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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 344

Episode 344:

Fathers and Sons (3)

[Evaluation of the unconfirmed comprehensive technology ‘???’ is in progress.]

[Please wait a moment….]

The most important thing after creating a new technology was the rating.

The system reviews and grades the power of a technology.

This evaluation was done quickly.

[The grade of comprehensive skill ‘???’ is ‘EX’. Congratulations!]

[The ‘Creator’ bonus is given to the power of the skill.]

There was no doubt that it was EX level.

Since it was created based on skills that had already reached EX level, it was only natural that it would receive the same level.

Next, it was time to give the technology a name.

[As the creator of the skill, you can give it a new name.]

[Please choose a name for the skill.]

[The new name can influence the identity of the skill.]

The act of naming a skill can affect the skill. The explanation of the system was that it had an effect.

I experienced the effect firsthand through ‘Eternal Heart’ and ‘Ultimate Arts’.

The former gradually developed into a system that drives Mana Heart, and the latter developed into a form of martial arts that was a mixture of East and West.

‘What name should I give this time?’

The heroic spirits who created the skill with me were also expressing their opinions.

< This is a technique created for exorcism, so simply call it ‘Exorcist.’ Then, you will be able to fulfill your purpose and role properly. >

This was Emperor Lishan’s recommendation.

The advice to name something so that it fulfills its purpose and role without worrying about anything else was very important.

However, ‘Exorcist’ felt like an overly religious name.

This time Vareshan spoke.

< Because it was created by a group of emperors, how about an ‘Imperial Orb’? Since the royal family originally had the role of rejecting evil, I think it had some purpose. > If

translated, it was a word that could be called ‘the emperor’s orb.’

It wasn’t a bad way to express the source of power.

But this time, it felt too much like an imperial wizard.

This technology was somewhat lacking as it not only included the magic of the empire but also included various martial arts from the Eastern Continent.

‘This is quite difficult.’

At that time, Terikshan, who was watching me, quietly added a word.

< What about the Goddess of Destruction Demon Catastrophe? Isn’t it a name that captures the original purpose very well? >


Hey, I really am a fan of the Eastern Continent.

However, it was also a name that very faithfully captured the one goal of defeating the Demon God.

They all had some pros and cons.

In that case….

“I think we should call it ‘Magna Hasta.’”

< Magna Hasta? >

I briefly explained to the heroic spirits who tilted their heads.

“It means ‘great spear.’ “I want you to be the bamboo spear that will stick into the devil’s ass.”

When I said that, the former emperors burst into laughter.

And he nodded.

< Yeah, it's not that bad. >

< I hope it lives up to its name. >

< I feel like I've heard of a swordsmanship with a similar name somewhere? >

That might be true.

Terikshan, who collected martial arts regardless of origin, may have known about a practical sword technique called ‘Magna Gladius’.

Anyway, there was another reason why I named it that way.

It was to convey the will to defeat Harmun and inherit the throne of the ‘Great One’.

I was glad that everyone nodded.

I registered the technical name and the system accepted it.

[The unidentified comprehensive technology ‘???’ will be named ‘Magna Hasta’.]

[The new name may have an impact on the identity of the technology.]

That’s it.

I opened the system and checked the information about the new technology.

< Magna Hasta >

[Comprehensive techniques] [EX level] A combat system created with the special purpose of killing. It was created focusing on the magic of the empire and the swordsmanship of the Eastern Continent.

Special: Unknown synergistic effect when dealing with demons (not yet measured).

Magna Hasta could be said to be a comprehensive system that combines magic and swordsmanship.

It was different from the beginning from attempts to create magic swordsmanship by adding magic to swordsmanship or to increase effectiveness by mixing the principles of martial arts with the magic system.

It is an ultimate technique that contains only the essence of magic and swordsmanship that humans can handle.

Now all I had left was to work on the level.

“Thank you all for your hard work. thank you.”

I bowed my head respectfully to the previous emperors.

Then the heroic spirits nodded.

< Please be victorious, Huyin. >

< Show the world the majesty of Lord Yongzhu! >

Emperor Lishan and Emperor Terikshan, who left their last words, disappeared first.

And then Bareshan silently opened his mouth.

< My son, it may sound strange, but the prophecy that fascinated me during my lifetime still feels vivid to me. The prophet syndrome has never been wrong. >

A prophecy that the most outstanding of his sons would destroy this continent and empire.

But Bareshan was looking at me with warm eyes.

< But now I know. The demon spirit was afraid of you, so he deceived me and prepared a trap... >

The heroic spirit’s hand lightly disturbed my hair.

Even though it was clearly the hand of a dead person, it strangely felt warm.

Something deep in my heart was pounding.

Bareshan said to me with a faint smile.

< Keep going like that. Show me that you can decide your own destiny. Live differently from this ugly father. Do you understand? >

“Your Majesty, I…”

Feeling like I was crying, I opened my mouth, but ended up closing it without saying a word.

