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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 339

Episode 339

Invasion (3)

Montana Want to save Walt?

I wrinkled my brow and opened my mouth.

“What are you talking about now?”

“I know it sounds strange. But I don’t have time to explain. Please do this. Please save him. “It will be good for the Empire if Captain Walt lives!”

Even while listening to informal language, Erek Kaid shouted earnestly.

I quietly looked at him.

The majestic appearance I saw in Auracus is still vivid in my eyes.

It was almost like I could sigh at his shabby appearance, like that of an old man in the back room.

‘What on earth is going on in the Revolutionary Army?’

Anyway, I shook my head and turned around.

“I don’t know what the situation is, but I can’t save Captain Walt’s life.”


“I don’t know if you find your own way to survive.”

I remembered saying something similar in a previous episode.

Was it when Eve was in danger of being attacked by assassins from the Duchy of Wyler?

Then and now, my thoughts have not changed.

The only person who can change someone’s path is themselves.

“There’s nothing other people can do but give you a chance.”


At that moment, a feeling of relief appeared on the Vice President’s face.

“It’s okay just once. Your Majesty, please give Captain Walt a chance!”

As I live, there comes a day when I hear the vice-chief of the revolutionary army say, “Your Majesty.”

Anyway, I nodded.

‘Even NPCs who have been demonized can recover.’

However, you must suffer an enormous loss equivalent to death.

What choice will Montana Walt make?

Or is it a state where you can make a choice?

I looked at him in doubt.

“It looks like you’ve almost completely recovered. “It’s good to be a demon, isn’t it?”


Captain Walt clearly lost both his arms to me.

But in a moment, a new arm took shape.

Wriggling tentacles were repairing the human body, as if tree roots were extending from the cut area.

Of course it was a demon’s ability.

So powerful.

However, the opponent had lost control of his body.

‘Probably the demon king who carries out the demon god’s orders has it.’

From now on, we must break that connection.

I continued speaking while raising my sword.

“You probably know how to escape demonization. “You also know that you have to fight sincerely.”


Montana Walt had no response no matter what I said.

However, it felt like his eyes had changed a little.

‘Maybe it really could be something?’

In any case, it must be concluded quickly.

I activated Eternal Heart.

The heavy magical energy ran through my entire body, heating the magical circuit.

The next moment I was charging at my opponent.

[Attack Technique: Sublimating Sword]

[Containing Technique: Sutra]

Papa Papapat!

Heviod’s sword spirit expanded into dozens of branches and surrounded Captain Walt like a wall.

By adding the skill of a quick sword to the extended sword technique, I was able to attack like a kind of illusionist technique.

The effect of the ‘Singularity Control’ I had applied earlier still remained on the opponent, so it was difficult to pull back.

It seemed like there was no choice but to be hacked to pieces.

But Montana Walt responded on the spot.


He flinched once as if he wanted to say something, then pulled out his sword.

And he began to receive all the sword spirit I poured into him.

Incredibly perfect defense.

As expected, it is different from before.

‘Something has definitely changed.’

Until Erek Kaid showed up, he was like a person who sacrificed his head.

Now it was moving properly as if the batteries had finally come on.

“good. “You don’t want to die in vain either, right?”

I twitched the corner of my mouth and the other person’s cheek twitched strangely.

And we crashed again.

As they fiercely exchanged attacks, they eroded each other’s strength.

The first step in escaping demonization was to consume enough magic power and stamina to eliminate the berserk state.

The second time, we had to go one step further.

‘We will find the connection point with the demons and completely cut it out…’

Because the connection point was hidden in the human body, it was bound to be accompanied by serious injuries.

In other words, the NPC could only escape from demonization if it became a super corpse.

‘But this is the only way.’

If I had time, I could have slowed down the tempo a little, but I couldn’t do that right now.

“Father, the demons are trying to cross the barrier!”

These were the words shouted by Feralendio, who was detecting beyond the wall of holy flames.

I shouted over my shoulder to Erek Kaid.

“What are you doing? I have to endure more! “I shouted loudly and that’s all I did?”

“I’m doing my best!”

The Archmage was sweating profusely as he tried to expand the barrier.

The demons were running over it or bypassing it.

Ultimately, it is a race against time.

‘But the wide range is still the same. ‘I didn’t even pass the first step.’

I slightly raised my sword and looked at Montana Walt.

A purple sparkle was shining in his eyes, and it seemed like he was saving one shot.

This guy doesn’t understand the situation.

“What are you doing now? Take it all out! “Come here thinking you’re really going to kill me!”


“Otherwise you will die by my hands. “I will do the same from now on.”

Then Captain Walt nodded very slightly.

Although it was a little bit, it was an expression of one’s opinion in a way other than combat.

At the same time, his momentum changed.

It had been quite a while since I felt the bloody sensation of hair standing up all over my body.

‘It won’t be easy.’

A confrontation with the Sword Master who pours all his might into it.

