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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 210

Episode 210:

Fighting and Waiting

[Defensive Magic: Zone of Fire]


A land pouring out flames as if it were a powder keg on fire.

The beast tribe warriors trapped inside were unable to move and had no choice but to be burned black.


“Moo, back off!”

“Help me!”

What if it were warriors from the desert snake or buffalo tribes who have resistance to the fire attribute?…

‘It’s completely inverse to the snow tiger tribe members, who only have an advantage in the ice attribute.’

Since it was touching a weak spot, the fire damage would have been greater.

Thanks to this, passing through the castle gate was easy.

“Let’s go down the castle wall, Piyong.”

I gestured to Vinocaras, watching as the magic worked beyond my expectations.

Then the dragon carrying me went down and muttered.

-I was wondering what on earth my dad was doing when he just threw the pieces of metal down, but was it this kind of magic?

It seems that the ‘Area of Fire’ that was just shown left quite an impression.

“that’s right. “It is a magic that can effectively create a defensive wall as long as you know the exact path through which the enemy enters.”


Vinokaras landed on the ground and immediately returned to human form.

And then he stuck out his tongue.

“…It’s truly terrifying magic. “All the guys who rushed in without knowing what to do were reduced to ashes.”

As Vinokharas said, the warriors trapped in the fire zone did not survive.


Those who survived were those who were slow to move or were not impatient.

Those who were close to the magic explosion radius were seriously injured and were unable to fight.

When the warriors made eye contact with me, they desperately stepped back.


“Request reinforcements made up of top-class warriors!”

“Hurry and call the shamans! hurry!”

…It wouldn’t be of any use.

In the aftermath of Kali’s awakening, Warchief Mordrin is now asleep.

In this situation, where the leadership of the beast tribe, including the five chieftains, is not acting properly…

‘It is almost impossible to stop the player who is a dragon rider.’

It’s not an easy game even if you organize and tackle it, but you rush in clumsily and without a general commander?

It was literally nothing more than an experience shuttle.

In fact, it was also a limitation of the Beast 5 tribe camp itself.

Compared to the empire and the revolutionary army, they were only a ‘third force’ that was one step behind.

‘Still, the only ones worth catching are the Blue Flame Knights, who cannot move in the air…’

In fact, the Blue Flame Knights were by no means an easy opponent.

Their knight commander, Kermal Carmodo, was an 8-star knight who was a veteran of battles.

My knights, led by him, were so full of blood that disobeying orders was a given and they were b*stards who did not hesitate to face the worst punishment.

Even Gilad Gordin and Roxanne Sciorra, who suddenly chased after me, were with me…

‘I may be able to kill a few people, but keeping them inside the city is absolutely impossible.’

But they had challenged the impossible and had just received their report card.

I turned around and shouted.

“Captain Carmodo! Continue to carry out orders!”

Then the old knight raised his sword towards the members.

“From now on, I will pave the way for you! “Exterminate the enemies that stand in your way without mercy, but don’t look back!”

I once again recalled the order I had given.

“Exterminate without mercy!”

“Don’t look back!”

The Blue Flame Knights repeated my orders and tightened their reins.

[A new tactical formation is applied among your followers.]

[Attack Formation: Triple Advance]

The triple advance has been activated again.

The moment when the knights were ready to charge in an instant.

“Everyone, put down your swords and surrender! hurry!”

A sharp voice came from somewhere.

The beast warriors, who had not known what to do until then, hastily retreated.

The defenders blocking the front of the castle gate.

The gatekeepers guarding the device that opens and closes the door…

“Ha, I surrender!”

With a white face, he put down his weapon and raised both hands.

Thanks to this, the Blue Flame Knights were able to secure the road.

The north gate leading out of this Makadi fortified city has been opened.

At that time, I was able to spot a familiar face among the beast tribe warriors.

It was she who had just shouted at the warriors to surrender.


When I called her name, the female warrior of the Snow Lake tribe stood up with her lips quivering.

