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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 241

Episode 241:

The head of the revolutionary army

is defeated!

Cheonri-eung flew up into the sky.

He will deliver my message to Vinokharas, who has flown to the Empire to retrieve Tirvaen Sui.

‘I’m fine, so come back quickly.’

And separate instructions were given to Kals and Tyrvaen.

If Emperor Bareshan approaches you in a direct confrontation, do not fight him even if it means giving up North End.

Two messages were sent like that.

‘Actually, in the original scenario, even if we faced each other head-on, we could easily win…’

Unfortunately, not now.

As a result of Roxanne Sciorra’s sudden move, the variables increased.

Accordingly, there are too many anxiety factors that can shake up the situation.

In this situation, there was a high probability that the ‘potential traitor’ would begin his activities.

‘Fox Buarez…’

The author, one of the three great sword masters of the empire, was a thorough opportunist.

In other words, the odds of winning are higher.

‘If the fight starts in this state, he will probably be thinking of betraying the second prince.’

You could end up getting stabbed in the back.

Therefore, direct confrontation was to be avoided.

“Have a nice trip, Cheonri-eung.”

Jerez, who was watching me send the falcon away, chuckled.

“It seems like you really value the people around you. “I felt it while watching this knights.”

“Isn’t that obvious? “They are the ones who follow me, right?”

“No, that’s not what I mean. “Is it meaningful?”


“okay. “If you fail anyway, it’s like you’ve never existed before, so is there any need to show affection?”

I was left speechless for a moment by the leader’s question.

‘If I fail, everything becomes like it never was.’

So there is no need to give affection?


Well, I already knew that Jerez had these thoughts.

It was even more shocking when I heard it in person.

‘…everyone becomes something that never existed.’

I knew very well what that meant.

This world was created to repeat forever due to the arrangements made by Gremieu, the demon god of fate.

Therefore, even if challengers including me fail to succeed the ‘great man’.

It was prepared so that there would be an opportunity to take on another challenge by rewinding the fate of the world.

But what if the world turns upside down like that?

‘…all changes in between become nothing.’

For example, Kermal Carmodo, an old knight who received teachings from Jerez and became a nine-star sword master.

It meant that if I failed, his amazing achievements would also be meaningless.

Since growth and memory are also types of change, it was clear that he would not even remember what happened to him.

‘So everything is meaningless.’

Rewinding the fate of the world was such a terrible thing.

And Jerez, who knew that, seemed to find it interesting that I was putting effort into them.

But I answered simply.

“I just need to succeed, right?”

“You will succeed?”

“I don’t know exactly what the ‘Great One’ wants from us… but if Eve and I survive in this world and continue to follow clues, maybe we’ll find out something someday. Even if it’s a huge secret, it can’t last forever. is not it?”

When I answered, Jerez Magria scratched his chin.

Then he smiled and said this.

“Yeah, I see.”


“I think I know roughly how much you know now.”


I frowned, unable to understand what Jerez was saying.

Then the leader of the revolutionary army smiled and said.

“Think about it carefully. Are there really only a few chosen challengers who can become the successors to that great person? “Is it really impossible for anyone other than you to rise to the status of a great person?”

“huh? That’s right…”

“Let me explain it a little easier. Why did the ‘Great One’ have no choice but to leave this world? Who attacked him and drove him out? Why was that? “You probably know that, right?”


The story that Jerez Magria started was very meaningful.

* * *

The heavenly gods, including Kali, attacked the great man.

According to Gzermiu’s monologue that I glimpsed through the Destiny Codex.

‘It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened.’

I don’t know how many times it was repeated.

Every time the gods, led by Kali, who had the power of erasure, rebelled against the great ones, Gzermiu reversed the fate of the gods and made everything come to nothing.

However, it seems that the ‘Great One’ got hurt little by little every time he was challenged by his servants.

In the end, he left this world and disappeared somewhere forever.

And as a result, this world became a ‘world abandoned by God’ or a ‘world abandoned by God’.

What this series of processes means.

It is said that the gods of the heavenly world coveted the great person of the great man.

‘No, to be more precise, I should say people from heaven.’

They attempted to take over the position of supreme god by attacking their master.

Here, the answer to the question raised by Jerez could be easily derived.

…Not only the successors chosen by the Great One, but other beings can also occupy the Great Person.

‘It means that our successors are not the only alternative.’

But I don’t know how.

What on earth must one achieve to attain the status of a great person?

Even Kali, who was trying to atone for the great man, could not properly explain that part.

‘Maybe they too recklessly attacked the great man.’

