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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 325

Episode 325:

Last Divine Protection (1)

The coronation ceremony passed like a storm.

The first task that Eve and I tackled as Emperor and Empress was, of course, to wrap up the events that occurred during the coronation ceremony.

“How about Vinokharas Hael?”

“Well, there isn’t much change. It just looks like normal. “Except for occasionally sitting silently and wondering what he’s thinking…”

The first sniper was intended for the Demon God to inform Modrin of the target.

And he took advantage of Kali’s presence and used the warchief as a great warrior.

As a result, an unidentifiable red lightning struck Hael.

‘Strangely enough, the attack did not leave any trauma…’

There didn’t seem to be any major problems with Hael so far, but unless Harmun was playing around out of boredom, something would definitely happen.

I ordered Vinokharas and the wizards to watch over her.

Meanwhile, Eve was moving to conclude the alliance she had promised with Warchief Mordrin.

“The Giloshan Beast Tribe council members are protesting. They are trying to reduce this incident to a terrorist incident arbitrarily caused by the warchief and refuse to join the imperial alliance. “It seems like you’re wary of being swept into our sphere of influence?”

“The upper house members are protesting….”

“As you know, in the Beast Tribe, agenda items cannot be processed unless the upper house council agrees. “I think we have to take action.”

“Do you have a method in mind?”


When I felt something and asked a question, Eve smiled wickedly.

She put down a stack of documents in front of me as if she had been waiting.

“You know, right? “The one I worked with Sarkas in the last episode.”


“I prepared a few things based on what I saw and heard at the time. “We will attack the corruption and weaknesses of the upper house members and get them to surrender.”

“It’s scary. What if I do that and still refuse to do so?”

“Then we have to move on to step 2. If that doesn’t work, step 3 and even step 4…”

“Wait a minute. “How many levels of strategy are there?”

“Now there are up to level 7.”


What on earth were you doing walking around with Sarkas?

I looked into his confident eyes and smiled.

Since it occurred to me, I should ask.

“Have you ever thought about going looking for Sarkas after returning? “I thought you would find Sarkas first.”


“He’s… a very important person to you, right? “In many ways.”

Actually, I thought that Eve and Sarkas might be in a loving relationship.

Just as I felt confused after falling into this world, those two people must have felt the same way.

If a man and a woman depend on each other, wouldn’t sparks fly?

But Eve frowned.

“What do you think of me? That guy is a married man! He’s the husband of Chief Mordrin out there! “I went overboard with my imagination!”

“okay? “Or not.”

“Or not? This kid is so obnoxious. Would you like to have a chat after a long time? Even though it was a disguise, I tried to respect him because he became my husband…!”

“So you’ve never looked for it?”

When I quietly tilted my head, Eve had a sour expression on her face.

It wasn’t like that.

“Hmm. Actually, I looked for it too. Of course you’re curious. If the fate of the world is rewound, will the players also come back to life? So there will be 3 players. “I was curious, so I sent someone to the Beast Tribe to find out.”

“But that wasn’t it.”

“huh. Sarkas was previously treated as a dead person. Actually, even when I met him, he was living with his identity disguised. He even cheated on his wife and son. “I thought it was a safe way for everyone.”

“Hmm. Right.”

Having satisfied my curiosity, I nodded.

But Eve was still fuming.

“Are you okay? Well then, shall we finish what we were talking about? I am shocked and disappointed that they dared to suspect me of being an adulteress…”

“You never said that? “I just asked if he was someone important to you.”

“Do not be ridiculous. That wasn’t the nuance! “I was having doubts!”

“Hmm, okay. That’s right. I had my doubts, so I apologize for that. sorry.”

“under! “The apology doesn’t have a single trace of sincerity…”

“Now go and get to work.”

I scrawled my signature as emperor on the document Eve handed me and returned it to her.

Then Eve took it and took it, even though she looked like a flounder.

“Just wait and see. I will take revenge someday. “Harem Emperor.”

“Why am I the harem emperor?”

“That’s because there are only girls around you!”

“Carls and the Sword Masters will be very disappointed when they hear this.”

“It would have been better if they were girls!”

“Stop talking nonsense and please get out. Noisy.”

Eve enjoyed the teasing, but her voice was so loud that it hurt my ears.

After pushing Eve out of the office, I moved on to my next thought.

A problem with the eternal pavilion that graces this office.

‘The person who arranged the secret function to absorb the Destiny Codex into the Eternal Hall was, of course, Bareshan.’

I called in the best artifact craftsmen in the empire to repair the cracks in the Eternal Pavilion.

And I observed the process directly.

Artisans who were also high-ranking wizards quickly figured out the problem.

The story was that a small ruby decoration had been added relatively recently and that it was believed to have a strange function hidden there.