“Schaffen Seid. “Is that really you?”

“that’s right. it’s me.”

“I can’t believe it…”

After the bubble cloak stopped working because of Eikir, I just showed my bare face.

So, this must be Kadira’s first time seeing this face.

“…What a great disguise. “You put so much effort into it.”

Rather, he misunderstood his real face as a disguise.

For a moment, I thought about correcting it properly, but…

‘Why bother?’

I thought there was no need for that.

Anyway, the Beast Tribe members will remember me in different ways.

The warchief and her son will remember me as their benefactor.

Those who saw Vinokharas saw him as a fearsome dragon rider.

The warriors who blocked the Knights under orders from their superiors will remember us as ruthless strangers.

Some may also testify that I was called the ‘Prince of the Empire.’

‘…Yeah, I guess so.’

I was leaving after receiving such a fierce sendoff, but there was no need to make an effort to correct the confusion.

Instead, I just smiled.

“how is it? “The disguise looks pretty good, right?”


“Oh right. “When you return to Port Eru later, tell Roho and Argi my story.”

“Your story?”

“It’s very simple.”

“…Then what should I tell you?”

“Please be humble. If you keep your attitude low and have the mindset that you can learn from anyone, you will be able to continue to grow. “Tell it like that.”

Then, Kadira’s eyes were seen trembling slightly.

I don’t know what it was, but his eyes seemed to be filled with very complex emotions.

I tilted my head and asked back.

“what? “Why do you do that?”

But Kadira shook her head.

“No, it’s nothing.”


“I will keep those words in mind. “No, I will definitely tell these two people.”

I nodded.

And one more thing.

“What happened to Shaq? “I haven’t seen you since the third game ended?”

In the past, we joined hands and feet in the Red Wind Ritual.

This time, it is a quarter orc warrior who worked together in the House of Representatives selection competition.

I had an idea to recruit him.

If Kali’s awakening had been delayed just a little longer, she would have done so in advance.

‘But I missed the timing…’

Now I had to leave the beast city.

However, Kadira did not seem to know Shark’s whereabouts.

“I thought I heard at first glance that they were going somewhere to prepare for something important…”

“Something important? “What does he have in store?”

“I don’t know anything about that. “Because I heard this story somewhere.”


…The important thing about Shark.

It was only later that I reflected on this story and wondered about Shark’s true identity.

“Then take care of yourself.”

After saying goodbye to Kadira, I turned toward the gate.

The north gate of the Makadi citadel city was already wide open.

What stretched out beyond was a wide sea of trees unique to the southern region.

Behind it was the ‘Mountains of Madness’.

It was a mountain range where the ‘Cave of the Dead Goat’ dungeon, which is believed to contain traces of Sarkas, was located.

And once I passed there, my destination was waiting.

‘…Khaibar Plateau.’

This was the exact place pointed to by the Destiny Codex.

* * *

Strange flowing darkness.

“This time’s sleep was short…”

A woman’s voice slowly leaked out.

His voice was extremely lethargic, as if he was stretching and yawning.

But at the same time, because of the terrible cold flowing from the darkness.


Those standing around in the darkness had no choice but to swallow dry saliva and take a step back.

There was only one person who stayed.

He was Erek Kaid.

“It was short? It’s been 9 years. Almost 9 years.”

He said as he knelt down, but the woman in the dark sighed.

“Erec, do you want to say that the time was not as short as you are old? “Has it been that long?”

It was a question filled with subtle anger.

However, Vice President Kaid bowed his head deeply and answered again.

“yes. “It was such a long time for us.”


“We had to spend a very long night while the Commander-in-Chief was away. “The Empire has already eaten five of our fortresses!”

The woman chuckled at the old man’s words, which seemed to show blatant resentment.

“okay? “It was such a long night?”


She burst out laughing as she walked out of the shattering darkness.

“…It’s fun, it’s fun! You have aged a lot in the past 9 years, but your wit has also improved. Erek.”

