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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 252

Episode 252:

The Demon Clan

“That’s pretty good.”

Countess Leisach, who commanded the Belarux Defense Knights, thrust down the tip of her sword out of respect for her opponent.



The light disappeared from the eyes of the human knight who was constantly resisting.

That was the last time for Osorma Tanik, the assault leader of the Blue Flame Knights.


Leishach swung his sword, brushed off the blood on the blade, and thought for a moment.

‘What are these?’

Intruders suddenly appeared.

I once again became curious about their identities.

The demon city of Belalux was not without intruders.

This was an important base and large-scale colonial city of the Demon World built in the lower world under the orders of the Demon God.

The gods of the heavenly world, who were not on good terms with the demonic world, would send their descendants for the purpose of spying and keeping in check.

Therefore, Belalux’s defense measures were already fully prepared.

The Defense Knights commanded by Rui Shach defend the western part of the city…

“Hey, Rui. What are these cute things? Quite persistent. “I thought it would just be chewy, but it was surprising.”

The name of the male demon who is talking loudly is ‘Bersig’.

The Security Knights, led by this man, who also holds the title of count, defends the eastern part of Belarux.

“It’s okay for lowly humans to have good taste. Where on earth does this fighting spirit come from?”

Bersig was rummaging through human corpses with curious eyes.

The Countess sighed deeply at the sight.

“They were lowly humans, but they were great opponents. Be courteous to others. Ver.”

“Wow, what a stubborn woman you are. “So you don’t have a lover.”


No matter what he said or not, Leishach paid a brief bow to the dead human knights to show his respect.

But I couldn’t help but wonder.

‘What are these?’

Honestly, when she first discovered these humans, she thought she could take them down in about a dozen seconds.

Because humans didn’t have that much magical power.

But unexpectedly, I was caught for quite a long time.

Surprisingly, the human knights who handled the unicorns fought valiantly against the demon knights.

It was persistent but not ugly.

A desperate but calculated battle.

I was deeply impressed.

They were of a different class from the clumsy scouts sent by the gods of heaven.

So naturally, curiosity arose.

‘What on earth did they come here for?’

R’Ishach was also curious about the intruders’ purpose.


“Well, there’s no clue.”

These were the words of Bersig, who was rummaging through the body.

“Are they assassins? “Strangely enough, there are no clues to guess their identity.”

“assassin? “Isn’t the form of swordsmanship too honest for that?”

“That’s right, that was it.”

“Write it. What on earth? these?”

In fact, it was natural that the two demons were wandering around without guessing the identity of the Blue Flame Knights.

The Knights of Gilroshan operated in the territory of the Five Beast Tribes while disguising themselves as an imperial clan.

At that time, the knights realized that in order to operate safely in foreign countries, they had to discard all clues that could reveal that they were imperial citizens.

Therefore, everything related to the empire was replaced, leaving only the swordsmanship that could never be changed.

Thanks to that, Ryushach and Bersig were unable to find any clues about the identity of the Blue Flame Knights.

“…I should have studied the swordsmanship of humans.”

“Oh, what a stubborn woman. “It’s time to study again.”

At first glance, the two counts seemed to be leisurely bickering.

However, their Defense Knights and Security Knights were constantly moving and chasing Gilroshan’s men.

-Count Leisach? Traces of new enemies were discovered in the northwest passage. We are currently releasing the hellhounds and tracking them down.

“If you deem it necessary, mobilize the gargoyle army.”

-Captain Bersig! Communication with the search team in the southeastern region has been lost! Judging that we have encountered the enemy! Requesting reinforcements!

“What the f*ck are they doing? Raise the alert and dispatch a strike team!”

The two people, who responded one by one to the reports pouring in through communication magic, looked at each other and sighed.

“I don’t know what it is, but I feel like these people are not normal.”

“Damn it. “I’m going to catch them all and chew their bones!”

Leishach was quietly lost in thought while looking at the growling Bersig.

“…I need to report this.”




Bersig furrowed his brow, but she decided to do so.

I decided to report to Myrkrtan and Elmodros, the two demon kings who rule this city.

“Hmm, is there really a need for that?”

Bersig was shrugging his shoulders with his hands up.

“You two don’t even show up at Bellalux these days? “I don’t know where you’ve gone, but there’s no need to make a fuss about something we don’t care about, right?”

His intention now was not to escalate matters further here.

I was worried that I might be unnecessarily punished under the pretext of failing to properly perform my duties.

But Leishach shook his head.

“This city was built according to the will of the demon god. “You two can’t leave everything to us.”

It was not the demon knights who were responsible for the unusual intruders, but the two demon kings.

Bersig nodded.

“Hmm, are you saying that if the problem gets bigger, it will be a headache?”

“that’s right.”

“Okay, then I will prepare a demonic messenger. “You keep chasing them.”


“don’t worry.”

Bersig, who had used his movement magic, disappeared in an instant.

Even the counts did not know whether the Demon Lords would be in the Demon King’s Palace or in the Demon World to have an audience with the Demon God.

However, the demonic messengers connected to the demonic energy will immediately find their owners and deliver a message.

‘…The kings will take action soon.’

Leishach was sure.

The unknown human invaders will soon be captured.

And it was clear that it would be ground alive and used as a source of magical power.

‘Unfortunately, just now was the last time I paid my respects.’

Because she was a demon who could transform into a butcher at any time if the demon king ordered her to do so.

However, Count Leisach’s resolve did not last long.



