time.”

“Oh, I think we’ll eat there before that?”

“haha. “Maybe so.”

Hyran said he thought I might eat the first treasure chest, but deep down, he must be thinking about handing it over to me.

And will try to hand it over to me.

‘Because that’s the way to catch tiger fish.’

But that didn’t work out as intended.

Because I took care of it in advance.


[Rolled 2.]

[Opened the first treasure chest.]


“Look, you ate it in an instant.”

The dice that left Hyran’s hand showed a 2.

Even the embarrassed woman’s eyes were pouring out the question, ‘Why is this?’

That was sincere.

Obviously, it was supposed to be a 4, but since a 2 came up, I ate the treasure chest that I had no intention of eating…

‘How embarrassing can I be? I can’t insist on going back in the current situation.’

The secret was in my hands.

Knowing the pattern of the dice, I was able to predict which snow would come next.

And surprisingly, I could have skipped it.

Just like this.

Tap, tap, tap.

The dice handed over from Hyran were secretly thrown three times.

It was something that happened invisibly inside my fist.

And the next moment.

[Rolled 4.]

[Opened the second treasure chest.]

[Obtained the Shield of Balance!]


A shocked silence fell.

Hylan’s eyes were seen shaking like crazy.

I put my hand on my chest and sighed heavily in relief.

“But luckily I got one haha.”

But a fuss started behind me.

It was Kals and Tirvaen who treated me like a gambling addict until now.

“wow! “Did you pick it now?”

“I heard you can’t even use slugs for medicine!”

…Isn’t that ‘They say even slugs have a knack for rolling’?

Irgal was equally excited.

“How did you do it? “I don’t think it was just a coincidence, do you?”

“Oh, don’t be so creepy and go away.”

I feel sick again.

Anyway, like Irgal said, this wasn’t a coincidence.

I was manipulating the pattern by ‘lightly throwing the dice in my hand.’

‘Once the dice are thrown on the table, that part is skipped.’

For example, if a pattern called ‘4-5-6’ is waiting and I want to roll a 6, I throw the dice twice without being seen.

Then, you can skip 4 and 5 and immediately move to 6.

If I had to give it a name, would I call it ‘throwing blackmail’?

This was the strategy for ‘Dice of Death’ that I knew.

This was a surefire method that was properly implemented in the original < Shin.Ver.se > game.

‘In the original work, it was said to be a practice throw, so a separate window was displayed.’

There was even a separate interface so that patterns could be passed separately rather than throwing the dice on the table right away.

I used to wonder why newbies had practice in things like throwing dice.

The stagnant characters were put to great use whenever they were stuck with dealer NPCs like this.

‘All you have to do is turn on the notepad, skim through the game a couple of times, and write down the patterns.’

Once you have figured out the pattern, you can easily win a share by raising the stake and robbing the NPC.

This was a useful tip used in the black market.

‘If you try to steal it too obviously, problems will arise.’

Hiran, who senses that the trick was discovered, may turn the tables and drop the game.

‘If the damage is too great, they resort to force to recover the money.’

In that case, a fight would be unavoidable.

Now I was using the dice, being careful about that part.


‘Anyway, it will be revealed at the end of the game.’

If you’re trying to rob the dealer, you can’t avoid monopolizing the treasure chest to a strange degree.

Anyway, I had no intention of giving Hyran anything other than box number 1.

‘I eat the rest.’

At that time, Hairan said with a smile.

“The customer took box number 2? congratulations.”

“Haha, I got lucky. “I had no idea that 4 would come out there.”

I smiled roughly and handed him the dice.

No pattern manipulation was done.

All I have to do is rob this dealer with minimal manipulation of the pattern.

Best scenario?

That means I won’t find out that I’m using the trick in reverse until I pass treasure chest number 4.

‘Only if the dealer’s horse comes up to half of the number, you can prevent it from going backwards and safely lose all of the winnings.’

Once you pass number 4, it becomes similar to going backwards or running straight to the finish line.

From then on, whether you get caught or not, just eat everything and run.

I rested my chin and smiled.

“Now then, let’s throw it, shall we?”

* * *

The watershed was quickly approaching.

Thanks to my intense thinking in advance, treasure chest number 3 naturally fell to me, and I was able to eat 50 gold coins without arousing Hyran’s suspicions.

But number 4 was different.


I was quietly frowning as I looked at the board.

‘As expected, a problem arises here.’

Right now, Hailan and I were only one space apart.

In order to eat treasure chest number 4, Hiran only had to land 5 or 4.

The problem was the eyes of the dice that came next.

Now it was Hyran’s turn to throw…

‘Next comes a 5.’

I knew exactly that.

If you do this, box number 4 will be taken away by Hiran without you doing anything.

As you know, there is a ‘Shield of Balance’ hanging in this box.

“customer? “You need to give me some dice, right?”

Hiran is grinning behind his mask as he plans to extort 180 gold from me.

‘What should I do? If you change the pattern here, you will definitely be suspected.’

That brief moment when I was lost in thought while fiddling with the dice in my hand.



Irgal, who had been quiet until now, suddenly moved.

The guy next to me suddenly stretched out his upper body wide.


I sneezed so hard that I fainted.

But it wasn’t a gentle thing to do.


The guy coughed and hit the table with both fists forcefully.


In an instant, one side tilted, causing Hiran to stumble and even me, who was resting my chin on the edge, was swept away.


As I was struggling to hold on to something, the dice in my hand ended up slipping away somewhere.

I was very embarrassed as I fell to the floor.

‘Why in the world is there all this smoke?’

That sneeze was extremely awkward.

Even if it was just acting, the timing was insanely awkward.

‘It seems like you’re just trying to help me in crisis, right?’

Honestly, it’s not that big of a crisis!

There must have been some other way!

Sure enough, Irgal was whispering softly to me.

“Now that I’ve distracted you, go ahead and do something!”

“Hey, I didn’t ask you to, why are you doing this?”

…That’s it. That’s it.

Let’s just not talk.

This guy also has all his assets at stake. How dare he do this?

‘But now that I think about it, it’s a bit strange, isn’t it?’

You must have been playing before I showed up, but only 92 gold coins?

Is this a little strange?

But there was something even stranger, so my thoughts had to stop there.

As I tangled with Irgal and fell, I ended up pressing my nose into his side.



I was extremely embarrassed by the smell that passed my nose.

Strange flower scent.

It was the scent flowing from Irgal.

It was such a horrible thing to say, but…

‘It smells like something pleasant.’

Thanks to this, I fell into complete confusion.

What on earth? This guy?

No, am I being weird?

“Sir?Are you okay?”

When Hiran asked, I almost shouted, ‘I think I’m crazy!’ but I barely held it in.

Then, I found the dice, grabbed them, got up, and hit the table once.


Without missing the opportunity, I rolled the dice in my hand once.

With this, 5 has passed.

[I got 1.]


Hiran, who missed treasure chest number 4, couldn’t help but flutter in frustration.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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