The woman who appeared was pure white, wearing nothing.

However, the executives of the revolutionary army, including the old wizard, did not care about such things.

The emotions that appeared on their faces were indescribable joy and joy.

“Erek Kaid meets the leader of the revolutionary army…!”

A mixed-race elf woman walks out from the shadows.

She was ‘Jerez Magria’.

The third leader of the revolutionary army against the Baltic Magic Empire and the strongest superhuman comparable to Emperor Bareshan.

It was the moment when the so-called ‘Goddess of Disaster’ appeared in the world again.

“…It’s cold.”

But she was still trembling, holding her shoulders.

“Hmm, it feels very different from what I felt in the ‘upper world.’ “I feel really cold to the core.”

Vice President Kaid chuckled at those words.

“Yes, that’s the commander’s real body. Since you are extremely weak now, it would be easy for you to catch a cold. “Hurry up and make some clothes.”

“I guess so.”

Jerez stretched out his hand and lightly grabbed a corner of the shade.


He grabbed it and removed it, simultaneously changing the shape of the darkness.

The darkness that changed its physical properties according to the ruler’s orders became dark-colored shirts and pants.

Just like that, Jerez got dressed in no time.


However, Deputy Commander Kaid’s expression was becoming a little strange.

“Commander, you have learned some really strange attire this time. “Is that also clothing from the ‘upper world’?”

“Yes, these are called ‘blue pants’ and I like them because they are practical. “The weave of the fabric is very sturdy.”

The clothes Jerez pulled out of the darkness were clearly a shirt and pants.

However, it was a form of clothing quite different from what the revolutionary army officers knew.

Vice President Kaid scratched his chin and asked back.

“It looks like it’s made of some kind of tent material…”

The question was whether it was too rough.

But Jerez threw up his hand.

“Okay. So, no more chit-chat. I will listen to the previous report again. “Where is Gilad Gordin now?”

In response to her question, Vice President Kaid lowered his head.

“Captain Gordin, who infiltrated the Beast Tribe camp under the commander’s orders, has not returned yet.”

“Beast tribe? “Did I order that?”

“yes. “Your memory may be hazy, but the ‘piece’ of the Commander-in-Chief that remained in this world clearly gave that instruction.”

“okay. and?”

“Also, according to the informant’s report, Prince Giloshan seems to be causing quite a stir there. So, I think it will take a little more time.”


Hearing that report, Jerez seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

And then he opened his mouth.

“This saying was popular in the ‘upper world’ I saw.”

“What do you mean?”

“’Just when you think it’s late, it’s really late.’”


Jerez spoke to the vice-chancellor.

“I will go myself as soon as my body recovers. “Tell Gilad not to lose sight of that guy.”

Then Erec’s expression hardened a little.

“It could be dangerous because it is so close to the Empire. Do you really need to go that far? “You said it’s still unclear.”

“obscurity? Did I say that?”

“yes. “That’s right.”

But the leader’s will was firm.

“Perhaps it is something that can change the fate of this entire godless world. Even if his role isn’t clear, it might be my role to make it clear.”

At those words, Vice President Kaid kept his mouth shut.

I wanted to refute it, but

“…All right. “Then we will prepare.”

It was not the vice president’s role to refute.

“Please, Erec.”

After Erek Kaid and the leaders of the revolutionary army withdrew.

Jerez Magria, left alone, was lost in thought.

‘Gilroshan Elo di Balt.’

…A new traveler suddenly appears.

Is this guy the successor of God?

‘Or is he God’s executioner?’

Jerez had just returned to this world to answer this question.

Either way, it was unavoidable.

‘This will probably be the last time.’

What will happen?

She suddenly turned her head and looked into the deep darkness.


As if glaring at a heartless god who has brought trials upon this entire world.

And as if he would never lose in that terrible test.

Jerez did not take his eyes off the darkness.

And said.

“Do what you will, ‘Great One’. Even if you abandon us, we will not abandon ourselves.”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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