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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 23

Episode 23:

The Deceived

“Here we go.”

With a determined look in his eyes, Carls raised his shield towards Thompson.

As he said himself earlier, Carls had never properly mastered the shield technique.

‘I know that.’

However, this guy had enormous physical strength as a knight who had reached the level of 6 stars.

Now put all that power into the shield.

For this skill, you only need to hit it properly once.

‘Go! ‘Carls!’

I decided on you!

[Defense technique: hit and roll]


Thompson’s body flew through the air along with a heavy shock wave.


It flew in a straight line, like reincarnations that hit a truck.

And, struggling with all his limbs, he attacked the thugs.


“What! this?”

The gangsters fell backwards and screamed, like bowling pins falling over a bowling ball.

Of course, the bowling ball also seems to hurt a lot.

“Ahhh! I’m dying! oh my!”


I felt a little sorry because I felt like I hit harder than I thought.

Wasn’t it like this in the original?

The person who sent Thompson flying was also scratching the side of his head in embarrassment.

“Did I hit it too hard?”

“You honestly didn’t hit him with the intention of killing him?”

“Isn’t that enough because he’s not dead?”

“Just think about breaking it next time.”

“All right.”

Anyway, the thugs who had been hit by the unexpected blow stood up, gnashing their teeth at us.

“This b*stard has no fear!”

“I’ll feed you all!”

While they were glaring at Kals with a rather ferocious attitude.

“Hey Thompson! “Which side are you on this guy?”

“Mr. Hwak! See you later? ok?”

“I’m sorry, brothers…”

Thompson was trembling like a gazelle that had been caught by hyenas.

It was only natural that he was among high-ranking gangsters.

I laughed quietly while looking at that.

Those words that told you to take the opportunity to change your life in the back alley.

‘Did he get it right?’

Anyway, I started walking towards the hoodlums.

The number is six or seven.

Armed with a dagger and a crossbow.

‘It’s not bad. It would have been a bit dangerous if I had a long sword.’

Why is a long sword dangerous?

Of course, the sword is long.

We’ll all be one body soon, so of course it’s dangerous if there’s a long knife moving around, right?



The moment when the gangsters stopped due to an unusual sound effect.

[The effect of the magic has begun.]

[The effect is strengthened by 815% due to the over-injected magical power!]

[Remaining time: 1 minute 55 seconds]

Tyrvaen’s ‘Tree Root Defense Art’ is starting to take effect in earnest. did.

Everyone is united under powerful magic that has been strengthened to the limit.

The gangsters were dragged to one place and stuck to each other as if they were drawn to a magnet.

Then of course you’d be embarrassed, right?

“Wow wow!”

“Brother tongue! What is this?”

“Suddenly a strange force!”

The gangsters, who had no idea what had happened to them, were struggling together.

He was so scared that he was whimpering in an attempt to escape somehow.

However, as its name suggests, this was a ‘tree root defense technique’.

“What are Carl’s tree roots?”

“If it’s the roots of a tree… it’s all tangled up and not really visible, but does that mean it’s all connected as one? “Isn’t that what I want to say?”

“Yes, that’s what I want to say.”

It is impossible to pull out just one root that is connected to the ground.

Something that somehow stays together as one body.

That is the ‘tree root’.

So the gangsters’ struggles could not break the magical bonds that were holding them together.

The more they struggled, the more the formation became tightly woven together.

The point of this ‘tree root defense technique’ was to maximize defense power by using it.

But now, the bond has become too strong due to the magic force that Tyrvaen forced into it.

Everyone was so close together that it was impossible to move.

“what! “What is this?”

“hey! “Don’t move, you b*stards!”


“You become stronger! “Don’t move!”

The tangled gang of thugs were fighting with each other.

‘I think some people are starting to understand the situation?’

However, if there is no wizard who can properly dispel this spell, it cannot be resisted.

I instructed Carls.

“Now roll it away.”

“All right.”

“It will be a little difficult at first, but once you start rolling down the hallway and meeting other guys, it will pick up speed.”

“I guess we can just roll it until it picks up speed.”

Kals gathered all the strength in his body and raised his shield.

But then.

“Won’t you leave it to me for once?”

Irgal stepped forward to block Kalth.

You want to try it yourself?


I love Carl’s and it’s good.

He strode forward, took something out of his pocket, and tore it open.

I recognized the object.

‘Small magic storage scroll?’

An item that literally stores a small amount of magic and can instantly take it out when needed.

I don’t know what kind of magical effect was created with that.

But what is relatively certain is….

‘It looks like he is not a wizard type.’

It was a reasonable guess since the small scroll was an item that was rarely needed by a character who had properly learned magic skills.

Irgal let out a long exhalation while I watched him carefully.

The guy kicked the ground and rushed forward.


I widened my eyes at that sight.

‘what? It’s really fast, right?’

The power that Irgal showed was greater than I expected.

It bounced forward like a spring, so fast that I couldn’t even see my feet.

In terms of speed alone, it seemed like it could rival even the 9-star Marquis of Royt.

The moment the guy who ran like a bullet held out his shield of balance.

[Defense technique: hit and roll]


With another shock, the gangsters were pushed back.

Screams came from the tangled mass.

“Wow! Let’s go!”

“Brother tongue! Oh wow!”

Apparently their first form was just a roughly stacked pile of people.

But once you start rolling…

“Who are you?” “Get your feet out of my face!”

“Oh, it hurts! “My precious place!”

“Hey you b*stards! “Put the dagger in now!”

The clumped bodies find their place on their own and become a shape suitable for rolling.

It becomes a circular shape very naturally, as if you were molding clay and rolling it.

“Hey hey hey! elbow!”

“older brother! “Crouches down!”

