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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 206

Episode 206:

Think about it

– About the inevitable storm…

Kali was lost in thought for a moment.

However, the answer he gave was not very promising.

-I don’t know that much either. As I already said, I am ignorant about ‘dimensional order’.

Of course, he tried to give me information in his own way.

-Oh yeah. Perhaps the ‘Quatras’ guy would know something.

…Quatras, the god of learning.

The god who always appeared in the form of an old man was like the main god of the imperial camp.

-After our master left, Quatras was confined to the library for a while.


– And I tried to put all the knowledge in the world into my head. He certainly knows something about the inevitable storm and the order of dimensions.

Carly nods quietly.

When it comes to knowledge, the god Quatras is the best, so he would be able to get some hints about the inevitable storm.

But I shook my head.

My words were not finished.

“I think you’re misunderstanding something? What I need now is not knowledge of inevitable storms or dimensional order. “It doesn’t really matter how storms work.”

-okay? So what do you want?

I answered simply.

“Amplification of the storm.”


“The inevitable storm expands explosively.”


I emphasized to Carly with my palms open.

“I want to amplify the storm and entangle the Celestials. And ultimately, the goal is to take away power that was not granted to those false gods.”

‘The Fall of Heaven’ is one of the biggest events in the game ‘God Forsaken World’.

The event began when an inevitable storm expanded and turned the heavens upside down.

I was just trying to get ahead of it.

‘…at a much earlier point than the original, if possible.’

If the ‘Addicted God’ quest given to me by Goddess Kishiris is completed smoothly.

Kali will immediately use her power to destroy the goddess’ heat vase and return to nothingness.

In that case, the disease that eats away one’s spiritual power will not spread.

‘Thanks to this, the Celestials are able to remain healthy and strong for a while and withstand the inevitable storm to some extent.’

In that way, the ‘Fall of Heaven’ event was also naturally pushed back.

Of course, the ‘Fall of Heaven’ event was an event that was sure to happen someday.

‘It’s just that if the player faithfully carries out quests that preserve the power of the Celestials, they will be pushed back little by little.’

The event itself was inevitable.

So, I also thought about quietly completing the quest according to Kishiris’ request.

‘I thought I would just eat the experience points I was given as a reward and treat the fever…’

The plan changed.

I experienced the potential of the god Kali that resided in Warchief Mordrin.

The idea occurred to me that this enormous power could be applied in another way.

“Do you know what I mean?”

Then Carly placed her chin and nodded.

-okay. Isn’t this saying that we will amplify the inevitable storm and attack heaven?

“that’s right.”


A more casual reaction than expected.

-good night. Don’t do that.

I narrowed my eyes at the answer that came out too quickly.

“hey. Still, it’s okay to attack your own people, right?”

But Carly didn’t seem to care.

In fact, I drank one more drink.

-It would be a good idea to come up with some other method. Since it is a power from another dimension, it seems to have its limits.

“…That’s incredible homophobia.”

I don’t know what happened in the past.

But anyway, the beings of the celestial world were Kali’s compatriots.

So, I thought that if I said I would hit them, there might be a reluctant reaction.

-Are you from the same race? No, that doesn’t matter. I was betrayed something much more important. They tricked me into attacking the ‘Great One’…

Kali smiled darkly, recalling an incident from long ago.

-Of course, the choice was mine, but they were the ones who pushed it. So, I really want to give them a shot.

It was a pointless worry.

Carly was excited to get even.

-This is the best thing I can do before returning to the owner.

“…I’m glad you like it.”

But Carly stood up and asked me to do one thing.

-But don’t be so sure that I will succeed.

“huh? “Are you saying you’re not confident?”

-To be honest, yes. The order of the dimensions, including that inevitable storm, is the last safety device that my master has arranged for this world…

Kali warned me with dark eyes.

-It will never be easy. That means keep that in mind.

After leaving those words, Kali turned into darkness and disappeared.

