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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 267

Episode 267:

Five-Colored Spire (2)

Shedrick Fenn shook his head with a confused look in his eyes.

“It’s hard to believe. “I will have to meet Sir Siora in person and talk to him.”

“That would be the duke’s freedom. But remember that the Spirelord is the Archwitch. “If you make a mistake, you will end up in hellfire.”


“And those two will show up anyway. “We have no reason to be hasty.”

When I said that, Shedrick Fenn thought for a moment and then nodded.

An unprecedented event has begun where the Empire’s greatest magic tower, the Five-Colored Spire, is seized and searched.

I quietly watched it.


Arcia Sciora.

She was clearly a necromancer.

Even if he had not been in cahoots with the revolutionary army, he could not avoid being wanted simply for the fact that he had learned necromancy.

‘First of all, in order to learn necromancy, you have to join Death Island in the Far East Sea. And during the training process, we had to drag out countless corpses…’

In the empire, all of that was treated as illegal.

This was because the imperial family had strictly prohibited the art of dealing with death since ancient times.

So it was very natural for Roxanne Sciorra to keep her real brother hidden.

Although she reached great heights, Arcia was bound to become a target for extermination from the moment her existence was revealed.

‘Even in the original work, he was an NPC who would most likely meet a miserable end.’

Even in the world before the fateful return, Arsia did not leave a name.

The goal he had for himself could not be achieved.

‘To overthrow the empire and build a magic tower made up of necromancers.’

Therefore, he conspired and conspired with the revolutionary army much more actively than Zairik Moss.

However, in the end, all operations failed due to the actions of the empire’s players.

He was imprisoned in an underground prison, but barely escaped and disappeared.

‘And in order to preserve her position as the owner of the Five-Colored Spire, Roxanne Sciorra actively cooperates with the search and seizure and even generously offers various rewards.’

In conclusion, this five-colored spire was the easiest place to find traitors.

I knew that well from my experience in the game.

Let’s see.

‘It’s almost time to show up, isn’t it?’

It was right then.

Something fell down with the sound of a bomb exploding overhead.

I heard the Minister of Political Affairs yelling.

“What! Avoid! damage!”

Then, a large shadow-like object was seen running towards the magic tower, randomly knocking down its furniture.

Would you say it is a lump of flesh that is black and gives off a strange smell?

It swallowed two or three of the executioners in an instant and was rushing towards me with fierce force.



“Yes sir.”

Even amidst the terrible roar, Shedrick Fenn heard my name clearly and came forward.

He placed his right hand on the hilt of his sword and slightly crouched his upper body.

A purple light dripped from the peacock’s eyes.

The next moment, a long blue flash of light stretched out, splitting the shadow from side to side.

Shedrick clicked his tongue lightly.

“It wasn’t a person.”


Literally, both sides of the story.

The Sword Master tore it apart with a single blow.

However, the shadow still lingered, showing off that it was alive.

Rather, it was divided into two pieces.

Actually, it wasn’t a ‘living thing’.

< Dead Bound >

[Monster] A ghost monster created by mixing bodies raised from the dead. It cannot be eliminated with normal attacks.

It was an undead monster summoned using advanced necromancy.

As expected, Arcia Sciorra seemed intent on using that dead bound to make a way and escape.

“Duke, I think we should burn that thing and get rid of it.”

The best way would be to bring in a battle priest and completely melt it, but burning it with chlorine-type magic wasn’t a bad idea either.

I called Tyrvaen and combined my magical powers to burn down the Dead Bound.

But Shedrick Penn came out again.

“Please stay behind my back.”


“If you get hurt, my wife will be very sad.”


Dersha Elo de Wald.

Now the Duchess of ‘Dernis Penn’.

She was the only princess of the Magic Empire, but she married Shedrick, a commoner, and founded a new ducal family.

When I thought of that name, I felt strange.

‘Sister Dersha.’

In the original game, like Gilroshan, he was an NPC of little significance.

But in Giloshan’s memories, it was different.

Her memory was not perfect yet, so she could not know all the details, but Dersha was a brilliant sister who was involved in all the major and small affairs of the imperial family.

Then, when she got married and left the Baltic royal family, the situation in the imperial family changed drastically.

Looking back, it was around that time that Bareshan’s madness went beyond its limits.

‘When I have time, I’ll have to stop by the Fen Duke’s house.’

Meanwhile, the Sword Master was executing his plan towards Dead Bound.

It was truly a plan worthy of a sword master.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to just turn it into powder instead of burning it?”


The sword spirit spurted out like a fountain and covered the entire area.

It was as if a net made of rays had jumped out of the sheath.

Dead Bound, which had been split into two pieces, was helplessly cut into pieces and collapsed like a sand castle.




Everyone in the hall fell silent at the majesty.

In particular, Carls’ eyes were sparkling like starlight.

Duke Penn was one of his superiors and role models, so it was only natural.

The atmosphere was damp with a strange tension.

I couldn’t leave it as is.

I quickly opened my mouth.

“You all saw it, right? Hurry up and find Arcia Sciorra! “It’s definitely hiding somewhere in this magic tower.”

But there was an answer.

A woman’s voice echoes through the steeple.

“stop! Don’t look for my brother! “Don’t bother with the Five-Colored Spire anymore!”

“Spire Lord…?”

“Okay, Captain. “It flies.”

A new shadow fell towards Shedrick, who raised his head.

It wasn’t dead bound this time.

She was a witch wearing a cape of five brilliant colors.

