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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 304

Episode 304:

Negotiation (4)

After hearing something from the messenger who suddenly rushed in, Erek Kaid was seen swallowing dry saliva.

The three talked briefly and then turned towards me.

The moment when Hael and Vinokaras slowly stood up due to an unusual feeling.

“Third Prince, please go back quickly. “It is said that Goddess Kissiris is coming.”


“I’m sorry, but if God moves directly, there is nothing we can do to stop it. “Go ahead!”

Erek Kaid had an urgent look on his face, as if he was on my side.

I had a guess that the goddess of trickery was involved.

But does that mean it has nothing to do with these three people?

‘no. I think things are a bit messed up…’

Anyway, I was told to just go along, so there was no reason to waste time.

Especially if Goddess Kisiris herself was coming, she had to run away quickly.

Vinokharas grinned.

“I guess you really love your dad. “I wouldn’t even remember it.”

“Master’s lover?”

“Both are noisy.”

I quickly got up and saluted the revolutionary army.

Then he walked out of the tent and went straight to Terkiod.

But it seems it was a little late.

An ominous system message was displayed.

[The celestial figure ‘Kisiris’ temporarily descended to earth.]

At the same time, an indescribable sense of foreignness came over me.

It was similar to what I felt before when I used the ‘Room of Deception’ in the Cathedral of Kishiris.

A feeling that causes a kind of catastrophe as the power of the goddess fills all directions.

When I turned my head, I saw that the middle of the plain had been transformed into a parlor with a strange taste.

‘It’s ruined. ‘Are you here already?’

From now on, there was no use running away.

The goddess must have manipulated reality and made this area her dominion.

No matter how much I ran or ran away, it was clear that anyone watching from a distance would see me spinning in place.

I sighed and stood there and waited.

I made eye contact with Erek Kaid, who was belatedly coming out of the tent.

“what? Why didn’t you go? “Go quickly!”

“It’s already too late.”

Montana Walt and Handel Frye, who followed behind, also looked embarrassed.

And the golden-eyed goddess suddenly appeared among them.

“Nice to meet you, I am Kishiris.”


“We exchanged quite interesting stories, huh? This is unfortunate. “I wish I could have been a part of it.”

“Ki Kishiris?”

“You guys just leave. “I came here because I have something to say separately to this human child.”

The three people left with worried expressions due to the strong spirit of congratulations.

The goddess seemed to have descended by borrowing the body of Archbishop Philippa Jane.

Just like the one we met in the previous episode, the appearance of a beautiful woman exuding a glamorous aura.

I bit my lip slightly, lost in thought.

‘I can’t believe you descended into a place that wasn’t even a temple. What are you thinking? And that while using a lot of divine power like this?’

‘Descent of God’, the ultimate form of sacred magic, was allowed to bishop-level NPCs.

However, it was not a skill that could be used at any time.

Because it was prohibited by the ‘Storm of Inevitability’, an absolute rule that even the gods of the heavenly world had no choice but to follow, it required a high price to descend in a place other than a temple.

The fact that I summoned Aolem to the Halhendra Plain before my return was possible because of careful preliminary work, such as gathering the apostles and preparing sacrifices.

‘But Kishiris appeared in person? It’s not even Advent.’

Of course, this was not the case at all.

There is a big event on the ground that makes you want to descend even if you have to risk the aftermath.

In particular, there was one thing to point out in a situation like the current situation where a brief war was fought with a rival camp.

‘It was when I sensed that another god was active.’

A moment when a conflict occurs between forces and you must step in and balance the situation.

The gods come down to earth even at the risk of bleeding.

And in this case, both sides were bound to show up.

Sure enough, as soon as Kishiris introduced himself, thunder boomed from the sky.

[The celestial figure ‘Pitano’ is watching this place.]

[For unknown reasons, a new blessing ‘Challenger’s Dignity’ is given.]

My shoulders were tingling as if divine lightning was about to hit me at any moment.

I almost burst out laughing.

This was because Kishiris’ face was distorted as if he had chewed a handful of dirt.

The goddess looked up at the sky and began to point her finger.

“This damned guy is making a fuss for no reason. why? Do you think I’m going to eat this human boy? “You look like a guy with shit on his head!”


This time, God’s lightning struck the ground and distorted the illusory space of Kishiris.

Then Kishiris also fell silent.

‘Pitano’, the god of challenge, is as unpredictable as the god of revenge, so he could really hit the nail on the head.

‘Right. Pitano has been watching this battlefield from heaven? That’s why Kishiris was watching the situation closely and took the opportunity to appear.’

It was as if two gods were fighting over me.

Then there was absolutely no reason to take a low-key stance.

I lifted my chin and grinned.

“Nice to meet you, Kishiris. “What brings you here?”

Goodbye to the past of cursing and groveling like a fool!

I looked directly at Kishiris and greeted him sweetly.

Then the goddess raised her eyebrows and revealed her feelings.

“You human boy, you should be a little more polite. “Although I am not the god of your country, I am the transcendent of the heavenly world. How can you talk to me like I am your friend?”

“Why not? “He’s not the god I serve.”


The fact that the person behind me is now the god of challenges has instilled me with almost infinite confidence.