Since he has currently lost all of his power as a god… he

had to personally retrieve his divine objects scattered throughout this continent and use the stored divine power.

‘It won’t be an easy journey.’

However, considering the great magic power that was used to easily restore Makardi, it was nothing to worry about.

In the first place, worrying about being a celestial being is the most useless worry.

“…by the way.”

Left alone, I was lost in thought for a moment.

‘It is the order of dimensions.’

That was a word that did not appear at all in the original game < The World Forsaken by God >.

‘I think it’s probably talking about the interconnection of various worlds, including this world…’

I couldn’t know for sure right now.

That’s probably the same for the gods too.

Kali, who had shed her godhood and no longer cared about the inevitable storm, was also reticent.

Unlike some trickster goddesses, she was very honest.

‘Except for Quatras, the gods don’t really know anything.’

No, there was no guarantee that even Quatras would know anything.

‘Just because he is the god of learning does not mean he is omniscient.’

I remembered the conversation I had with Gilroshan in my dream.

-It is true that I had contact with Quatras, but in fact, even the Celestials did not know that much. What I know is something they don’t know either.

That’s what Giloshan said in the middle of the bustling Sillim-dong.

‘I spoke directly with the God of Learning, but there was nothing of substance.’

So I gave up hope of getting anything from Quatras.

Rather, another method came to mind.

…Destiny Codex.

Gilroshan also said this about things he didn’t want to talk about directly.

-If you want to know more, use the Destiny Codex. I’m not sure how many cards you’ll need, but do a search first.

That means…

‘The Destiny Codex is better than the God of Learning, right?’

In fact, the Destiny Codex was a difficult item to utilize properly due to its enormous cost-effectiveness.

But it’s worse than that.

‘…are they gods or ice gods?’

Really, the more I knew about it, the more pointless it was.

Anyway, I thought I would look into ‘order of dimensions’.

“The keywords are ‘dimension’ and ‘order’….”

While we’re at it, shall we add ‘storm’ as well?

Then the unfolded Destiny Codex responded immediately.

[Among the elements that make up the world, ‘dimension’ and ‘order’. Or collect information about the ‘storm’.]

However, the Destiny Codex printed some unexpected messages.

‘The original plan was to just spit out the necessary fate card…?’

[The scope of the collection is extensive.]

[The work requires some time.]

This time, the message was that time was needed.

‘What does this mean?’

Anyway, I crossed my arms and waited for the Destiny Codex to finish its work.

And the next moment.

[It has been confirmed that the keyword ‘order of dimensions’ was first mentioned about 1000 years ago.] [

1 Class A Destiny Card is required to view.]


I closed my mouth.

It wasn’t ambiguous this time.

‘Class A? ‘Is it worth doing if you’re A-level?’

Because there was a card too!

A ‘Advanced Elementalist’ obtained by using the A-level confirmation ticket given by Eve Wyler in the past.

If you use this, you will be able to learn about the ‘order of dimensions’ mentioned 1000 years ago.

‘…What should I do? Should I stop right away?’

A moment of concern.

What caught my eye was ‘Level 39’.

‘My experience points are almost full.’

If you fill it up just a little bit, you’ll get to 40.


If you gain a little more experience.

After hitting 40, I can draw a new fate card.

The problem is that since I decided to fail Goddess Kissiris’ quest, I no longer have any experience points to gain.

[Kali has moved to another area.]

[Follow him and complete the objective ‘Get Kali’s request for help accepted.’]

The quest message was still blinking, but I had no intention of following it.

“Experience, experience… is there anything?”

Should I just go outside the city and kill any monsters I can find?

But my worries did not last long.

“Schafen Seid!”

“Yes you b*stard! “Where are you?”


What on earth happened while I was talking to Carly?

“Suppress everyone!”

“If you resist, you can kill me!”

“Everyone, start the battle!”

The outside was becoming noisy with a sudden shouting sound.

* * *

The Blue Flame Knights on the outskirts of the city returned to the warchief’s residence and were waiting.

