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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 269

Episode 269:

Five-Colored Spire (4)

“I think I’m holding the sword hilt, right? “Let’s start by listening to the identity of the artifact.”

“I am a judge and judge. “Why don’t you swing the knife and cut off the neck?”


I don’t know, but if this woman had been born into the royal family, wouldn’t she really have become empress?

Even though he was making a deal with his own younger brother’s life, he was overly calm.

I had no choice but to open my mouth.

“I’m going to put on a play.”

“theater? two of us?”

“Yes, we have to fool Duke Fenn and Earl Irons. That person is impossible to contain. “There are too many eyes.”

“I guess so…”

Roxanne Sciorra nodded.

The great witch’s eyes were looking at me as if she found this situation amusing.

“great. Let’s do a play. What should I do? “A fraudster?”

“Why am I a fraud?”

“My younger brother and I are rebels, and I am the prince, a fraud from a colt. “Can you refute this?”

“Now I’m just leaving. “Do whatever you want.”

I explained the plan in detail.

Roxanne Sciorra all agreed and accepted.

In fact, this was the only way to save Arcia.

‘The problem is how to conquer the destiny quest.’

It wasn’t something that couldn’t be solved at all.

If you take advantage of this situation, you may end up with an advantage.

I got up from my seat.

“Let’s begin.”

“Yes sir.”

An intense flash of light erupted from the archwitch’s palm.

And the entire office exploded like an explosion.

* * *

‘When are you coming down?’

Shedrick Fenn waited in silence.

I was anxious on the inside, but there was no need to show it.

He was right next to me, even expressing his own part.

“You are late.”

“Maybe something happened?”

“What if Sir Siora decides to do harm?”

Tyrvaen Sui Calth Silion, Count of Irons, was making a fuss.

Even while protecting the bustling execution agents, they did their best to worry about the 3rd prince.

Sir Silion was particularly serious.

“I guess I’ll have to go up there. Seeing that it took this long, I wonder if it’s been a long time…”

“Hey, Sir Silion.”

“yes! “Captain!”

Shedrick, who was worse off, opened his mouth.

Calth Silion immediately stood at attention and responded.

‘Discipline is not bad.’

But I couldn’t help but admonish him.

Aren’t the Imperial Knights the shield that protects the imperial family?

“Try to refrain from showing excessive anxiety. “I am standing here waiting under orders from my lord, so why are you messing with my head with strange thoughts?”

“Oh yeah. “Captain.”

“Maintain self-respect, especially during missions. Unnecessary thoughts are the enemy of a knight…”

Unfortunately, the knight commander’s admonition did not end properly.

This was because a loud noise suddenly erupted from the top floor where the Steeple Lord’s office was located.

“What is it?”

“Everyone, prepare for battle!”

As the Minister of Political Affairs shouted, the enforcement agents drew their swords and aimed them in all directions.

It was a tactical action in case the suspect resisted during the search and seizure.

At that time, two shadows fell.

“Your Majesty the Third Prince!”

“Spire Lord…!”

It was Gilroshan and Roxanne.

Thanks to Tyrvaen’s hasty use of a buffering spell, the prince was able to avoid the fall.

However, his disfigured appearance revealed that something unusual had happened.

Calth Silion jumped in, drawing his sword.

“Are you okay? oh my god. “What kind of cold sweat is this?”

“Like Sir Silion said earlier, we should go up there ourselves! “What about self-respect!”


For some reason, Shedrick was glared at by Tyrvaen.

Were they originally close?

‘Anyway, what happened?’

The two people are facing each other with bloody eyes, pointing their swords and canes at each other.

In particular, Roxanne Sciorra was shaking the surroundings as she spewed out a fierce lethal force and magical field.

The intestines were filled with tension that felt like it was going to break.

The knight commander stepped forward, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“What happened to you?”

Since it was not a situation where the Great Witch was attacking, I thought I would first assess the situation.

Fortunately, the Third Prince summarized the situation surprisingly calmly.

“Negotiations have collapsed. “I offered to not hold the owner of the Chrystal Spire responsible if I handed over Arsia gently, but he refused.”


A picture quickly formed in Shedrick’s mind.

Originally, the crime of treason was supposed to hold the relative responsible as well.

However, the Five-Colored Spire is a major force of the Empire, and Archwitch Roxanne Theo is the central figure.

‘It seems like you made the offer to minimize both parties’ losses.’

But in the end it was rejected.

Roxanne chose to risk her life to protect her flesh and blood.

He seemed to have decided that he could never let go of the crime of colluding with the enemy, as he would definitely be sentenced to death.

It was fortunate that they did not attack the 3rd prince right away.

‘Well, if that’s the case, His Majesty the Emperor may come forward in person. There’s no way the Steeple Lord wouldn’t know that.’

Anyway, I didn’t know that the 3rd prince had this much guts.

A tense fight against that great witch.

“I heard there is no seer under the amulet….”



Fortunately, there were no casualties on either side.

The worst hasn’t happened yet.

Shedrick pushed the hilt of the sword, slightly pulled out the blade, and threatened Roxanne.

“Lord Spire’s younger brother is suspected of having conspired with an enemy of the Empire. If it turns out to be true, Mr. Kyung can also be held responsible. Please cooperate with the investigation first.”

But the other person shook his head.

“It would be better to kill everyone here. Do you think I don’t know what’s going on? You like traitors! “Anyway, you’re planning to kill me by holding my younger brother hostage!”


It meant that he would not accept the investigation at all.

Shedrick looked back at Gilroshan with an embarrassed expression.

Since there was no evidence yet, it was difficult to subdue Roxanne, who refused the investigation.

But right then.

“Lowering! “I found it!”

“There is evidence here too!”

Voices erupted from among the executive officers of the Ministry of Political Affairs.