For the first time in a very long time, I felt a sense of danger.

And then a gale came, accompanied by a chill that seemed to freeze everything in the world.

* * *

‘Everything is coming to an end.’

Montana Walt stood in a world that had turned black and white.

It seemed like there was nothing to see.

But everything was also clear.

What he saw as a human being was slowly disappearing into pitch darkness.

The outlines of the things seen through the monster’s eyes were too clear.

The thickest line in his field of vision was the person he was currently facing.


‘The new emperor of the empire and a candidate for the divine blood succession.’

And a special agent of the Revolutionary Army.

The Sword Master, who was infused with the power of the Demon God, learned everything that happened before the return of fate.

Surprisingly, the boy emperor of the Magic Empire had a track record of stirring up the revolutionary army’s camp.

The dragons he commanded were also obtained from the Blue Mountains, under the jurisdiction of the Revolutionary Army.

Giloshan, who is now the emperor, is said to be in competition with the demon god.

‘To inherit the throne of the great one and save our world…’

The boy was willing to endure a fight that was incomparably more dangerous than any other.

In the face of that sublimity, Montana Walt felt ashamed.

I was afraid of the appearance of the demon god and felt so ashamed that I had been subjugated under his command.

I felt ashamed of the fact that I could do nothing while watching the revolutionary army being quickly destroyed.

That was the reason why he tried to give his life to Giloshan.

But out of nowhere, Erek Kaid appeared and began to beg for his life.

‘It’s like I betrayed the revolutionary army. Why?’

In response to the deputy governor’s earnest request, the boy emperor said he would give him a chance.

From that moment, change began.

Every time Guilroshan opened his mouth, Montana Walt felt his black-and-white world shake.

-Isn’t it good to be a demon?

‘No, it’s so humiliating.’

-You probably know how to get out. You also know that you have to fight sincerely.

‘If you do that, you might get hurt. ‘Better kill me!’

-You don’t want to die in vain either, right?

‘no. I must die. Kill me and you live to defeat the demon god. hurry!’

-Take it all out! Come here thinking you’re really going to kill me!

‘You are the one who kills me!’

-Otherwise, you will die by my hands. From now on, I will do the same.

‘Emperor I am…!’

I want to live.

Actually, I really want to live.


The black and white world mixed together and shook dizzyingly.

Although it was only for a moment, Montana was freed from the commands of the demon controlling her and freely swung her sword.

However, I saw the corners of the other person’s mouth rise.

“Okay, this is it.”

A monster’s desire to kill its target at any cost.

The remorse that comes from being a traitor.

Nevertheless, the instinct to want to survive.

‘It’s all mine…’

Montana gained a new realization.

Although he did not know it at all, it was a moment of awakening that the warriors of the Eastern Continent call ‘Dawn’.

And Gilroshan dug into that moment precisely.

The sword was inserted into the gap where the connection with the demons had faded and the sword master’s sword had become dull.

“I caught you, you rat.”


The center of my chest was pierced deeply.

Montana’s body trembled at the cold sensation, as if it was a foreshadowing of death.

However, Giloshan did not stab his opponent to kill him.

A bug the size of an adult’s fist was writhing with its body pierced by the tip of the pulled out knife.

It was a ‘blood worm’ planted by demons for the purpose of controlling human bodies.

“You can move now.”

Giloshan threw the bloodworm into the wall of holy flames and burned it.

As he said, Montana could feel his will returning.

His eyes, which had been flashing purple, had also returned to normal.

It is free from demonization.

But the side effects were too serious.


Montana Walt, who had been pierced through the chest, collapsed, coughing up blood bubbles.

By removing the bloodworm, freedom was restored, but due to the fatal wound, he was in a near-dead state.

Montana ended up missing the hilt of the sword and fell down.

But the end did not come.

“Where are you going to die as you please?”

An expensive, high-quality potion that appeared in the boy emperor’s inventory was inserted into Montana’s wound.

The Sword Master’s strong body worked late and absorbed it all the time.

As expected from an item made in a magic empire, the effect was certain.

Montana could feel his consciousness quickly becoming clearer.

“Emperor Hua…”

“I’ll hear your thanks later.”

Gilroshan withdrew his sword and looked back.

It was at that moment that the wall of holy flames collapsed with a loud noise.


Erek Kaid coughed up a handful of blood.

The aftermath was that the magic spell was completely broken and suffered a recoil after holding on for too long.

However, the vice-president screamed somewhere without even having time to wipe away the blood.

“Escape! right now!”

At his shout, three wizards suddenly stood up from the bushes and made hand signs side by side.

Gilroshan, who recognized the contents of the magic with just a quick glance, whistled.

“Oh long-distance teleportation?”

A brilliant cluster of light burst out.

And at the place where he arrived, Giloshan was able to face another familiar face.

A half-elf crouching in a shabby room and shaking her shoulders.

It was Jerez Magria.

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