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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 329

Episode 329:

Greed and Faith (1)

“With foolish and foolish eyes…”

“Yes, thank you. “Get up.”


I stepped down from the emperor’s throne, gesturing to the priests of learning who showed their respect.

My head was pounding.

It was because of the situation on the continent that began to fluctuate rapidly after I returned after renewing the protection of the guardians.

To be precise, the atmosphere in the revolutionary camp was unusual.

‘The closure of the two major religious denominations, the excommunication of Deputy Supreme Leader Erek Kaid, and the disappearance of wanted city guard Captain Rheniad Kalik…’ It

was a series of situations that did not make sense through common sense.

Something strange is happening.

However, it is difficult to find out in detail here in the imperial palace of Certion.

For me now, I had no choice but to utilize Auracus’ intelligence agents as much as possible.

‘Fortunately, we took advantage of the opportunity to repatriate the prisoners and planted spies in advance. ‘They should survive well.’

Anyway, that’s it.

My calling upon the priests of Quathras from the western wilderness was a separate matter.

A story that could not be properly told due to the inevitable storm of light and darkness.

It was to find another way to inherit the throne of the great man.

A hint that Light and Darkness gave even while enduring the inevitable storm.

-Representative: Think carefully. What does today’s question and answer mean?

Since I had no intention of becoming a great person in the manner of Harmun, I had to find a new way.

Now, I was planning to investigate the method of ascension of the Celestials that Myeong Am-seong had secretly revealed.

‘First, I need to learn more about faith.’

In the original, it was considered a kind of energy and score, but it may be different in reality.

For that reason, I had summoned the priests of learning, including Edvik Rondel, to the imperial palace.

However, the priests’ eyes seemed to be particularly sparkling.


I didn’t know, so I rubbed my temples and opened my mouth.

“I would like to make a deal with Quatras. “I wish you could connect me.”

A deal between the emperor and a god would not have been a bad thing from the Quatras Church’s perspective.

Even if nothing fell immediately, it was a matter of raising the status of a god among citizens.

But Edvik Rondel’s face was slightly crumpled.

“Is that why you called us?”

“yes. “Is there a problem?”


Then, great disappointment appeared on the priests’ faces.

I could sense quite a bit of hostility in the archbishop’s eyes as he stared at me.

what? What is this atmosphere?

‘What did I do wrong? When the emperor handles business with the church, it’s usually correct to call a priest…? ah!’

It occurred to me late.

Vinokharas fired his breath and blew off a corner of the roof of the library.

Thanks to this, I started to understand this situation.

‘Is that why you all showed up together like this?’

They seemed to think I would give them something in return today.

Actually, I had no idea.

In my mind, it remained as an unfortunate accident caused by the Demon God of Oblivion.

Of course, I wasn’t responsible for the incident, and since I found out about it too late, I had to take action.


I cleared my throat once and opened my mouth again.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that the church is very busy these days. What kind of construction is being done at Daesinjeon? “Something like roofing work?”

“yes? No, that is….”

“It must not be easy as the church’s circumstances are tight. “What on earth happened?”

When I asked that question, pretending not to know, Archbishop Rondel blinked and looked back at the priests.

Even the rank and file priests looked equally dumbfounded.

They seemed like they couldn’t understand why I was pretending not to know.

But it didn’t take long.

The youngest priest among them quickly approached Archbishop Rondel and said something briefly, and the old man’s eyes widened sharply.

The Archbishop bowed his head towards me with an expression that instantly softened.

“Yes, Your Majesty. “Recently, there was an incident where an unidentified person broke into our main shrine and destroyed part of the roof, and construction to repair that part is currently underway.”

“He’s an unidentified monster.”

“That’s right. “Because he disappeared so suddenly, we still haven’t found out who he is.”

Although the expression sounded a bit bad, Archbishop Rondel clearly understood my intention and said it that way.

In fact, I was in a position where I couldn’t reveal that it was my fault.

Although it was not my will, it resulted in the death of Emperor Bareshan.

Although no one really knows the truth about the incident, I couldn’t openly advertise that it was me.

So, he pretended not to know and hinted at his intentions.

Anyway, the archbishop seemed to understand, so I nodded.

“I’m sure you’re going through a lot of trouble due to this unexpected incident. “I would like to lend a hand as an offering to Quatras. Would you accept it?”

This should be enough.

I was planning to turn a blind eye to Edvik Rondell’s slightly inflated receipt.

‘Why don’t you be bold and act like a wallet warrior!’

But he was a man with greater ambition than I thought.

Archbishop Edvik Rondel scratched his nose and said this.

“Your Majesty, since you are lending your hand, could you please lend us your two hands?”


Would you like to add both hands?

Are you anxious?

“Actually, our denomination is in the midst of raising money to move the main temple to Kertion…”

I couldn’t help but hold my tongue at the next words.

