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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 202

Episode 202 Three-way


‘Where am I?’

Modrin was floating in a distant dream world.


There was a roar coming from somewhere very far away.

‘It sounds as vague as a memory.’

Right now, it felt as light as a passing breeze to her.

Everything was incredibly soft and comfortable.

A gray space with an unidentifiable warmth.

She liked it there.

‘I want to stay here forever.’

The thought was that I wanted to escape from my original, terrible world and stay in this space forever.


Modrin, who was enjoying the gray space, suddenly thought.

‘But where did I originally live?’

It was such an ugly and disgusting world…?

I don’t know.

I don’t remember at all.

My mind felt hazy, like there was fog.

But she grinned.

‘How about anything?’

Modrin had no intention of leaving the gray space anyway.

Nothing will get her out of here.

Even if this space eats you up.

‘…I will live here.’

She would rather be one with this sublime space.

If you do that, you may be able to forget this pain and anxiety forever.

As time passed, she slowly began to forget who she was.


The proof was that I could no longer even think of my own name, ‘Modrin’.

But right then.



A huge, unidentifiable shout came from somewhere.


The gray space groaned and shook at the violent intrusion.

At the same time, the feeling of pain she had forgotten for a moment came back and tormented her.

‘mother? What is it? Just leave me alone. ‘Don’t do anything to me!’

However, contrary to her wishes, the cry did not end with just one cry.

-mother! mother!

The voice was filled with earnestness and rang even louder.

Accordingly, the gray space shrank.

‘what? Who is it?’

Modrin blinked.

‘It’s a voice I recognize…?’

He realized that the voice shouting at him was somehow familiar.

So Modrin rose from the gray space that was encroaching on him.

And asked a question.

‘who is this? ‘Who is calling me mother now?’

Then Gray answered.

‘No, it’s nothing.’


‘Ignore it. There was nothing like that from the beginning. You just have to return to a state of peaceful nothingness. That’s all you need.’

‘The state of nothingness…’

‘Because nothingness is the final destination of this cursed world. There is no other ending.’

But Modrin managed to shake off the gray space.

-mother! Come back! Can’t you see your son!

Because now I could feel that voice completely clearly.

Modrin shuddered.

And then I realized.

‘…my son! ‘Eikir!’

All the memories I had forgotten for a while came to mind.

The scenes of her life that had passed her by so far quickly seeped into her.

Violent emotions burst out, as if pouring oil on a fire.

Modrin let out a mental scream, shedding tears.

‘iced coffee! ‘Eikir!’

How could I have forgotten that name?

Even if you forget the whole world, as a mother you cannot forget your son!

‘where! Where are you now! I’m going! ‘Stay right there!’

After losing her husband in vain, Modrin lived only for her young son.

But I had completely forgotten about that child.

The moment when Modrin frantically blamed himself and looked away to escape.

‘…That’s stupid. Refusing to be reduced to nothingness.’

The gray space opened its mouth again and spoke.

It was bound to be a strange thing for a space with mellow light to make its own voice.

But now Modrin could know its identity.


God of erasure.

It was thanks to him that he even remembered the fact that he was controlling him.

The female warrior shouted at God.

‘Give me back my body right now! If you don’t, I’ll kill even God!’

The gray space laughed lowly at her sharp declaration.

‘You would kill even a god?’

…A truly welcome story.

‘Okay then, I’ll give you a chance.’

God threw something to the prisoner he had locked up.

A sword with a black blade.

And Kali, covered in gray, smiled darkly.

‘I beg you, please.’

God prayed to the man holding the sword.

‘Try to kill me.’

* * *


I sighed.

‘Ever since I found out that Kali was inhabited by the Warchief, I thought it wouldn’t be anything serious, but…’

It was more serious than I thought.

If I had known this would happen, I would have changed my plan a bit.

“…How can that thing be God? “He’s a crazy monster.”

I quietly clicked my tongue.


Kali rose high in the air.

The guy was pouring out his power in all directions, like a fountain that had just started performing.

It was the power of erasure.

An incomparably great divine power even in the heavenly world where the gods gather.

That power became a heavenly punishment and the city of the beast race was decorated bright red.

The next moment when the power was reserved.


The light flashed.

And part of the city evaporated.

It felt like a weak lie.

But it was the truth.

The space itself was empty, as if someone had scooped out the middle of Makadi with a spoon.

“Is this the true power of God?”

“oh my god. “Human magic was nothing more than a child’s joke.”

Even Gilad Gordin and Roxanne Sciorra, who had each reached the level of the 9th Star with their swordsmanship and magic, showed their fear.

The power of erasure demonstrated by Kali was such a great power…

‘It is also a divine power that no human being can dare to withstand.’

As a result, it became a vessel that forcibly contained a distant, external power.


Maudrin was shaking and convulsing like an aspen.

It was being torn apart at the same time.

Just as the dry land is torn apart by drought.

Damn it!

The body could not withstand the divine power and began to collapse.

Although he had a warrior’s body trained to human limits, it was impossible to continue to withstand Kali’s divine power.

In a situation like this, it was completely understandable that Eikir was yelling like a crazy person next to me.

“Oh mother! “No way!”

When he realized that his mother’s body had reached its breaking point, he completely lost control.