I received the ruby decoration from them and examined it with Tyrvaen.

As a result, traces of Bareshan were discovered.

The former emperor’s magic pattern was so unique and special that it was difficult to mistake.

‘But I still don’t know the reason for the phenomenon I heard in the conversation between Jerez Magria and the controller of the incident.’

The ruby decoration that Bareshan added to the Eternal Crown had only the effect of absorbing the Destiny Codex engraved on it.

In that case, it can be said that the voice of the leader of the revolutionary army and the foreign god was not planned by Harmun, but was a function of Yeongwon-gwan itself.

It was difficult to understand that.

‘The Eternal Crown is nothing short of a relic passed down from generation to generation by the empire’s previous emperors. But I’ve never seen any record of this phenomenon happening anywhere.’

It only happened to me.

But there was no second time.

The Eternal Crown showed its effect only once in the Cave of Succession, but remained silent on the ground like an ordinary accessory.

How should we understand this?

“The ‘observer of events’ takes pleasure in observing the tragedies of this world. Jerez Magria wants to use his power to solve the fate of the world, but he is sadly failing…”

But he and the ‘Great One’ are waiting for the end.

I looked at the coronet beyond the display stand, muttered, and then closed my mouth.

There was no choice but to come together with one thought.

‘In the end, it only ends when someone takes over the great role and brings it to an end.’

The throne left behind by a great man.

Will the demon take it away?

Or will the players he personally selected take over?

To condense it a little more, the story returned to the confrontation between me and Harmun.

‘The problem is that I don’t know any other way to absorb divine blood.’

Harmun tried to achieve his goal by using homunculi as seeds to cultivate a large amount of divine blood and then recover it.

In the last episode, Hael became the crystal.

So, if you destroy Hael and absorb the divine blood concentrated in her, you may be able to take over the Great Strike.

Hael himself also acted arbitrarily in order to do so.

But I rejected it.

This was because I thought there must be some other way that did not use a living homunculus.

‘Now it’s time to really find a way.’

He ended up becoming the emperor of the empire.

There was one hint.

This was thanks to discovering something strange in Harmun’s homunculus plan.

‘Why did you bother to spread homunculi across the continent to cultivate new blood? If we’re going to retrieve it anyway, shouldn’t we just lock it up like a farm and raise the homunculi?’

It sounds a bit scary, but that’s what I would do if I were the Demon God of Oblivion.

It was much simpler to keep the homunculi that were created with great effort in the demon city and suck out the divine blood without having to spread them around.

And yet they released it on the continent, even replacing it with the original character?

It had to be seen that there was a good reason to do this.

‘Perhaps it is necessary to replace the original in order for the new blood to be properly cultivated?’

The principle was completely unknown.

However, I felt that I was getting closer to the secret of the new blood.

At the same time, I was thinking of going to the only place where I could get some advice.

[The blessing ‘Blessing of the Ancient Guardians’ has ended.]

The protection of the Guardians ended when it surpassed level 60.

I was planning to visit the ruins where the five ancient people rest in order to update it.

‘I can practice my new fate card skills some more.’

* * *

Gold dragons are a pretty special dragon species.

It was small and slow, and took the longest time to grow.

However, it had a specialty that other dragons could not match.

It was defense and detection.



When I called his name, the golden dragon lifted its long, thin neck like a deer.

It was Ferrarindio who had completely shed his body as Seongryong.

The guy slowly got up from his seat and bowed his head to me in a very elegant gesture.

-I was waiting, father.

“Okay. “Did you sleep well?”

The magic of the message conveyed in my head seemed to be overflowing with elegance.

Just like Terchiod, Feralendio was not yet accustomed to living in human form.

However, thanks to its much smaller size and slender appearance, there were no problems living in the imperial palace.

Rather, the women of the imperial palace, including Empress Mirpicia, often visit because they want to play with Feralendio.

‘But that’s why I can’t grow as a dragon.’

It’s not a deer from some zoo.

This time, I planned to take Ferrarindio to the ruins of the guardian saints.

There was only one ruin related to the guardian castle within the imperial territory.

Since it was quite far from Kertion, the flight distance was quite long.

“Have you had any flying practice?”

-Yes, Vinokharas taught me a lot. But I don’t have enough stamina, so I’ll have to rest a few times in between…

“Don’t worry. “You can go slowly.”

I did not expect Ferrari to play the role of a war horse.

I was planning on giving him a completely different role from Vinokharas Terchiod.

‘A supporter who has my back.’

I wanted it to be a radar and shield, not a weapon.

Although it looks weak right now, the Geumryongjong was a dragon that could do its job well.

“let’s go.”

-Yes father.

The gold dragon slightly bent its neck and picked me up.

And it flew lightly toward the dawn sky, where the dark blue curtain had not yet cleared.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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