It was a feeling that was difficult to describe, so no matter how I said it, it would sound strange.

Bareshan left a grin.

< See you again in the future, my proud son. >

And then he disappeared forever.

Returning to the Pale Dragon alone, I lightly tried to use the magic power of ‘Magna Hasta’.

In an instant, space condensed, creating a series of shock waves.

At the end of it, a Hebiod was spinning, showing off the sharpness of its blade.

-This is my first time seeing this kind of art. It’s not magic or swordsmanship.

I was amazed at the quiet sound of the giant’s sword that returned to my hand.

I laughed.

“That’s because it was made that way.”

From far away, Carls and the imperial knights who had spotted me were running towards me.

I took a slow, deep breath, remembering Vareshan’s voice.

‘Show me that I decide my own fate.’

I will definitely do that.

I am a player who fell into this world to fulfill my destiny.

[Synchronization between ‘player’ and ‘character’ is currently in progress.]

[93% 94%….]

[95% completed so far.]

I could feel the final moment slowly approaching.

I was once again curious about what would happen if the match rate with Gilroshan reached 100%.

“His Majesty Warchief Mordrin requests to see you via video transmission. “He said he would like to discuss the issue of moving the imperial alliance.”

This was what Kals said as he came running towards me and bowed down to me.

“Anything else?”

“There are no other problems.”

That meant that the orders I gave earlier were successfully completed.

Deputy Commander Erek Kaid and Captain Montana Walt were recruited to our side.

In that case, it was rather easy to solve the beast tribe problem.

“Are you ready for communication?”

“Her Majesty has already done everything.”

“let’s go.”


* * *

Eve was waiting for me in the grand conference room of the imperial palace.

When I entered, I saw her startled.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Wow, I suddenly felt something…”


“…Because you have become devoted. Congratulations on your growth. your majesty.”

“Well, thank you.”

Since there were many other people around, we quickly changed our posture and showed courtesy.

“Warchief Mordrin is waiting for you, His Majesty.”


I approached the magic circle drawn in the middle of the room.

Of course, ultra-long-distance communication magic was a very high-level magic.

Cases like me and Eve where we connected without any cost were extremely exceptional.

Therefore, it was not unreasonable for seven imperial palace wizards to be summoned.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

As I nodded, the wizards began pouring out magical power.

The magic circle emitted white flames and smoke.

The matriarch’s face protruded from the center.

“Warchief Mordrin.”

-Emperor Giloshan. I was waiting.

Modrin’s attitude towards me was quite polite.

This was because there was a record of being caught up in a demon’s evil plan and attacking Kertion while half-mad.

As a result, I took the opportunity to build an imperial alliance thanks to that incident.

Now it was time to use that power in earnest.

“What is the situation there?”

-Thanks to the Empress’s efforts, we were able to overcome the objections of the upper house members and sign the alliance agreement. But there is still a lot of opposition. In particular, border tribes that have close relationships with our neighboring countries are showing an uncooperative attitude.

It means that the Imperial Alliance is not working as well as I expected.

In this state, only the Magic Empire and a few friendly countries had to band together to deal with the demon army.

‘Neighboring countries will also collapse next, but right now everyone is complacently thinking that it will never happen. ‘Some people may be hoping that the empire will bleed and become weaker.’

You also have to show it.

There was a need to clearly engrave in people’s minds the fact that they had to immediately stand on the side of the empire and participate in the war.

And I was ready for that.

“Where is the main battlefield closest to the south of Carls now?”

“Foravert is a ruined city.”

Then Eve flinched.

Poravert was the city where in the previous episode, I destroyed all of the Duchy of Wyler’s clans and launched a counterattack against the 1st Corps commander, who was a villain on the revolutionary army’s side.

Coincidentally, I ended up heading there again.

I glanced at Modrin.

“Do not forcefully persuade forces that do not cooperate with the empire. Because there is no need for that. “I will personally go out to Poravert and show my strength, so tell only those who want to check it out to come.”

-Are you saying that Emperor Gilroshan himself fights against demons…?

“huh. “I also told them to behave ‘well’ as they would have no chance of joining the alliance from now on.”

I ended up saying that.

At that moment, a new system message appeared before my eyes.

[Destiny Quest ‘Formation of a Continental Alliance’ is given!]

< Formation of a Continental Alliance >

[Destiny Quest] Everyone’s strength is needed to deal with the demonic races that have invaded the human world. However, rulers across the continent are unable to properly understand the situation. Prove your strength and win them over.

Goal: Recruit the rulers of 12 countries and win in the ruined city of Foravert.

Expected reward: Enormous experience, new title ‘Grandlord’, and 1 type of unknown reward.

What is the unknown reward this time?

As I ended the communication and turned around, Carls slowly approached me.

“For your information, the commanders currently building the front line in Foravert are His Highness Archduke Lapishan and Baron Kermal Carmodo.”


Among the Imperials I knew, they were the two people closest to becoming a Sword Master.

I thought that perhaps the unknown reward might be related to their growth.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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