But I kept my palms on the ground with my eyes narrowed.

As always, the most important thing was something else.


And winning.

A red light flashed before my eyes.

Once, twice…

and a third time!


I unfolded the skill while holding Eikir’s neck.

[Movement Skill: Malicious Blink]


It was the movement technique of the Demon Knight card that skips the gap between darkness and darkness.

From the moment Kali’s Phase 2 began.

I had equipped the Demon Knight instead of the Magic Judge.

If Kali, who wants to return everything to nothingness, explodes her power in all directions

Fortunately, there was a gap within the scope of Kali’s power.

In fact, something began to change from the moment Modrin became aware of Eikir’s existence.

‘Maybe he doesn’t know.’

The son had done his part just by appearing in front of his mother.

And it was still ongoing.



“Eikir! “My son!”


At that moment, I was also surprised.

It was only for a moment, but Mordrin’s consciousness escaped Kali’s control.

“Oh mother! It was my mother! Sayde! “It was definitely my mother just now!”

Eikir becomes even more crazy and goes on a rampage.

“Shut up and move!”

I grabbed the guy by the back of his neck and tried to stop him from moving again.

Blink blink fit!

The range targeted by the red light narrows.

At the same time, the interval between flashes of light also became shorter.

It becomes more dangerous.

But in fact, the meaning was never a bad thing.

The reduced range means that power is expelled more quickly….

‘This means that the consumption of divine power has started to decline!’

That meant the second phase was coming to an end.

If we overcome this current crisis properly, the third will begin soon.

“Both of you, don’t rest and keep moving! Because now the end is in sight!”

I shout out to Gilad Gordin and Roxanne Sciorra.

Beep beep beep!

Beep beep. Beep!

Now, the red light flashes at a frightening speed.



The two people were moving their bodies like crazy with their mouths tightly shut.

Although they had already reached their limit as humans, they had no choice but to break into a cold sweat in the face of the power of God.

Beep beep beep beep beep!

Kali’s blinking is now slowly reaching its extreme.

[Movement Technique: Storming Frontier]

[Evasion Technique: Gale’s Request]

[Movement Technique: Sumbo]

I bit my lip, mobilizing all of my currently available movement skills.

‘Almost done!’

Just a little more!

It was right then.


Roxanne curses in a daze.


That moment when I hoped it wouldn’t happen.

I felt her body fall sideways.

I gaped.

“Oh, no!”

But there was no time to do anything.


In an instant, the red light covering her body blinked once.

And the next moment.



The image of the fallen archwitch was completely erased.

Before I could completely escape the red light, the area around my ankles was erased first.

As a result of losing the balance of the body, the movement spell was shaken and the timing was slightly delayed.

Because of that narrow difference.


Roxanne was erased.

And coincidentally, Kali’s indiscriminate attacks ended there.

The God of Erasure had stopped pouring out his power on the ground and was slowly coming down.

“Ki Giloshan!”

Captain Gordin, drenched in cold sweat, did not look like a sword master.

But I would be more than that.

“What happened just now? Who is that witch? Are you dead?”

I roughly shook my head at his question.

Because it’s not dead.

It just disappeared.

Maybe it can be turned around.

But I couldn’t give a definite answer either.

‘In the original game, even if the Guardian was defeated by Kali, as long as the player attacked Kali properly, he could be revived without losing his equipment…’

Now I don’t know.

This world wasn’t a game.

I wasn’t sure whether Roxanne, who I didn’t accept as a guardian, would be able to receive such a decision.

Because he was a god who was trying to send everything into nothingness.

I tried to proceed with this strategy as safely as possible.

However, unexpected situations occurred one after another that I had not expected at all.

And the result was this.

I thought as I placed the frozen Eikir’s neck on the ground.

‘Can we get Roxanne back?’

Is that really possible?

Right then.

-Interesting. Maybe it is possible. The end of this eternal punishment.

Those were Carly’s words.

I think the original line was something like ‘Now this is your last chance to kill me, hurry!’

What has changed?

-Good luck human.

A god who even wishes us luck that seems unlikely.

It was then that the third and final stage began.



Modrin’s body still dominated by Kali.

She was charging head-on at me.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
[God Dog]: I’m looking for someone to attempt life for a second time. At the joke-like chatting, I ended up responding with a joke. [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Second time, let’s go go go go. [God Dog]: Are you confident? It’s not going to be easy, you know? [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Don’t I just have to do the same thing over again in this shitty game? Hehehehe. But the result of this… “The third prince of the Magic Kingdom, Guillaume!” “……Who?” I became the third prince inside of that game. An eerily shining cold steel blade touched my neck. This, though unbelievable, had become my reality. “Now, third prince. Any last words?” “……What is this b*tchy situation?” “Haha, b*tchy? Those definitely sound like the words of a wastrel. Goodbye. Third Prince.” The miserable end of an extra NPC. Just as the blade was about to fall on my neck…! [Gameplay has started.] [Player ‘Kim Kyung Sam’ will lay as the ‘Wastrel Third Prince’!] The game I grinded my life into had become my reality. But… ‘I will not die.’ ‘And I will not be defeated.’ Because I know this game from the beginning to the end.


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