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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 278

Episode 278:

Thief (3)

In conclusion, there was not enough time.

The second lock has not been opened yet.

But then a shout came from outside the door.

“Hey Dane! “Is it still far?”

“Why did this person lock the door? “Is this strange?”

Clap, clap, clap!

The doorknob of the study room moved loudly and made a clanging sound.

The servants who had come looking for their colleagues were trying to open the locked door.

What is it?

I frowned and looked at the system message.

[28 seconds remaining…]

If the servants enter the study before I pick the lock, a battle is inevitable.

So should I stop picking locks and use my strength to get the ‘Baltic House Records’?

To do this, the glass window with the strengthening spell had to be broken by force.

This whole study will probably blow up.

‘Fox Buarez will investigate with his eyes open.’

If you are discovered, you will have to cross a river of no return with the Marquis.

Is it really worth it?

Something we don’t know yet.

‘I have to decide.’

I thought over and over again as I looked at the book beyond the glass window.

And I made a decision.

[The lock picking has been cancelled.]

[The perfect hiding effect is applied by wearing the clothing ‘Cloak of the Barrier.’] I

decided to stop my actions without any hesitation and use the cloak of the barrier to hide myself.

It was in the very next moment that the door to the study opened.

No, it wasn’t open, it was pierced.

“Marquis Hu!”


The door exploded with a sudden loud noise.

Scarlet sword light was streaming through the debris and dust clouds bouncing in all directions.

I thought I did a really good job of hiding myself.

‘I can’t believe the Marquis de Boarez is coming in person.’

A somewhat different development from the original game.

He walked trotting into the study and looked around with his brows slightly furrowed.

Then he found the bound servant and quickly approached him.

“Are you okay Dane? “Come to your senses!”

“uh? Marquis…?”

The janitor woke up and sat up on his own, wiggling his eyes.

After confirming that he was not injured, the Marquis’ expression relaxed.

Relief was also visible in his eyes.

“Are you hurt anywhere? Now how many of these do you see?”


“Hmm, it doesn’t look like there are any injuries. “Thank goodness.”

‘It seems the Marquis cares very much about his servants.’

I had no idea that Fox Buarez, who was famous for his cold personality, would treat his employees so kindly.

This is also something that was not revealed in the game.

I quietly watched them talk.

“What happened here? “If you remember anything, please tell me.”

“Well, I was just sweeping the broom when suddenly…”


“For some reason, I felt so drowsy that I almost fell asleep. I’m sorry, Marquis. But what happened?”


Of course, the janitor didn’t know anything.

It was thanks to the ‘evil spirit’s emblem’ being deployed before I entered the study, which knocked out both mice and birds without them noticing.

So he was asking the Marquis back.

Fox Buarez sighed as he looked like he didn’t know why everyone was gathered like this.

“Today is a really fierce day. “There are two intruders in my house.”

What does this mean?

Two intruders?

The moment I narrowed my eyes, there was a strange commotion outside the study.

“What is it? “Who are you?”

“Marquis! “Where is this strange woman…!”

Tap, tap, tap.

This was because a woman wearing black clothes appeared from the other side of the hallway.

She nonchalantly pushed away the employees who had a cold look on their faces, entered the study, and smiled.

“How are you, Marquis? “I was right, right?”

“It seems so.”

“And… it’s still here. “Boldly.”

I recognized the other person’s face and smiled.

‘Janet Lorix’, leader of the Revolutionary Army.

Why is the queen of the back alleys of Aurax here?

‘Could it be that you were following me? No, wait a minute. no way…?’

When I thought about it, it wasn’t ‘no way’.

What if the revolutionary army is after me like Eve said?

It wasn’t such a big deal for Janet Lorix to move on her own.

The Hyeopsadan was also one of the forces belonging to the revolutionary army, and its leader was also a person who had to obey the orders of the main unit.

Although in the original < New Verse >, there was no case where Janet left Auracus and moved directly…

‘Because the situation is different now.’

Janet’s presence in Certion was surprising, but not unacceptable.

There was no need to think long about who the person behind it was.

‘This clearly came to me under orders from Jerez Magria.’

My mouth suddenly felt dry.

I was well aware of Janet’s ability to wait and see.

It was a different type of radar.

‘A magical ability that only works when the target is nearby, but once it starts working, it tracks the target with extreme precision.’

The cloak of the barrier perfectly deceived the five senses of humans, but it could not deceive even the eyes of gods.

The opponent was ‘Imer’, the goddess of seclusion.

The fact that the Marquis himself appeared in the study may have been due to that effect.

For a moment, Janet’s eyes moved.


As expected.

She located my position with such precision that it gave me goosebumps and was looking straight into my eyes.

I slowly raised my magic power and prepared ‘Song of Steel’.

In this case, the Marquis de Boares was not the problem.

