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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 299

Episode 299

Pursuit (6)

A ‘brick pagoda’ is a tower made of bricks.

Just as bricks stacked one by one firmly support a huge structure.

The White Tower was characterized by strong cooperation and ties between wizards.

Therefore, Margi Sophor’s death came as an enormous shock and fear.

Although she had an eccentric temperament and loved showing off by behaving like a nobleman, which was uncharacteristic of a wizard,

Margi Sophor was a person who worked as a vice tower lord for a long time and rose to the position of tower lord.

It was as if such a person had died a dog’s death.



The wizards standing on top of the huge magic circle were pouring in magic power with their eyes tightly closed with despairing expressions.

They were a large group of magicians, about 80 people, but they could not even dream of rebellion.

“There must be some room for improvement in the amplification process. You there! Re-establish the reverse wave calculation formula. To increase efficiency by more than 10%. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

This was because the person standing in the exact center was controlling everything.

Prince Lukashan would soon become emperor, and resistance would mean the end of the White Tower.

Even at Five Colors Spire, which was treated as the best magic tower, the tower owner was dismissed and wanted due to the espionage scandal.

‘You have to endure it.’

‘I’d rather be an idiot.’

‘Damn it…’

The wizards of the White Battle Tower concentrated on their magic while holding back bloody tears from flowing down.

It was around that time that something strange happened.

“Team 3, shift! Take a break and recharge your magic power!”

All the magicians who had been pouring magical power while guarding the magic circle so that their faces turned white stepped back.

It was a time when people who were so exhausted that they felt like they were going to exhaust themselves at any moment entered the temporary barracks.



I could see the sand grains on the floor vibrating finely.

A huge snowstorm was raging outside, but this place where the magic circle was drawn was as calm as the eye of a typhoon.

Therefore, even though it was a very minor change, everyone could feel strange.

Only one person.

Only Lukashan, who was directing the Great Magic at the very center of the legal formation, did not know this.

“Chief? “Did you feel it?”

“Of course I felt it. “But it is a phenomenon that cannot be interpreted.”

“I don’t think this is a magic phenomenon. “Maybe it’s an earth spirit.”

“A land spirit?”

In the meantime, the moment when those who were exchanging opinions like scholars all raised their heads.

One part of the magic circle caused a small change.

An unfamiliar technique sneaked in from somewhere, creating a completely new flow.

The wizards turned their gaze to follow the source of the flow.

There was a person standing there, clearly dressed as a wizard from the White Battle Tower, but giving off a strange feeling.

A bright red eye light like blood leaked out from inside the hood.

“Uh, as far as I know, ‘Asmal Hamil’ is supposed to be in that position?”

“But you’re too tall, right?”

“what? “Who is that?”

“Chief! Level 2 wizard Arsmal Hamill was found n.a.k.e.d…!”


A bomb fell out of nowhere.

No, it just seemed that way.

Part of the magic circle was exploding as if it had been bombed.

Everyone who witnessed the cracks occurring in the difficult-to-construct calculation formula froze in place.

Even Lukashan, who was preoccupied with controlling magic, opened his mouth wide.


“Oh, no! “If there is an irregular gap in such a huge magic circle…!”

“Damn it! Everyone evacuate! It explodes! “The magic circle is going to explode!”

“Chief! What to do with n.a.k.e.d Asmal Hamill!”

The wizards who thought that an unbearable disaster was coming began to scatter like ants in the rain.

As they ran away with their weakened bodies, they bumped into each other and became entangled, creating a chaos.

However, the predicted explosion did not occur.

Rather, the cold storm was mutating into an orderly form.

It was the moment when a blizzard of new movements arose.

“huh? what?”

“What is this…?”

The wizards of the White Tower tilted their heads at the strange change.

It was then.

“Shit! What are you? Step back! “You can’t get away from me right now!”

Lukashan screamed at the ‘fake Asmal’ who stood silently.

Then he stretched out his hand.

What stuck out from the crown prince’s fingertips was a dagger made of blue-white ice.

The ‘Ice Sword’, which was one of the organs of the dead Margi Sophor, began to fly.


“uh? “You got hit!”

“no! Asmal!”

“Chief! “Asmal Hamill is stuck over there n.a.k.e.d!”

Voices were exchanged among the confused wizards.

The knife was clearly stuck.

But Lukashan frowned.

Because the person who got stabbed was standing so fine.

Rather, his shoulders were shaking.

The guy did something to stop the flight of the ice crystal sword in front of his body.

It was the work of the evil spirit that was controlling this area.

“what. Nothing special? It looks like Margi Sophor’s ‘crime’ is already volatilizing? “I’m disappointed, bro.”


“Yes, it is me. “You damn b*stard.”

At that moment, there was a movement like a flash of lightning.

Gilroshan walked straight towards Lukashan and threw out a fist rather than a sword.

The prince’s face turned away before he could react.



“Stop making a fuss and get up right away. “You piece of trash.”

It wasn’t just a verbal threat.

Gilroshan was raising his foot high as if trying to trample on Lukashan’s neck.

The crown prince, who could no longer be humiliated, bit his lips and used his magic power.

In an instant, his appearance flickered and disappeared.

