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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 214

Episode 214:

Dead Goat’s Cave

“Hey, prince. Do you know the saying, ‘Woohwanyeosan Ilsogong’?”

These were the words spoken by Captain Gordin, who was climbing the mountain next to me.


I knew that.

Because that was a proverb that also existed on Earth.

I remember seeing it one day while preparing for an interview.

“It means that even if you have a mountain of worries, you can just smile once and that’s it, right?”

“Oh yeah. that’s right. “I know very well.”

what? suddenly?

“But why are you telling me that now?”

When I frowned, not understanding his intention, Gilad Gordin smiled and pointed to the corner of his mouth.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but just smile first.”


“Then it will definitely get better. “I don’t know what your worries are.”

I burst out laughing at those words.

I thought he was sounding very comfortable without even knowing what worries were going through my head right now.

But on the other hand, I thought that what Captain Gordin said also made sense.

‘Yes, crying doesn’t change anything.’

And the fact that that grumpy Sword Master was watching me made me laugh.

I nodded.

“Thank you for your words. The man laughs too. “Otherwise it would be too ugly.”

“What man? What makes me look ugly? “Is your eye sprained?”

“Well, compared to some knights I know well, Captain Gordin’s face is more like a piece of cake than a face…”

Then Captain Gordin frowned.

“her! Who is that? “Who is so handsome!”

“There are people like that. “Isn’t there a certain knight of the Royt family who boasts incredible beauty?”

“The Royt family…? Oh, you’re Elon Reuth, the so-called leader of the empire? “You mean that guy, right?”

Actually, I was talking about Carls.

“Hmm, it looks like the captain also knows the Marquis of Royt?”

“Of course I know. Because he is one of our main enemies. Hey, but that guy is older than me, right? What makes you think you’re better than me? “It doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“well. But you told me to smile earlier? I don’t think you’re smiling right now? “Smile, mister.”

I giggled and made fun of Captain Gordin.

“Oh, Mr. “Just throw this away!”

Gilad Gordin climbed the mountain path, sighing.

Hiking through the heart of the Madness Mountains was not an easy task.

It was gloomy, but compared to the very quiet sea of trees.

This uphill section of the Madness Mountain Range was a troublesome hunting ground where monsters constantly appeared.

“order! “Everyone in defense formation!”

“Hael! We’ll hit the back! “Move quickly!”

Of course, every time that happened, Vinocaras felt quite frustrated.

“Dad, can’t I just fire the breath? “I think it will be okay as long as I control my strength well, right?”

But I didn’t allow it.

The knights who were struggling with the monsters were injured.

On the hill road, the unicorns got tired and fell out…

“Manuel! Send Terkiod deep to the left rear! Junipero! What are you doing now? “You have to let Ferrarindio go!”

The more he did, the more he pushed his companions up the mountain.

My idea was simple.

‘It seems like a crisis now, but depending on how you use it, it could be an opportunity.’

I wanted to tell that to my companions.

Just like the player in the game, find and hunt monsters and gain experience to become stronger.

I wanted to make them feel that same experience.

“Oh my goodness! “Please give me some time to wash up!”

“you’re right! “I just fought, ate, and slept like crazy, and my whole body started to smell like a corpse!”

Although the tired knights sometimes complained.

‘Yeah, it’s not even a guess, right?’

I pushed them even harder.

“it’s hard? Do you smell it? Hey man! In my time! uh? Escaping from that imperial territory! I haven’t slept in two days! All I did was hunt! “What’s so hard about this now!”

“No, who was the person who told you to go outside the imperial territory and wander around? yes?”

“…You’re noisy, man!”

A week passed like that.

* * *

[The hidden dungeon ‘Cave of the Dead Mountain Goat’ has been discovered.]

[Special qualifications are required to enter.]

The deepest part of the Madness Mountains.

The dungeon I was looking for was sitting with its mouth open.

I stopped in front of the entrance hidden among the bushes and thought for a moment.

‘Well, according to the original setting of < Sin.Ver.se >, this dungeon was both a laboratory and a tomb left by a great shaman belonging to the Sanyang clan.’

But now there seemed to be some change.

The conversation I had with Eikir when I escaped Makadir was proof of that.

-Eight damn it! Take this!


At that time, Eikir gave me a special necklace called ‘Ornament of Dawn’.

Surprisingly, it was an item entrusted to him by his father.

It is also said that Eikir’s father left these words:

-If one day you meet someone who performs incredible miracles and you cannot defeat him. Be sure to tell this to him. That alone will be enough.

It couldn’t have been a strange thing to say.

‘…someone who works incredible miracles.’

Could it be that the word meant ‘player’?

And the item called ‘Ornament of Dawn’, a necklace given to me by Eikir.

This artifact was a reward that could only be obtained by completing difficult quests given by the chieftain of the Mountain Goat Tribe.

But the fact that these items were left in this way…

‘It means that the person is definitely not an ordinary person.’

Even if he was the husband of a warchief, it was strange for him to steal his clan’s treasure.

It was even more strange to leave it to my son with unintelligible words.


For what?

‘It means that there is some purpose that is being pursued.’

So I made a very intuitive deduction.

…He is ‘Sarkas’.

Sarkas was the player before Yves Wyler and the player after Gerard Gunther and Tae Geon-chang.

Therefore, he was also the former owner of the Destiny Codex that I own.