Iker Irons quickly ran to his men and brought back evidence of betrayal.

Third Prince Giloshan declared in an unusually dignified voice.

“Spread it out. “For everyone to see!”

“yes! Lowering!”

It was a map.

A map depicting every corner of the imperial castle Kertion.

In particular, the advance route of the troops and the locations of strategic cemeteries were marked in great detail.

Duke Fenn’s eyes sank coldly.

“You were planning to invade Kertion using necromancy….”

“That’s my opinion too. Now all we have to do is figure out who owns this map.”

Magical energy flowed out from Iker Irons’ palm and formed a single formation.

The Count glared at Roxanne and opened his mouth again.

“As you probably know better, this is a spying spell used when examining evidence. Here, simply detecting the magic power pattern will reveal the owner of the item…”

It was at that moment that a black shadow emerged from the floor.

The shadow rushed towards Giloshan without hesitation.


Shedrick Fenn tried to cut it down with his sword.

But there was someone who moved first.

Carl’s Silion.

“Get out of the way!”


Although he was still a fluffy knight in training, he jumped in without hesitation, blocking the path of the shadow.

And he split the shadow with a flash of a sword.

It was a bold and powerful feat that even the knight commander quietly admired.

‘When did Lord Silion reach such a level?’

I thought you were still quite young.

Shedrick Fenn couldn’t shake off the strange feeling he had from earlier.

Meanwhile, the shadow that had been cut off revealed its identity by rolling around on the ground.

A witch with very short black hair.

“Arsia! Arsiaaaa!”

The Five-Colored Spire Lord rushed towards him, calling out his name.

The traitor, whose body had been torn apart by the sword blow, was already dead.

Roxanne, whose face was white, was approaching her sister with her hands shaking.

But I couldn’t leave it as is.

“Stay back! Roxanne Siora! You will also be arrested and taken away in accordance with imperial law…!”

“Shut up! “You lowlife b*stard!”


A swear word I haven’t heard since receiving the title of duke.

Shedrick Fenn’s expression hardened and he raised his sword spirit.

Now that Arcia Sciorra, who was trying to escape, was murdered, it was clear what the Minister of Political Affairs and himself had to do.

‘To neutralize and apprehend the owner of the Chrystal Spire.’

Judging by his attitude, it seemed like he had no intention of being captured.

The moment I thought I had no choice but to use force.

The Great Witch was the first to use her power.

A wave of magical power as strong as a tsunami.

“this! “Lord Spire!”

“Reap! It’s not possible!”


Miscellaneous things everywhere floated all at once as if they had lost gravity.

The wizards who had been watching with bated breath realized the situation and screamed.

It was an incredible power.

And then a full-blown magical storm roared out.

It was as if the explosion in the office was just a warning.

“Everyone come to hell with me! “You b*stards!”

The white vortex that started from Roxanne quickly expanded to engulf the entire Five-Colored Spire.

The walls shook as if they were about to burst, and all kinds of documents and furniture flew around like living birds, creating a whirlpool.

It was a merciless wave that would turn this place into ashes.


“That’s funny.”

The adversary was too close.

Shedrick Fenn had already drawn his sword and was aiming accurately at his opponent.

What if that witch used herself as a fuse and tried to set off a huge bomb created with her own magic?

The Sword Master became a single arrow and jumped into the center of the bombardment.

He remembered an old saying:

‘Magic is the sword wielded by a wizard.’

In that case, all you had to do was break it before it could move properly.

The simplest way is to hit the caster before the magic formula starts working.

The ability to capture that moment was already sufficient.

The Sword Master rushed forward, shattering the storm of magical power as if to prove to the world that he had conquered it.

Dig a little further and the witch will reach the sword.

But the next moment.

“does not exist…?”

I was taken aback.

Because I realized that Roxanne Sciorra had disappeared like a mirage.

The Great Witch, who had gathered magical power as if she would blow away this spire and everyone else, was nowhere to be seen.

Only the afterimage of the waves that had been condensed by her were scattered.

An empty silence fell.

“What is it? Could it be that he ran away? “Then what just happened was a deceptive tactic…?”

“What about tracking Count Iron’s magical power?”

Agents from the Ministry of Government attempted to track magical power, but the results were not satisfactory.

It was because the opponent was the opponent.

The great witch, who had reached her extreme, disappeared, completely hiding her traces.

The Sword Master wrinkled his brow and looked at the corpse lying on the floor.

‘I caught the traitor, but…’

Something wasn’t refreshing.

At that time, the 3rd prince stepped forward again.

“Let’s do the tracking of Roxanne Sciorra separately and take care of things from here.”

Gilroshan looked around the mess and began to sort out the situation.

The first thing I pointed to was the body.

“Master, please take away the traitor’s body. Then go up to the top floor and collect the magic trace. “We will investigate necromancy.”

“yes? Well, you don’t have to do that. Regarding necromancy, our political department…”

“No. I will deal with it myself. Count, please carefully examine the evidence you have secured.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“And Duke Fenn, call the Imperial Knights to shut down the Chrysanthemum Spire and check if there are any other suspicions against the wizards. The policy does not change. If any of the wizards rebel, subdue them immediately.”

“Yes, I will take action like that.”

After calming the mood by casually giving orders, Gilroshan looked back at his escort knight one last time.

“You are by Master’s side. “I have somewhere else to go, so I’ll see you later.”

“Yes sir!”

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to give an interim report to Her Majesty the Empress. “Because we need the authority to officially dismiss and arrest Roxanne Sciorra.”

“I see. I understand.”

Gilroshan became alone after defeating Shedrick Fenn.

As he came out of the spire and into the carriage, the door closed of its own accord.

Two women were already sitting across from me.

It was Roxanne and Arcia.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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