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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 311

Episode 311

: First Love (3)

Viscount Iesta could be said to be from an emerging noble family.

‘Christian’, a commoner-turned brave warrior who traveled the continent with the previous Emperor Yurshan and gained fame.

He was the family that received the title and settled down in Certion and laid the foundation.

‘Now, Christian, the head of the family, is unable to wake up due to his illness, and Rodrigo is running Iesta Viscount as the head of the family.’

So, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to be angry as if he was going to kill me over Elana-related issues.

Rodrigo is Elana’s older brother and the actual head of the household.

I was facing the force of the beast.




“Am I that handsome?”

In fact, I was worried that the leather on my face would be punctured like this.

Rodrigo was glaring at me so intently.

I almost burst into laughter at the poor treatment I received, standing up like a wooden doll in the middle of the training hall, not in a living room… but…

‘But he doesn’t swing a sword just like that. Just looking at the momentum, it wouldn’t be surprising if they rushed in right away.’

I faced him calmly.

Eventually, the muscular knight’s mouth opened.

“You don’t have to do this.”


“Aren’t you here to wash your image before taking the throne? Would it be possible for a Korean-American military family like ours to start a rebellion? “What I’m saying is that you can just treat it the way you would.”

“That’s harsh.”

“Now, in my family, there is no woman worthy of your attention.”


As was the case in the last episode, he was truly a very bitter person.

Even if he was angry, he would attack the other person to this extent without any discrimination.

I glanced at Rodrigo Iesta and sighed.

‘It’s too troublesome to explain. ‘It’s annoying that I’m squirming around even though I didn’t do anything wrong.’

Yes, I can’t help it.

Korean men have to have a conversation with each other.

“What are you doing now?”

“Don’t you know it when you see it? You’re taking off your coat. Call the maids and ask them to tidy things up. These glasses too.”


“And take out that sword.”


“I’m saying let’s pull out that damned sword and have a cool fight. You damn muscle monster b*stard. why? Are you having trouble hearing me properly because your ear canals are also full of muscles?”


I lashed out and Rodrigo’s mouth slowly opened in surprise.

It was quite a sight to see the dumbfounded expression on his face as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

My preparations were completed by tapping the Hebiod on my waist to make it easier to pull out.

“It looks like your ear holes are just filled with muscles. Do I have to say it again?”

“no. “I heard you well.”

Rather, his expression seemed to relax slightly.

It was clear that he thought this was his best chance to get revenge on me.

It was only natural since I laid it out that way.

What nobles who have exchanged insults should do.

“Rodrigo, the eldest son of the Iesta family, challenges Gilroshan, the third son of the Balt family, to a duel. “Enter the noble duel according to the strict imperial laws.”

“I will agree.”

“What are the rules?”

“By fighting until a declaration of surrender is made due to the inability to fight. “There are no other restrictions.”

“great. “I wanted that too.”

It was a noble duel that I played again after a very long time.

System messages flashed through my mind, just like when I fought the Marquis of Royt while the Vengeful Priests watched.

[An unexpected event ‘Noble Duel’ occurs!]

[Defeat your opponent ‘Rodrigo Iesta’ and achieve victory!]

Rodrigo smiled viciously and gestured to one side.

Then, an attendant ran up to him and took away his clothes.

He, who is leaning against the wall with a very anxious face, will be the witness of this duel.

“Ruth! “You tell me the beginning!”

“yes? Ah yes! Poetry begins!”

As soon as the servant shouted, we collided head-on.

* * *

‘What is Musclemon?’

Anyway, it was clear that it was an insult.

But Rodrigo was not angry when he heard that.

Because I was already angry from the moment I saw Giloshan’s face.

That insult was nothing.

On the contrary, I was thankful for the prince’s attitude of wanting a duel.

To be honest, I thought it was funny.

‘So, you advanced your major on the battlefield, right? So I can break it too?’

If so, it was a big mistake.

Rodrigo Iesta planned to show off his specialty, ‘Gran Tiara Swordsmanship’, here today with all his might.

Even if the successor to the empire changes again, Marie will restore the honor of her family and her sister.

“Start the poem!”

The eight-star knight made that promise and rushed towards his opponent.

Although he had shed the image of being called the pig prince, he still seemed weak, so he thought he could beat him up in one go.

But from the beginning, expectations were different.

The knight couldn’t catch the prince, and in the blink of an eye, he realized that he had passed him by and his expression became perplexed.

“It was slow. Is it because of the pig-like muscles? Or is it because the eyes are as dull as rotten fish?”


A warm feeling flowed through my ears.

We only exchanged a handful, but it was impossible for sweat to flow like this.

With a single blow, Rodrigo’s ear was torn, tattered, and red blood was pouring out.

I didn’t know it, but it was a repeat of what happened in the previous episode where I cut off my earlobe while fighting Gilroshan.

The knight’s training uniform instantly turned red.

“Huh! Lord Soga!”

“Stay still! “You must remain as a witness to this duel.”

After stopping an attendant who was startled and trying to enter the duel arena, Rodrigo slowly adjusted his posture.

