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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 34

Episode 34

Everlast Ruins

‘Was there an event where the guardians were dating each other?’

Of course, it is not in the original.

But looking at the way things are going, it doesn’t seem like it’s particularly impossible.

After going through the soon-to-be-appeared event of revealing Tyrvaen’s identity and going through the father-son reunion event of Carls, perhaps…

‘I don’t know!’

It’s not important right now, right?

It’s not even my relationship.

Whether the two of us raised a flag or not, I found the dungeon and made my way.

The entrance to the dungeon stood at the end of the undeveloped area, after the residential area of Aurax’s citizens.

‘Tomb ruins of an ancient kingdom.’

I could see the entrance to the ruins hidden between the scraggly bushes.

I pulled out a long sword from my waist and roughly cut through the bushes as I entered deeper and deeper inside.

The entrance to the basement was damp and dark.

And it looked old and dangerous, as if proving the long time that had passed.

‘But this is the honey dungeon that any newbie to the revolutionary army must go through.’

But honestly, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as I actually faced the dungeon with its black mouth wide open, like the entrance to hell.

…No, a little too much.


I held on to my heart and slowly walked down.


Fortunately, the lighting magic was maintained sparsely, so there was no need to light a torch.

But it was so dark that if you weren’t careful with your steps, you could end up rolling down the stairs.

“High mountains, deep valleys… silent mountains and rivers. “The snowy front… hmm?”

For some reason, while muttering the military song that came out of my mouth naturally, I stopped dead in my tracks.

The stairs are finished.

And I discovered a new landscape in the darkness.


It was a huge entrance door.

A metal door soaring high, almost as high as the 4th or 5th floor of an apartment building.

This was the door leading into the main temple, the main course of ‘Tomb Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom’.

‘Why don’t you try opening it?’

A dangerous curiosity arose for a brief moment, but it was immediately dismissed.

It won’t even open, but there are guardians with an average level of 70 walking around behind it.

It was objectively impossible for me to clear the parish course unless I was the Marquis of Reuth.

“Instead, my course is this way.”

I turned my gaze to another door locked in darkness.

Although it looks very shabby compared to the huge entrance to the main temple, it is still a large door that appears to be about 3 meters tall.

The one behind it was the course I was going to attack this time.

‘Closed passage of tomb ruins.’

It may be impossible to get to the ‘Ancient King’s Memorial Tablet’, which is the final reward of this ruin, but…

‘You can obtain the rewards of the guardian saints guarding the memorial tablet.’

It is said that the Kingdom of Everlast had five patron saints.

A saint of light and darkness.

A saint of spear and sword.

Saint of Bow and Wheel.

Adults of dogs and wolves.

A saint of shield and flame.

In short, they were ancient deities called ‘Myeongamseong’, ‘Changgeomseong’, ‘Gungryunseong’, ‘Gyeonrangseong’, and ‘Paeyeomseong’.

They can be said to be a completely different type of god from the gods who maintain faith and religious denominations on the current continent.

‘In a way, should we call it a rivalry?’

It seems that the gods of the past and the gods of the present cannot coexist.

The proof was right here.

The five patron saints who rest in these ruins do not normally appear.

It would only be activated and appear as a dungeon when certain conditions were met.

‘When the power of the two temples on earth is weakened.’

In other words, it was a period when the divine power of the Great Church of Aeolem and the Cathedral of Cysiris was diminished.

This means that only then will the five patron saints of the ancient kingdom appear in this dungeon.

And the ‘Red Wind Ceremony’ scheduled for tomorrow met those conditions.

In order to control the hunting ground used for the ritual, both temples had to use a lot of divine power.

Therefore, right now corresponds to the time when the five sleeping patron saints are activated.

‘If I had taken the Beopsa branch, I would have gone to the light and dark side without having to worry. In the end, since I became a gladiator, I should choose the swordsmanship.’

Contrast is the saint’s blessing that helps with magical effects.

Changgeomseong bestows the saint’s protection that increases melee physical attack power.

Unlike God’s blessing, this saint’s protection is maintained even if one does not have faith.

As long as certain conditions are met, you can continue to receive benefits.

And in the closed passage of this tomb ruins, protection is given under the condition of being ‘Level 30 or lower’.

In other words, until I reach level 31, I can continue to have the saint’s protection no matter where I am or what I do.

‘Only one blessing.’

This dungeon itself could only be entered once.

So, I only had one chance to receive blessings.

Thanks to this, my mind was a bit complicated even after I had predicted Changgeomseong.

‘It’s not bad to have a strong resistance or a bad resistance, but for now, I’m focusing on physical attack and defense.’

Powerful attack power and sturdy defense.

Since that was the most basic requirement for a gladiator, I decided to stick to the basics first.


I took a short, deep breath as I held the doorknob leading into the closed passage.

‘Can I do well?’

Now that I think about it, this was my first proper battle.

When I had to raise the goblin to level 9, Kals and Tyrvaen did a great job, so I didn’t have to fight much.

The duel with the Marquis of Reut to break through the Special Order of Knights was different from fighting for one’s life.

I knew from the beginning that the Marquis couldn’t cut me.

‘Escaped by robbing the black market?’

At that time, I didn’t even draw my sword properly.

He defeated the black society gangsters and escaped purely with a combination of skills.

And then it came here.

An unsettling question.

Can I really do it well?

Can you survive this dungeon?