Pitano was a god whose likeability was very difficult to build even in the original game.

But he was watching over me while giving me a blessing.

‘It seems like you like my actions so far. Then there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of Kishiris.’

First, listen to what the business is, and if Kissiris says something strange, Pitano will cut it out for you.

I’m sure they won’t ask to get married again when they have no memory of the previous episode.

“It looks like you have some business for me. Please tell me quickly. “I will listen with Mr. Pitano.”


“Is that all?”

“no! “Of course not!”

The goddess once again looks up at the sky with resentful eyes.

Kishiris spoke with a cautious expression.

“I heard that you will be the next emperor, but there is one thing I would like to personally entrust to you.”

“What is it?”

“I have a friend who left heaven and lives in the underworld…”

Are you really trying to talk about Kali, the god of erasure?

Do you want me to solve the fever problem like you did before the regression?

My mind became complicated.

‘Is this woman consistent? Or is it that what’s going to happen has to happen?’

It was truly a twist of fate.

The moment I frowned slightly, not wanting to get involved with them again.

[The celestial figure ‘Pitano’ shows his anger and pours out fierce divine words.]

[Be careful!]

It’s not that it wasn’t, but Goddess Kissiris had to crouch down in place, covering her ears.

This was because the God of Challenge poured out his voice to the ground as if bombing.

< Kisiris! Don't recklessly reveal the affairs of the heavens...! >

The entire space trembled as if it were about to break, and the illusions collapsed.

However, thanks to God’s blessing, there was no effect around me.

‘He has a nasty personality and is difficult to get to know, but he definitely takes care of his side.’

He’s much better than Quatras.

I looked at Kishiris, evaluating the god of challenge like that.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think Mr. Pitano will allow me to hear the story. “I hope you understand.”

thank you! Pitano!

I turned my back and tried to leave Kisiris.

But there was a hand grabbing my arm.

“wait for a sec! “Human prince!”


Pitano’s thunderbolt struck once again.

But this time, Kishirith deflected it.

The goddess of deception held onto me until the back of her hands burned black.

“What is it? “It sucks.”

“He’s a guy who speaks without hesitation. So I like it too. “What a strange feeling.”

A magical message was conveyed within the brilliant golden eyes.

This too was so fascinating that I thought it was a trap.

-When the time comes, come to my secret temple. There is only one place in your territory. I’ll tell you in advance, so there won’t be any problem with entry. The location is in the south…

The secret temple of Kishiris was a place with so much to eat that it was called a honey pot by the original players.

And it was also where one of the items I really needed was hidden.

‘There’s a piece of a star there!’

An artifact that may load a save point for a character and bring back memories of previous episodes.

According to the original work, it was a place with no way for people from the Empire to come in and out, so they didn’t even think about it.

However, since the goddess of deception herself invited me, how could I not be happy?

‘I think this woman is really crazy too. No matter how much you liked it, you invited someone who might become the next emperor to a secret temple.’

There was no reason to refuse.

I happened to pass by that area at the same time.

I secretly expressed my acceptance to Pitano by nodding my head slightly.

Then Kishiris smiled brightly.

“Let’s meet again someday.” “I just wanted to say that, so I called you over.”


I was momentarily suffocated by the intense embrace.

What’s so big and soft?

Hael’s gaze feels particularly cold. Am I mistaken?

< Boy who will become emperor, can you hear my mantra? >

After Kisiris left, Pitano spoke again.

I answered, slightly lowering my head.

“The human prince hears Mr. Pitano’s voice.”

Unlike his counterpart, Namshin did not descend to the ground, but fatigue was evident in Namshin’s voice.

Pitano was genuinely concerned about me.

< Please stay away from Kishiris. It is a being that nothing good can happen if you keep it around. Please keep my words in mind... >

Eventually, God’s presence completely disappeared.

I climbed onto Terkiod with a grin on my face.

How could I not know that?

‘Yes, there is nothing good about being involved with the gods. ‘Until I hit level 80, I have no choice but to skip as much as I can.’

Players who have reached level 80 can crush the heavenly gods.

Until then, it was beneficial to lie flat and not fight back.

While fighting this war, my level reached 55.

First, you have to reach 60….

‘He’s going to become emperor in a strange way. ‘What is it?’

I was lost in thought on top of the powerfully flying dragon.

How can I become emperor and avoid being stranded in Certion?

It was that evening when an idea occurred to me.

“It is said that there is a civil war going on in the Duchy of Wyler. “It looks like Eve has drawn her sword.”


When I heard that the Little Princess had started to move, it felt like an electric current was flowing through my head.

As expected, it seems that the player knows how the player feels.

First, I have to ask Empress Mirpicia to send reinforcements to the Duchy of Wyler.

‘And then we can prepare for marriage.’

I was sane.

The idea was that if he entered into a marriage agreement with Eve, who held the throne of the Grand Duke, he could roughly hand over the throne of the Emperor.

Empress Mirpisha also acted on Emperor Bareshan’s behalf, so she might be able to persuade him.

‘I came up with it, but it’s really amazing?’

Eve, this is the marriage you chose first.

Hold on to your evil spirit!

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