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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 229

Episode 229:

True Identity

“I have searched for a suitable location.”

Rodrigo Iesta reported to me.

After checking the terrain of the vacant lot, I nodded.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The knights immediately began preparing for camp.


I began drawing a magic circle on the ground while receiving the curious gaze of Captain Gordin, who had already approached me again.

“What are you drawing?”

“It’s a secret?”

“What a petty prince.”

Captain Gordin keeps talking next to me and being annoying.

I sighed deeply.

“Ok, fine. Then tell me your purpose for following me, and I will tell you the identity of this magic. how is it? “Perfectly fair, right?”


Why is Captain Gordin, the leader of the Titan Special Forces and one of the strongest members of the Revolutionary Army, following me?

It meant confessing it.

Then Gilad cleared his throat and turned around.

“Hmm. “I said it before, but if you don’t like it, say you don’t like it.”

“Yeah, I don’t like it.”

Actually, the magic circle I was drawing wasn’t that special.

< Water Zone >

[Blessing Magic] By controlling metal substances in the soil over a certain area, you can collect moisture and extract recovery energy.

Special: Cannot be used in areas without metal substances.

‘A buff magic that can draw magic power from moisture in the ground and replace it with recovery power.’

In fact, this magic did not necessarily require a magic circle.

However, as stated in the description of the system, this area of water required a terrain containing metallic materials.

I was drawing a magic circle on the ground, spraying a magic medium containing iron powder.

‘And if you assist in the activation step like this, you can further enhance the effect of the magic?’

The results were immediately apparent.

[The magic is ready.]

[For unknown reasons, the effect of the magic is strengthened by 145%.]

As expected.

The magical knowledge Gilroshan had gathered was useful in many ways.

After the ‘water area’ was roughly completed, I began work in earnest.

‘…a preface to the play.’

The moment I read through the ancient document handed over to me by Sarkas’ clones, deciphering it in my head.

New system messages emerged.

[Due to an unknown external action, you will be given the opportunity to modify the code that constitutes the comprehensive skills of the combat series.] [Do you

want to apply it right away?]

‘…That’s it.’

The opportunity to modify the skill code has come again.

If I think about it carefully, this benefit was very meaningful.

If you look at it from the perspective of a character, not a player, it makes no sense, right?

There are no skills in the real world.

There are no fate cards either.

No, the ‘game system’ itself could not be established in the first place.

However, I am taking full advantage of the benefits that the system provides.

I was working as a ‘player’ who monopolized many of the advantages hidden in this world.

‘…The same goes for Eve.’

How is this possible?

After reading Gzermiu’s account, I finally came to understand the situation properly.

‘It’s because of the so-called great event that downgraded the world.’

This world, which had lost its support and lost its great character, was falling endlessly.

In the end, he was reduced to a toy of the upper world.

The situation was miserable.

‘In the world where I lived, it became a computer game…’

In the world where Eve lived, it became a table role-playing game and is being used as they please.

That is why an incomprehensible device called ‘system’ was operating in this world.

And it was clear that this strange procession of commands was part of the device.

nm [Eternal Heart]

; ty_0

bdir [comprehensive description]

; ty_9

setg [EX level] ‘FIX ALLOW’

print text (currently no record)


-mdi io: cnt .E

These were the codes that made up Eternal Heart.

Content that looks similar to the programming language used on Earth.

But unfortunately, I was completely unfamiliar with programming or anything like that…

‘So when I first saw it, I was extremely confused.’

This made me think that I had touched the wrong thing.

But as I looked closer, I realized that these were completely different from Earth’s programming languages.

First of all, a computer programming language is a form of language created for humans to input certain commands to a computer.

Now, this was basically a magic system that dealt with magical power and further intervened and controlled reality.

Therefore, there was no need to know everything about the functions of commands in order to modify Eternal Heart.

Want to know the function of a command?

It was easy to find out by simply touching each line and examining its operation mode.

‘Rather, what is important is the ability to accurately understand the essence and fundamental principles of magic and the flow of magic and creatively improve it.’

Therefore, as long as I created a conceptual singularity, the command was entered automatically.

Like right now.

[We are proceeding with a comprehensive expansion of the comprehensive technique ‘Taicheng Quan’.]

[View the code that makes up the technique.]

[Be careful. It can be dangerous if not corrected correctly.]

What I was aiming for now was to create a comprehensive system of combat techniques.

Just as I had previously created an Eternal Heart in the field of magic to unite the magic effects flowing within me, this time the idea was to incorporate combat skills into a single system.

‘When creating the magic system, we used spiritual magic as the base.’

This new combat system also needed a foundation.

And that role was supposed to be the ‘Tai Qing Quan’ obtained from the dead mountain goat’s cave.

‘Now then, shall we take a look at the code of Tai Cheong Quan?’

