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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 288

Episode 288:

At the Front (3)

I heard it was definitely a ‘commander’s meeting.’

But what is this guy’s drinking table and what is that woman?

Still, for now, I bowed my head to the two people.

This was because it was imperial etiquette.

“You two see your brother.”



“Why do you greet me so politely? “A few days ago, they were pushing me to death?”

“Did you? Because I have a dual personality. “I don’t remember anything at all.”

“It’s so gross.”

“Then I’ll just do what I was doing.”

“Are you really crazy?”

Lukashan’s eyebrows danced as he looked at me.

It was a very absurd expression.

But I stood calmly and looked at the situation.

First of all, the place where Prince Lukashan was sitting was littered with spilled alcohol and food.

However, 2nd Prince Lapishan’s side was clean, as if it had never been touched.

‘It looks like Lukashan suggested Lapishan to eat it too, but he refused.’

The frowning expression on his face as if he didn’t like this situation was proof of that.

At least Lapishan wasn’t a fool who drank alcohol on the battlefield.

“I was almost disappointed.”


“Nothing. “Anyway, I think we need to send outsiders out, right?”

When I said that, Lapishan’s eyes also turned to Lukashan.

A look in his eyes that told him to get Ignis out of here immediately.

Lukashan chuckled and nodded at her.

“My younger brothers are a bit stubborn. See you later, Ignis.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“…your majesty?”

The person who responded to the soft voice was not me, but the second prince.

Lapishan glared at Ignis with a cold face.

“Who did you call your majesty just now?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. “Because it’s my habit.”


It escapes in a very strange way.

He claimed that he had made a mistake because he was someone who dealt with the emperor.

You could also say that he has a knack for gently scratching people’s hearts.

“Please be careful what you say.”

All Lapishan said was to suppress his anger.

But I was seeing something else.

A purple brilliance was seen in the eyes of Ignis, who smiled magically.

Look at this?

‘Now I see that she wasn’t the emperor’s lover or anything. That’s definitely a demon.’

Likewise, could this be someone planted by a demon god?

Or another demon lord’s agent?

I don’t know exactly which one it is.

‘Anyway, I can’t just pass it up.’

There is no gamer in the world who just ignores mobs for no reason.

I grabbed Ignis’ wrist as he tried to pass me by.

Then, a strange magical power came up through my palm.


“What is it? “His Majesty the 3rd Prince?”

In the meantime, they are licking their lips and making a fuss.

The eyes, filled with cat-like energy, sparkled sharply, as if they could stab me.

But my blade was already moving.

[Attack Technique: Dark Blade]


At that moment, the woman’s face turned white and her eyes widened as if they were about to explode.

It almost looked like he was suddenly strangled.

‘I don’t know what happened.’

It wasn’t just my wrist that I was holding.

An invisible weapon was moving.

I used it mercilessly, and a red line began to be drawn on the demon’s white neck.

“Ugh! “Ugh!”

Ignis screams horribly.

Then Lukashan stood up hesitantly.

“what? what’s the matter? Ignis?”

“Help me! help me!”

“Gilroshan! “What are you doing now?”

“Exorcise the devil.”

I was using a weapon suitable for exorcism.

The ‘Dark Blade’ is the most powerful among the ghost assassin’s skill set, but is difficult to use carelessly.

< Dark Blade >

[Attack Skill][Wraith Assassin Only]

The sharpest blade is the one that is hidden from view. And its sharpness can only be proven when it stabs an unseen place.

It can cause wounds to those it touches. Damage increases in proportion to the time of contact.

‘This is a really crazy skill too.’

You could inflict physical damage just by touching the opponent’s body.

It was a technique in which magic blades of minute size, completely invisible to the eye, flew out and inflicted damage.

The demons were being attacked by the dark blades I fired.

“…what? “Exorcism?”

“Let go of this! “Oops.”

While Lukashan was twitching his eyes, Ignis’ scream stopped.

And then I sat down like a doll whose strings had been cut.

This was because the carotid artery and heart were torn.

The anger came out late.

“This crazy guy! How dare Ignis in front of me…!”


The 8-star wizard wasn’t won by playing poker.

As soon as the crown prince stood up, a violent wind blew and shook the barracks.

However, it was only a breeze compared to the storm that Roxanne Sciorra had caused at the Five-Colored Spire.

“Hmm, that’s your brother’s lover, right? “You have such disgusting taste.”


“Look. “Is that your taste?”


As the wind suddenly stopped, the sight of the crown prince loudly pouring out vomit was seen.

It was because the fallen demon revealed its true form.

Instead of a woman with alluring charm, there lay an old man with a face wrinkled and wrinkled, like a mummy.

“It was used by stealing the body of a slave.”

“Oh no. That can’t be…”

Lukashan denied reality.

Although he still had little experience, it was quite shocking that a human as high as an 8-star wizard could not catch a single demon hiding nearby.

At this point, I felt like I was really losing my character.

But surprisingly, Lapishan seemed to know part of the truth.

“For some reason, my father doesn’t care whether my brother touches me or not. “It wasn’t a woman to begin with.”

