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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 246

Episode 246

: That card


Cheonri-eung flew up once again.

It was to convey my will.

The person who will receive the message is 2nd Prince Lapishan.

The message was simple.

-Gather only the core forces and quickly come to Kaibar Plateau.

My idea was this.

‘The situation is already overwhelmingly in Prince Lukashan’s favor. Then, for Lapishan, the entire empire is like an enemy camp.’

Here, Rafishan has one of two options.

Either surrender to the crown prince.

Or flee the country to plan for the future.


Either way, it was bound to be a choice that Lapishan preferred more than death.

The latter would be the better option, but…

‘It may sound like you’re planning for the future, but in reality, you’re just jumping out of the blue, right?’

And bouncing like that doesn’t end with just bouncing.

‘I’ll have to deal with what follows.’

Regardless of time and place, it is a time-honored tradition for dictators to assassinate political rivals.

This is especially true if the competitor is overseas.

Just like the victors of past history did.

Lukashan, who has completed the succession to the throne, will definitely put everything aside and try to kill Lapishan.

I was sure.

‘Because he is as bloodless and tearless as the emperor.’

There is no way that Lapishan does not know what I am guessing. Your mind is probably about to explode by now.

So I offered him a way out.

…Just leave the empire and join me.

That was the best thing for now.

‘Anyway, causing division within the empire is practically a mistake.’

A way to turn the tables that have begun to tilt.

It was decided that it would be better to apply force from outside.

In order to do so, a process of reuniting Lapishan’s forces abroad was necessary.

I offered to help with that.

‘Of course, the choice is Rafishan’s, but…’

There would be no better option for him now.

Oh, there is one.

‘To enter the empire myself.’

Now I have the power to overthrow the entire empire.

Of course, there may be some who still remember the stigma of the past as a ‘foolish prince’.

Perhaps if my dragons yawn, they will never be able to make such sounds.

In this way, changing Lapishan’s situation was not that difficult for me.


‘Why do I go to Empire?’

At least now I had no intention of returning to the Empire.

I did not naively create that rivalry to push Lapishan as emperor.

It was just that the confusion that occurred in the process was necessary.

So from my perspective, all I had to do was maintain their competitive structure within a reasonable range.

And above all else….

‘The disappearance of Emperor Bareshan. ‘Isn’t it too suspicious to win?’

The emperor, considered one of the strongest men in the human world, has gone missing?

First of all, it was a part that not only did not exist in the original work, but also did not make sense through common sense.

And, as if to show off, he even left behind a witness.

‘…There’s definitely something up there.’

Returning to the Empire without knowing what would happen was not a wise choice.

Therefore, I decided to do the opposite and invite Lapishan to my side.

‘The most important thing for me now is to solve the quest about Hael.’

The fate quest ‘True God’s Creation’ designated by the Destiny Codex.

Solving this quest was more important to me than anything else.

So, bringing Lapishan to my side was the best decision for me and him.


“How is the Marquis of Carls Reuth?”

I was curious to see what progress had been made between father and son.

But Carls looked bitter.

“Unfortunately, your shoulder is not recovering at all. “I had to first get the medicine needed for recovery… but that wasn’t the situation.”


“After we left the Imperial Territory, His Majesty the Emperor seemed to regard the Marquis of Reuth as a thorn in his side. “The Marquis’s joining the camp of His Majesty Lapishan probably had that influence.”


I scratched my head at Carl’s sincere answer.

What I was curious about was whether Elon Reut had confided in Carls about their true relationship or if he had even hinted at it.

I was curious as to whether that was the case, but Carls gave me a very different answer.

‘It looks like there was no such talk at all.’

It seems that the Marquis of Reuth was keeping his mouth shut about his hidden son.

Thanks to this, Carls still had no idea whether he was the son of the Marquis of Reuth.


“As soon as the situation allows, I will first try to arrange for the medicine to restore the Marquis’ shoulder.”

“huh? “You yourself?”

“Yes, it might be easy for me to obtain medicinal ingredients as I wander around with you.”

“Well, that could be true, but…”

I tilted my head and asked him back.

“Do you really need to do that? First of all, you belong to the Imperial Knights, not the Special Service Knights, right? “I’m not even from the Royt family.”

Then Carls sighed.

“…well. “For some reason, I didn’t feel very well.”

“Mind? Hmm, why is that?”

When I asked the question again, a deep understanding flashed through his blue eyes.

“I do not know. Is it because he’s someone I’ve seen since I was young? My heart just feels heavy for no reason. “You may not understand.”

Are you losing your mind for no reason?

I nodded slowly.

“…Yeah, that could be possible. “If we get a chance later, let’s look for the Marquis’ recovery medicine together.”

“yes! thank you! Lowering.”

I don’t have anything to thank you for yet.

Of course, the way to treat the Marquis’ shoulder is already in my head.

More than that, I was a little surprised on the inside.

It was because of Carls’ answer.

‘After all, blood relatives are blood relatives?’

Carls was instinctively trying to protect the Marquis of Reut.

I emphasized this a few times in the process of sending Carls to the 2nd Prince’s side.

‘Watch out for the right direction of Elon, which has not yet recovered.’

That’s what I said.