He had come to some conclusions.

‘You’re much stronger than I thought. And Grand Tiara swordsmanship would not be suitable.’

The pinna of the ear is not a vital point.

However, it was also a position where you could target large blood vessels if you went a little deeper.

Not being able to defend this route meant that I was behind in the speed battle.

This was true even though Grand Tiara swordsmanship was a quick swordsmanship that emphasized speed.

‘I don’t know what the hell is going on… but I have to accept it for now.’

Rodrigo was surprisingly quick to organize the situation and change course.

I decided to choose ‘Brittanas Kitetsu’, which is a little less complete than Gran Tiara, but has good defense and allows you to fight step by step.

“Where is the person who was dueling?”

“I’ll go again.”

The knight carefully aimed his sword at the sarcastic prince and kicked the ground again.

Two rays of silver light collided, bouncing light in all directions.

When the knight put out his right foot and released a sword as if aiming for his shoulder, the prince drew back his left foot and changed his grip on the sword to let it go.

Naturally, the roles of attack and defense were reversed and the two engaged in a waltz-like battle.

The knight calmly chased after the retreating prince, blocking and driving him away as if throwing a tightly woven net.

Then, without even knowing who was first, the sword energy soared and struck the opponent.


“You’re taking this too far. “Didn’t you come to apologize to our family?”

“It’s not? And the sword spirit was chosen by Kyung first.”

“That’s not true.”

“There was no rule not to use sword spirit anyway.”

“I see.”

Rodrigo was clicking his tongue.

It was surprising that the sword looked almost perfect, but more than anything, it was the perfection of the unfamiliar swordsmanship.

‘Where on earth does this sword technique come from? In some ways, I think I’m better than His Highness Lapishan.’

Second Prince Lapishan was a genius knight who conquered as many as four sword techniques.

However, Giloshan was showing that he was on par or slightly better than him at a much younger age.

I thought that I might be encountering a talent that only appears once in a thousand years.

‘wait for a sec. What if the 3rd prince really gets hurt here…?’

“Looking at those eyeballs rolling around, it looks like they are thinking useless thoughts. Do you really want to get married?”


At that moment, the power of the prince’s sword attack increased and Rodrigo’s body was pushed backwards.

The driver trembled at the sensation as if a flood was rushing in.

The opponent was running with great momentum, as if everything up until now was just a warm-up.

[Attack Technique: Flame]

The straight line drawn by the tip of the sword seemed to expand into a plane, even if it was only for a moment.

It was such a shocking rush and such a heavy force.

The knight gritted his teeth.

The moment when I instinctively realized that I had to put all my strength into it without hesitation.


He instantly crouched down and squeezed his whole body to confront the prince.

The power gained from trampling on the floor of the training hall until it was crushed was concentrated on one point through the tightly tightened muscles.

The knight’s sword imbued with the sword spirit lashed out like a living whip and intertwined with the opponent’s.

It could be said that it was a movement created by mixing Gran Tiara and Branatas together.

No, it is a swordsmanship that should be called something third.

The opposing swords cried out louder than ever and complained of pain, but the two men mercilessly focused on it.

The clash of similar skills ended with differences in the quality of the weapons being revealed.



This time too, the person who made the sound was not the parties involved in the duel, but Viscount Iesta’s servant.

His eyes were following the silver circle spinning and flying into the air.

A broken blade stuck to the floor of the training hall.


Rodrigo, who was clutching the sword that had only the hilt left, let out a laugh.

An indescribable feeling came over me because the sword was not an ordinary iron sword, but the ‘Thunder Sword’ that I had specialized in countless times while traveling across the continent with my father.

The broken sword felt like myself.

Fear that comes late.

‘You really did something crazy. How dare you treat the prince who will become the next emperor at your doorstep. Did I end the family that my father founded with my own hands?’

I thought everything was over.

But at the same time, I felt refreshed.

Is it because I fought endlessly against someone who brought shame to my sister and family?

Or is it because he saw new territory as a knight holding a sword?

At that time, Giloshan clicked his tongue and opened his mouth.

“Now we can have a conversation. “It won’t be a very long story, but you can still get a cup of tea.”


“Let’s sit in the living room and talk. This is what I demand as the winner of this duel. “Don’t fall asleep, get up and lead the way.”

The prince sharpened his sword with a simple movement.

He had a very calm attitude, as if winning the duel was no big deal.

The young matriarch was overcome with embarrassment.

“I thought you would ask me to keep everything related to Elana buried.”

“Bury it? That’s not my job. “I’m not really a party to it.”

Gilroshan started walking inside the mansion first.

Rodrigo Iesta thought, looking blankly at the broken thunder sword.

‘Are you really saying it has nothing to do with Elana? But the baby in her stomach…?’

“Lord Soga!”

It was the servant’s cry.

He finally came to his senses and quickly got up.

For some reason, my body trembled with an unknown chill.

The young head of the house personally prepared refreshments and brought them to Giloshan, and this is what he heard.

“That baby was not mine. Elana was pregnant before she came into the palace.”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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