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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 32

Episode 32

What we need now

“It looks like something good is happening?”

Lucard was grinning at me, who was shouting silently.

“Haha, something like that can happen.”

I gave it some thought and played with the new C-grade fate card ‘Mercenary Gladiator’.

Then the card information came to mind.

< Mercenary Gladiator >

[Destiny Card] [Class C] It contains the fate of a gladiator who throws off the shackles and advances toward freedom.

Special: It still retains the powers it had in the past as a lower-tier fate.

Now, this card still contains not only the skills of the current level, but also the skills from when it was a low-level card.

‘A taste for bondage, a taste for masochism, a taste for sadism.’

The three skills of an F-class slave gladiator that were novel waste.

‘Crime of anger, crime of gluttony, crime of deception.’

Even though I have never used it, all of the D-class prisoner gladiator’s exclusive skills are saved.

This was thanks to the fact that this card rose to C level after taking two steps from the lowest level.

But I wasn’t able to use all of these skills.

‘Each person can select and maintain only one skill other than their grade.’

In other words, it happens like this.

“Installing card.”

[C-level fate ‘Mercenary Gladiator’ is granted to ‘Gilroshan Elo de Balt’!]

[Some skills from the past can be activated. Please choose.]

After thinking about it for a while, my choice was as follows.

In Slave Gladiator, ‘taste for bondage’.

In Prisoner Gladiator, it is a ‘crime of anger’.

I chose these two things.

First of all, the effect of the F-class ‘taste for bondage’ was clear.

It was a survival skill that shined in a critical crisis situation, as it saved my life once at the start of the game.

‘It’s a bit annoying that it only activates when tied up.’

Still, it was much more useful than things that filled the blood tank while being hit or caused bleeding without causing damage.

and Class D ‘crime of rage’.

This was a Berserker skill.

< Crime of Anger >

[Attack Skill] Prisoner Gladiator’s exclusive skill. Anger energy from various physical and mental damage can be accumulated and used for powerful attacks.

In other words, it is a skill that increases my attack power when I am attacked or fall into a certain condition.

‘But was this explanation originally written this vaguely?’

I can’t be sure because I can’t perfectly remember each and every skill of the D-grade fate card.

‘I think there was an explanation that 2.3% of anger energy is accumulated for 1% of physical damage.’

Yes, it was definitely like that…

but now things have changed.

“…Is it possible that this was explained this way in the beta version? Was it like that?”

Honestly, I don’t know.

No matter how much I did, it was impossible for me to remember everything accurately.


It feels uncomfortable, but this?

However, the system message was printed quickly, regardless of my feelings.

[I have acquired 2 exclusive skills inherited from my past destiny.]

[I have acquired 3 exclusive skills for ‘Mercenary Gladiator’.]

[Good luck to you.]

I have now managed to obtain a C-class destiny.

‘The game is too intense, isn’t it?’

Actually, it’s probably because it’s not a game.

Still, a proud feeling was welling up in my heart as I had brought the slave gladiator to this point.

What kind of card is C-Class Mercenary Gladiator?

Of course it’s very useful!

…Honestly, since I came this far with an F grade and whined, how could I not be satisfied?

But it was a really good card.

Physical stat bonuses are also generous, and combat power bonuses are also applied in urban areas and flat terrain.

‘The exclusive skills that come with it aren’t bad either.’

Now that it has risen two levels, the exclusive skills have clearly become things that people can use.

From this point on, even the Godsoft guys had no choice but to put aside their pranks and design their characters seriously.

‘Sword Dance’s Request, Gale’s Request, Gold Bar’s Request.’

Yes, these are pretty useful skills.

These were even better combat techniques when used together with the Manatee Sword Technique.

Tomorrow has already arrived.

‘Red Wind Ritual.’

The event in which the children of Aurax died senselessly, and my quest tied to it, was scheduled for tomorrow evening.

It would have been a little easier if I had switched to magic through the second shuffle.

‘There’s nothing you can’t do just because you’re a gladiator.’

Of course, you need to practice some before that.

On top of that, I also get some compensation.

* * *

Before entering the Red Wind Ritual that would begin tomorrow, I planned to conquer a small dungeon.

‘Practice new skills in the instance dungeon and get great rewards.’

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right?

So I instructed Cals to get weapons.

And this dungeon…

this was the perfect time.

It was a dungeon that offered the best rewards when conquered just before the Red Wind Ritual began.

< Tomb ruins of an ancient kingdom >

[Dungeon] This is a place where traces of a great, long-forgotten civilization remain. Let’s collect pieces of secret history scattered across the continent.

Of course, I had collected all these ‘secret pieces of history’, so there was no such thing.

‘Yes, there was a time when I was crazy about collecting.’

According to the setting of the original work, there was only one country on this continent in the distant past.

There are many names in the literature, but the most widely known name is…


Surprisingly, it is said that in that ancient country, all citizens were able to use the power of a semi-god.

Just as most citizens of the current empire are wizards, the citizens of Everlast were all half-gods.

‘I wonder what kind of country this is going to be like.’

