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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 291

Episode 291:

At the Front (6)

Archduchy Wyler.

Deacon Lafer ran into the study where Eve Wyler was sitting.

“miss! There is news that war has broken out! “The rebels have invaded the imperial territory under the pretext of the republic revolution!”

“…I know.”

A war event in which the Empire and the Revolutionary Army clash across the Halhendra Plain.

It was a familiar incident to Eve, and she was able to hear about it first because Gilroshan, who was about to go on a mission, told her about it through a communication channel.

“No, how…?”

“There is a way. Anyway, tell me. How are things going now?”

Eve looked at the butler with a bewildered expression.

Although I heard it from the person involved, I was also curious about the outside perspective.

The news coming into the Wyler Principality is probably unbiased.

“It is said that Her Majesty proposed to the three princes that they compete for military service, and they each sortied with their respective armies.”

“That’s all I know up to that point. So?”

“The prevailing assessment is that Her Majesty the Empress, who was heartbroken by the sudden death of Her Majesty the Emperor, made a big mistake. “Traditionally, the Empire’s power was overwhelming, but this time, the rebels are said to be no slouch either.”


“The general commander of the rebels is Gilad Gordin. There is news that the Titan special lease unit directly under the head of the company is moving directly. Erek Kaid and Montana Kalik are behind us.”


The girl’s expression hardened.

It was news that I had not heard before while communicating with the 3rd prince.

‘Erek Kaid’, deputy commander of the revolutionary army.

Border guard ‘Montana Walt’.

And ‘Gilad Gordin’, the special captain of the Titans.

Excluding the leader, they were the strongest figures in the revolutionary army.

It meant that the revolutionary army risked its life and death in this war and mobilized all its elite troops.

‘The situation is getting more and more rapid.’

An incident in which revolutionary army spies were arrested in succession, and the leader of a cooperative group, Janet Lorix, was discovered and killed.

Even the sudden death of the emperor.

These were all major changes that occurred after Gilroshan caused a return to fate.

‘That’s probably why the opponent is trying to move faster…’

The leader of the revolutionary army, ‘Jerez Magria’, was planning to attack Giloshan.

It seemed like he had decided to punish the 3rd prince.

If it weren’t for the current hibernation cycle, there was a high probability that he would have appeared in person and resolved the situation.

‘Now that our archenemy, Emperor Bareshan, is gone.’

It was a close call in many ways.

I feel like I’m watching a fuse burn quickly.

Eve Wyler felt deep regret at not being able to come forward and help Gilroshan.

This was because the tension in the Duchy of Wyler was increasing day by day, as if walking on thin ice.

She closed her eyes for a moment and lost herself in thought.

‘Let’s think about it. ‘What would I do if that guy was sitting in my seat right now?’

Obviously it would have been much more aggressive.

Because Gilroshan is a player.

His basic attitude was to do his best and use the weapons he had.

‘I have to do that too.’

After making her decision, Eve gave several orders to Deacon Lafer.

After he left with a stern expression, the girl opened the secret armory and took a sword and armor.

Turbulent times were also approaching the Duchy of Wyler.

* * *

Jeopuk Jeopuk.

I entered the abandoned building with Vinokaras, who was polymorphed into a humanoid.

System messages flashed before my eyes.

[Entered the dungeon ‘Laboratory forbidden to enter.’]

[Dungeon goal: Explore hidden goal points, open locked facilities, and kill as many enemies as possible]

This laboratory is the perfect place to attack at my current level. It was.

Suddenly, I remembered the time when I explored the ‘closed passage of the tomb ruins’ in Aurax.

‘Back then, I got a magic torch and carried it around.’

But now I was able to see clearly through the darkness even without that artifact.

The evil spirit came rushing in as if it was going to rip off my skin, but no abnormalities occurred.

This was because the level increased and various skills and protection effects were added.

‘My well-grown dragon daughter is by my side.’

This is what a high level character was like.

Many hazards can be defeated without taking any action.

Now there was something else I had to pay attention to.

It was the hunt itself.

‘Even random mobs have to take into account their attributes, and if they go into a place where they can’t kill, they can quickly become dangerous.’

At a relatively low level, even if there was a problem with compatibility, it was possible to physically beat them.

However, as the level increased, such situations decreased significantly.

Now you have to act like a real living, breathing person in this world and defeat your enemies.

‘Well, Gilroshan was originally a living, breathing person in this world.’

It was right then.

A shrill cry came from the other side of the aisle.


The ‘mutant test subject’ is the guardian who protects this lab dungeon.

Eyes flashing with strange colors suddenly got closer.

Then Vinokharas kicked the ground and jumped out.

The guy changed both hands into dragon’s ones, named them ‘Dragon Gauntlets’, and used them as combat gloves.

“I’m dead!”


The moment when the flying strange creature and Vinokaras collided head-on, beginning a battle of power.

[Attack Technique: Current]

I appeared from the rear of the guy and hit his neck.

In this section, the only hunting method was to attack the neck of the ‘mutant test subject’.

[The ‘lost test subject’ has been defeated!]


The head fell to the ground and a system message appeared saying that the hunt was successful.

But at that moment, an eerie feeling came over me, as if all the hair on the back of my head stood up.

The second one was real.

