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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 220

Episode 220:

Dead Mountain Goat’s Cave

A middle-aged beast warrior with dark features.

It was an impression so common that you wouldn’t even remember it if you encountered it in the middle of Makadi.

But he was ‘Sarkas’.

I couldn’t even doubt it.

Because the system message sent from the Destiny Codex was flashing and showing new information.

[Encountered past player ‘Sarkas’.]

[Be careful. Currently, his character is not in ‘normal state’.]

…Not in normal state?

What exactly does this mean?

‘Are you saying you’re suffering from some abnormal condition?’

However, it felt quite different from the status abnormality messages I was usually familiar with.

‘It feels like he’s warning me…’

At that moment, Sarkas turned to me and Hael and asked another question.

“I asked. “Who is the successor?”


With those words, I pushed aside my thoughts and took a step forward.

“Of course that means the successor to the ‘Great One,’ right?”

Then Sarkas nodded.

I quietly held the hilt of Heviod’s sword.

This story finally surfaced.

‘Heir of Divine Blood.’

A unique trait that signifies Giloshan’s divine lineage.

The boy’s father, Emperor Bareshan, placed a gold ring on his heart to neutralize it.

Giloshan traveled in all directions to break this ban.

I met a guy called Dead God with the symbol of a demon god.

He wandered outside the imperial palace and tried to lift the ban, even risking the stigma of being called a ‘badass prince.’

‘Even though it wasn’t expressed at all in the original work.’

In other words, the characteristic of being a ‘new blood successor’ was the beginning of all these events.

Perhaps, from Gilroshan’s perspective, it could be said to be the source of all evil.


‘Gilroshan didn’t even hold a grudge.’

The more this world attacked him, the more fiercely he resisted.

…As if fighting like that was the path he had to take as a successor.

‘No, it’s like it’s a fate that must be overcome.’

It was at that moment that another message occurred to me.

[Synchronization between ‘player’ and ‘character’ is currently in progress.]

[Progress rate is 20% 21%….]

As the percentage rose, the world spun before my eyes.


The sudden dizziness made my body sway for a moment.

But inside, I burst out laughing.

‘So that’s what you really mean?’


The moment I imagined how Giloshan would have lived as the successor to the divine blood, the synchronization progress suddenly increased.

It was the result of me and Giloshan becoming mentally aligned.

In order to complete synchronization with Gilroshan, it was important to understand his thoughts and mindset like now.


I straightened up and took a deep breath.

The system emphasized that Sarkas was not in ‘normal condition’.

Right now, I don’t know if this man is a ghost or an afterimage or something.

But the question he asked was clear and simple.

I was able to answer clearly.

“Of course, I am the successor…”

The moment I opened my mouth.



Something happened that I never expected.

“It’s me.”

Hael, who was next to me, intervened and interrupted me.

She asserted herself with a bold voice.

“I am the successor to the ‘Great One.’”


I couldn’t understand the situation for a moment and could only blink.

‘what are you doing?’

Hey, why are you the successor?

Is this ridiculous?

Hael did not even know about the successor of the divine blood.

I couldn’t understand why she suddenly declared herself the successor.

“Come on? “What are you doing all of a sudden?”

I whispered, poking her side.


But Hael didn’t even look at me.

Now her gaze was fixed as if nailed to Sarkas, who was standing in front of her.

And suddenly a change began to occur.


Flashes of light appeared near Hael’s round forehead.

It had five horns.

A symbol of the demon god recognized by Gigastaric, the demon king of conflict.

Strangely, Hael was taking it out and showing it again.

Then Sarkas reacted.

“Right. “The second generation.”

…’second generation’?

What does this mean again?

But I was not given time to think.

“Okay then…”

Sarkas, who was lost in thought, suddenly took a step towards us.

But one step was not just one step.

We and Sarkas were about ten meters away.


However, the guy jumped across the space in one go without any preliminary movements.



The next moment, he was holding the neck of Hael, who had claimed to be his successor.

And he said it with an emotionless face.

“Then I will take you with me.”

It happened so quickly that she had no time to avoid it.

Hael was defeated without even lifting a finger.

But I was different.

‘There is a clear possibility that Sarkas will not come out favorably.’

From the moment I encountered him, I was anticipating his future actions.

That’s why I put my hand on the hilt of the sword earlier.


He was able to pull out the Hebiod and swing it in an instant.

What I was aiming for was the wrist.

First of all, the idea was to cut off the thing that was holding Hael’s neck.

[Attack Technique: Sword Type 6]


The skill of quick swordsmanship, which had reached the level of maturity, unfolded without interruption.

The blade hit the guy’s wrist faster than a flash of light.

Then, it bent as if dancing in the air and swept up to Sarkas’ neck.

But I frowned.

Because there was no sense of being cut at all.

The blade just grazed the air.

-Be careful of your opponents. This is truly an amazing move.

Sarkas moved like a ghost to the point that even the soul residing in Hebiod sent a warning.

“…He’s a pretty good guardian.”

Actually, his wrist wasn’t cut off.

Even though the blade’s trajectory had passed, the hand was still holding onto Hael’s collar.

Not a single drop of blood flowed.

In fact, he even warned me with a nonchalant expression.

“Seeing the sincerity with which I have protected my successor up to this point, I will pass on this once. But there is no next time.”

…Oh, would you please take a look?

So should I say thank you?

“That’s ridiculous.”

I gritted my teeth and activated the Eternal Heart.


The magic engine inside his body activated and let out a roaring sound.

The power that instantly overflows through the whole body.

At the same time, a combination of skills to trap Sarkas was emerging in my head.

‘It’s different from a few days ago.’

I became one level stronger.

That was thanks to the new card.

