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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 318

Episode 318:

Coronation Ceremony (2)

Since it is black ice, it would be appropriate to call it ‘black ice.’

The thing Kielisha was handling was like a night sky full of clouds, without even a speck of luster visible.

Because it was a product of elemental magic strengthened by special magic, it boasted as much strength as my armor made of Calicodeum.

Kielisha’s spirit army was made using black ice as its main material…

Unlike ordinary ice spirits that begin to melt as soon as they are summoned, these did not melt when they received magical power from the summoner.

But in the end, it was ice.

‘There is a limit to how much black ice can withstand melting, and especially when it encounters extreme heat, it has no choice but to melt before you can even touch it.’

In other words, the fire spirit was the opposite of the black ice soldiers.

Still, since Hronesas is only one stage, the decision will not be resolved immediately.

It was bound to be one-sided, like a fight between preschool children and a strong adult man.

-The black ones are really cute…!

As expected, the fire spirit was stirring up the black ice soldiers very leisurely.

Therefore, all I had to do was compete with Emperor Kielisha.

A sword and shield of black ice appeared in both her hands.

< Now come! Huin! >

Even though the group attack using spirits was canceled early on, the opponent was waving his fingers as if he was confident.

However, if it was a one-on-one match, it was as if the match had already been decided.

Emperor Kielisha, who did not receive attack support from the spirits, was weaker than Emperor Esshan.

[Containment technique: Soul encroachment]

At that moment, the Empress’s expression froze in shock.

This was because a strong stiffening effect was applied by the Ghost Assassin skill.

I nodded and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

“Then I will go first.”

A flash of silver light swept across Kielisha’s shield.

Because it was not a collision between metals, no sparks flew.

However, a desolate light seemed to be dripping from the other person’s eyes.

I raised my sword spirit and swung my sword once, and a crack appeared in one corner of the black ice shield, as if a large ax had been hit.

Two battles that came and went in an instant.


I took Kielisha’s sword and blew away part of its blade.

The strength of the black ice had weakened to the point where it was hopeless.

This was because the effect of ‘Soul Encroachment’ that I deployed affected Kielisha’s magic system, weakening the strengthening technique.

< Wow! Did you break my ice? Even Tamashan and Yurshan weren't like this... >

Kielisha muttered absentmindedly after examining the shield and sword.

Tamashan and Yurshan were, of course, names I knew well.

Tama Shan was an emperor who made a name for himself as a sword master and great wizard 200 years ago.

There was no need for Emperor Jurshan to speak.

Gilroshan’s grandfather and Bareshan’s father, he was also a genius swordsman who perfected the imperfect Hebraet magic sword technique.

I can’t believe I’m being compared to those people.

‘I don’t feel bad.’

But I never let go of tension.

I continued to attack Kielisha while slowing her movements through soul encroachment.

At that moment, the Witch Emperor distorted her face and shouted.

< Whoa! Take out everything you have! How dare you save your strength against the Emperor? >

I got caught.

In fact, I was completely distracted because I was curious about how battles were fought in the era of the old emperors.

But the Empress must have noticed it and was yelling at me.

‘Then there’s nothing we can do about it.’

I opened the second skill, Demon Crest, and tied up the opponent’s movements again.

The moment when Emperor Kielisha’s movements slowed down, like a person falling into water.

I summoned all my magical power and created the Sword Spirit.

[Attack Technique: Circle]

I swung it horizontally as if I was drawing a horizon somewhere out there.

A very thin solid line tied Kielisha and her weapons together.

The waves of aerodynamic force penetrated shallowly like white ink soaking black paper.

But the results were not shallow.

The black ice that was somehow holding on suddenly cracked.

< No.... >


The moment Kielisha was shocked, everything exploded.

It looked like a hot glass bowl covered in ice water exploded.

The Empress, who froze for a moment while holding the weapon with only the hilt remaining, nodded absently.

< I see. I lost, I lost. >

It seemed like it only took about 30 seconds.

Then, as if I had been waiting for it, system messages appeared.

[I passed the second section.]

[I achieved perfect results in the most difficult course.]

[Extra points are added to the result evaluation.]

I passed with perfect grades this time too.

Of course, the third area is the most difficult, but we made it this far without making any mistakes.

I took the heaviode and bowed to the former emperor.

“It was a fun competition. “Goodbye then, Your Majesty.”

Hronesas, who was fighting against the Black Ice Spirits, was also reverse summoned.

I planned to move straight to the next area.

However, Emperor Kielisha came up with a strange story.

< Huin, how about taking a moment to catch your breath and have a cup of tea? >


Shall we leisurely drink tea here?

It was a very strange proposal.

Considering Kielisha’s impatient personality and fierce competitive spirit, she would never have tea time with someone who defeated her.

But why?

< Now, sit down. Of course you are also a descendant of Perishan, right? Then you probably don’t like putting lemon in your black tea. There is a very strange phenomenon among the men in our family that their tastes are inherited along their lineage... >

Oh, I see.

When I met Kielisha’s eyes, I was able to understand her feelings.

‘It’s because I’m Gilroshan, not just a player, that I’m this kind.’

Kielisha became an empress with no family and suffered through life and death.