‘If you’re unlucky, you could be trapped here and end up dealing with the revolutionary army and the Marquis de Buares at the same time. Before that happens, it would be better for me to hit the player…’

But just then, Fox Buarez gestured as if he was annoyed.

He looked back at Janet and showed a sharp look.

“Lady, you are deaf. Have you forgotten what I told you earlier to quietly disappear? Get out of my house. right now.”

“yes? No, Marquis? “I told the 3rd prince to go away.”

“I told him to f*ck off. “Do I need further explanation?”


“Hello, what are you doing? Take Lady outside. “If you resist, I’ll beat you up and kick you out!”

It was truly a hot wedding reception.

Janet Lorix looked intently at where I was standing, but had no choice but to run away.

All the servants and the guild leader disappeared, and I was left alone with the Marquis de Buares.

He opened the empty display case and picked up the bag of gold coins I had left behind.

“This… is a bit much. “I guess I can make three cloaks?”

Gold coins rained down onto the Sword Master’s palm.

The Marquis, smiling, suddenly opened his mouth as he walked towards the still locked display case.

“I commend you for not crossing the line. “If Dane had been hurt even a hair, I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it.”


“But this is the last time I’ll just let it go.”

I almost answered.

He was talking calmly without even knowing where I was.

But he was completely certain that I was still here.

“Besides, it looks like you had a second goal. If you had even touched this, the problem would have been a bit bigger.”


“Luckily, it looks like you failed, so I’ll just pretend not to know and move on. Of course, there will be no next time for this either.”


The Marquis bent down and tapped the lock I had been fiddling with just a moment ago with his fingertips.

Then, he slightly lifted his gaze and looked at the ‘Baltic Imperial Family Survey’ in the display case.

I realized the meaning of the movement and stuck out my tongue.

‘You looked at the small scratches on the lock and realized that I was targeting that book? There are absolutely no ghosts.’

Shouldn’t I also run a fortune teller?

Fox Buarez took out a key from his pocket.

“I’m telling you just in case…”

He opened the window of the display case and pulled out the ‘Baltic Imperial Family Survey’ in question.

And he spread it out to me as if to show me off.

Surprisingly, it was a magic book.

A book with different magic techniques depicted on each page, like a picture book.

“This is an item that has been encrypted so that no one but me can view its contents. And it contains extremely fatal content. “If it had been leaked, it would have definitely resulted in a life-or-death situation.”

‘A life-or-death decision? ‘Someone has to die?’

What on earth is it about?

But there was no way to know.

The Marquis put the ‘Baltic Imperial Family Survey’ deep into his arms.

And as he closed all the display cases, he muttered this.

“Still, if you are curious about the contents of this book, please go to ‘Millinia.’ “She might be able to tell you something.”


Who was that?

I think I heard it somewhere, but it was a name that did not appear in the original game I played.

I feel like my memory is fading away.

This was something I often experienced when tracing the imperfect memories of Gilroshan.

“She is a member of the royal family and loves you, so she will be a little better than me.”

At that moment, I belatedly realized who ‘Millinia’ was and wrinkled my eyebrows.

Millinia Maymond.

‘Isn’t this the name Empress Mirphisha used before she married the Emperor?’

Why does this person insist on calling Empress Mirphisha ‘Milinia’?

Fox Buarez sighed with eyes full of stories.

“Now, really, get out. Otherwise you will find that the cloak is not invincible. For your information, I know a very easy way.”

The Marquis de Buares sits down at his desk and picks up a bottle of black ink.

As someone with ‘Walakas eyeballs,’ I knew immediately what he was trying to do.

This state of invisibility could be easily broken if one were willing to risk the study getting dirty.

‘I guess I’ll have to meet the empress and get some information. In fact, the Empress is probably the person who knows the Emperor best, so she might be able to find some clues.’


I opened the door that made a loud noise.

Then I heard the Marquis muttering behind me.

“It will be a little easier if you tell her my name. You might not like it very much, though. Goodbye, you thief prince.”

What does this mean again?

Anyway, I left the study with only half success as a thief.

And when I went outside through the back door of the mansion.



In the end, you will see blood.

With that thought in mind, I took off my barrier cloak.

Various magic spells that could catch opponents in a state of stealth were plastered all over the alley.

And there stood men with cold eyes flashing.

“Titan Special Lease.”

“that’s right. How do you find out? “The prince, who must have grown beautifully like a tulip in a greenhouse?”

Tulips in a greenhouse?

I snorted at Janet Lorix.

“I didn’t know there were tulips in the world that chew on the flies that hide in greenhouses.”

“…are we flies? Ah, then you will become a tulip whose flower stem is cut off by flies.”

“Stop closing your mouth and attack me. Why do flies have such long tongues?”

We decided to put aside the relationship from the previous episode for a while.

I began to raise my magic power as I walked towards Janet Lorix and the Titan Special Lease.

And he poured out what he had prepared generously.

[Attack Technique: Song of Steel]

Strategy book for transcendental extras

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