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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 323

Episode 323:

Invasion (2)

The bright red lightning penetrated the armored clone’s body without any mercy and hit the ground.

Everyone froze.

“Ha hael? “No way!”


Vinokharas and Terkiod simultaneously transformed into their bodies and flew up.

However, the beast tribe’s warchief retreated, using his warriors as shields.

Even if the two dragons tried to pour out their breath, it wasn’t easy.

The Alcatros warriors were engaged in a fierce mobile warfare, so the loss was greater than the gain.

“Hael! Hael? Wake! Can you see me? Can you see it?”

“Your Majesty the Crown Princess! “It’s dangerous!”

Eve ran to Hael.

As the red flash sent by Mordrin dispersed, she fell to the ground, trembling slightly.

Eve, refusing the knights’ attempts to dissuade her, hugged Hael.

“do not die! You can’t die! If you die, Gilroshan will try to kill me!”

Eve began pouring the potion, just as he had once done on her.

To be honest, I didn’t know if the stamina potion would be effective on the armored clone’s body, but I felt like I had to do something.

But Hael opened his eyes with difficulty.



“Breathing… difficult.”

“Are you okay? “You don’t have any trauma?”

Eve was greatly embarrassed when she confirmed that Hael had no wounds.

I saw it get pierced right in front of my nose by a red sword.

Since there was nothing wrong on the outside, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Hael, what happened? “Wasn’t that a physical attack earlier?”

“…It’s difficult.”

“It seems difficult to explain. Hmm, okay. “Stay back for now.”

Hael, like Empress Mirphisha, came to be protected by the imperial knights.

Now Eve stepped forward.

She exchanged glances with Tyrvaen, who was concentrating on defensive magic.

“Lord Sui! Do you know about the ‘Lockmeyer formula’?”

“huh? yes? Oh, I know. I know very well. But how did Her Majesty the Crown Princess do that?”

“I studied too. “Please lend me your strength from now on.”

Eve also had the experience of working with the character Tirvaen Sui several times through < The World Where God Left >.

Therefore, he knew how to maximize the Red Witch’s performance.

‘Tirbaen, who has reached 8 stars, can transmit magical power to the player.’

This was thanks to a passive skill called the Lockmire formula.

However, Tyrvaen was hesitant and was not willing to step forward.

This was because I clearly remembered the Eve I met in the previous episode.

Eve Wyler at that time was not very trustworthy.

“I know what you’re thinking. “Please trust me just this once.”

If I could blindly trust people to trust me, there would be no conflict in the world.

However, the completely different look in his eyes seemed strangely trustworthy.

Is it because they formed a marital relationship with Gilroshan, at least nominally?

Tyrvaen thought for a moment and nodded.

“All right. “Get ready.”

When Tyrvaen opened his palm, the mana particles gathered and created a light pink glow.

Feeling the power seeping into her, Eve exhaled lightly.

Then he raised his finger and aimed at the nearest beast warrior.

The S-class fate card ‘Special Sniper’ she was equipped with began to function.

[Auxiliary skill: Continuous reload]

A magical bullet was created at the tip of the finger.

The moment when a long queue of bullets appeared behind the back of the hand, as if a machine gun had been combined with a belt magazine.

[Support technology: Target acquisition]

[Attack technology: Infinite continuous shooting]


The rapid fire began with a loud, ear-splitting sound.

The magic bullets that launched from her fingertips turned into a shower and began to sweep away the enemy.

In an instant, the atmosphere changed and Alcatros warriors fell one after another.

“Moo, back off!”

“Move to avoid the enemy’s fire net!”

The beast warriors were as close to the ground as possible with the purpose of trampling on the imperial knights.

But suddenly, a rapid-fire gun came flying, so we had no choice but to allow the attack to take place.

“Lord Sui! “Give me a little more!”

“It’s already at its limit!”

It’s still a long way away!

Eve gritted her teeth and squeezed out all her magical power.

The amount of magical power supplied from Tyrvaen was rapidly decreasing.

Even though I was using magic power from an 8-star witch, I felt it was lacking.

‘I have to push further…!’

Modrin was still lurking behind the Alcatros warriors.

She was the chieftain of the five beast tribes and the wife of Sarkas, so she was a person of great significance to Eve.

I wanted to hold him back and ask what happened, but I didn’t have enough strength.

It was then.

“I know the Lockmeier formula.”

A new power was seeping into me.

Empress Mirpisha approached with her palms spread out despite the knights’ dissuasion.

A noble and calm form of magical power that is different from that of Tyrvaen, which is as fierce as flames.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“It’s natural. “I’ll lend you my strength, so shoot them all to death!”

When the continuous shooting, which seemed to have lost momentum for a moment, was revived, the Alcatros warriors fled even further.

Warchief Mordrin, who was floating at the highest point, could be seen beckoning.

Eve was able to read its meaning.

“The enemies are trying to escape!”

“Vinokaras! Terkiod!”

This was what Carls, who was protecting Eve on the ground, shouted.