I turned around without any delay, releasing my magic power.

[Instant Summon: Intermediate Earth Spirit]

[The spirit ‘Miruos’ appears.]

A spirit attracted by my magic rose from the floor.

The earth spirit with the appearance of a young man took a quick glance at me and slammed both arms down on the ground.

Then the barrier made of heavy rocks bounced like lightning.



The second test subject that was charging at me let out a roar of anger as it was thrown into the wall.

He was a guy with an impatient personality.

The test subject chose to jump up rather than bypass the rock wall.

Although it was quite high, the test subject climbed up at once and its eyes were flashing.

And that’s when he threw himself downwards towards us.

[Movement skill: Island]

I kicked off the wall and flew straight ahead.

I turned my body over, aiming for the moment to intersect with the falling test subject.

The blade changed direction twice in the air and plunged into the guy’s neck.


[The ‘clever experiment’ has been defeated!]

[The new title ‘Opponent of the experiment’ has been acquired!]

I landed lightly.

The land spirit disappeared along with the barrier.

Then Vinokharas clung to me with sparkling eyes.

“Wow! Dad, you’ve become really strong again! “How can that be?”

“If you eat everything well and listen to your dad carefully, you too can become this strong, daughter.”

“Hmph. It’s a half-hearted lie. “Teach me elemental magic too!”

“Spiritual arts? you?”


In the original work, there was no case where the dragon acted as a spirit.

But there is nothing that cannot be done in this world.

“Okay, let’s do it together sometime soon when we have time.”

“and! “I’m also an elementalist!”

Is it that good?

After lightly ruffling my daughter’s cheering hair, I approached the mutant test subjects.

And then he flipped his torso over with his tiptoes.

It clearly had the appearance of a male human, but most of its n.a.k.e.d torso was made of metal.

It’s like a mixture of a living body and a machine.

“It looks like some kind of Terminator.”

“What is it? Exhibitionist?”

“…That’s also true.”

The reason for the existence of these mutant humans who guard the laboratory dungeon was not properly identified even in the original work.

All they could do was assume that it was born in this laboratory, but went on a rampage, killing researchers and encroaching on this area.

I was finally able to predict the identity of this place.

‘It must have been a homunculus laboratory. It may be a facility created under the instructions of Jerez Magria.’

It wasn’t a hasty guess.

There was a story I heard directly from Jerez Magria during the process of entering the demon city.

-Actually, it was my idea to package the ‘Dimension Clone’ as a homunculus.

-Isn’t it still better to be an ‘Android’ than a ‘copy of a person’ who crossed over from another dimension?

That woman was willing to help anyone who could ascend to the great rank, regardless of whether they were a demon or a player.

So he contributed to the demon god’s crazy plan to cultivate divine blood by filling this world with homunculi.

Clearly this lab was also involved.


‘Wouldn’t it be possible to create Hael’s body here?’

Hael is still sleeping in my inventory in card form.

I thought that I might be able to restore her, who had fallen asleep with a lot of fresh blood.

Of course, the most important thing was the original plan.

‘Of course, it shouldn’t interfere with the bombing plan.’

I was using the entire Blue Flame Corps as bait to lure the revolutionary army’s pursuit force into this forest.

In a dangerous situation, there was no way to waste time doing other things.

However, if you have the time, you could investigate the core facilities of this lab and try something.

‘It’s the art of creating a homunculus.’

I had the experience of deciphering the records left by the previous demon god, ‘Gchermiu’, in the cave of Sarkas.

He left quite a bit of information about homunculi.

“Piyong, let’s speed up and go.”


I started running into the darkness with Vinokharas.

It would be great if there was hope at the end.

* * *

At that time, there was a lot of tension in the forest.

The Blue Flame Corps ambushed in various places were observing the enemy’s approach at every moment.

An unusual atmosphere, as if you were standing on a knife edge.

“Marquis, the number of enemies is not as large as I thought.”

Carls, who was communicating with the sky, opened his mouth.

This was information reported by Terkiod.

“The numbers are small? “What period is it?”

“They are all mounted soldiers, and they look like a company.

If so, that means a chase squad of about 100 aircraft.

Although it was not a very small number, it could not be said to be enough to compete with the Blue Flame Corps occupying this forest.

Fox Buarez sensed more ominousness than relief.

‘There’s something. ‘What kind of trick is this?’

I couldn’t show off to my subordinates.

He spoke calmly while keeping an expressionless face.

“We do as planned. Everyone, hold your position and prepare for guerrilla warfare.”

“All right!”

Regardless of the situation, not showing embarrassment was a basic virtue that a commander must maintain.

However, even his expressionless expression cracked slightly in the next report Carls gave.

“Marquis, it looks like the enemy’s vanguard is someone we know.”

“What do you mean? This is someone we know?”

“It looks like the Titan special commander himself drove the horse.”


He was said to be a middle-aged man with messy red hair.

But with a handsome face like a statue and sharp eyes like a hawk.

‘A swordsman with a blazing spirit more than anything else.’

This was Terkiod’s explanation.

There was only one man in the revolutionary army who could be described like this.

“This is Gilad Gordin.”


Did he really come in person?

Fox Buarez grabbed the hilt.

It was the moment when the stage was set for the two sword masters to clash for life and death.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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