The knights were still masquerading as the imperial upper class, so they looked shabby.


[A sudden event ‘surprise attack’ occurs!]

[Fight with the enemy and win.]

Suddenly, a sharp and deadly spirit was boiling over.

After coming outside, I scratched my cheek and sighed.

‘It seems I was a bit complacent about this.’

…Blue Flame Knights and beast tribe warriors.

“Strangers, drop your weapons and surrender immediately!”

“Where did you get that bullshit!”

The two camps were staring at each other as if they were going to eat each other.

“Is there a problem? “I think there’s some misunderstanding?”

I had a rough idea of the situation, but I asked questions as I made my way through them.

But what came back was swear words.

“Oh, you’re out! Trickster wizard!”

“Catch that b*stard right now!”

“How dare you use a fake identity to fool the elders of our Snow Lake tribe and play with our time-honored traditions?”

Cries that make life difficult.

I turned my head and looked at one person.


‘Hey, how did this happen?’

Earlier, I handed over all the beast tribe leaders to him.

Eikir was a promising member of the Beast Tribe and was in a position to know the entire context of the incident.

Of course, I thought it could be handled without a bad deal.

‘But what is it, man?’

Contrary to my expectations, a very strange result emerged.


Eikir slightly avoids my gaze.

It seemed like he couldn’t even see my face properly.

‘Something is wrong.’

After briefly looking at the frozen hall with tense tension, I immediately nodded.


When I saw the face proudly maintaining its position, I was able to immediately understand the situation.

“Gener, is that you?”

An elder of the Snow Lake tribe.

An ambitious man who tried to take advantage of a highly skilled warrior at a low price.

“Shut up! You scammer! How dare you think that you could deceive our Snow Tiger Tribe and the Five Beast Tribes and still get away with it!”


I tried to tell Eikir about the blind spots of his status as ‘Schafen Seid’ and make him attack that political idiot.

However, it seemed as if they had been counterattacked.

I don’t know the exact details, but it seemed like he passed the entire situation on to me after his own shortcomings were revealed.

‘So you’re a politician after all?’

I clicked my tongue and stepped forward.

When this happened, I had to change my method.

…By taking the fastest route.

“Hey Captain Gordin? Where are you? “I have a lot of work to do.”

Then Gilad Gordin, with a frown on his face, slinked out from among the knights.

“Yes, I am here. “You damned prince!”


“Now you’re saying you’ve gotten rid of all the secrets and profanity? “So you’re going to die and I’m going to die?”

I chuckled.

So why did you come all this way and go through all this trouble?

But what can I do? The business isn’t over yet.

“Mister, go and take out the witch with the missing eye. And I will open the road for you, and I will guide you comfortably so that you can follow along.”

Then Gilad disappeared in a flash, mumbling something.

“What is it?”

“Where did it go?”

The beast warriors widened their eyes, surprised by the Sword Master’s ghostly movements.

But it was too early to be surprised.

I turned to the knights who were still hiding their swords.

And after a long time, I called them by name.


“yes! Lowering!”

The Blue Flame Knights responded loudly, making the entire huge cavity tremble.

I ordered them.

“We will clear the way from now on! “Exterminate all enemies that stand in your way without mercy, but don’t look back!”

“I will take your orders, sir!”

The moment when battle is imminent.

“…I will stand at the forefront.”

As I pulled out the Hebiod and turned around, I saw puzzled expressions.

“what? What do you mean ‘degraded’?”

“Did you just say knights?”

“Gener! “What happened? Didn’t you say you were a pirate conman?”

Sorry, but those questions could not be resolved.

I said as I sent Vinocaras flying over my head.

“Screw your head off.”

Then Vinokaras understood what I meant and opened his red dragon eyes wide and deployed his skill.

[Special Skill: Dragon

Eye Opening Eyes] The powerful power of the dragon that instantly turns the brains of anything it meets its eyes into a roasting mess.



It poured down on the beast tribe warriors like a tide.

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