The dragons who had interacted with each other on the Halhendra Plains immediately understood the meaning and turned their bodies toward the target.

The two-pronged dragon’s breath spurted out powerfully towards Warchief Mordrin.

But the distance was a bit far.


One of the wings of the Alcatros on which Mordrin evaporated and it began to fall, but the warchief quickly kicked off his saddle and rose into the air.

And then it landed on the back of another Alcatros warrior flying nearby.

It was an incredibly agile movement.

Eve pursed her lips.

‘I can’t miss it like this.’

She stopped attacking speakers.

And he began to increase his power as a contractor of the Demon King.

Although if the power of the demons is revealed here, the heart of the empire, there will be a huge repercussions…

‘We must capture Modrin at all costs!’

I decided that I had to get to the bottom of this incident, even if it meant breaking up my fake marriage and ending up in a dungeon.

That’s why I decided to throw everything away.

But at that very moment, blue lightning struck.

[Attack Technique: Song of Steel]

Boom! Quack! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Lightning struck Modrin one after another from the dry sky, as if this was the only truly powerful force.

Surprisingly, Warchief Mordrin seemed to have withstood the attack, and even though he stumbled, he straightened his upper body…

“I’m falling!”

“Knights, run now and capture the enemy!”

The Alcatros carrying her could not hold on and was falling to the ground.

The group moved their gaze to chase after the person who had summoned the lightning.

He appeared towering above the Pale Dragon, looking in all directions with an expressionless face.

And then I saw a coronet flashing above the boy’s head.

Elon Reut Fox, Buarez Carles Silion knelt side by side and bowed their heads.

“With these infinitely ugly and foolish eyes….”

“The most merciful and sublime, the protector of all magic….”

“I see you, the Emperor!”

Then all the nobles bowed down at once.

Whether knights or wizards, everyone naturally showed courtesy as if they were calling out the emblem engraved in their veins.

“For the glory of the empire with this sword!”

“Sacrifice all your mana for the well-being of the empire!”

“The laws of the empire established on this earth will last forever! “We will be with the ‘beautiful light’ from the beginning until now!”

It was at that moment that all remaining Alcatros warriors fell to the ground.

Gilroshan took off his eternal crown with a look of slight fatigue on his face.

The result was that Heviod left his hand and ran furiously through the sky, tearing them all apart.

* * *

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Majesty.”

“…I feel like I’m teasing you somehow?”

“Me? Oh, it can’t be like that. How dare you call it safe.”

“Let’s do it in moderation. “I’m not in a very happy mood right now.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Ibilesha Carlo de Wald.

Eve was the name I had to use from the moment I finished succeeding to the throne.

As emperor, I also had to change my middle name from ‘Elo’ to ‘Kalo’.

However, neither I nor this guy had much appreciation for the new name as a player.

Because the character name changed frequently.

‘I suddenly miss jjamppong-flavored tangerines.’

Anyway, I rejoined my group and checked on Hael’s condition.

Although his complexion was pale, there seemed to be no problem on the outside.

“I checked the inside of the clothes just in case, and there were no injuries at all. No, there wasn’t. your majesty.”

“Should we call the therapists though?”

“No, no.”

I shook my head at the story of Tyrvaen and Kalth.

There was no need for that.

Anyway, Hael was not an ordinary human or elf.

The armored clone created through magic engineering needed repair, not treatment.

And now, even I don’t know what’s wrong with Hael.

Even Hael himself couldn’t explain it.

“You got hit by red lightning?”

“There’s something a little strange about that. It certainly looked like lightning, but it went through Hael’s body and stuck in the ground, maintaining its form for about ten seconds. “It’s like a window with a shape.”

It was a type of technology I had never heard of before.

Neither me nor Eve had any thoughts at all.

At least Warchief Mordrin in < New Verse > was not a character who used such techniques.

“For now, let’s wait and see. Hael, if you feel anything strange, tell me right away. The dragons and Irene will be by your side.”


Fortunately, I shot her down as she ran away.

So, I was able to get information by contacting him directly.

Just then, the knights approached me.

“Your Majesty, Captain Royt and Captain Buarez captured Chief Modrin and refluxed him in the dungeon. “Let’s go quickly!”

I realized something in their somewhat impatient attitude.

The incident that happened in the last episode.

“Is that woman on a rampage? Exuding strange divine power?”

“yes? yes! you’re right. “How did you know?”

Inside the Mordrin Warchief, Kali, the god of erasure, was sleeping.

Even though he was struck by magic and was incapacitated, as long as he holds the godhood, recovery will happen quickly.

Even if there were two sword masters, it was impossible to completely suppress her.

‘I guess I’ll have to start by kicking Kali out this time too.’

I walked quickly.

When we arrived at the entrance to the dungeon, the guards’ faces turned white.

He deserved it too.

The entire area was shaking as if it was about to collapse at any moment.

“It looks like there’s quite a commotion going on downstairs. “Everyone, please stay back and be on guard until I come out.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


It was a very familiar type of magic.

I entered the prison with a subtle premonition.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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