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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 338

Episode 338

Invasion (2)

The dark breath compressed into a single beam of light became a spear blade and an arrow and disappeared beyond the black sky.

To me, it seemed like the breath had just been sucked in somewhere and wasted away.

But Ferrarindio shouted.

“You got it right!”

“You hit the mark?”


Vinokharas’ breath was a sniper aimed at the demon commander.

Even while the demons were flocking in like a pack of dogs, we were able to track down the individual and kill him with a single hit.

When the dragons worked together, such amazing feats were possible.

But we were not invincible.


The red dragon that was playing the role of a tank let out a roar.

A fleeting moment when Ferrarendio supports Vinocaras.

The demons who took advantage of that gap approached the dragon body and pulled out their swords.

The distance was too far for me to cast a defensive spell.

“Come down here! hurry!”

[Attack Technique: Metonymic Sword]

The protruding Hebiod wrapped around Terkiod’s dragon body and spun around, chopping up the demons.

But it was impossible to stop everything with just one sword.

[Your dragon ‘Terkiod’ has been mortally wounded.]

[Save him immediately!]


The red dragon howled in pain and began to fall.

Almost half of one wing was torn off by the sword spirit swung by a high-ranking demon.

Not a critical hit, but a significant blow.

I will definitely aim for Dragon Heart next time.


Sure enough, the demon launched itself under Terkiod’s chin.

The moment the guy raised his sword again with his eyes flashing.

The falling body of Terkiod came into my range.

[Defensive Magic: Reflection Crack]

The demon pushed in a sword spirit that flashed purple.

But it could not pierce Terkiod’s scales.

Instead, it came back to itself and pierced my heart.


The war wizard’s ‘Reflective Rift’ was a defensive magic that returned the opponent’s attack as it was within a certain range.

I deployed the Reflection Rift a few more times and knocked down all the demons who were thrusting their swords at Terkiod.


The guy who returned to human form was completely covered in blood.

The middle of my back seemed to have been seriously injured as I had been stabbed in the wing.

The good news is that I wasn’t poisoned.

“I’m sorry, father. “I’m not good at anything…”

“We’ll talk about that later. “For now, let’s take a break in the inventory.”

In this respect, it was great that the system judged the dragons as my property.

After collecting Terchiod, I ran out into the middle of the forest.

Then, black flames began to fall from the sky.

This time, Vinokharas was using ‘bombing wings’ to cover me.

Nevertheless, the demons rushed in like moths.

“Catch it!”

“The target is running away!”

what? I’m running away?

“Then try to run away from the fugitive!”

I once again used ‘Elemental Control’ to spread water droplets in all directions.

And struck lightning.

[Attack Technique: Song of Steel]


A blue thunderbolt passed through the forest like a tree branch splitting, causing sparks.

The demons that were hit fell down, charred black.

It wasn’t just once.

I unleashed a series of blitzes by linking ‘Elemental Control’ and ‘Song of Iron’.

Originally, it was a skill that couldn’t be wasted like this due to a lack of magical power, but…

‘It’s enough now. Because the level supports it!’

As soon as I thought about that, a new level up message came to mind.

[Your level has risen!]

This was the result of defeating countless demons that came directly to the empty hunting ground.

I continued to run without stopping, using the magic power replenished by leveling up for attacks.

And then I faced the guy.

The highest-ranking entity that was commanding the demon army behind the scenes.


“huh? what? Why you?”

The person with his abdomen pierced and still holding a sword wrapped in sword spirit was a face I knew quite well.

Because it was a character that every player of < Shin.Ver.Se > knew.

“Montana Walt!”

A sword master who is called the third commander of the revolutionary army along with Gilad Gordin and Rheniad Khalik.

Although he was bald and had a young son, Montana was clearly a good-natured person.

‘But you appear as the commander of the demon army?’

Something strange is happening.

The story about Rheniad Kalik being excommunicated and wanted was unusual.

What is happening in the revolutionary army now?

* * *

Three people were hiding in the bushes and holding their breath.

They were communicating using message magic in case their presence was leaked.

-Vice President, I think we need to go out and rescue Captain Walt now.

-I agree. The new emperor already possesses a level of combat power that is on par with that of Captain Gordin.


-Please allow the battle quickly.

-Vice President!

The wizard hiding with his two subordinates was none other than Erek Kaid.

The top wizard of the revolutionary army camp and the second-in-command who can be said to be Jerez Magria’s right-hand man.

However, all his positions and qualifications were taken away and he became a fugitive.

An incident that occurred in just one day.

This was not unrelated to the fact that Montana Walt, the head of the border guard, suddenly became a demon commander.

-Vice President!

-If you don’t decide, we’ll go out. We can’t watch the entire revolutionary army collapse like this!

They were loyal subordinates who escaped Auracus together.

They were also brave and strong wizards.

But the deputy governor rejected their demands.

-For now, let’s wait and see. Maybe that guy might be the solution.

-yes? What kind of…?

– That’s nonsense! Although he is young, the Emperor of the Empire is dangerous!

