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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 309

Episode 309

: First Love (1)

It is said that the existence of divine blood is a kind of legend.

The place where you can see the stars best on the continent.

Among the mountain ranges that fill the north, the ‘White Mountains’ rise sharply to the north.

There are many mysteries left behind by ancient people, and the most mysterious relic is the ‘Obelisk’.

I knew what it was too.

‘The Obelisk of the White Mountains is a structure that appears in the original game. ‘It doesn’t really have a big role, though.’

It was a place where, as you approached, it said that your stamina and magic power had been restored by a mysterious ancient magic and threw you useless story books one by one.

Players thought it was just one of many collectibles.

However, Empress Mirpisha from the north told a completely different story.

“The obelisk was a sacred tower that showed different legends to each person every day. According to the results of our wizards’ research, the shape changed depending on the constellations of the day and the magical pattern of the person who approached the obelisk…”

Therefore, a new legend was given every day, and each person could see a different legend.

It was thanks to him that Empress Mirpicia and several wizards learned about the ‘Heir of Divine Blood’.

“There was once a true god in this world. He was called ‘Eternal Greatness’ and was said to be the one who protected us from the beings out there. But for some reason, a big problem arose when the heavenly gods took their place?”

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to know about the return of this entire world or the plans of the demon god Harmun.

However, I knew for sure that there were a total of five candidates who could succeed the ‘Great One’ and that I was the last of them.

“The obelisk said that my child would be the successor to the divine blood. They said it was a destiny that would not change no matter who I married and had children with. So, I felt very fortunate when I was proposed to by your father. “If the imperial blood and the legendary divine blood were combined, it seemed like any problem could be solved.”

But the result was just the opposite.

Giloshan showed the most outstanding qualities among the princes, but the emperor, who was obsessed with prophet syndrome, imposed a ban on magic to suppress it.

That’s why he had no choice but to become the third prince.

The Empress sighed.

“After Dersha got married, Bareshan became so ferocious that he couldn’t use his hands. I was scared when I saw eyes filled with complete madness. Because I won’t be able to stop Vareshan with my own strength. What if he lays his hands on you too?…”

Was Vareshan afraid?

At that moment, the last voice of Gilroshan’s consciousness came to mind.

-Please take care of Her Majesty the Empress. Don’t leave your mother alone.

Giloshan was worried about his mother, who was so strong that there was no room for even a needle to go through.

It was a story about protecting her from Bareshan.

Well, there’s no way the crazy emperor would have left her as the empress.

‘No matter how much I tried to suppress my madness, I would have done nothing at all. In the previous episode, the emperor’s mania had progressed for another 3 years…’

Maybe he was in a really bad situation.

Domestic violence wielded by a 9-star wizard.

It was a moment when I felt sympathy for Giloshan and the Empress again.

Anyway, the story of Empress Mirphisha’s obelisk ended like this.

“’Either everything born in the world will disappear into a moment again, or a person born outside the world will disappear into eternity…. This choice will never be avoided.’ “This was the last of the legends I received.”

It wasn’t an analogy or a proper explanation.

What does it mean?

The Empress quietly smiled at me while I was deep in thought.

“You said you wanted to marry that girl Gilroshan, right?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Okay, get married. sun. And I wish I could have and raise a child like you. I think it’s really unfair that I’m the only one who has to suffer like this. “You b*stard.”

Empress Mirphisha’s expression was strange.

An expression that looks like a faint smile or a cry.

She quietly closed her eyes and added a quiet word.

“But still, this mother was really happy when she got you. “I believe that Bareshan’s sincerity was the same.”

At that moment, system messages appeared before my eyes.

[Synchronization of ‘player’ and ‘character’ is currently in progress.]

[53% 54% 55%….]

[57.5% complete to date.]

* * *

Empress Mirphisha’s marriage permission is granted to the Principality of Wyler. This led to the task of organizing reinforcements to be sent to.

There wasn’t much for me to worry about.

This is because the ‘Blue Flame Corps’ that was active in the Halhendra Plains was further expanded.

The big change is that Elon Reut was appointed as commander in place of Fox Buarez.

That was why the expression on his face when he came to see me was not good.

“Sir, I would like to return to the Northern Front. So please take back the order. “I will separately recommend the commander of the reinforcements.”


I was buried in a pile of documents to analyze the debt Hilser left behind, and I ended up laughing.

‘He’s a real knife idiot.’

I’m getting closer to the position of emperor day by day, but you suddenly think of coming and attacking me like this.

He really couldn’t have been a single-minded person who knew nothing but swordsmanship.

Anyway, I shook my head.

“It has already been decided. Her Majesty the Empress also gave permission. Come and get some fresh air in the warm southern region. There won’t be any major battles in the Duchy of Wyler.”

no. Don’t change it. go back!

After answering that, I turned my attention back to the documents.

But the Marquis of Reuth was persistent.

“Why are you shutting down? “I wonder why I have to go when there is no major battle to be fought.”

‘You’re so persistent.’

The reason was simple.

This was because there would be no need to fight until Swordmaster Elon Royt went.

Although the Duchy of Wyler was a very small country compared to the Empire, it had five 8-star high-ranking knights.

Among them, one of the most outstanding people even reached the level of 9 stars if he grew up properly.

‘Currently, the civil war is in balance with high-ranking knights declaring neutrality, but that could collapse at any time.’

A life-or-death battle between Eve and her brothers.

This balance had to be broken by dropping the heaviest weight.

Only then will the issue be resolved quickly and cleanly without any characters with different feelings appearing.

Even so, Elon Reut was gaining fame throughout the continent for his feat of capturing Gilad Gordin.

Although it was an achievement that was close to picking it up, capturing it means capturing it.

It was clear that the 8-star knights would welcome him with great hospitality.