‘The three people, Gerard, Taegunchang, and Eve, were very well-known named NPCs in the original game, but Sarkas was also an extra that I knew nothing about…’ He was a person who died

before I fell into this world.

The Destiny Codex proved it.

[The number of players who died is ‘3’ and the number of players who survived is ‘2’.] [The

list of survivors is ‘Eve Rottweiler’ and ‘Gilroshan Elo de Balt’.] [

The common goal of the players who arrived in this world is ‘ ■■■■’.]

‘…Eve said that Sarkas died while attempting the quest.’


‘Isn’t there a possibility that the case of Sarkas will proceed similarly to the case of Gérard’s mansion?’

Couldn’t there be Sarkas’ soul or something like the man’s thoughts in that dungeon?

It was possible to make this guess.


If it is true that Sarkas did something inside there.

The inside of the dungeon could have been a completely different environment from what I knew.

‘If it’s a structure I know, I can proceed easily, but if not, I’m not safe either.’

So I had to make a decision here.

Should I take all my companions with me and enter the dungeon?

Or should I give some of them separate missions and leave them outside the dungeon?

That had to be decided.

‘Of course, if it’s Vinocaras, I don’t have to worry at all.’

The guy who became a Holy Dragon would be able to protect his younger siblings as well.


She couldn’t be separated from me because she had to go to the Khaibar Plateau.

‘Even if an unexpected situation arises, I think I can protect at least one person, Hael.’

However, the story of the Knights and Unicorns was a bit different.

Their level of force was not weak.

However, the true value of the Blue Flame Knights was only revealed when they were on horseback and when all of them moved as one body.

But there was a high possibility that that wouldn’t be possible inside that dungeon.

I gave orders to Knight Commander Kermal Carmodo.

“Form only 7 people to enter the cave. Organize the rest into a support group.”

“yes? “But you!”

“It’s an order. “I will not accept any objections.”


Lastly, Roxanne Sciorra and Gilad Gordin.

‘Well, first of all, I decided to send Roxanne to the imperial territory.’

Captain Gordin…?

‘Why doesn’t that guy go home?’

What do you have to say to me here?

“…hmm? why? “Do you have anything to say?”

When I gave him a blank look, Captain Gordin tilted his head with an innocent look on his face.

It’s so shameless.

“Hey man.”

I sighed.

“It’s extremely dangerous inside that cave, right? So go home now. I’m giving you one last chance. “Do you understand what I mean?”

But the Sword Master pretended not to hear me.

“Ugh, is it so hot? Is there a cool cave somewhere? “It would be perfect to go in and take a nap!”

…Such a crazy guy.

“It’s so cold I’m dying, but what’s so hot?”

The knights who were blowing white breath into the cool mountain air were also laughing.

“Mister, did I really give you a chance? “I don’t want you to go to the afterlife and feel wronged.”

But surprisingly, the answer came from an unexpected place.

“Well, our drivers all say it’s hot.”


“They say they need a cave where they can go and take a nap.”

When I turned around after hearing Captain Carmodo’s words, the heavy gazes of the knights were focused on me.

“Where are you planning to go after separating us?”

Salet Firddin.

“It doesn’t work that way.”

Rodrigo Iesta.

“We will follow you even if we die. ha ha ha!”

Osorma Tanik.


Because I had pushed so hard on the way here, all the knights looked like common beggars.

But those eyes were quite vivid.

They looked like they would never leave if it was the path I was taking.

“…I could die. “I won’t be able to protect you either.”

Even though I threatened to do so.

“When did that not happen?”

“Now come and tell me something new.”

“You may have forgotten, but we were captured by you on the battlefield, escaped the enemy lines, and are now wandering around a third country. ha ha ha! uh? “Am I the only one who finds it funny?”

They refuted my statement quite simply and then burst into laughter.

But I could feel a clear tension in his eyes.

It was rare for me to warn you that I was in danger.

The intention was to raise tension by reflecting on the seriousness.


It was even harder for me to insist on drivers who did this.

I chuckled and changed the command.

“Okay then, let’s all die.”

Cheers erupted.


“Let’s die!”

“Everyone die! “Anyone who comes out alive will die!”

…crazy guys.

Why do you like it?


Seeing Gilad Gordin’s face smiling happily made me feel even more mysterious.

Well anyway.

‘Then the remaining problem is that there are no personnel to take Roxanne Sciorra to the Imperial Territory…’

What should I do?

Should I take Vinocaras and go there myself?

It was at that moment that Hael, who was next to him, intervened.

“Just wait one more day, master.”


“The witch’s biological response is changing little by little.”

My eyes widened at her words.


“Yes, if you wait one more day, the witch might wake up.”

After saying that, Hael scratched his cheek and added another word.

“Of course I’m not sure.”

But I made a decision right away.

“All ready for camp. “We will make final preparations before entering the cave.”

And the next day.

“This is…?”

“It’s a place called the Madness Mountains, Sir Siora.”

I was able to face the great witch who opened her eyes.

The magic tower lord of the Five-Colored Spire asked me with trembling eyes.

“Hey you! “How long have I been asleep?”


“Stop making that stupid face and tell me right now! “How long have I been down!”


This is a bit absurd.

I furrowed my brows at the glowing Roxanne.

“Hey, ma’am. “You were the one who had a good night’s sleep, so why are you f*cking with me?”

Can you sweetly pop the honey pot on my shoulder? Huh?

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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