< Noble Gladiator >

[Destiny Card] [Level A] I don’t know why a heir of noble blood like you decided to run for office in a place like hell. But win. Otherwise, you will have to pay the price in blood.

Attributed skill: A ghostly strike with the invisible majesty of Pyoho’s flesh.

This card included one attack and defense support skill.

It was a great card to use as a base because it had great balance.

What if you apply the Magic Judge’s skill, ‘Land of Judgment’, and block movement with ‘Judgment Pursuit’ and push them forward?

‘I won’t be pushed back by firepower within a certain range.’

Even if he faced Kali again, he was confident that he would not be defeated in terms of firepower.

And I also had a hidden card called Vinokaras.

[The comprehensive skill ‘Eternal Heart’ operates beyond its limits.]

[Current activation level is 136%…]


Power arises in silence and strikes the surroundings.

“Do you want to try again?”

Sarkas muttered emotionlessly towards me.

I twisted my lips.

“You put that guy down. “Do not covet what belongs to others.”

No matter how strange the guy’s moves were, he wouldn’t be able to fight against all of this.


-stop! Stop it!

I couldn’t deploy the skill combination I had prepared.

-Master, this person is not the ‘Sarkas’ you think.

It was because of the clan communication sent by Hael, who was captured by the head.

I frowned.

-What is that…?

-I can feel it. This creature may have the body of a person named ‘Sarkas’, but its mind is a completely different entity.

The body is Sarkas’s, but the mind is not?

-There is a gap in the mental system and there is a point connected to the gap, so there is a high probability that this person is being manipulated by someone.


My eyes widened at her words.

no way.

‘…Are you saying that the dead player’s body was taken away?’

My mind was spinning quickly.

‘Yes, then I understand the message from earlier.’

An unfamiliar message that this was not the ‘normal condition’ I had seen before.

That too was easy to understand.

In the original version of < Shin.Ver.se >, the body of a player who was declared dead was never taken away.

Because it was a game.

If the character was taken away and applied in-game every time a player died, the entire field could be overflowing with the player’s character.

But this world today was not a game.

…The reality is that irreversible death and life exist.

Therefore, it was also meaningless to distinguish between player characters and NPCs.

Therefore, it was not at all impossible for demons or necromancers to use the body of the deceased Sarkas.

‘So that means it was visible up to that point in Hael’s True Demon…’

Still, there were doubts.

Who is the dark side that is currently using Sarkas’ body?

Also, how do you know the successor of the divine blood?

And what is the ‘second generation’ that was just mentioned?

More questions were cluttering my mind than before.

Everything had to be explained.

However, Hael, who was caught in a cruel grip, was even smiling faintly.

-If you pass through here and reach the end of the cave, there will be a record left by the ‘real Sarkas’. Go find it.

-Then what about you? Are you going to follow Sarkas like this?

-Yes, there is a mastermind controlling this person… That place is ‘Khaibar Plateau’.


I closed my mouth.

-I’ll go there first. master. May you reap all you have to offer here.


Hael, who had stopped my actions, disappeared along with Sarkas.

This was a reminder once again that dungeon rewards, including Taicheong Fist, remain here.


I was left alone in a pure white space.

‘There is a mastermind in the Khaibar Plateau?’

What on earth is there?

Is it because something great is hidden that so many secrets keep appearing?

I had no choice but to remain silent, feeling both fear and curiosity.


Still, I had to get out of here first.

How to break the magic core and escape this ‘invitation of silence’.


* * *

“Ha, I have to break the magic core for this? “Where the hell are you?”

Gilad Gordin walked through the pure white space and scratched his head.

He wasn’t a wizard.

However, as a veteran with a lot of combat experience, I have destroyed these magic traps countless times.

‘Normally, when space transfer occurs on such a large scale, the magic core must be destroyed in the transferred space.’

Although he got caught up in the magic by accident, he had that level of common sense.

But no matter how much I looked, there was nothing that looked like a magic core.

“…driving me crazy.”

This place was just an endless white space.

Even if I washed my eyes, I couldn’t find the source of magic.

Captain Gordin was troubled.

‘It’s a pain in the ass. Should we eventually communicate with headquarters?’

…I don’t like being treated like a jerk.

But there was no other way.

Currently, he was monitoring the 3rd Prince Giloshan under the orders of Jerez Magria, the leader of the revolutionary army.

When the time is right, the head of Magria will appear in person.

So, I had to cling to the damn prince somehow.

‘You must not miss the prince until the commander-in-chief arrives.’

Actually, I felt the same way personally.

Captain Gordin himself found the guy Gilroshan very interesting.

‘Where on earth does such amazing judgment and action come from?’

The more I looked at him, the funnier he was.

So I had to catch up.

“Now let’s see. “The magic scroll for communication with headquarters…?”

The moment he was going through his inventory.


Captain Gordin instinctively sensed danger.


It was at that moment that a strange roar was heard from somewhere.

The Sword Master quickly raised his head.

The source of the strange sound was right above my head.

Gilad Gordin frowned and thought.


It was a space where there was nothing, so what kind of sound did I suddenly hear?

Captain Gordin instinctively sensed danger and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

But the next moment, the Sword Master couldn’t help but open his mouth in surprise.

-Hey man! What are you doing? Are you sure you still haven’t found a way to get out of there?


Huge eyes.

Half-moon shaped eyes were looking at him through the crack.

-Help me? Shall I take it out? Would you mind if I had the honor of saving the Sword Master?

The eyes were clearly Gilroshan’s.

And the laughter contained there was clearly meant as teasing.

‘…I lost.’

Captain Gordin had no choice but to frown and close the inventory.

“Okay! Help me quickly, man!”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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