-I know. But for now, just watch.

They were excommunicated and even ordered to be exterminated, but other executives had no regrets.

Everything was the work of Gilad Gordin, who staged a coup and took over the headquarters.

To be precise, it was started by the demon who took over Captain Gordin’s body.

‘Immediately launch an all-out war against the Empire.’

It was an order from Harmun, who took control of the headquarters by moving the Titan Special Forces.

The leader of Magria was also ordering to treat the empire aggressively, but is it suddenly an all-out war?

It was something on a completely different level and was not an order that could have been given by the person who launched the coup.

‘We, who had already suffered great losses in the local war on the Halhendra Plains, had no justification whatsoever.’

So the executives refused and a bloody storm ensued.

Harmun dispatched the Titan Special Forces and began capturing and killing executives.

‘The closure of the two major denominations, my excommunication, the disappearance of Rheniad, the demonization of Montana…’

All happened in this context.

Auracus has literally become a city of demons.

There were survivors who managed to escape, but they were scattered and unable to do anything.

But Erek Kaid did not give up hope.

‘As long as the commander’s power returns, we will be able to change the situation. Until then, we must somehow survive and hold on.’

The deputy commander escaped by stealing the most important thing from the revolutionary army.

And secretly followed Montana Walt.

Although he suffered demonization, Captain Walt still retained some of his consciousness.

I was planning to somehow steal him away and save him.

‘When the Emperor and Captain Walt are fighting and there is an opening, I jump in and end the situation.’

Erek Kaid was planning that.

If Emperor Giloshan was pushed back, he could seek a new path.

Capturing him here.

‘It seems that Harmun is also targeting the emperor, so it is enough to be used as a card.’

However, the Deputy Commander’s plans all went to waste the moment Gilroshan grabbed the hilt of the sword.

Something flashed and Montana Walt’s left arm was cut off.


* * *

What I was aiming for was the opponent’s torso.

He planned to cut Montana Walt in two with a single blow.

The Blood Star accurately captured my will and went straight as if the blade was hitting my whole body.

[Attack Technique: Sublimating Sword]

[Attack Technique: Flame]

The sword spirit, which had expanded to its fullest extent, was fired at the limit of Ultimate Arts.

But the purpose was not achieved.

The opponent slipped sideways and escaped the sword’s path, as if someone had pulled him from the side.

Fortunately, it didn’t go completely wrong.

The guy’s left arm was spinning in the air, splashing blood droplets.

‘For now, we can just think of it as avenging Terkiod.’

In that split second, I found the optimal path again.

Can we avoid it this time too?

[Special Skill: Singularity Control]

The third skill of the War Mage.

Singularity control was a type of telekinesis.

‘What’s special is that it’s a telekinetic ability that uses mana particles.’

This meant that it was possible to block the opponent’s use of magical power.

I tied up all the magic around Montana Walt so that he could not make any moves.

Then he attempted a counterattack from his spot.

He twisted his body momentarily and swung his sword at me.

I tilted my head crookedly.

‘Is it only this much?’

It was an incredibly ordinary sword that belonged to a sword master.

I pulled away Montana Walt’s sword and blew off his right arm.



Captain Walt, who had lost both arms, moaned.

I thought something was strange.

As my level exceeded 70, my power jumped, but I couldn’t destroy the balance to this extent.

Is it because there was damage from a direct hit from Vinokharas’ breath earlier?

‘no. If an NPC experiences demonization, they can ignore damage and fight.’

This was because the special status abnormalities ‘Pain Immunity’ and ‘Brightness’ were applied at the same time.

But Montana Walt was strangely weak.

I was too helpless to be the commander of the demon army that rushed to capture me.

‘I think there’s something there.’

But I couldn’t take the time.

“dad! “We have to get out quickly!”

“The shield is collapsing!”

The two dragons blocking the demons’ offensive behind me have reached their limit.

Therefore, without delay, I cut off Montana Walt’s head.

But then something came out of the bushes, a black figure sticking out.

The old man shouted loudly.

“wait for a sec! Just give it one chance! “I will stop the demons, so please!”

“huh? Vice President Kaid…?”

Aren’t you excommunicated from the revolutionary army and being chased out?

Why are you here?

“please. Please give me a chance!”

I had no idea what kind of opportunity he was talking about.

The moment I paused, the archmage’s magic unfolded.

[Defensive Magic: Wall of Holy Flame]

A barrier of pure white flame was rising.

As expected, it is a flame with the ‘holy’ attribute that is fatal to demons.

The Deputy Commander was a master of defensive magic, so there was no need to doubt its effectiveness.

Thanks to this, Vinocaras and Ferrarindio were able to come down to the ground safely.

“you are…?”

“what? “Why is this old man here?”

I couldn’t reply to the dragon daughters who approached me with wide eyes.

Because I had to figure out that part from now on.

Erek Kaid opened his rhyme like this.

“Please save Captain Walt. Please.”

I’m a little confused.

Wasn’t I in a situation where I was being attacked?

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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