Anyway, back in the old days, there would have been no revolutionary forces, so this place in Aurax would have been completely different.

It is said that in the past, this area was where the tombs of the kingdom’s previous kings were laid to rest.

‘So they are tomb ruins.’

Perfectly suited to this background, the ‘Tomb Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom’ was structured like a maze of dozens of corridors and rooms, leading to the room where the king’s memorial tablet was located.


‘To clear it completely, it takes about a week of game time. The level setting for a party of 5 is at least 75 for each person.’

For me now, it means that it is a dungeon with no choice.

But this place was just a ‘small dungeon’ to me.

‘There’s another route in the corner other than the real route.’

I was planning to enter there.

The main hall passage leading to the memorial tablet of an ancient emperor?

That wasn’t a place I could go right now.

‘Just a 1 second cut.’

In fact, at my current level, it was impossible to even open the door to the main passage.

Instead, a small passage next to it.

< Closed Passage of Tomb Ruins >

[Dungeon] It appears that the protective magic that protected that section has become ineffective and was forced to close.

Access Restrictions: Level 10 and below

To put it simply, this is a route for low levels.

Although you can’t reach the ancient king’s memorial tablet, is this a taster route that lets you know what the main dungeon feels like?

‘Of course, when I first tasted it, it seemed a bit too spicy.’

It was a dungeon with great rewards and benefits.

Among the dungeons that can be conquered at level 10 or lower, it is the shortest and most intense.

‘A place that hides a reward big enough to make you forget it all.’

That was right here.

There is a reason why Auracus is called a paradise for newbies.

“I bought the weapons you mentioned. … uh?”

Thompson, who had been with Carls, came into my room and stopped.

It was because he saw me wearing armor too late.

< Equipment Set for Beginner Travelers >

[Equipment Package] These are 4 types of wonderful equipment for beginner travelers.

Composition: Old armor, rusty helmet, worn shoes, and gauntlets with holes.

‘I never thought I’d touch this like this.’

As I smoothed the outer leather of the ‘worn armor of a novice traveler,’ I was deeply impressed.

This was a set of equipment given when you first start the game.

It was a reward obtained through the tutorial by hitting the scarecrow.

‘That’s why everyone looks at me funny.’

Surprisingly, the beginner traveler set was a good value for money.

In my case, I used to survive with this guy until I reached level 12.

Then, it was time to change to the ‘Apprentice Traveler Set’, which was one level higher.

Perhaps this time too, the plan was to raise the level sufficiently and then replace the equipment all at once.

‘Except for one thing.’

This gauntlet.

The gauntlet, which, as its name suggests, has holes in its shell, was scheduled to be replaced in this dungeon.

‘“Thank you for your hard work, Thompson. “Nothing happened, right?”

I took the weapon from Thompson, put it in my inventory, and asked politely.

But for some reason, Thompson looked unusual.

“That’s me…”


“There was a battle.”


no way?

Is it possible that Carls is not visible right now?

As my face became serious, Thompson hurriedly waved his hand.

“Oh, nothing serious happened. “We didn’t come here to fight.”

“…huh? “You guys didn’t fight, did you?”

“I almost got into big trouble when I got caught up in the fight between the Black Society and the guards, but I barely escaped.”

Oh, I guess there was a battle between them.

“Then where is Carls?”

“The driver had to go through a few holes, so he got covered in muddy water and went to wash up.”


The second-class knight of the Imperial Knights was not chased by the guards, so he escaped the fight, passed through a hole, and got covered in muddy water…

‘I’m so sorry about this.’

If it had been a game, I wouldn’t have had anything to be sorry about, but when it became reality, I was extremely sorry.

If Tyrvaen finds out about this, I think he’ll hit me on the back.

“Anyway, there were security guards outside. So, there seems to be some backlash from the black community as well.”

Of course it is.

From the perspective of the guys who are dealing with black money in the back alleys, you might be wondering what on earth is going on.

It must be absurd and embarrassing.

…But that was the same for me too.

‘Is this why the security posture is raised this much?’

It is true that the quest I have just received is actually aggro towards the city guard.

It’s natural, right?

Since the prison escapee is roaming around the city, the guards have no choice but to be nervous.

But now this has gone beyond the limit.

‘It is certain that the Aeolem Church’s forces in check are intervening.’

Perhaps the story may have come from higher-ups as well.

‘Someone may have reported it to the commander-in-chief.’

The city guard will gradually increase its scope of activity, and another crisis may arise before tomorrow evening.


“Thompson, listen carefully to what I say from now on.”


“We’re getting out of here now and not coming back.”


“I told you I was going to put you in the city guard, right?”

Thompson nods absently.

“Then just do it like this. “If you do as you are told, you will be able to become a security guard.”

“What do you mean?”

Thompson’s eyes sparkle.

“It’s that simple.”

I grinned.

“You can sell us out.”

“That can’t be possible!”

“No, you can do that. Fighting!”

Because we won’t be sold anyway.

Rather, the city guard will be thrown into confusion by the rice cakes I have sown.

And in the meantime, I was planning to run through the dungeon and go straight to my quest.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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