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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 218

Episode 218

Soldiers were approaching from the south

of the dead goat’s cave .

They were elite soldiers who wore the banner of the Imperial Knights.

And the sound of a horn blowing.


The meaning was ‘surrender immediately.’


Carls Silion, who was standing on the castle wall, thought idly.

‘Everything is really going as you said. ‘How can this be?’

The place where Cals now stands was ‘North End’, the gateway city that protects the northern part of the ecliptic capital Kertion.

This city was the closest to the capital of the empire among the territories of the Marquis of Reuth family.

It was also the city where the mansion where Elon Reuth, the head of the Marquis’ family, currently resides.

But now, a punitive force led by the Imperial Knights was approaching, sounding a conch shell commanding surrender.

It was to punish those in North End for treason.

Surprisingly, it was just as Third Prince Giloshan had said beforehand.

-As a result, Duke Shedrick Fenn will side with Prince Lukashan. Maybe they will try to attack the 2nd prince’s camp soon. There is a high probability that there will be a sit-in protest in the North End.

I wondered if that would be the case.

But Kalth was seeing Giloshan’s prophecy come true.

‘…It happened without a single error.’

And the prince added:

-Even though Duke Shedrick Fenn is strong, he won’t be able to deal with Fox and Elon at the same time. Don’t worry, you know that and there won’t be any major casualties.

But I couldn’t help but worry.

This is because there has never been a history of sword masters of the empire engaging in battles that risked life and death.

Gilroshan even looked ahead.

-The bigger problem than that is the magic army that Duke Fenn will bring. But the mages of Chromatic Spire are vulnerable to close combat. As you probably know. You know what I mean?

…I know.

‘We must intercept the wizards in advance.’

So, Carls created a special force with the 2nd prince and kept it hidden.

If a subjugation war really takes place, the special forces will attack the magicians of the Chromatic Spire from the rear.

‘Then we can definitely reduce the damage caused by magic attacks.’

Carls thought so.

But not all of Giloshan’s predictions were perfect.

Emperor Bareshan had imprisoned the magicians of Chromatic Spire in a dungeon.

The wizards currently in the punitive force were from outside the empire.

Some people instinctively felt this sense of heterogeneity.

‘what? The approaching wave of magic power is strange…?’

Tirvaen sui.

As a member of the Five-Colored Spire, she came up to the castle wall late and felt a strange omen.

“Why are you doing this? Sir Sui?”

Carls looked back at her with a puzzled look.

But Tyrvaen shook his head.

“No, it’s nothing. “Lord Silion.”

It was a strange feeling, but it was still just a hunch, so I couldn’t say anything about it.

Instead, Tyrvaen looked outside the castle walls and swallowed dry saliva.

It was because of what would happen in the future.

-Master, you must catch the spies inside the camp. Until then, don’t show anything.

Gilroshan told her roughly everything.

So Tirvaen knew very well what he had to do.


‘…I’m afraid.’

As I faced the punitive force, a sense of fear crept up on me.

The confrontation between the crown prince and the second prince quickly reached an extreme situation.

Emperor Bareshan sided with the crown prince and set out to destroy the foundation of 2nd Prince Lapishan’s power before it grew.


The sound of the trumpet sounding repeatedly in the distance was the proof.

Gilroshan said it would be okay, but Tirvaen felt uneasy.

Is it because that shameless disciple isn’t around?

No, maybe….

‘A chance to reveal the truth I’m hiding right now.’

Tyrvaen felt a chill at the thought that it might never return.

It was right then.

“Sir Silion, Sir Sui! You two need to get down to a safe area. In particular, Sir Silion has been ordered to return to the Marquis as soon as possible.”

It was a message from a soldier running from somewhere.

A battle with the punitive army is imminent.

We had to move according to the established strategy.

“Yes, I guess so. “Let’s go down to the wall of Lord Shui.”

Carls smiled and turned around.

“But the fight won’t start right away. “They’ll be talking for a while telling us to surrender, so we still have a little more time.”

plod trudge.

Carls thought as he walked down the stairs leading to the bottom of the castle walls.

‘But for some reason, I don’t have a good feeling. So far, things have gone as you said.’

Will this continue to be the case?


It was an unknown matter.

It was at that moment that a heavy voice came from behind me.

“Lord Silion. “I have something important to tell you.”

Carls smiled bitterly at Tyrvaen’s words.

“If it’s not urgent, can I listen to it later? As you know, the current situation is…”

But Tirvaen Sui shook his head.

“It has to be now. “This is a story about a secret I was hiding.”

Carls couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

“It’s a secret? “Suddenly what?”


Tirvaen started talking, sighing.

It was none other than a confession of his true identity.

* * *

I stopped walking.

Then Captain Gordin withdrew his sword and muttered.

“A crossroads? There are also three paths…”

This time, he skillfully looked at the floor and tried to find his way.

“It’s not completely deserted. There are footprints on the leftmost path. But judging by the lack of signs of a turnaround, there is a high possibility that there is an exit on this side.”