She never married until her death and had no biological children, so she was not a direct blood relative of Giloshan.

But that wasn’t necessarily the case.

‘20th Emperor Perishan….’

He was the nephew and adoptive son of Empress Kielisha.

Kielisha had no choice but to inherit the throne when her older brother, Prince Elmarshan, who was about to succeed him, died young during the war.

There were no adult males in the imperial family at the time, and the empress and other nobles decided that it was better to enshrine the unmarried Kielisha than to bring in an imperial grandson from a distant collateral line.

Kielisha was a person who refused to marry and devoted herself to the study of magic and spirit magic, so her abilities were worthy of being considered an emperor.

However, he was a person who swore early on that he had no intention of seeing his successor in person.

‘So, the throne of Chadae was determined to be inherited by the heir of Elmarshan, right?’

Although Crown Prince Elmarshan died young, he was able to leave behind a son in the Crown Princess’s womb thanks to his early marriage.

Kielisha raised the wealthy man as her own son and passed on the throne to him.

To put it simply, she played the role of emperor of the empire in place of her dead brother and the role of Perishan’s father.

A unique person who continued the royal family in his own way during a time of turbulence.

< Anyway, how did you learn elemental arts? In the past and now, elemental arts must have been an unpopular discipline in the empire... >

Giloshan also inherited Perishan’s blood as the legitimate son of the imperial family.

That’s why Kielisha was looking at me with warm eyes, as if she was looking at Perishan.

‘The treatment will inevitably be different from that of players who create new empires.’

Earlier, he said he wasn’t happy because he was a man, but his eyes changed when he said he had mastered a spirit art.

Even though he lost to me, he was offering me tea with a happy face.

I felt strange again.

‘I guess this is what it means to be welcome.’

It was completely different from the treatment I experienced in my previous life or in previous episodes.

Perhaps the true meaning of the coronation is also a kind of hazing ceremony?

When the old emperors passed away, they exchanged greetings with the pieces of consciousness they left behind on earth and were welcomed as a new member…. As I thought about that, I had no choice but to sit in front of Kielisha and raise my teacup


“Your Majesty, do you know about the Spirit Oasis? It is located in the southern territory that the empire has not yet recovered…”

I spent a long time chatting with my ancestors from long ago.

* * *

“Miss Hael? Please have some.”


While Giloshan passed through the Cave of Succession, the party was enjoying a long-awaited rest in the prince’s palace.

Carls, who brought food to Hael, smiled.

“haha. I found your expression a bit off. “From what you said, it won’t be easy to express your inner emotions.”

“Effort required.”

“Hmm… I understand what you are saying is that you will try to express yourself as needed.”


“You understand well? thank god.”

A flower-like smile bloomed on Carl’s face.

Then Tyrvaen, who was standing next to him, let out a subtle sigh and Vinokaras giggled.

“I think I know why my dad always yells at Uncle Carls, ‘You’re guilty!’”

“huh? What does that mean? Vinoka?”

“Uncle, don’t be too kind to any woman. “My aunt is jealous.”

“Vinokaras! I can’t believe I’m jealous! “Not at all!”

“If not at all, then there’s no reason for sparks to come out of your uncle’s eyes every time he talks to Lord Edirin, right?”


Carls and Tyrvaen’s gaze collided with the fastball that was thrown without hesitation.

The embarrassed witch struggled.

“Now wait a minute! Just look at me for a second! Lord Silion!”

“Oh yeah.”

“I hope you have an honest and productive time.”

After the two people disappeared side by side like that.

Vinokharas, who was squirming next to Hael, slowly opened his mouth.

“Hael, your dad got married. are you okay?”


“hmm. It looks like he’s not okay since he’s not saying anything. This can be happen. No, that’s natural.”


“Dad is a person who has work to do. You can do anything to achieve your goal. A fake marriage is nothing. “In fact, I like it because it saves me from having to worry about things.”

Vinokharas chuckled.

The dragon girl felt sorry for Hael and her miserable life.

It would be much better if Hael revealed his feelings honestly like Tyrvaen did to Kalth.

In the past and now, Hael chose to keep his mouth shut.

Vinokaras kept that image in a corner of his mind.

“I don’t know when, but when you gain freedom of expression, be sure to speak honestly. Otherwise you will regret it. I’m saying this now, but it was like that back then. When fighting the demon lords….”



While he was speaking seriously, Vinokaras stopped when a funny name came out of Hael’s mouth.

But Hael’s dry voice was very serious.

“I’m in danger.”

“huh? “You’re dangerous…?”

“Situational risk.”

“iced coffee.”

It seems to be talking about a sniping incident that occurred while marching to the imperial palace.

Vinokharas laughed lightly.

“If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry. From now on, no matter who shows up, we will crush them. This is a secret, but Ferrari has been acting unusual since a while ago. I guess I’m going to escape. Now even the Gold Dragon is joining in….”

“Understand the current danger and escape.”


In a rare occurrence, four words came out at once.

That meant it was an important story.

Vinokharas, who was thinking about the meaning while tilting his head, soon looked back at Hael in surprise.

“Now you understand why you are dangerous and you need to run away? Hael, did you just say that?”

The Armored Clone answered very dryly, but with a clear meaning.


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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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