“Oh Blink.”

“Did you dare hit me? OK! “I will kill you right here today, Gilroshan!”

Lukashan was floating in the sky.

It was truly wizard-like evasion and positioning.

The silver-white magic power condensing in his hand was also like that.

At first glance, it seems similar to Margi Sophor’s ice magic, but it is actually a completely different magic.

Gilroshan laughed.

“Oh yeah. know. You were the ‘heir of Eunrang’, right? “It was difficult to remember because it was such an old-fashioned magic.”

“I’ll tear you into a thousand pieces and kill you!”

It was a rippling wave of brilliantly sparkling silver.

Like a tidal wave starting to fall on a beach, Lukashan’s weapons poured down, revealing their full weight.

It was heavy and sharp.

Such were the attributes dealt with by the magic school called ‘Silver Lang (銀浪)’.

Just as the Poison Fire school inherited by Tirvaen Sui deals with ‘harsh flames’.

The Eunrang School was a place that dealt with ‘the waves that defeat Saiham’.

And Prince Lukashan learned and developed their methods and reached the level of the Eight Stars.

It wasn’t a bad implementation.

It was a talent that, if polished better, could have left a mark in imperial history.

“But you ruined it.”

Gilroshan’s new form disappeared like smoke, and silver waves hit the wrong place.

As he stepped on the air, ‘Island’ was activated and he appeared in front of Lukashan’s nose, pulling his fist once again.

The appalled young man’s eyes widened quickly.

But this time too, there was no place to escape.



“Well, you probably didn’t do it without knowing. But anyway, doesn’t that make sense based on common sense? A wizard with the attribute of defeating Saiham sometimes dabbles in witchcraft? “You idiot!”

Witchcraft (邪術) is literally a ‘foolish magic method’.

No matter what the origin, if it went against the standards of the school, it had to be called unethical.

Therefore, it was safe to say that it was no different from the necromancy of Death Island or the divine power given by Gehera, the god of punishment.

If you look at it by the standards of the Eunlang School, these are all truly magical arts.

“Because you touched it, the magic power of Eunrang went into the abyss, you idiot.”

“shut up!”

When Giloshan pulled his fist again, Lukashan’s new form flashed again.

Realizing that there was no advantage in aerial combat, the Crown Prince began to disrupt his position by constantly using Blink.

The intention was to escape immediately even if the opponent caught up with him again.

At the same time, casting took place.

“How dare you scold me? You arrogant b*stard! “I’ll show you what I have now…”

The air was subtly shaking as magical power boiled over.

The wizards who were watching the fight all opened their mouths.

This was because a huge legal formation was erected in the sky, and the crown prince realized what he was trying to do.

“It’s a mixture of conflicting magic!”

“It’s a technique that was banned a long time ago…”

“You’ve already planned the ceremony so elaborately?”

Lukashan used his position as crown prince to touch several taboos.

This was the part that achieved the greatest success.

A method of mixing the magic of conflicting schools to take advantage of only the strengths.

And Lukashan found the most effective combination that perfectly compensated for the shortcomings of the Samun, which was lacking in destructive power.

The ‘Law of Evil Lang’, created by combining the magic of the underground school that worshiped the devil with Eunrang magic, began.



A black wave rushing in with a creepy sound.

Gilroshan stuck out his tongue when he saw the evil spirits screaming in their own way, even though they were all intertwined and integrated into a single Dopa.

“Wow, how did you come up with that? “You are truly a creative leader.”

He quickly retreated, but the waves of evil spirits followed him, increasing their speed.

It was the result of two magics, waves and evil spirits, combining.

Like a hunting dog chasing a rabbit, it pursues its opponent relentlessly and kills it in the most painful way.

Moreover, because the waves had no form, they could not be destroyed.

“How do you feel, Gilroshan? Are you still going to ignore my persistence?”


“what? You went to the abyss? In the first place, this is not an expression that someone like you can use towards me! Aren’t you the damn prince who fell into the abyss a long time ago! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The crown prince, who had stopped blinking, was looking at Giloshan with a cruel smile.

Giloshan kept his mouth shut and appeared to be busy dodging here and there.

The moment I got so close to the wave of evil spirits, as if I could be swallowed up at any moment.


Suddenly, I smiled.

In an instant, all the wizards, including Lukashan, froze.

Embarrassed gazes fell to the floor.

The giant magic ‘Giant’s Blizzard’ created by the wizards of the White Battle Tower with all their might.

“Has the surgical procedure changed?”


Without their knowledge, the form of the Beopjin had been modified and replaced with completely different content.

This was done by the spirits of the land who followed Giloshan’s will.

The scale was maintained, but the orders were completely different.

‘Projectile formation.’

‘Target designation.’

‘Instant annihilation.’

Incredibly simple three-tier structure.

The boy’s fingertip pointed toward Lukashan.

The reins of an invisible wild horse were held in my hand.

“I don’t know about you, but there’s a saying that goes, ‘The end of tuning is originality.’ From now on, feel the magic of pure ice…”


Before Lukashan could finish speaking, he had to run away like a crazy person.

Tens of millions of ice spears created in the sky began to chase the prince.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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