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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 265

Episode 265

Kertion (5)

“What was the condition of young Griffin? What about size? Were there any traces of the mother nearby?”

Fox Buarez, as a deacon who is a true deacon, bombarded me with questions.

The story of the abandoned griffin was something I just made up, but it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary.

‘Is this an unexpected event commonly encountered in the northern forest of Kertion?’

Also known as ‘I decided on you!’ event.

From the player’s perspective, it was an event where they could obtain a vehicle.

Therefore, I was able to continue the conversation without any problems.

“First of all, it had a lot of goosebumps on its eyes and its skin and bones were close together because it couldn’t eat. Is it roughly this size? “I don’t know any traces of the mother.”

“So was there a big tree nearby? Or a thornbush.”

“Would you have even paid attention to something like that? Since he was just sleeping well, I fed him some food. “He was particularly good at eating deer meat.”

“Surely you gave me milk?”


“That was a good thing. Young children may have diarrhea due to weak stomachs. However, you must first make sure the mother is nearby before touching it. Usually, griffins give babies that have human scent on them….”

Nagging sounds pouring down like a waterfall.

After listening for a while, I blurted out a word.

“Marquis Boares, if you care so much, why don’t you go and see for yourself?”


“The Marquis is an expert who runs Griffin Farm, right? That’s why I contacted you too. “I think it would be a good idea to go and take a look in person, right?”

I contacted him solely to get advice regarding my baby griffin.

In other words, I decided to pretend that I knew nothing about the Griffin Ranger.

Then Fox Buarez thought for a moment and then asked this question.

“Sir, how did you know that I run Griffin Farm? “That farm was something I was secretly working on.”

“That? I inquired at Magic Tower and they gave me some advice. I heard the Marquis is putting a bounty on the baby to buy it? “They say they are also purchasing large quantities of medicine to treat injured griffins.”


Fox Buarez was that serious about Griffin.

The information source I presented was perfect, so he was nodding his head in approval.

“okay. They say there are no perfect secrets in the world…”

“But why are you running Griffin Farm in secret? Are you doing some kind of tax evasion there?”

“yes? no! Absolutely not! “Keuhum!”

Fox Buarez cleared his throat and lowered his head.

“Please forgive my rudeness earlier. “I didn’t know it was that kind of business.”

“It’s okay. “If there is a misunderstanding, it can be resolved.”

“It would be best to leave that little griffin alone for now. And I will send my staff to take a look. “If it had a mother, it would have disappeared, and if it didn’t have a mother, it would have been wandering nearby.”

I chuckled.

The marquis’ subordinates were in vain.

But again, I didn’t know.

Somewhere in that hunting ground, there really might be a starving baby griffin waiting for a helping hand.

“Marquis, if you ever get hold of him, do you have to sell him to me?”

“yes? ‘Sale’? “Are there any other entities?”


Come to think of it, pre-sale meant selling in installments.

I guess I expressed it too earthly.

When I explained it to him, the Marquis smiled broadly.

“Well, there were some cases where the imperial family tamed magical creatures. “If you really want to raise a griffin…”

He paused for a moment and then nodded.

“I will introduce you to a suitable child. Sometimes, there are some that think they are humans and do not get along well with other animals. “I think such an entity would be suitable.”

“Oh, so I can go and see the Marquis’ farm?”

“yes? No, that’s a bit…”

The Marquis of Buares trailed off with an embarrassed look on his face, and I chuckled to myself.

It was inevitable.

The reality of the farm was a military facility that trained Griffin Rangers.

Finally, the story I had been waiting for came out.

“I would rather take you to my house. “If it’s okay with you.”


Invitation from the Marquis of Buarez.

This could be said to be a signal for intimacy work.

I smiled and nodded.

“great. Please contact us soon. “I will prepare a lot of deer meat and go.”

* * *

The next day.

The dawn dusk was slowly disappearing.

I was crossing swords with Carls.

Thanks to completing a hellish diet for two weeks, I can now properly practice swordsmanship.

“Disciple, drink some water. Sir Sillion, let me cast some recovery magic.”

“Thank you, Sir Sui.”

“Solo is sad, sad.”



While we were arguing.

The maids and maids who were passing by all stopped and looked amazed.

It was inevitable.

The third prince is said to have mastered both swordsmanship and magic.

And a genius boy knight produced by the Earl of Silion’s family.

Training together was itself a strange combination.

Besides, we were mostly sparring.

‘Everyone probably thought Carles would win.’

But the reality was completely different.

I have never lost to Carls here.

It was the opposite.

“Please do it one more time.”


“Get up quickly.”

“I’m having a hard time. Master won’t heal me. You are really great. “How can you be so cruel to your student?”

“Inseok! You’re fine even without recovery magic! “Where are you hearing the groaning sound?”


“Don’t laugh like that!”

Known as a scourge to the imperial family and a b*stard to the empire, I was overwhelming Kalth.

And that too from beginning to end.

Everyone who was watching looked bewildered.