Codes appeared before my eyes.

nm [Taicheng Quan]

; ty_0

bdir [comprehensive description]

; ty_9

setg [S class] ‘FIX nALLOW’

Taechung Kwon’s codes continue to be dizzying even after this.

Among them, there were some whose meaning I couldn’t understand, but if I looked back and forth, I could easily understand them.

I opened them one by one and thought over and over again in my head.

‘How should I frame it?’

I’m thinking about how I can modify this Tai Cheongquan to incorporate all the fighting skills I have.

In fact, I was already equipped with three S-class sword techniques.

The manatee sword method of the Eastern Continent.

Imperial Frontier Swordsmanship.

Even the Gaias swordsmanship of the revolutionary army.

All of them had sufficient skills to represent each faction and at the same time be a vessel for martial arts.

But I chose Tai Cheongquan.

The reason was simple.

‘Because this fighting method is not compatible.’

It was a similar choice to using non-attribute spiritual magic as the base when making Eternal Heart.

What if you chose one of the Manatee Sword Technique, Frontier Sword Technique, and Gaias Soft Sword Technique?

The comprehensive system of combat techniques I would create was inevitably influenced by one attribute.

‘If I choose one, the other two have no choice but to be inserted in a weakened form.’

However, Tai Cheong Kwon, which is based on the unique movements of the beast tribe, was a slightly different story.

< Taicheng Quan >

[Comprehensive techniques] [S-Class] A fighting technique that contains movements so primitive and instinctive that it is difficult to believe that they are human movements. It preserves the secrets of the wild nature of ancient people.

Special: Compatibility effects do not apply.

Tai Cheongquan may not be particularly effective for anyone.

‘On the other hand, you won’t be in a particularly disadvantageous situation.’

In other words, it meant that it was okay without any major features.

Therefore, Tai Cheongquan was an extremely appropriate technique to use as a large vessel to hold other techniques.

However, with these advantages, there are also disadvantages.

‘Not being compatible means that there is no direction to speak of. That means I have to draw the entire technical outline myself.’

…I have to draw the sketch first.

This was a completely different task from modifying parts of spiritual magic to create the Eternal Heart.

At that time, it was at the level of reading one book and reorganizing it by writing down new passages that I needed…

‘This time, it is similar to going through three books at the same time and combining them into one volume.’

This was also a task of cutting out unnecessary parts and leaving only the useful parts.

A task that requires an enormous level of calculation and concentration.

“Hey prince. “What is that again?”


“What is that piece of paper that you’re looking at so intently?”

In this situation, Gilad Gordin was a very annoying presence.

I gestured to Vinocaras.

“Pi Yong, please clean this guy up.”



The first answer was a girl’s voice, and the second one was a dragon’s.


A black dragon appears next to me in an instant and howls as if it will tear the target to pieces.

Then Captain Gordin shrank his neck and turned around.

“No, they said if you don’t like it, say it with words…”

After mobilizing force, I barely found myself alone and began to analyze the codes that make up Taicheongquan in earnest.

A task that is literally no different from creating a new comprehensive technology.

‘…Oh, I really feel like I’m going to get a headache?’

just as expected.

The system tried to stop the operation by notifying me of a status abnormality.

[The status ailment ‘Extreme Headache’ is given.]

[The status ailment ‘Slight Insanity’ is given.]

But this magic circle I’m standing in was a precaution against this situation.

I touched my throbbing forehead and opened my mouth.

“Water Zone Initiation.”

Then, a refreshing sensation enveloped me from beneath my feet, as if I had opened a refrigerator.

[Blessing Magic: Water Area]

[The condition condition ‘Extreme Headache’ is resolved by the blessing magic.]

[The condition condition ‘Slight Insanity’ is resolved by the blessing magic.]

The water area created with a carefully drawn magic circle is that It was well worth it.

I gritted my teeth, giving all my attention to the work.

‘…little bit more.’

I invested all my concentration into creating a system that was even slightly more efficient.

But that was right then.

-dad! Something is coming this way! Super fast!

I had no choice but to raise my head at Vinokaras’ urgent cry.

Also, it wasn’t just the dragon that felt something was coming.

“master! “Tian Li-ying discovered something!”

Unicorn Fabian was watching the ground from above through the eyes of an eagle.

“Be careful! Lowering!”

“We will stop it!”

Along with him, the knights who were in the security guard also approached with their swords drawn.

I put the work aside for now and narrowed my eyes.


There won’t be any monsters that make a preemptive attack in this area, right?

Even now, Vinokharas’ true identity was clearly exposed.

But approaching this direction without fear?

‘Something is unusual.’

I picked Heviod.

And as I directly sensed its approaching presence, I lowered my posture.

The silence becomes tense, as if it will break due to tension.

Finally the next moment.


Something appeared beyond the bushes.

And I couldn’t help but believe my eyes.

What appeared was a face I knew very well.


Then the guy laughed, showing his fangs.

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