“what? “Your father knew?”

“My brother, there was nothing that happened in the palace that His Majesty the Emperor was unaware of. “Did you really think you were deceiving your father?”


Even though the 2nd prince was on the outskirts, he was able to read the situation of the imperial palace to some extent.

Just by looking at it.

Did he even know that the future emperor would come into contact with a demon god?

‘Anyway, it’s pretty good. Lukashan is more stupid than you think.’

I called the knights and had them remove the old man’s body.

And it was concluded that the demon who used the name ‘Ignis’ was not Harmun’s liaison.

‘Even though he appeared in an unnamed role in the original work, the existence of Ignis did not disappear.’

Above all, I thought that this was not the demon god Harmun’s way.

Based on my experience at Quatras’ temple, I could say that he was a person of considerable interest.

I wasn’t the type of person to wander around like this and get kicked out.

‘Anyway, it’s very clear that there are a lot of demons waiting for an opportunity near the imperial palace.’

I looked at Prince Lukashan, who was still mesmerized.

The Halhendra Plain was half a day away from where the imperial army’s military camp was located, and the confrontation with the revolutionary army was a day away.

But the guy was lost in worry about what he was biting and sucking.

You seem to think that the war will be won, right?

‘I don’t even think that they can be pushed by Lapishan or me.’

Well, since he had brought along the continent’s strongest sword master and dozens of war wizards, it was not strange for him to show confidence.

And the more it happened, the more clearly it was proven that he was a person who should not become emperor.

The investigation into the demons that had approached the crown prince was put off until later and the strategy meeting began.

“Rapishan is in charge of the northern part of the plains, and Gilroshan is in charge of the southern part. I’m in charge of the central part. If you have any other opinions, let me know.”

“…is that all?”

“What more do you need?”

“older brother! You must frame this entire battlefield and give each organization a purpose and role! “That is the basis of the art of war!”

Rafishan raised his voice to Lukashan.

But the prince was very calm.

“What kind of strategy does this guy have? Just press down with force and that’s it.”

“What are you saying?”

“If Lapishan is not there, hand over command to me. “Because there are a lot of empty seats in our White Lightning Corps.”


“Oh, of course I will accept Gilroshan. “You have a big heart.”

I wanted to punch that giggling face.

It was hard to believe that this was the attitude of a commander facing a large-scale war.

What was surprising was that Lapishan tried to persuade me there.

“older brother! In order to prevent unnecessary sacrifice and consumption of troops, first deploy scouts to collect tactical information on the other side…” This

is the standard theory of conducting war.

But Lukashan was picking his ears.

There’s no need to listen any more.

I got up.

“What is it, Giloshan? “What is it again this time?”

“Is there anything you want to say?”

Lukashan and Lapishan looked at me and said something to each other.

I laughed and shook my head.

“I feel like I’m wasting my time needlessly. I will act separately. “Whether it’s the North or the South, you guys take care of it.”

“what? “Wow!”

“Gilroshan! Are you going to act like a fool all the way here? If we make a mistake, the youth and lives of the empire may be sacrificed senselessly! “Please behave properly!”

Lukashan simply sneered, and Lapishan revealed the anger he had been suppressing until now.

The second prince, who served in the military in the frontier, was fully feeling the weight of this war.

‘It is right that the emperor’s position goes to Lapishan.’

It was the same as what I judged in the previous episode.

I pretended not to notice and got up from my seat and sent a communication spell to Lapishan.

-Brother, let’s join forces with me.


Lapishan opened his eyes wide.

-I will help my brother defeat Lukashan and take the throne.

-What do you mean by that all of a sudden?

-They say they will help you become emperor. Is this really that difficult?

Lapishan looks confused.

I couldn’t drag the story out here.

And I knew that Lapishan would not be persuaded right away.

-We’ll talk about it in detail later.


-Think about it carefully. Who should hold the ‘Blood Star’ so that this empire and continent can be at peace?

I ended the conversation by picking up a piece of dried fruit that was rolling around on the table and eating it.

This is how the commander’s meeting, which didn’t even sound like words, ended.

“Hey brothers. This is a competition. what? Do you have a big heart? Youth and life? When the throne of the empire is at stake, where can you afford to question something like that? Both of you have a flower garden in your head. “Come to your senses, you idiots.”

Then Lukashan opened his mouth wide.

Lapishan also blinked with a puzzled expression.

‘This is real.’

I cast a really stupid smoke and turned around.

It was at that moment that the quest message came to mind.

< I am inheriting the throne >

[Destiny Quest] Who should rule the empire? It’s a decision that may change a lot of things. Think carefully and change your future.

Goal: Win the battle against the ‘White Lightning Legion’ Make ‘2nd Prince Lapishan’ an ally Create a new prince.

Expected reward: Grade A Destiny Card guaranteed draw ticket.

It was the emergence of a new destiny quest.

As I emerged from the tent, I realized that it was finally time.

A card shuffle that I had been putting off for several days.

‘The lottery ticket received upon reaching level 50 and the lottery ticket received as a fate quest reward.’

I activated both at the same time.

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