“I meet you, the 3rd prince. How have you been, Director Pen?”


Roxanne Sciorra bowed her head to me in a polite manner and then also greeted the Sword Master.

He also seemed to be focusing his gaze on Count Irons and Tyrvaen Kals, who were standing behind me.

Even though there was a three-year time difference, I couldn’t help but wonder as I looked at their completely different faces.

‘What are you feeling relaxed about? ‘Is there any room for trust here?’

I revealed not only that Arcia Sciorra was in cahoots with the revolutionary army, but that she was also a necromancer.

These are serious crimes that can result in summary execution just for one.

In the original game, he immediately got down on his knees and started explaining and making excuses.

But Roxanne, who was in front of me now, had a very calm expression.

Contrary to what I knew, no other wizards came along.

‘There’s something there.’

I immediately pulled out the Heavyode.

Then Shedrick Fenn blocked my path again.

“Sir, I will take care of it. The opponent is the owner of the Five Colors Spire…”

However, the knight commander’s loyalty ended up being nothing more than empty flames.

It was because Roxanne Sciorra stepped forward, looking straight at me.

“I never thought I would meet His Majesty Gilroshan so early.”


“I have something important to tell you. “Everyone else, please leave.”

As expected, a strangely confident attitude.

I narrowed my eyes.

Shedrick Fenn looked like he could never back down.

At that time, Iker Irons was directing the search and seizure operation, gesturing to the agents with a nervous expression.

-I am on the lower level’s side.

Communication magic was transmitted from Roxanne Sciorra.

What followed was surprising.

-Just like it was in the capital of the 5 Beast Tribes. We were pretty close in Makadi, right?


I almost opened my mouth wide.

I immediately realized what that meant.

It meant that Roxanne Sciorra remembered the events before the return of fate.

She spoke to me with her voice as if driving a wedge into her mouth.

“It looks like you have an idea to talk now. “Then shall we go to my room?”

“Let’s do that.”


I gestured to Shedrick Fenn, who looked embarrassed, to indicate that it was okay.

However, he spoke firmly to Iker Irons.

“Do the search and seizure without stopping. “This is an order given by the person in charge of this matter.”

“yes! Lowering!”

* * *

The office of the State of the Five-Colored Spire.

This was a space with many meanings.

For players who aimed to be wizards in the Empire camp, it was a personal space that could be obtained at the end of the game.

For players in the revolutionary camp, it was a place where they could obtain enormous artifacts as one of their occupation objectives.

And the original owner of this room, Roxanne Sciorra, was an NPC who did not let anyone in here.

But now it was different.

“Would you like a cup of black tea? Or ice cream?”


“why? Are you wondering what kind of harm I’m doing? “Hehehe.”

He was pouring water into the kettle with an expression as if he was hosting an important guest.

There was no stove in the office, which was covered with thousands of books, but the kettle boiled with just a touch of Roxanne’s finger.

A cup of strong brewed black tea and a chocolate cookie were placed in front of me.

“It’s not poisoned, so feel free to drink it.”

“I’m on a diet.”

I sighed and answered like that.

If Roxanne had memories from the previous episode, there was no need for engineering school.

We were at a loss for words while dealing with Warchief Mordrin in Makadi.

“Oh, I was wondering where you’ve been for the past two weeks, and it looks like you’ve figured that out. Well, you are a boy in puberty who cares about his appearance…”

This is not a joke.

Do you think that just because you have memories from before the regression, I will treat you unconditionally well?

“Lord Siora, do you think the alliance you and I made is still valid? “Isn’t that a bit of a leap?”


“Because everything has changed. “Now that we have returned to the world of three years ago, the situation is very different from then and there is no reason why our agreement should continue as is.”


Nevertheless, Roxanne Sciorra just nodded.

He continued to have a relaxed attitude.

When I stared at her, she grinned, rested her chin and opened her mouth.

“Are not you curious? “How do I have memories from before?”


I hit the nail on the head.

Actually, I was crazy curious.

I used the power of fate to turn the world back in time three years.

The situations and memories of the characters in this world also returned to three years ago.

Unless I was in contact with the Outer God, I was the only one who would have preserved the memories of the previous episode.

‘But how does Roxanne have that memory?’

I reviewed all the information about her.

Then I remembered one fact.

What happened right before implementing the fate regression.

‘Kali, the god of erasure.’

Roxanne Sciorra was briefly erased from this world by the power of Kali.

However, he barely maintained his existence by sacrificing his ‘future eye’ and was able to return only after Kali was neutralized.

Can you relate to that experience?

Otherwise, there is nothing else.

“Sir, I would like to cooperate again. “Aren’t I the right person to be your teacher?”

“You want to take Tyrvaen’s place? “What an absurd thing to say.”

“why? “You can just think of having one more teacher, right?”

Roxanne smiled an unexpectedly refreshing smile.

But this woman was dangerous.

I had no intention of keeping it close to me.

‘How should I respond?’

I have to find out what I need to find out.

After thinking for a while, I decided to do this.

“I will save your brother. Instead, tell me about how you preserved your memories.”

“It’s funny. “You don’t even know where that child is…”

“Me? “Is that really the case?”

I wore glasses.

‘Walacas’ Eyeball’, which tells the trajectory of thrown weapons.

Then he picked up the teacup filled with tea and prepared to throw it away.

Then, a translucent trace was created in my field of vision and then suddenly and unnaturally cut off.

It was right next to Roxanne Sciorra.

It meant that an invisible being was standing there.

“Arcia Sciora. You were there.”


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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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