Although the clay was a bit noisy, it instinctively began to roll into a ball.

A snowball that tilts and rolls like that.

Irgal’s voice was astonished.

“Can we just keep rolling this? …Like a buzzard?”

Ugh, does this guy make shit so easy?

“You have to roll faster! “Don’t you know that there is a time limit for the tree root defense technique?”

“…All I have to do is roll it quickly?”

“Then what else do you want to do here? “Would you like some sprinkle sauce?”

Irgal fell silent and I nodded toward the nightmarish looking snowball.

“Roll over quickly. “Let’s get out of here now!”

* * *


The entrance to the black market burst open with a loud noise.

And the gangsters forcefully pour out through the small iron door.

My strategy ended here.

As soon as I passed through the black market entrance, the tree root defense technique ended just right.

[The spell ends.]



The lump that had been gathered was loosened and the gangsters scattered.

The ball shape collapsed in an instant, as if a balloon had been popped by piercing it with a needle.


“Oh my gosh, I’m dying…”

There were groaning sounds coming from everywhere, but no one seemed to be dead.

It’s just that many of them broke and burst here and there as they had to bear each other’s weight.

“Everyone did a good job rolling. “It must have been my first time doing it.”

I slowly passed through the half-collapsed doorway and made my way through the rows of gangsters.

At that time, a large, familiar figure came whining and yelling.

“you you…!”

It was the gatekeeper I met earlier when I passed through the entrance with Thompson.

The guy must have rolled with a snowball, one of his wrists was broken, and the back of his head was torn, so he looked like he couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Did the gatekeeper get swept away last? “It’s a shame.”

“Shut up!”

“You said you did it first?”

“Where is this damn b*stard? “Do you think you can do something like this and get away with it?”

…Suddenly a group of tycoons?

‘It seems like there’s some misunderstanding.’

Then you should use it.

I opened my mouth and winked at Carls.

“It seems like they have discovered our identity? “I have to handle everything here.”

Of course, Carls didn’t understand that at all and was blinking with an idiotic expression.


It was a natural thing for elite knights who did not know about the Hyeopsadan and the Black Society in the first place.

But the gangsters reacted immediately.

“As expected, they were members of the Hyeopsadan!”

“He likes damn righteous enemies!”

“How could you do something so cruel!”

…It’s ridiculous.

You saved the lives of those who ran to avoid losing the stake!

“Who on earth is calling someone cruel?”

Thinking about it makes you angry?

Should I have just killed them all, even if it was too much to do?

‘But still, that’s a bit much.’

I’m so reluctant.

Although the gangsters were limping, they were ready to fight again, centered around the gatekeeper.

But that was then.

“lily! “Take me with you!”

Thompson came out of nowhere and stuck towards us.

Complaints poured in from the gangsters.

“That traitorous b*stard!”

“I knew I would do that from a while ago!”

“You scoundrel!”

Gangsters are criticizing bullies for being bullies?

Anyway, Thompson was in good condition with no serious injuries, perhaps thanks to his role as the center of the tree root defense technique.

‘So you’ve made up your mind?’

In that case, I am welcome.

[‘Thompson Delvaux’ has joined the group.]

I gave brief instructions while hiding Thompson behind my back.

“You think of your way from here to the ‘cold sun’.”

“Are you talking about that bar?”

“Yes, the bar you’re afraid of.”

We will go to the same tavern that is swarming with city guards.

Then, you can completely avoid the pursuit of black society gangsters.

“Everyone ready?”

“Yes, yes! “I will take you by the shortest route.”

“Disciple, this master has used up all his magic power and has no strength?”

“Lord Sui will carry you and run, so don’t worry.”

“…Then I will not decline, Sir Silion.”

I fell asleep after playing.


I screamed and turned around and started running.

The gangsters who were preparing for a fight with us were embarrassed.


“Brother, are they running away?”

“…These really are. “Don’t just stand still and talk, chase after me now!”

In an instant, the back alley turned into a stage for a chase.

Thompson, who took the lead, ran down the alley, followed by three people, including me.

And at the end there was Irgal.

I was panting and running, but he leisurely approached me and said:

“Cold Sun is my regular store. When I arrive, I tell the owner my name. Then I will give you a room.”

What does this mean again?

That rascal who couldn’t even buy the Shield of Balance?

I glared at him in disbelief as I ran, but Yrgal only said nonsense.

“It’s a reward for seeing something good.”

“You sound like a spectacle.”

“See you again soon. Let’s talk about something a little different then.”

The guy laughed quietly and walked away.

And like a lie, it flew over the wall of the alley and disappeared.

From that sight, I realized clearly.

‘I think you’re using that too?’

If I’m right, his existence was quite a nuisance.

But one thing was unclear even in my head.

‘…that smell.’

What was that?

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
[God Dog]: I’m looking for someone to attempt life for a second time. At the joke-like chatting, I ended up responding with a joke. [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Second time, let’s go go go go. [God Dog]: Are you confident? It’s not going to be easy, you know? [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Don’t I just have to do the same thing over again in this shitty game? Hehehehe. But the result of this… “The third prince of the Magic Kingdom, Guillaume!” “……Who?” I became the third prince inside of that game. An eerily shining cold steel blade touched my neck. This, though unbelievable, had become my reality. “Now, third prince. Any last words?” “……What is this b*tchy situation?” “Haha, b*tchy? Those definitely sound like the words of a wastrel. Goodbye. Third Prince.” The miserable end of an extra NPC. Just as the blade was about to fall on my neck…! [Gameplay has started.] [Player ‘Kim Kyung Sam’ will lay as the ‘Wastrel Third Prince’!] The game I grinded my life into had become my reality. But… ‘I will not die.’ ‘And I will not be defeated.’ Because I know this game from the beginning to the end.


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