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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 321

Episode 321

Coronation Ceremony (5)

< Do you know about Everlast? >

I nodded slowly to Terikshan’s question.

A country of half-humans and half-gods that ruled the entire continent a long time ago.

The kingdom that Myeongamseong, who granted me the ‘Blessings of the Ancient Guardians’, wants to resurrect was mentioned.

Could it be that Emperor Terikshan also wants to discuss conquering the continent?

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

He was talking about the legacy left behind by the ancient kingdom.

< Everything in this world started from that kingdom. And the imperial family of the empire can be said to be its direct lineage. >

It was quite outrageous, but it couldn’t be said to be completely wrong.

There was no family on this continent that maintained as much magical bloodline as the Baltic royal family.

< The people of the Eastern Continent seem to think that they invented the term 'Martial Arts', but I don't think so. Because some of us went over there, we were able to take up martial arts. >


According to Terikshan, there were people who crossed the sea a long time ago.

The story goes that thanks to them taking root in the Eastern Continent and passing down methods of manipulating power, martial arts among the people of the Eastern Continent began.

< Do you understand what I mean? Although the form has changed, the martial arts lineage of the people of the Eastern Continent is also part of Everlast. Strictly speaking, they can be said to be our collateral. >


Is this correct?

I frowned slightly.

Something feels off.

There were parts that conflicted with the existing knowledge I knew through the original game < The World Forsaken by God >.

‘First of all, the principles by which the Eastern Continent’s martial arts are manifested are very different from the principles by which imperial magic is manifested?’

Among the Eastern Continent people, there was not a single person who said such a thing.

Moreover, if people had the same roots and were homogeneous, there was no reason to be hostile to each other.

However, both in the original work and in actual history, both sides fought to the death.

‘As a result, only a very small number of people from the Eastern Continent survived.’

Virtual destruction.

As someone who knew all about this process, it was difficult for me to accept Emperor Terikshan’s story at face value.

Rather, I had no choice but to take a crooked line.

“Your Majesty, then why did our empire allow the Baeksun clan to be oppressed and destroyed?”

< Huh? No, that’s Luxen Kingdom... >

“No. Everyone now knows that the Baltic imperial family was behind the Kingdom of Luxen, right? “The current consensus among historians is that our empire encouraged the Kingdom of Luxen to drive out the nomads.”

Of course, it wasn’t an orthodox theory.

In a country where the Magic Empire still dominated the continent, there were almost no scholars with the guts to write such a thesis.

This was just my bravado, knowing the original work.

However, Emperor Terikshan was embarrassed.

< Keuhum! The evaluation of later generations is quite harsh. It would be nice if we could understand a little more about why our ancestors had no choice but to do that! >

Above all, there was still no explanation.

I couldn’t figure out why Emperor Terikshan was able to freely use the Hongmeng Quan.

Feeling suspicious, I decided to ask a more direct question.

“Your Majesty, with all due respect, where is Empress ‘Aurisha’ from? “It wasn’t even properly recorded in history books.”

< ...! >

A woman who was the biological mother of Emperor Yurshan and grandmother to Emperor Bareshan.

Strangely enough, the imperial history books that young Gilroshan lived with did not cover her origins.

When I remembered that and asked the question, the heroic spirit of Terikshan cleared his throat.

< You really have a lot of questions. >

“If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to tell me. But as an emperor, I don’t know my great-grandmother’s origins…”

< Got it! okay! “What a b*stard!” After scratching the back of his head for a while, he confessed the truth. < Yes, your great-grandmother was a woman from the Baekseon clan. She was a very talented martial arts expert. >

“Then you must have met her at the Wanderer’s Wharf.”

< That's right, it's quite a ghost. Aurisha taught me a lot. It was thanks to learning martial arts from Aurisha that I discovered that the martial arts of the Eastern Continent and our magic have the same roots. Are you done now? Have all your questions been answered? >

In an instant, I understood why Emperor Terikshan had claimed that ‘our blood forms the bloodline of the Eastern Continent.’

He was insisting that the Empress was not of humble origins.

It seems that he has probably been making the same claims since his lifetime.

‘To give dignity to a foreign empress…’

They are all lovers.

I opened my mouth with my head slightly bowed out of respect.

“Thank you for letting us know, Your Majesty. “I will be a person worthy of the throne with pride in my royal bloodline.”

< ...huh. Anyway, that's the way it is. >

I guess I chose the right words.

When I looked up, Emperor Terikshan had slightly tearful eyes.

Anyway, thanks to you, I learned a secret that was not known anywhere else.

The blood line that leads to Yurshan Bareshan Giloshan.

This lineage also included the blood of people from the Eastern Continent.

And Emperor Terikshan’s argument also had its own significant part.

‘Everything in this world originated from Everlast.’

This could mean that the origin of the new blood that succeeds the ‘great man’ is also one.

Although there were only five players that Gezermiu, the Demon God of Fate, was able to arrange… it

occurred to me that there might be more vessels of divine blood.

‘Well, a guy named Harmun even planned to cultivate it on a large scale, so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be possible with a few more people.’