A huge explosion that shakes the entire underground city.

Because it blew away her thoughts and plans.

Leishach muttered absentmindedly.

“Why are there stone pillars…?”

* * *

Is it because it is a city with two demon lords?

Or is it because it is a special city created at the command of a demon god?

‘There are more demons than I thought.’

…three times, maybe four times more.

So I ran like crazy.

The faces of Kals and Tyrvaen, who were holding the reins of the unicorns running after me, turned white.

“Turn it off!”


Captain Gordin and Leader Carmodo, who had surpassed human limitations as sword masters, were both nauseating.

[Movement Skill: Island]

A new skill in Ultimate Arts.

It was a movement technique that combined the Sumbo of Manatee Swordsmanship and the Storming Frontier of Frontier Swordsmanship.


Every time I take a step, the ground crumbles as if crying.

As I lifted my thighs, my body flew like an arrow.

‘If I pour in a little more magical power, it will be possible to fly in the air.’

But it didn’t happen.

What was needed now was to focus the attention of the demons.

I’m not the only one here.

‘All the knights spread out across the city create a commotion at the same time, attracting aggro.’

At the same time, break through the siege and get to the center of the Demon City as quickly as possible.

This was what was being done at this stage.

It was also a desperate measure to save as many knights as possible.


The last communication with Osorma Tanik seemed to be a starting point for all of the Blue Flame Knights.

It was truly the starting point of an absurd spirit of sacrifice.

-Lowering! Please take care of yourself…!

Meldir Joice.

-I’ll see you again someday.

Hans McCullan.

-Hahaha! You owe me a big debt for this!

Sharian Citrin.


-Carls is with you now, right? Please tell me not to regret too much about accidentally rejecting this beautiful senior. hi.

From Auraks to Senis Edrin, who accompanied us.

My knights disappeared one by one, leaving their last words.


I can still handle more.

My heart squeezes out a little more magic.

All that needs to be done is for Hebiod to break through the siege by breaking the demons’ blades.

Even though I didn’t order them to do so, they voluntarily became targets and left.


“stop! Stop it! “Who asked everyone to die for me!”

When Rodrigo Esta came to talk to me, I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded.

But the muscular knight grinned.

“Everyone knows it. “This is the best.”

“What is best? “Why do you say it would be best for you all to die?”

“Haha, I’m not dead yet. Everyone is fighting to survive here and there. “I just cut off contact to save the mana needed for communication magic.”

It is absurd.

I created a contact network to prevent him from dying, but it was so absurd that he left a will and committed suicide.

But even Rodrigo joined the ranks.

“Please be considerate and make my wish come true. And please apologize to my sister later. Do you understand?”

“Sir Iesta!”


Even Rodrigo, who was in the same group as me, left.

Now, there were only a few people left, including the knight commander, Kermal Carmodo, and Salet Pirdin, who was following behind me.

“You have such admirable subordinates.”

These were the words of Jerez, who was watching.

Then Gilad Gordin sighed.

“They are good guys. “To the point where it’s stupid.”

“You two shut up.”

I gritted my teeth and raised my gaze.

I feel like my head is going to explode.

But the more you do it, the more calm you have to be.

You shouldn’t ignore your emotions, but getting caught up in the rapid waters was the easiest path to the worst.

‘Yes, like Rodrigo said, not all of them are dead.’

Just fighting and dying.

In that case, it was my job to find a way to save it as much as possible.

‘Unfortunately, there is no such element in the original < Sin.Verse > game.’

But this isn’t a game.

And I came all this way to succeed the departed God.

So, let’s think about it.

What should I do here?

It was at that moment that I unconsciously looked up and came up with a new idea.

“Those are…”

The stone pillars supporting the ceiling of this huge city.

The stone pillars were also magical structures that converted the blood condensed by blood plants on the ground into energy and supplied it to the city.

Originally, in the original version of < Sin.Verse >, it was a part of the terrain that the player could not destroy.

But it was different now.

I was feeling the thick magical energy emanating from those stone pillars.

I could clearly see how powerful the energy it contained.

Thanks to this, I was able to come up with new possibilities.

‘What would happen if you set fire to a silo full of fuel?’

It’ll explode.

‘And very grandly.’

It will inevitably be that way.

As it contains a huge amount of magical power, there is a very powerful protection spell, but…

“Captain Karmodo! Captain Gordin!”

Now I had two sword masters.

He also had a powerful skill that could control magic particles within a certain range.

The great mage’s transcendent magic field.

Using this, it was possible to have the effect of temporarily stopping the action of magical power.

I decided.

‘I’ll destroy you.’

If my foolish knights become dangerous and doomed to death because of this city…

‘I will create a sea of fire.’

[The movement technology ‘Island’ operates beyond its limits!] When

the speed was increased to the limit, it became possible to move as if flying through the air.

It’s literally like empty space.

And I unleashed my magic.

[Attack Technique: Transcendent Magic Field]


In an instant, tremors occurred everywhere.


Then I felt the two old men behind me draw their swords.

The next moment I opened my mouth.

Just like when I shouted to the knights, they repeated after me.

“…Screw it!”

I shouted as loud as I could towards that stone pillar.

They lived up to my expectations.

The moment when the state of magical power near the stone pillar temporarily becomes neutral due to a transcendental magical field.




Even though two people are swinging their swords, it sounds like they are one.

Then, an incredible flash of light exploded before my eyes.


An indescribable roar struck us.

The explosion shook the city.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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