‘If the Marquis of Reuth goes, the duchy’s civil war will be over.’

Shedrick and Fox won’t do it anyway.

But I never thought there would be such opposition.

Since I was tired of explaining things at length, I decided to use a cheat key.

He opened the clan communication and called Kals.

-Come to my room right now, Carls.

-Why are you doing that?

-I’ll explain when I come. Oh, I’m bringing the teacher too.

There was also something to give to Tirvaen.

I took my time by offering a cup of tea to the Marquis of Reut, who was looking dissatisfied.

When Carls appeared, he saw Elon Royte and quickly lowered his head.

“Captain Royt! how are you?”

“hmm? Lord Silion? “Why you?”

“Oh, that’s…”


The expression on Tyrvaen’s face that appeared after Kals was exciting.

The little witch glanced at me and sent me a separate message spell.

-What are you trying to do? Do you think the relationship between the two of you…?


Tyrvaen was aware of the relationship between Elon and Kalth.

-How did you know, Master?

-I’ve always thought it was a bit strange, but I found physical evidence during Operation Flame Shower. The Marquis of Reuth howled like an animal and went looking for Carls.

-Oh, you’re calling my future father-in-law an animal? Watch your mouth.


A blush seemed to burst from Tirvaen’s dark face.

Anyway, I was planning on putting an end to that damned secret of my birth.

“Karls, join the reinforcements that are leaving for the Duchy of Wyler tomorrow as a member of Director Royt’s staff. “This is an official order.”

“yes? Oh yes. “I will follow your orders.”


Carls bowed his head without raising any question at my words that it was an official order.

When I named him my son, Elon Royte looked very embarrassed.

It seemed a bit long-winded.

I decided to make sure.

“why? “Is it undesirable for me to send you off to war with your successor?”


“yes? “I am not a member of the Special Service Corps, so why am I the successor to Director Royt?”

Carls, who was as oblivious as ever, could not understand what I was saying and tilted his head.

But Elon Reut was different.

He was staring at me with eyes filled with bewilderment.

If I move my mouth one more time here, the Sword Master’s fist might come flying at me.

If so, it will likely be the first record as heir to the throne, so let’s use message magic.

-I am giving the Marquis a chance. A chance to get your real son back. Wouldn’t it be better to hand over the Marquis of Reuth to Karls?


– Let’s go out together. And take the opportunity to talk directly. If you love your son so much, tell him the truth.

This is all I have to say.

Even though I knew the whole truth, the reason I didn’t tell it to Carls was because I didn’t think it was a story I dared bring up.

Two people must solve it themselves.

“What happens if I fail? “Then you will be in big trouble.”

These were the words the Marquis of Reuth uttered indifferently.

But there was anxiety mixed deep in the voice.

It seemed like he was afraid that he would never be able to see Carls again.

I laughed lightly.

“I won’t. “If both people are sincere.”

As far as I know, it was.

In the original game < The World Forsaken by God >, an NPC named Carls had to fulfill the ‘Heir to the Roar’ event in order to receive a happy ending.

It was an incident where he returned to the Marquis of Royt and inherited the ‘Roaring Sword’.

‘In the original, it was an event that had to be initiated by the player….’

Now I know.

This world is not a game and these people are not NPCs.

So, if you put father and son together like this and hit the flint once to make sparks fly, it might flow naturally.

It’s as if Tyrvaen’s ‘revealing his identity’ event took place without his knowledge, so he naturally went around in that form.

‘Now that I think about it, that little witch still hasn’t revealed her real age to me, right?’

It looks like he is determined to be my teacher until I become emperor.

Thinking about it makes me angry.

Should I not give this to you?

“Still, if you don’t want to be the commander of the reinforcements, let me know. I think we should at least send away the Marquis de Boares with his arm cut off. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”


I gave Elon Reut an ultimatum.

The Marquis ultimately had no choice but to follow my orders.

Still, he was jealous of the fact that his son liked Fox Buarez, so he had no other option.

“…All right. I will follow your orders. “Then, let’s go prepare for departure.”

“Take care.”

“Yes then. What are you doing? “Follow me, Lord Sillion.”

The Marquis of Reut’s expression as he turned around was extremely complex.

It was something that could not be helped.

After Kals, who had no clue, followed him out with a confused look on his face, Tyrvaen smiled.

“Well done, it’s time.”

Yeah, it’s time for that.

I looked at the little witch’s face and held out ‘it’.

An order with Empress Mirphisha’s seal.

“huh? “What is this?”

“This is the order I requested and received. Please read.”

“Emergency assignment order… I order ‘Tirvaen Sui’ to be the temporary head of the magic tower ‘Five-Colored Spire’ directly under the imperial family…? What what? this! me? Topjue? really?”

Tyrvaen suddenly raised his head and opened his mouth.

Although it was a temporary position, I was given the position of owner of the Five-Colored Spire.

An indescribable joy overflowed from her eyes.

Seeing her cry almost made me feel a little weak.

But you have to do what you have to do.

“Well then, tell me now.”


“You told Carls before, but you didn’t tell me.”

“ok? What does that mean all of a sudden?”

“Of all of Master’s secrets, I only know his name. But that’s not all, right? “Isn’t it a bit difficult to appoint someone with so many secrets to such an important position?”

I waved the order and smiled.

Then Tyrvaen hugged his forehead and sighed.

“Well, something has arrived. “I came.”

And after a while.

The arrogant ‘Red Shadow’ Tyrvaen Sui was analyzing the size of Count Nocturne’s debt on my behalf.

“Why am I doing this…!”

“uh? I think I heard some grumbling somewhere just now. Who is it? It can’t be Irene, who is a year younger than me, right?”


While I was savoring the chocolate cookie, the little witch could only remain silently buried in a pile of documents.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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