Instead of answering the question myself, I used my hand to open the door.


The large entrance door opened and a faint light began to appear from inside.

‘Can I do well?’

…I said I was full.

It seems like a screw fell out after sleeping warmly in a soft place for a few days.

Asking myself if I could do well was a completely useless question.

‘Should be.’

You just have to shut up and do it.

Going into this black dungeon alone like this?

It was something that had to be done someday, even if not today.

And this was a game called < God Forsaken World >, and it was something I always played in front of the monitor.

It’s just that now I have to do it with my own two hands rather than a mouse and keyboard.

It’s just that it has changed.

I was still a great gamer.


I took a deep breath and walked into the dungeon.

Now let’s go.

* * *

[A new dungeon has been discovered!]

[You have entered the dungeon ‘Closed Passage of Tomb Ruins’.]

[This is your only chance to enter! Good luck!]

[Dungeon goal: Kill as many enemies as possible]

The inside of the dungeon was lit with magic lights, but the intervals were quite far away, so it was quite dark.

So, if you just walked around, you ran the risk of touching all the hidden traps and becoming a hedgehog made of arrows.

So I made a torch.

It is not just a burning torch, but a novel torch filled with magical power.

< Mysterious Magic Torch >

[Consumables] A magic torch crafted by a craftsman. It transmits very bright light to a distant place with only a small amount of magical power.

To put it simply, it is a very powerful flashlight.

How did you get this?

…Of course I went for gold.

The reason Carls had such a hard time avoiding the security guards was because I had a lot to live for.

Thank you so much!

I slowly moved forward, feeling grateful to Carls.

Usually, a ‘dungeon’ consists of three elements.

Maze Trap Guardian.

First of all, the maze of this ‘closed passage of tomb ruins’ was not a very special maze.

Since it is an instanced dungeon whose shape is determined upon the player’s entry, even I could not learn the shape of this maze…

‘The structure itself is very simple.’

First of all, it was a very wide hallway that was laid out in a straight line, and although I had to take detours occasionally, I didn’t go around far.

It was a maze so simple that it was difficult to get lost even if you wanted to.


‘It means that the other two elements are that strong.’

First of all, trap.

Various types of trap triggers were installed on the simple road.

Footrest type that senses pressure and operates.

A wire type that operates when the installed string is broken.

And a magic type that draws a magic circle and detects and operates on the movement itself.

There were three triggers:

I was lost in thought as I looked at the arrow treads cleverly camouflaged and buried in the ground.

‘The guardians will come out a little later, so should we touch on these first?’

You don’t have to touch it, so why bother?

That was because there was a hidden goal in this dungeon.

‘Shedding blood against all traps.’

It sounds a bit creepy, but this was the hidden goal I had to achieve.

‘Of course, the goal is to kill as many enemies as possible.’

Only then could I score a perfect score on the strategy evaluation and open the hidden room.

This is the room where the five patron saints are located.

Thanks to this, I had to perform tricks to avoid fatal injuries while deliberately touching all the traps laid here.


I swallowed dry saliva and lightly placed my feet on the footstool.

‘Can I do it?’

That moment when I suddenly felt that stupid thought come back to me.

“…Shut up and just do it!”

I pressed down on the footrest while yelling at myself.

And at the same time, the skill was activated.

[Evasion Technique: Gale’s Request]


An arrow flew in from the front left with a sharp sound.

But by that time, I had already half twisted my body.

A quick reaction that surprised even myself.

Of course, this was due to the skill ‘Whirlwind Request’ that I activated, and it couldn’t be perfect.


The arrow grazed my thigh and disappeared into the darkness.


I felt a burning pain later and hurriedly grabbed the wound.

Red blood was pouring from the long open wound.

“Four potions!”

I opened my inventory and poured the red potion onto the wound.

My hands were shaking from the unfamiliar pain.

Fortunately, the wound healed quickly and did not even leave a scar.


I was dazed for a moment, then looked into the darkness and trembled.

There are approximately one hundred traps installed in this dungeon.

‘I have to do this a hundred times?’

Who was that b*stard who just told me to shut up and just do it?

You try it, man!

I’m doing it, man!

“…It seems like my ego is splitting apart.”

Anyway, I got up.

Of course, there was a shock of pain, but the potion took care of that.

Normally, things like this are the hardest at first, and the more they are repeated, the more dull they become.

I also became convinced that I could do it.

‘Request of the gale. ‘Not bad.’

It was also thanks to this new skill that it was better than expected.

< Request of the Gale >

[Avoidance Technique] Temporarily surrender your body to the wind flow and instantly increase your sensing and physical abilities to avoid danger. You can use it again 15 seconds after use.

‘Yeah, I feel something a little bit.’

I feel like the skills given by the card are also part of my power.

I felt that.

In the first place, I needed to become more familiar with the act of using this power itself.

Not only the pros and cons of the skill, but also flow timing details…

‘I need to figure out these factors and include them in my calculations.’

The idea was to make the skill so that I could use it like a part of my body.

‘Then you will be able to become overwhelmingly stronger than when you used your skills clumsily.’

It’s the same as knowing how to use a tool properly.

‘Three newly acquired skills of a C-class mercenary gladiator.’

And even the manatee sword method.

I need to work on making it all mine.


I stared into the depths of the dark dungeon.

Now let’s get to it.

A guide to top-level extras

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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