They may have thought that it would be okay to first take down the person on the throne, as if humans were usurping the throne.


“Harmun knows. “About how to take on the great person.”


“That guy is very planned. “Do you think you know?”

I slowly nodded to Jerez Magria’s words.

Harmun, the ‘Demon God of Oblivion’, took the place of Gchermiu, who had exhausted all his power.

As Jerez said, he had a very thorough personality.

This was something that could be clearly seen when going through scenarios related to the Demon World in the original game.

‘But you know how Harmun can take on the Great Person?’

I frowned.

“Then Jerez, how do you know that? You’ve been in hiding for a very long time, right? “You wouldn’t have had any contact with Harmun, right…?”

Then the leader of the revolutionary army smiled.

“I and the Emperor are more complex beings than you know. “We are peepers of the outer dimension.”

“…Outer dimension?”

“Yes, we gain strength not from this world that is suffering from degradation, but from a place that is whole.”


“There are other transcendents living out there. For example…”

At that moment, I realized something and opened my eyes.

“…Could it be foreign gods?”

Outer Gods.

Dragon Lord Eurobis teaches me about the Multi-Planes and the Powers of Fate. He also explained about them.

Just as the Absolute One of this world was the ‘Great One’.

Of course, such deities exist in other dimensions as well.

“Oh, did you know that? “How did you acquire it?”

Jerez crossed his arms and looked surprised.

“Then why are you living in seclusion without contact with the outside world?”

“That’s right, I am a being who travels outside our world, and I am also a ‘contractor’ who borrows and uses power from the gods there.”


In the original game, Jerez Magria was a disaster to players and at the same time a mysterious entity shrouded in mystery.

Most of the time, they do not show themselves to the world and always stay in their retreat.

‘When the time came, he was a munchkin-level NPC who cut down all the players with his nightmarish performance.’

The source of that enormous power was a contract with foreign media.


I was at a loss for words when I found out later.

And one more thing.

“You said earlier that the emperor also peeks into the outer dimension like you, right?”

I had to check the mention of Emperor Bareshan.

“So, the emperor is also a contractor for foreign media…?”

But Jerez shook his head.

“No, I’m not sure about that. At least he has nothing to do with the ‘controller of events’ that I am relying on. But what if it’s another foreign media…? “You never know.”


I nodded.

In any case, it was a great achievement just to know that the emperor, like the leader of Magria, was likely to have a relationship with beings from the outer dimension.

Let’s go back to the main topic.

“Then what about you and Harmun? “What kind of relationship are they?”

The fact that the demon god Harmun knows how to take over the great throne.

How is Jerez so sure of that?

In response to the question I posed, Chief Magria said without any hesitation.

“We are collaborators and competitors.”

“…huh? Cooperating with a demon god?”

A story that came out too naturally.

I was dazed for a moment.

And then I realized.

“no way!”

“no way?”

“…Are you also coveting the status of a great man? “Is that really true?”

A goal worthy of cooperation and competition with Harmun.

It was only the ‘Great Godhead’.

It was said that Jerez Magria also made a contract with foreign media in order to obtain that status.

‘You have to go that far?’

I felt like I was suffocating from the greed that everyone displayed.

But unexpectedly, Jerez clicked his tongue.

“It seems like you forgot everything I said earlier.”


“At least until this world returns to its proper place, if someone dies, they don’t die. “Do you remember?”

“Yes, that means…”

“That includes my death as well.”

I held my breath for a moment as those words were devoid of any emotion.

But she continued speaking casually.

“Either I can be used by the Demon God and elevate him to greatness, or I can defeat him and become a great person myself. “I don’t care either way.”

The elf’s eyes twinkled at me.

“It means that if anyone can prevent the downgrading of this world, it doesn’t matter if I disappear or disappear.”

And she asked me a question.

“What about you? Does it matter who it is? Or…”

“As the legitimate successor chosen by that ‘great man’, do you think you, and not someone else, should rise to that position? “Which one is it?”

I could not easily answer Jerez Magria’s question.

‘As she said, is it okay to do anything as long as we can prevent the downgrading of this world?’

No, am I the one who suddenly fell into this world and was trapped in the body of an unlucky prince, the rightful heir to the throne?


I had to think deeply about that question for a moment.

And then he opened his mouth.


In fact, the result of my worries was natural.

“…Thank goodness.”

Jerez Magria responded to my answer with a faint smile.

And the next day.

We arrived there.

[Enter the special place ‘Khaibar Plateau’.]

[Search for hidden events and quests.]

…Khaibar Plateau.

It was a place that might possibly be the final destination of this story.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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