Not a bad guess after all.

But I did point out one thing.

“Mister, is it possible that all the people who went that way ended up going to the valley?”

The fact that there are no returning footsteps may not be because there is an exit there, but because no one could come back.

“They made provocations like back-alley kids. “Your intelligence is quite sharp, isn’t it?”

I chuckled as he raised his eyebrows and muttered something.

After inspecting the floor and checking the airflow again, Captain Gordin suggested several alternatives to me.

Splitting up the team.

Or, let some people stay here and only a few scouting parties go out first.

Lastly, it was suggested that if the road gets longer, it would be better to send the scouting party back.

I didn’t even ask for it.

“how is it? Are you okay? “There are members of the four knights who are capable of communication magic, so if the road gets blocked, they can rejoin.”

But I shook my head.

His efforts were incredible, but I don’t know why.

“Let’s just take that left road. “That’s the answer.”

“Eh? what? “You were talking like this was a passage to hell?”

“When did I do that? “I was just saying that there was a possibility.”

“Then explain why the road is on the left.”


Since I had nothing to say, I had no choice but to explain why I had to go down that passage.

Fortunately, I had a good reason.

[Instant Summon: Lesser Land Spirit ‘Miru’]

The moment the message appeared, a commotion broke out.


“What! “Hey!”

“What kind of kid is there all of a sudden?”

It was only natural that a dark-skinned boy popped out from the ground.


The guy wandered around me, tilting his head in silence.

I quieted the fussing knights and asked ‘Miru’.

“Come on, Miru. Where should we go? “Where is the quickest exit?”

In response to my question, the boy slowly raised his hand and pointed in one direction.

It was the road on the left.

After finishing the play, I grinned at Captain Gordin.

“Well, did you see it? “Can you refute it?”

Then Gilad Gordin looked at the boy and asked seriously.

“Is it by any chance a ghost? Could it be that you have summoned the ghosts of those who died here?”

…Have you ever seen such a tactless man?

I had to sigh and explain.

“It’s a spirit, a spirit. A reflecting body created by mixing spiritual power and magical power in nature. I don’t know?”

As I explained, gasps erupted from the knights.

“If it’s that spirit! “You are the spirit of the earth!”

“They say it’s easy to find in the Beast Tribe’s territory. “I can’t believe we’re finally meeting each other now!”

After entering the dead mountain goat’s cave.

I was continuously trying to use the first skill ‘Contract Offer’ of the Elementalist card.

< Contract Proposal >

[Special Skill] You can find the spirits that want to make a contract with the elementalist, make a contract with them, and put them in a state where they can be summoned to the real world.

And we succeeded in finding the right person and signing a contract.

“Oh, you’re so cute. “Are you following me well?”

“I heard that spirits can disappear as representatives of nature. But if they are earth spirits, can they melt into the ground?”

“That’s right, to be precise, it means blending into the natural world. “You can still be hit in that state, but since you can’t see, you won’t be attacked easily.”


I felt proud as I answered the questions pouring in from all directions.

Still, the knights of the empire knew relatively well about the existence of spirits.

But Captain Gordin scratched his chin and frowned.

“Isn’t it like a ghost or spirit or something similar? “There’s no difference in being an evil being, right?”


At those words, ‘Miru’ started puffing out her small cheeks and losing her temper.

But I still couldn’t speak.

That was because Miru was a low-level spirit who had just completed a contract.

You had to become at least a mid-level spirit to be able to express your thoughts using human language.

Anyway, that’s it.

‘…They’re similar to ghosts and spirits.’

This is a surprisingly ignorant statement.

‘Well, it was like that in the original as well.’

If you think about it, the revolutionary army’s NPCs were originally ignorant about spirits.

That is, their leader, Jerez Magria, lives in Aurax as a being who goes against the laws of nature.

This was largely due to the fact that spirits never came near that area.

Therefore, elemental magic and related knowledge were naturally eliminated.

‘Even if he is a person who knows a little about elemental magic, the reaction is that it is no big deal.’

However, elemental magic was not as easy as they thought.

Even if it is a low-level spirit that has just been contracted…

‘Depending on how it is used, it can be a great supporter.’

Shall we make fun of Captain Gordin, who ignores the power of spirits?

I transferred my will to the spirit.

‘Go and show some strength, Miru.’


Then the little spirit nodded and disappeared.

It was the next moment that Gilad Gordin jumped up.


A huge roar was heard from deep inside the cave.

“What is it? This? “Isn’t there at least a dragon alive?”

At those words, I laughed to myself.

That was the sound made by Miru, who ran forward first, and touched the guardian monsters.

“Mister, stop acting like a coward and let’s go again.”

“Oh, by the way.”

I returned the taunt from earlier to Gilad and entered the left passage.

Now was the beginning of section 2.

But about 10 minutes later.

As I walked down the dark passage, my expression became increasingly serious.

“…What? This place?”

Section 2 appears after the first crossroads.

But this was not the second section I knew.

A much larger cavity was gaping endlessly in the darkness.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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