He was going to get caught for breaking the roof.

Moreover, you want to move the Great Temple of Quatras to Kertion…?

‘That can never be done.’

‘Addiction to Knowledge’, a faction scenario played by players who joined the revolutionary army.

In this scenario, the player infiltrates the Empire and helps the Quatras Church carry out various projects.

In other words, it was about helping priests of learning make money.

The Quatras Church, which gained a lot of money thanks to the player, purchased land in Kertion as they wished and built a new temple… ‘Since then, the number of

nobles and citizens of Kertion has been killed, injured, and disappeared rapidly. There are more.’

It was because of the ‘trade of knowledge’ provided by the Great Temple of Quatras.

Just as there is a saying that ignorance is medicine, there are some things that people should just ignore.

However, if the price was right, the temple revealed all the secrets, which resulted in the dormant distrust and conflict exploding all at once.

This was the result of ‘addiction to knowledge’.

‘In the end, Emperor Bareshan stepped forward and had the Great Temple relocated again. From the empire’s perspective, it amounts to two or three unnecessary expenditures.’

In conclusion, the relocation project of the Great Temple of Quatras was something that I had to stop.

Moreover, I am doing it with my own money.

It was nonsense.

‘But I called to ask for a favor, but it’s a bit awkward to refuse outright… Is there any better way?’

At that moment, a thought struck my head like lightning.

An exquisite way to find out more about the ‘faith’ while interfering with the plans of the Quatras Church.

This time, I decided to attack Quatras’ weaknesses again.

“The Great Goddess is coming to Certion! This is such a happy thing. great. “I will actively step in and help.”

“Oh then, is it okay if I know that Your Majesty is giving donations to our church?”

“Yes, of course. I will give it to you without any regrets. “Because I am indebted to the Quatras Church.”

When I said that with so much meaning, Archbishop Rondel and the priests looked very excited.

Using the meeting as an excuse to meet again later, I drove out the priests and summoned Terchiod.

“Did you call me, father?”

“I have somewhere to go right now. “You’ve definitely mastered invisibility, right?”

“of course. “I am confident that we have reached the perfect level.”

“let’s go.”

This is a place where you can’t go with Vinocaras or Ferrarendio because only n.a.k.e.d men wander around.

I boarded Terchiod and started flying towards the place where the goddess of sensuality, ‘Overgen’ was.

* * *


-Yes father. Please give your name.

“You can’t fire your breath carelessly. Especially indoors.”


“No, it’s done. There was a reason and a situation for everything. “Let’s go down to earth now.”

-All right.

The temple of Oberien was located in the middle of a huge desert in the southern part of the empire.

In fact, it was nothing like a temple.

‘It’s about creating a village by building a few brick houses with a huge oasis in the middle.’

The treatment was very different from that of the gods who displayed their majesty in each camp.

It was inevitable that Oberen was a god with no particularly great abilities.

As a goddess of sensuality, she has great beauty, and thanks to her small divine powers, she only has a small number of priests.

Of course, since he was a god, it did not mean that he was weak like an ordinary human being.

“let’s go.”

“Yes father.”

Terkiod changed into human form and I started walking towards the oasis, organizing a plan in my head.

Then there was a reaction from over there.

Several men lying around the oasis slowly stood up and looked in our direction.

Terkiod frowned next to him.

“I understand why you told me earlier not to shoot Breath carelessly.”


“The look in their eyes is very disrespectful. Uh huh until you get your appetite back? “Father, please allow me to rip out that arrogant tongue.”

Yes, this guy was a red dragon.

Anyone caught wrong will be in trouble.

I chuckled and shook my head.

“Not now. But if they cross the line, then I will allow it.”

“What is a line?”

“I guess this is the standard I have as the emperor of the empire.”

I had no intention of reigning as a tyrant like Bareshan, but I also had no intention of being seen as a withdrawn idiot.

Wasn’t the reason I visited this place because I didn’t want to be caught by Quatras and his priests?

However, the priests of Oberien jumped over that line without even giving me a chance to open my mouth.

“Hehe. “You guys seem to taste better after a long time!”


“Master Oberen hates dirty guys.”

“You both take off your clothes and wash in the oasis!”


I was at a loss for words due to the high-level dialogue from the beginning.

In the original, ‘You are beautiful people!’ ‘Overen is wary of unfamiliar visitors.’ I remember saying, ‘I hope the clothes will be refined!’ but

somehow they were of poor quality.

“Father, have you crossed the line?”

“Yes, it’s a lot. “Don’t pull out the tongue. Squeeze it until it sticks out.”

I gestured to Terkiod, who was looking at me intently.

Then the red dragon showed its pure white fangs and jumped at the priests of Oberen.

“I will separate the flesh from the bones.”


It was the beginning of an intense attack.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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