I sighed inwardly.

When I looked back, there was silence everywhere.

Before we knew it, Emperor Terikshan had disappeared like a lie.

‘I can finish it now.’

It wasn’t easy for me to go back to the Cave of Succession at the last moment and complete all courses without missing anything.

Therefore, this achievement was extremely worthy of me.

[You have successfully conquered the special location ‘Cave of Succession.’]

[The player’s scores are being added up. Please wait a moment….]

[The hidden condition ‘Dancing with the Bandits!’ has been achieved.]

[This is an unbelievable score!]

[A new title, ‘Crazy Attacker’ has been given.] A

welcome system message right before your eyes . They came to mind one after another.

In conclusion, I succeeded in achieving my goal.

[An enormous amount of experience is given.]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]


Level 61.

New card shuffle opportunity Skill points and stat points are given 6 points each.

The maximum level in the original game < The World Abandoned by God > was 99.

It was the moment when we entered the truly high level section.

But it wasn’t just me that grew.

[The blessing ‘Blessing of the Ancient Guardians’ has ended.]

The buffs of the five guardians that were renewed upon reaching level 31 have disappeared.

Since I had exceeded the level 60 limit, it was inevitable.

In other words, it means that it is time to find light and darkness.

He was the first to suggest that I become emperor of the empire.

‘They said to conquer this continent, unify it and restore its former glory.’

I declined because I had no intention of doing so.

But in the end, this is what happened.

[Go forward and receive the Emperor’s coffin.]

End of the cave.

A five-colored brilliance that is difficult to describe even with the word brilliant was waiting for me.

It looked like a human shape or like the Milky Way flowing yo-yo across the universe.

It was as if the scene where the night sky opened up when the fate cards were shuffled was being recreated.

It was at that moment that a huge hand appeared from the other side.

[■■ ■■ ■■■■ ■■.]

A strange message that appears to have been painted black over the letters.

But strangely enough, I was able to see through what was written behind it.

-Do not doubt anything.

A huge hand approached.

In an instant, a flash-like shiver ran through my entire body from the top of my head to my spine.

The hand placed the coronet on top of my head and disappeared, but I stood there as if frozen.

An unfamiliar power began to stir within me, as if a new heart had been driven into my chest.

‘What is this?’

At that time, the inventory opened on its own and something was pulled out.

Destiny Codex.

The Book of Destiny moved and flew on its own as if it were alive.

Then, it spread out towards the Eternity Hall with all its might and began to change its shape.

I was bewildered when I realized what was happening.

‘The Destiny Codex is absorbed into the Eternity Hall…?’

It was certain.

The Destiny Codex was taking shape like a jewel, as if it wanted to become a new decoration for the Eternity Hall.

I couldn’t believe it even when I saw it in person.

‘Is this possible?’

The Eternal Crown was an object of the imperial emperor and was nothing more than a man-made decoration.

However, the Destiny Codex was a transcendent artifact that contained the power of Gchermiu, the previous demon god.

‘But you absorb it this way?’

Since I own the Eternity Hall anyway, there was no harm in becoming one with the Destiny Codex.

But my premonition was strange.

It felt like something was happening that shouldn’t have been happening.

At that time, I remembered the overwritten system message I had seen earlier.

A message from a giant hand that appeared in five-colored brilliance and crowned me.

‘Do not doubt anything.’

Maybe the giant hand is something left behind by Gzermiu.

It was a guess that came to mind because Harmun said exactly the opposite.

The guy who appeared in the body of the ‘silent man’ at the Great Temple of Quatras said this to me.

-Think about it carefully. And be suspicious. Everything.

I guess the idea of being suspicious sounded a little more persuasive.

But because it was Harmun who said that, my mind became confused.

That guy was trying to use me to become a great person.

What beat should I dance to?

‘Why did they tell me such nonsense and disappear…’

Damn it.

I moved according to my feelings.

“I don’t know everything and I’m also reluctant, so I can’t do it.”

I reached out and snatched up the Destiny Codex, which was being compressed into a single crystal.

Then, with his hand placed on the eternity crown above his head, he began to reverse the direction of the magic power.

The idea was to re-extract and reduce some of the particles of the Destiny Codex that had been absorbed into the Eternity Hall.

‘There’s something strange about the Destiny Codex being converted to another form regardless of my intention.’

You could say it’s a gamer’s sixth sense.

Since I had a particularly bad feeling, I tried to stop the absorption process.

That moment when I blocked the flow of magic.

I noticed something and opened my eyes.

“wait for a sec. This…?”

It was a trap.

I was finally able to understand the true meaning of what the giant hand and Harmun had said.

They spoke as if they had made a promise, leaving out the most important part.

‘Something I should or should not have suspicions about.’

It was ‘myself’.

It was a warning to choose whether to doubt yourself or not to doubt yourself at this moment.

Since I didn’t have any doubts about myself, I tried to restore the Destiny Codex to its original state.

Then the priest reacted.

Yeongwon-gwan suddenly started tightening my head like crazy, as if I were an orphan from Jecheon Daeseong.


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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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