“Chief maid, I’m not mistaken, am I? “You’re Carls, right?”

“That’s right. “I heard that you are so talented that you were recently rewarded as the most outstanding knight in training by the Knights Templar.”

“But Carls kept getting pushed back. “What the hell is this…?”

Onlookers were whispering.

Either way, I faced Carls again.

“Come on in.”


When I gave up the first strike, Carls jumped in at once.

As the blades crossed, blue lightning flashed out.

It felt like a snake made of flame was rushing towards me.

Carls persistently aimed at my shoulder.

Then, in a moment, he twists the sword and stabs it into the thigh and side in a fierce attack.

But I was relaxed.

It wasn’t because the swords we held were unsharpened and for training purposes.



There was no reason to be nervous because all movements were clearly visible.

In fact, since his regression, Carls has noticeably slowed down.

It was an unavoidable side effect.

‘It’ll take some time to get over it.’

The more it happened, the more I had to deal with it strictly and without any mercy.

By cleverly waving the tip of his sword, he began to interfere with Carl’s sword path.

‘Taicheng Fist’, a martial art obtained from Sarkas’ dungeon.

Among them, it was a technique created by transferring herbalism to swordsmanship, called ‘Imhwagyeongwoo (林花經雨)’.

“You break the flow by dragging and pulling the opponent with the swords that meet each other.”

“I know even if you don’t say that!”


Carls momentarily tried to use his physical strength to shake off my sword.

Instead of suppressing the flow, I stepped aside and let it flow to the side.

At the same time, the technology was properly deployed.

[Containing technique: Sutra] The

sword followed as if it were attached to a magnet.

As a result, Carles’ intended offensive attack was completely ruined.

There was a push and pull battle, but I wasn’t pushed back at all.

Decisive moment.

I gave a sharp push and sent Carl’s sword flying into the distance.


“Oh my!”


The maids nearby were startled and took a step back.

When did they get there?

Anyway, this is the end of the sparring.

“We have a lot to do today, so don’t lose your energy and let’s get to this point.”


“Don’t die, man.”

I tapped Carls’ shoulder, who was speechless.

Sutra was the fourth skill of the comprehensive skill ‘Ultimate Arts’.

Although it did not use magical power to accelerate, it was a level of technology that would be difficult for today’s Carls to receive.

I knew very well what the problem was.

“It’s so hard to get my balance back. “I completely lost it.”

“Yeah, it looks that way to me too.”

As everything returned to the way it was three years ago, Carls also returned to the body he had when he was a 17-year-old knight-in-training.

At this time, not only was the guy not taller, but his muscles and skeleton were still in a state of immaturity.

But in fact, even during this period, Carls was called a ‘monster’ among trainee knights.

‘Because my fighting sense was so good.’

Rather, he was able to use his light and flexible body to his advantage.

It was Carls who showed talent enough to make even the official knights nervous.

But now it wasn’t coming out at all.

To put it bluntly, it was like that.

Ironically, this happened because of the memory of experiencing a completed body.

‘Because there is a style I learned from previous episodes. In particular, as I am used to the sword fighting technique using force, I am experiencing misalignment.’

Of course, this was something that would naturally be resolved over time.

Although he is somewhat overshadowed by the genius of his face, he has a great talent for swordsmanship, so my prediction was that he would soon recover his skills.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case today.

“It’s quite annoying. I can’t believe I have to feel this helpless. “Where should I get compensation for this?”

“You’re not blaming me now, are you?”


“The look in your eyes is quite irreverent, isn’t it? “Isn’t it the same as before?”

“The body and swordsmanship are changing, but wouldn’t the eyes also change?”

“Well, that’s true too.”

If you think about it carefully, it is correct to say that the body and consciousness are actually one.

That’s because it was like that in my case right now.

Suddenly, I remembered the original owner of this body that had disappeared.

‘How much did Gilroshan know?’

He would have never known that his body would be taken away when he came into contact with a demon disguised as a dead god.

My mouth tasted bitter again.

Anyway, I decided to end the early morning training.

Soon it was time for Count Irons and the agents of the Ministry of Government to arrive.

They showed up exactly when we finished breakfast.

“Sir, we are ready.”

Iker Irons appeared with a determined expression.

Behind them, exactly 20 enforcement agents were standing with an eyepatch over one eye like pirates.

This was to achieve dark adaptation as quickly as possible when entering a dark place.

But today I didn’t need an eye patch.

Because the brightest place in the empire was today’s battlefield.

“Let’s go to the Five Colored Spire.”


“You can see it over there.”

I raised my hand and pointed to the huge magic tower standing west of Certion.

Then the expressions of Count Irons and the agents became as frozen as stone statues.

“That guy? “There’s a traitor in the Five-Colored Spire? That’s ridiculous!”

“That makes sense.”

In fact, there were more surprises left.

The Five-Colored Spire where the most outstanding wizards in the empire gather.

The truth was that there was a traitor coiled up on the highest floor there.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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