However, the fact that he is concerned about it even in the current situation where the 2nd Prince’s camp has disintegrated…

‘It must mean that Carls is truly worried about Elon Royt.’

It is an instinctive and noble sense of filial piety.

I chuckled.

‘Yes, after the fate quest is completed, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leisurely work for the empire.’

But that thought was nothing more than a delusion that came to mind without any knowledge of what would happen to us in the future.

* * *

As we delved into the forest, the entrance to the Demon City got closer and closer.

I could clearly feel it.

First of all, there was a disgusting amount of cherry blossoms blooming on the forest path.

“Let go! Let go! Let go. Let go…”

“It hurts.” It hurts, it hurts…”

“Ugh, what is this?”

The red cherry birds that targeted the blood collected by the demonic plants were dying while being captured by the mother blood plants.

It was also terrible to see white bone fragments at my feet.

Above all, magical energy.


A damp magical feeling that was not at all suitable for the Kaibar Plateau was flowing out.

I frowned, putting my hand on Heviod’s sword.

‘They said the two demon lords made it themselves, so it’s really no joke.’

And inside there, there will be demons living who wield this powerful magical power like limbs.

They were by no means easy opponents.

Therefore, first I had to hit level 50.

‘If I roll a little more, I think I’ll be able to take a picture today.’

However, seeing that the speed at which experience points were coming in was gradually slowing down, it seemed like the knights’ stamina was reaching its lowest point.


I feel impatient.

It was because of Hael.

‘I need to get him back quickly.’

If I were alone, I probably would have overexerted myself and accelerated.

However, I was able to regain some of my composure when Vinokharas returned with Kals and Tyrvaen.

“Hael will be fine, don’t worry too much.”

“Isn’t Ms. Hael a clever person? Those eyes are amazing too.”

After hearing what had happened, Tyrvaen and Kals were helping me hunt.

“Yeah, it’ll be okay.”

It had to be okay.

I nodded.

Then, I suddenly remembered the story we had exchanged earlier and burst out laughing.

“Master’s real name is ‘Irene’?”

“huh? Oh well, that’s right. “That was my name.”

“What a pretty name.”

“Thank you so much. “That’s a name that was used a long time ago.”


“What, roughly 30 years ago?”


When I smiled and nodded, Tyrvaen slowly averted his gaze with a puzzled expression.

Same goes for Carls.

“…That’s why I decided to call you Irene sometimes. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Okay. okay. “You’re cute.”


The guy answered something I didn’t ask and cleared his throat.

Actually, Kals was calling Tyrvaen ‘Irene’ without thinking, and it caught me.

‘Yes, it seems like the event has progressed to some extent while you were away from me…’

It looks like it hasn’t been completed yet.

This is Tirbaen’s ‘Identity Reveal Event’.

It was an event about a young witch pretending to be a middle-aged witch growing up to the next level by revealing her true name.

Originally, it was activated when you build up your affinity with the player to the maximum and are placed in a specific situation.

I changed the idea a little and gave Carls that role.

Tirvaen had as deep a bond with Kals as I did.

I thought that the event could proceed even if I didn’t put in any effort.

And it was spot on.

‘If Tyrvaen had revealed his name, he would have definitely revealed his age…?’

But you want to keep your age a secret from me?

Sharing secrets.

This meant that the relationship between the two had truly become stronger.



The two people were exchanging subtle glances, as if they thought I couldn’t see them.

I walked ahead and sighed.

‘I’m craving bamboo spears again.’

I feel sorry for them both, but I could feel it all.

This was thanks to the fact that my five senses had doubled after I established and acquired the Ultimate Arts.


-Two dads. It’s a little strange.


-For some reason, my body temperature is higher than before. I don’t think it’s a cold. As far as I know, that’s human breeding…

– Let’s just pretend we don’t know.

-Hmm, I understand.

It was absolutely impossible to avoid Vinokaras’ senses, which were more sensitive than those of most elves.

As Piyong and I noticed, the two people were now clearly showing affection for each other.

Well, it wasn’t a bad thing.

‘I don’t know if it’s because of that, but it seems like Carl’s swordsmanship skills have improved a step further.’

It just makes my stomach turn.

“Yamma Kals! One orc leaked over there! “You have to move!”

“Yes sir!”

“You brat! I have you bound, so don’t hit Sir Silion!”


Really, some bamboo spears!

Anyway, we hunted like we used to for a while.

When the dew-covered dawn came like that one day.

[Your level has risen!]

The target level of 50 has been achieved.

And I immediately started shuffling the cards.

Honestly, I had no expectations.

‘I already have enough cards anyway, so it doesn’t matter anything.’

I was thinking that if anything came up, I would use it to upgrade my gladiator or elementalist.


However, I was left gaping at the completely unexpected result.

Why are you here?

[EX-level fate ‘Grand Mage’ has been granted to ‘Gilroshan Elo de Balt’!]

[Three exclusive skills for ‘Grand Mage’ have been obtained.]

[Good luck to you.]

Now, finally, ‘that card’ Because it fell on my palm.

A transcendental fate card.

‘…Grand Mage.’

This was the card I had to give up when I had no choice but to choose F-Class Slave Gladiator.

I swallowed dry saliva as I held the brilliantly flashing fate card.

‘What does this mean?’

A guide to top-level extras

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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